April 18, 2021 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

10/01/2010  1:06PM

Gold $1318.60
Silver $22.10

Gold continues higher with strong buyers taking out offerings in a slow and methodical way with concurring all-time highs being set practically every day. Buyers are having a difficult time acquiring the metal on reactions as declines are only intra-day events with the exception of two times since the strong push from $1175 to $1321 started in late August.

This move has advanced unabated during the period and looks as impressive as the start-up move of the 1979 push that doubled gold's price in six weeks into early 1980 from $400 to over $800.

My monthly coin purchase program paid the equivalent of $1315 this morning. Found some great prices at onlygold.com out of Phoenix on some Australian Lunar 2010 gold Rabbit fractional pieces.

Looks like Bob Chapman, along with others, know exactly what they are speaking of when they have been saying gold is about ready to "roll." Check out youtube.com for Chapman's past comments that have been spot on.
 By bluejay

09/28/2010  10:08PM

Gold $1311.50
Silver $21.86

Gold fooled everyone today and stepped over the $1300 level. Silver continues to be strong as it nears the $22 level.

The brilliant Martin Armstrong speaks his mind concerning our freedoms in the following linked article with emphasis on cycles in the gold market.

 By bluejay

09/25/2010  3:43PM

Gold $1297.00
Silver $21.46

Owning gold is the way to go.

The following quote is from Martin Armstrong's most recent article http://www.martinarmstrong.org/files/Gold%20an%2011%20Year%20High%20for%202010%2009-17-2010.pdf :

"The biggest problem we have is that we are moving too rapidly toward the END TIME from an economic perspective. As the debt crisis gets worse EVERY government turns against its own people. Everything then becomes the fault of the people and this leads to ECONOMIC TYRANNY marking the end of the government as we know it. In the immediate period, the U.S. will be the worst insofar as becoming ruthless against its own people and target them to raise money in a last desperate hope of clinging to power."
 By bluejay

09/16/2010  1:41PM

Gold $1274.70
Silver $20.79

David Levenstein reports from kitco.com this morning:

Last week the price for spot silver traded above $20/oz and the bullion banks increased their net short position to an almighty 61,798 contracts, or 309.0 million ounces of silver. The '4 or less' traders are short 256.0 million ounces. That means that for every ten cent increase in the silver price they incur a “paper loss” of $25,600,000! (Silver is now trading around $20.50)($20.79).

This surge in investor demand for silver signifies a resurgence of the importance of silver as a store of value. Silver was recognized as more precious than gold when bartering in ancient Egypt. Silver’s use as money in coin form began around 2600 years ago. The Lydian (present day Turkey) Trite is considered by many experts to be one of the first coins used as money. It was made of “Electrum”, a silver and gold mixture. Egyptian silver in coin form began appearing around 300BC.

Silver and gold have stood the test of time, as a medium of exchange, a store of value and a safe haven in times of turmoil while the history of fiat money has always been one of failure. Every fiat currency since the Romans started diluting the silver content of their Denarius has ended in devaluation and eventual collapse of both the currency and of that particular economy.

For the very first time in our history, all money, all currencies, are now fiat. The Federal Reserve first issued its debt based paper money in 1913. Since then the US dollar has lost 95% of its value.
 By bluejay

09/15/2010  9:54PM

Gold $1267.10
Silver $20.55

Bob Chapman made the following comments on the Gold Report a few hours ago:

If you look at the figures for the last seven years, you'll find that every currency in the world went down versus gold. In the first six months of 2010, most of the major currencies went down 12% or 13%. The final arbiter here is gold. The question is who's going to win? Is gold going to become the ultimate currency or is it the dollar or will it be another currency? It's hard for another currency to compete with gold with all the debt out there and all the problems the world's got when you have a fiat currency that's backed by nothing. The only currency out there that has a backing of gold is the euro; it used to be that 15% of the currency was backed by gold, but now it's about 7%.
 By bluejay

09/14/2010  8:45AM

The precious metals are having a good day:

Gold $1272.50 UP $27.50
Silver $20.46 UP $ 0.41

As these metals rise in price, one thing is for sure: our money is losing its value.
 By FranSix

09/14/2010  2:37AM

Sorry, quickest link here:


 By FranSix

09/14/2010  2:36AM

A good long-term forecast for gold prices comparing the Dax vs one ounce Gold. The accompanying videos explain the logic and the conclusions.(in german) By 2015, the Dax will have declined to 1500, and gold appreciated to €3000.

