July 6, 2022 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By Rick

11/01/2009  5:35PM

Dave, with honest due respect....your WWII anology and subsequent citation of the real reason for recovery back then holds no water in today's market. (It's also an affront to those who fought that war. Shame on you.)

Analyze the motive of the American spirit then vs, now.
You will find a vast difference in invested spirit.

By the way, Dave, you dodged the math I put forth regarding the fake GDP growth model, by suggesting "wheel grease" makes the engine work.

Wrong. When graft and corruptions are the basis of greese, no-one but the holders of corrupt fruit can prosper. To wit: no one (trust your own soul0...would you invest in the fraud?
 By Dave I.

11/01/2009  2:51PM

I recommend that a review of Wikipedia's assessment about the history of the great depression. Our nation did not recover from this depression until the advent of World War II. The economic growth was supported by debt to pay for the war machine to defend the free world at the time. That was the economic stimulus at the time. The whole world was caught up in the great depression. The same thing is much the same today. With out putting stimulus funds into our nation, as well as other nations, the deflation and the lack of investment to drive growth will once again raise the prospect for bankrupting the world. The misery index will be fruit for discontent of the people, to take up arms and conquer those who have the wealth.
 By bluejay

11/01/2009  1:40PM

The following excerpt is from a commentary by Roger Wiegard on kitco.com entitled, "Zombie Government Reality Check."

Artificial Growth Courtesy Of Government Taxes Take a minute and think about what propels these so-called recovery markets.

The phony, positive GDP growth rate announced on October 29 is a bald-faced lie. John Williams at Shadowstats.com, our trusted and very accurate source of numbers, says the annual GDP rate is sinking at -5.7% and we would agree.

Weíve previously reported that when a nationís GDP-to-debt ratio surpasses 6% it can never recover; that is historical fact. The USAís today is projected at 13% and getting worse. Since statistical distortion is the name of the game even the government hasnít a clue whether its 6, 13 or 30. One thing we know for sure; itís much worse than imagined.

Consumersí primary assets are cars and houses. Cash for Clunkers was a clunker that cost taxpayers $28,000 per car as one analyst reported. Further, it took paid-for cars and trucks off the road and sunk these new vehicle owners into payments they cannot afford. Look for those new vehicles to be repossessed in few months.

Consumersí residential loan failures are legendary. New homes are being produced at a rate of 400,000+ per year with a normal year being 1,700,000. It that a recovery? Thatís a disaster! Other used home sales seeming to be perking-up are those of new buyers getting free down payments from the government. How long are those loans any good?

John Williams tells us durable goods, the hard, expensive stuff like furniture and appliances fell to a 1997 order level. He also told us help-wanted advertising for jobs sits at a 58 year low. Is that a growing economy?

These broken consumers need jobs and credit and have neither. As governments and central banks steal more taxes and print more currencies in this low interest environment, hyper-inflation seems inevitable to us.
 By Dave I.

11/01/2009  1:36PM

I do enjoy the discussion on this forum. I do agree that the stimulus money has not been the economic engine for California, and to the demise of our liberty is due to the majority of our state legislature have become defacto members of the sierra club or the green party.
There is some good news for the future, The House of Representatives is providing a big increase for funding the Small Business Administration, with Loan guarantee up to 90% of the principle, unless you are a vet, then it will be a 100%. I hope your mine can take advantage of this money.
 By bluejay

11/01/2009  11:31AM

Last on gold is $1044.70.

In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
ĖEric Hoffer Ė Longshoreman, Philosopher
 By bluejay

11/01/2009  10:26AM

I had originally wanted to forecast gold's price probabilities this morning but thought I'd put my two-cents in regarding some preceding thoughts.

Currently, managing our economy is in unchartered waters, never has it been more complex. Obama, Little Timmy and the Bearded Wonder have made forecasts after forecasts and their track records are not that good. The worse recent government forecaster was ex-Treasury head Lord Paulson. This guy made a fool of himself on a regular basis. Plus, all these guys were in favor of degrading our currency's purchasing value with barrels full of fiat money for companies that should have failed.

Our government officials, in my view, don't have a clue on what's happening and furthermore, because of the complexity concerning many problem areas aren't experienced enought to remedy the financial mess that is only growing. These guys only care about their job security and appeasing the lobbyists.

All the recent spiralling DEBT that is being created is to save the system from collaping. Although debt is a great engine for growth, it has been misused and someone has to pay the consequences.

The good old buddies must take some pain but our representatives are being led around by them preventing this from happening with a ring in their noses. To understand what's really going on one must source the independent opinions of some people like Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, Max Kaiser and Jim Sinclair. Just go to YouTube while searching these men to get a better understandable grasp. In addition, you might search Janet Tavakoli on YouTube under Q & A to get more enlightened. Her interview is long but informing.

I checked out gold's monthly chart and here's what I consider to be the probabilities for price action going into the end of 2010:

Gold still has an outside chance of selling lower into the $935 to $985 area for the next few months or so. On the upside, chances exist for a move to $1200 in December. By year-end of 2010 gold can easily get to $1325. That's just an intermediate look but many respected gold related analysts say much higher prices could come quicker based on possible geopolitical disturbances or a break-down of the US dollar.
 By Rockroby

11/01/2009  7:02AM

That all depends on who you give the borrowed money too.It will not help the California economy if most of the money that came into our State went to social services and the Sierra Club.Two billion was sent to Brazil for oil,how much went to us for oil and gas exploration?they could have put one trillion dollars on the White House lawn and lit it on fire and it would have served us better then the people he gave it too.
 By Dave I.