 By bluejay

09/13/2010  6:28PM

Gold $1248.70
Silver $20.13

Richard Russell:

What was the stock market telling us by handing us a decade of losses? The answer is that the stock market was telling us that the era of frivolity and good times in the US had come to an end. Something very fundamental had changed.

...To wipe out 10 years of stock gains is a most unusual feat. I think it means the end of equities as the magic and guaranteed road to riches. It's the end of Warren Buffet's thesis that you should "buy good stocks and hold 'em forever." What this means is that Americans can no longer be certain of their retirement. It means the end of the time-honored American dream that "My kids will have a better life than I had."

It may also herald the end of America's leadership on the world's stage. America will be just a republic as the Founding Fathers wanted it to be -- not an empire.

...In the big picture, I believe we're going to put fiat money to the test. Fiat money allowed the US to experience boom. Fiat money produced the tech bust, the equities bust and the housing bust. Fiat money is the vehicle that is created and sponsored by the world's central banks. Fiat money will prove to be a fraud. Out of the graveyard of fiat money will emerge real intrinsic money -- gold. But gold's time has not yet come.

The gold bull market is a very strange bull market. It's a bull market that has progressed without the participation of the US public. That will change. When it comes, we will finally experience the speculative third phase of the gold bull market.

...The more I see of Obama, Summers and Geithner, the more I want to have all my money in gold. The Washington establishment is a menace to this nation. Don't bother fighting them, just protect yourself. Remember, you can still swap fiat junk for real money.
 By bluejay

09/11/2010  6:57PM

Eric King interviews James Dines in the following link, learn the truth:

 By bluejay

09/08/2010  2:10PM

Gold $1254.80
Silver $19.91

Technically speaking, the price of gold, silver and the two major precious metal stock indexes, the HUI and the XAU, have arrived at resistance levels.

This is a time when the dark side forces flex their scare tactic muscles to overwhelm unsuspecting buyers.

If resistance levels fall, be prepared for a surge in prices. Being conservative, expect temporary sideways action to softer prices to follow for, at least, the very short term.
 By bluejay

09/04/2010  11:25AM

Weekly closes:

Gold $1246.60 UP $8.70 or 0.007%

Silver $19.85 UP $0.79 or 4%

The daily chart of the Gold/Silver Ratio from stockcharts.com which is linked here http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=%24GOLD%3A%24SILVER clearly shows that the stage is set for silver to outperform gold in the months ahead on a percentage basis as the amount of silver required to purchase an ounce of gold declines.

The ratio is currently under the 50 and 200 day moving average lines which indiates that there is significant chart pressure for the ratio to continue lower thus making the conversion into silver from gold more expensive. Although gold will continue to advance, silver is just going to become more expensive relative to it.

Although silver is approaching the round number of $20 an ounce, some type of resistance should be anticipated. The recent weekly trading range for the ratio has been from the 68 to 70 area down to 62 which may indicate with a ratio last of 62.85 that the metal may be due to take a breather with the ratio ticking up.

If the recent buying pressure continues and silver smashes past the $20 level and below the 60 to 62 area on the ratio chart, the metal could easily catch fire. Beware of the price volatility in silver. It's safer to buy in down markets as daily trading is greatly influenced by the dark side who control daily swings for profit to a great extent.

In the event silver backs off, a scale down buying program would be prudent considering the probabilities are growing that silver will be seeking higher levels sooner or later.

Leaving money with the banks doesn't cut it for me as almost all of them are fundamentally insolvent, believe it, along with the interest they pay doesn't come close to keeping us even with rising food prices at the supermarket. So, the idea of silver and gold coins is a no brainer. Keeping them out of bank boxes is another step in the right direction.

In the very near future the IRS will be requiring purchases of $600 and more to be reported to them by the sellers of especially, the precious metal coins and bars.

With the price of gold being so expensive for most people, it is envisioned with the new requirement that there will be significant demand for silver coins in small lots for those who still conconsider their financial matters as being their own personal business and as a hedge against continuing currency debasement.

The most convenient conservative way to position yourself for the expected higher silver market is by purchasing the 90% silver/10% copper U.S. coins minted prior to 1965. These are easily aquired from coin dealers or on e-Bay but watch the premiums over silver content. After a little investigation, it will become apparent to you what percentage premium is the cheapest.

Disclosure: I have been acquiring silver since 2004 and plan to purchase it on a continuing monthly basis going forward.
 By Rick

09/02/2010  7:45PM

Thanks for scooping the letter and posting! Before anyone reads my words, please scroll down and read what I am responding to.

Two major things come to mind:

1) Diversification, if we can, putting our money/assets or hearts in the best places we KNOW are solid. Gold, and the Original Sixteen to One Mine, is a grand choice. I remember 1ozt gold-bars offered and wish I had purchased many form the Mine (I still hope to, and there is positive potential for this.)

2) RECOGNIZE, in the latter part of the article posted below...how the manipulation of things in Washington is an attempt to buy votes.

So, I implore everyone to read the entry below.

My personal feeling is that our GRAND USA is one made of strong self-determination and optimism of outcome! recognition of
 By Michael Miller

09/01/2010  12:54PM

I rarely copy a newsletter to our FORUM. Marc Cuniberti is a local host of a weekly radio show on KVMR FM 89.5. It’s a quick read. MMM

Money Matters Newsletter: Market Rally reflects investor hope! We are not done says Wall St! Update Sept 1, 2010
Marc’s Notes:
The market shot up on today’s open because of hopeful news from China that counter acted the recent onslaught of dire news pieces that have pummeled the US markets. You have to admit this market is dying for good news and any hint of it sends the indexes soaring. Keeping that in mind we must realize investors are still very positive on the “recovery” and believe the spin coming from the Wall Street Cheerleaders, amazing as that may seem. I find it incredible that also out today was a bad hiring report showing more job losses yet the market ignores that and focuses on China. What this tells me is that we are nowhere near a bottom as contrarian economics says when most investors give up, a bottom is near. With all this “hope” and investors buying ANY good news, they are nowhere near capitulation. This means the markets still have buyers waiting so we are not done going down, but these rallies can be violent. Wow, up 230 as I write this.

Gold is looking great still and we are looking to close out our UNWPX when it doubles, but we are still a long way out from there. Meanwhile our dividend payers are holding up, those that didn’t get stopped out that is.

This thought made me mad yesterday. I was thinking about that Flash Crash a few months back and how many listeners, clients and investors got stopped out of their positions way below their stop prices. The markets rebounded immediately and good people lost positions and profits to Wall Street. This was a blatant fleecing of the American public. The SEC could have negated the whole day, or at least paid people what their stops said, but know, you got railed and Wall Street Brokers got great deals on shares sold to them way under market, then these shares immediately went to real value and the brokers got all these shares in the end. Is it possible these houses needed money and engineered this thing? Maybe. Or maybe they just saw a good thing come their way and said too bad. Do you think if the brokers and banks were on the burnt end, they would have had the trades reversed?
Of course.
This whole market, this whole bail out thing, this whole bank rescue, its all a disgraceful sham, sanctioned by Washington in exchange for campaign money. The system is rotten from stem to stern.