10/31/2009  1:57AM

I have to disagree with Rick, debt is a form of capitalization that get the wheels of commerce running again. The debt will be paid back from the profits of growth. It will be this economic growth that will deliver us from this lack of faith in our depressed economy.
 By Rick

10/30/2009  4:13PM

Combine today's vs. yesterday's stock market movement...the result is a big time negative.

Why am I bringing this up?

Reason: yesterday's jubilant gain was supposedly in response the "great news" of quarterly GDP growth of 3.5%....does it really take a day for people to realize why?

Any GDP gain derived from borrowing money is a farce, so let's hope your investment adviser didn't suggest you get in on the news.

Simply stated, when someone borrows money and then gloats about having more money, does it really take a whole day for people to say, "what growth" ???

There is no GDP growth. Don't be fooled by words.

If anyone ever suggests that Keynesian philosophy works, try this new math:

A government sector job, by definition, must pay more than 100% in taxes generate growth.
 By bluejay

10/29/2009  8:29PM

Last on gold is $1047.20.

Is this the general attitude of all of our elected officials, for example, during a House session in Connecticut?

 By bluejay

10/29/2009  7:36PM

Gold is higher tonight with the last of $1046.20.

Are we really in an economic recovery?

- Durables Goods Orders at 1997 Level

- Help-Wanted Adverting at New 58-Year Low

From http://www.shadowstats.com/
 By bluejay

10/27/2009  7:23PM

Last on gold tonight is $1041.20 after hitting a low earlier in the day of $1031.50.

Check out the linked Bloomberg story below concerning all the secret behind the curtain dealings that little Timmy was orchestrating against us in the favor of his buddies.

 By bluejay

10/20/2009  9:32AM

The J.P. Morgan's and likes are stepping on gold's price this morning with their created paper products in New York with the last sale of $1055.40.

Darryl Schoon in his following linked article, "Who Woke The Dragon"e presents the case for gold in no uncertain terms:

 By bluejay

10/19/2009  8:12PM

Gold is pushing higher tonight at $1066.60. On recent daily sell-offs carrying below the $1050 level, a surprising number of buyers seem very interested in acquiring the metal. Overall, the action in gold over the past few weeks has been quite impressive.

How much more proof do interested people require to accept that there is a growing problem to satisfy increasing demand for delivery of physical gold? The linked article below clearly says it all, J. P. Morgan needs physical gold in London in a hurry.

J.P. Morgan, with all their paper tricks in gold, have finally been pushed to the wall. Instead of going to the market for physical gold in order to satisfy delivery requests, they are looking to temporarily borrow someone else's goods. These people have no shame. By the way, J.P. Morgan's interest in the silver market represents 40% of the total amount of contracts that have been sold short.

Martin Armstrong has said in the past that these guys rarily put other people's money or goods to work for themselves unless they are convinced that they can control, manipulate, their market of interest. What better way to force their will on the gold and silver market than with the support of government officials? Well, the game has changed with or without their paid friends or comrades in Washington. The race is on for physical gold led by China and joined in by Hong Kong, the Germans and lately, the Swiss. They are all tired of these paper games to control gold for profit by the Wall Street establishment.

What we are witnessing now by some of the smarter central banks is their calling home the gold before the music stops and they are unable to locate a seat, or their gold. It has been reported by many financial writers that paper gold products have been sold in the excess of 20 times over the amount of outstanding physical gold in the world today. Shocking? Yes, quite shocking. Is there any wonder the worm is turning?

 By bluejay

10/18/2009  10:34PM

Last on gold tonight is $1052.20.

Professor Antal Fekete in his October 18, 2009 essay keeps the heat on the gold riggers:

 By bluejay

10/15/2009  8:03PM

Last on gold tonight is $1053.10.

The possible fraud concerning effecting gold's price with questionable paper products lacking bona fide metal behind them has been disturbing enough but now questions are being asked whether custodian held gold is really, in fact, there? Let the games begin.

The following linked article from agoracom.com indirectly says it all, keep your gold near and well hidden. The only exception is the Central Fund Of Canada(CEF-$13.51-NYSE)which maintains their physical holdings of gold and silver in a totally transparent environment within Canada in an insured depository which is regularly audited by certified auditors.

 By bluejay

10/14/2009  10:41PM

Last of gold is $1064.40.

Check out the DOW 10,000 article by Dan Norcini at http://www.jsmineset.com. Dan takes the position that you're real wealth is represented by gold. If you have liquid assets of a million dollars that equates into 938.6 ounces of gold today. If gold goes to $2000 your million will then only buy you 500 ounces. The dollar Monopoly money with nothing behind it continues to be debased with growing debt and the dollar holders have every reason to be concerned.

According to my own price cycle studies, gold will reach $1400 in about 17 weeks followed soon after by a rapid decline of about 30%. This price action will set up the higher consolidating price range for the metal to rest in for awhile until it is time again for another historical push higher.
 By bluejay

10/13/2009  11:58PM

Last on gold is $1068.10.

Professor Antal Fekete has presented on September 30, 2009 an excellent article depicting the failure of the IMF relating to its stewardship of its member's gold entitled, The Supply Of Oxen At The IMF.

The story is available from the following website: http://www.professorfekete.com/articles.asp
 By bluejay

10/13/2009  10:42PM

Last on gold is $1068.90.
Silver's last price is $17.96.

Events continue to unfold supporting a much higher gold price on this current surge. The last on the US dollar is 75.60 off 0.21 as it continues lower past short term support in the 76.00 area. The dollar is poised to test long term support at 72.00 in the coming weeks which will support higher metal prices.

Dan Norcini of http://www.jsmineset.com said tonight, "it is looking more and more like the current administration has set on a course of destruction of the US dollar."
 By bluejay

10/12/2009  9:08PM

Last on gold is $1054.80.

The following article pasted to agoracom.com tells why the gold shorts have REAL trouble.


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