We as investors are stuck with it however. So we do the best we can. Realize this market is now one big casino, where you pay your money and take your chances. When even legitimate stops and protections are by-passed thru flash crashes, you have to wonder where can we go for protection, to keep what we earned.
That means:

Gold and Silver in possession. Overseas money. (Offshore).
FDIC SAVINGS ACCOUNTS where they have to guarantee your money. (Not money market funds by the way).
Dividend Paying stocks, not NON PAYING mutual fund or stocks.
Gold and Silver funds and stocks. Overseas stocks.
Your primary residence. Foreign Currencies. Energy.

A bit in gamblers plays if you are a sophisticated investor and can tolerate loss possibilities.
Gun, Garden, Dog, Jeep, Gas, Cash, Friends, Family, Local contacts, debt free, healthy and mobile.

Stay tuned for FALL market activity. Tis’ the season. Its about to get volatile.

Upcoming Show Tomorrow: THURSDAY Sept 2, 2010. Noon PST.

“You Print, I Print”.

I describe the relationships between countries and currencies when one entity prints massive amounts of money (debt) and how it affects other economies and currencies. Important topic to comprehend so listen in.
All for now,
MarcMoney Matters Newsletter: Market Rally reflects investor hope! We are not done says Wall St! Update Sept 1, 2010
 By bluejay

08/31/2010  8:57AM

Gold $1248.80 UP $12.40
Silver $19.31 UP $ 0.27

Ron Paul questions whether there's gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed

By Michael O'Brien - 08/30/10 10:21 AM ET

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said he plans to introduce legislation next year to force an audit of U.S. holdings of gold.

Paul, a longtime critic of the Federal Reserve and U.S. monetary policy, said he believes it's "a possibility" that there might not actually be any gold in the vaults of Fort Knox or the New York Federal Reserve bank.

The libertarian lawmaker told Kitco News, a website tracking news about precious metals, that an audit was necessary to determine how much the U.S. maintains in gold reserves in case the government were to use gold to back the dollar.

“If there was no question about the gold being there, you think they would be anxious to prove gold is there,” he said.

“Our Federal Reserve admits to nothing, and they should prove all the gold is there. There is a reason to be suspicious and even if you are not suspicious why wouldn’t you have an audit?

“I think it is a possibility," Paul said when asked if there was truth to rumors that there was actually no gold at Ft. Knox or the New York Fed.

Paul had been one of the Republicans to spearhead a broader audit of the Fed as part of the Wall Street reform bill passed through Congress this year. The provision, which was weakened somewhat in the final version, found Paul joining with a number of Democrats to require the Fed to open its books and outline its assets and liabilities.

The gold reserves, which Paul's new bill would audit, are generally seen as a guarantee on a nation's currency, but the U.S. moved the dollar away from being tied to the price of gold in 1972.

Paul stopped short of calling for the reinstitution of the gold standard and instead called for the government to allow the use of hard currency — gold and silver tender — alongside the use of the dollar.

"If people get tired of using the paper standard they can deal in gold or silver,” he said.
 By bluejay

08/27/2010  8:38AM

Gold $1241.40 UP $5.10
Silver $19.28 UP $0.35

It certainly is apparent from the continuing positive action of these two metals that the message is quite clear: the probabilities are increasing that a price surge in gold and silver are forth-coming.

Check out Jim Willie's recent words of wisdom from kitco's commentary section.

 By martin newkom

08/20/2010  7:06PM

Those young fellows who come in
the summer to work are pretty
hard to come by. If they catch the "bug" they will return and
make good workers.
 By martin newkom

08/20/2010  7:06PM

Those young fellows who come in
the summer to work are pretty
hard to come by. If they catch the "bug" they will return and
make good workers.
 By martin newkom

08/15/2010  3:50PM

I think that the Obama admin. if
they haven't completely broke us
should begin buying gold for the
Ft. Knox depositary.
 By bluejay

08/15/2010  1:50PM

Gold closed out the week at $1215.40.

It appears the metal will continue to be strong above $1210. Jim Sinclair remains confident that $1650 is just around the corner.

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