October 25, 2021 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

01/24/2011  9:37AM

It's quite probable that gold has entered a "transitional resting period" as Martin Armstrong pointed out in his most recent letter when his key identified 1372 level was on the verge of giving way.

Gold $1345.10 UP $2.70
Silver $27.32 DOWN $0.21

Mr. Armstrong's word "transitional" in this gold bull market is a euphemism for laying back and take a rest where declining days are predominant and emphasis is on greater daily percentage declines than advances.

Access to Mr. Armstrong's letter," Are You Ready To Rumble," can be accessed at http://www.martinarmstrong.org.

To add my own two cents in, it was not favorable when the gold price recently sold below its 50 day moving average level at just above 1380 and yesterday, when it cracked its 100 day average line in the neighborhood of 1353.

It is expected that the dark forces will heavily lean on the gold price it nears the 1350 area and just above. While the price remains under these two levels, it appears gold will experience Armstrong's traditional phase with lower prices.

It will be important to read Armstrong's analysis of gold in his recent letter. This, as he stated, is all totally normal within this bull market.

You should prepare yourselves with resolve in the weeks ahead and possibly for a few months, or so.

At the outside, bull markets can surprise followers with change of direction to the upside without notice and can be quite powerful within the primary trend.

Let's hope this new transitional period ends sooner, rather than later.
 By bluejay

01/21/2011  9:13AM

Gold $1341.30 DOWN $4.30
Silver $27.42 DOWN $0.05

The war is on.

The CME, again, raises margins on gold and silver contracts. If this isn't ludicrous with weakness in these two metals, I'd like to know what is.

This has nothing to do with the public's interest. It is all about protecting the losing positions of its shorting members who remain under water as a result of past months strength in these metals. The CME, not only is a house of cards with its phony paper products, it's a brazen manipulator with the continuing blessings from federal regulators. No wonder investors of all types are exiting markets of all kinds, it's a fixed game.

This is just another inflicted hiccup to mess with your mind in their attempt to scare you out of your position in gold and silver so their member buddies that don't know how to trade can get a free pass for their mistakes.

 By bluejay

01/20/2011  10:46PM

It's just a matter of time before the physical market in gold and silver crushes the comical paper market.

 By bluejay

01/20/2011  8:59AM

Gold $1345.90 DOWN $24.60
Silver $27.54 DOWN $ 1.23

The miscreants continue their paper charades on the Comex today. Selling the paper products, sorry we don't have the physical, in the form of special drivatives, futures and options continues to suppress gold and silver prices. Isn't this a great game, watching the wagon pull the horse over our rose garden? What's next, will they be telling us that investing in municipal bonds is the safest bet in town?

Unfortunately, we must indure this semi-sophisticated attempt to currupt our minds. Don't let this sideshow of bogeymen running all over the precious metals markets fool you. Stand fast and increase your holdings as a dying fiat will NEVER replace gold and silver in this environment regardless of the music they are playing.

There has never been one instance of "striking up the band" that prevented a sinking ship from going under.
 By Rick

01/13/2011  5:07PM

And...imagine if today's un-funded liabilities had funded themselves with the backbone that gave birth to the US State of California, embracing its rich heritage of mining gold rather than trashing it.

Imagine also why they aren't.

No imagination needed. Their design is to confiscate.
 By bluejay

01/13/2011  4:13PM

What's behind this anomaly?

Gold $1373.30 DOWN $14.70
Silver $28.72 DOWN $ 0.93
USD 79.24 DOWN 0.74

Broken down even further:
(figures supplied by kitco.com)

Gold price change due to a weakening USD(U.S. dollar.)
UP $15.10

Gold price change due to predominant sellers.
DOWN $29.80.

Behind this classical take-down are the tracks of your favorite keeper spreading its decadence through its puppets, the bullion banks.

Remember, this current raid is taking place at the same time that the dollar is getting thrashed. Remember, 2008? That year the bankers raided the gold and silver markets unmercifully, broke all the rules selling contracts that had no physicsl behind them, naked short selling. This time, all the unethical tools are being employed again to hurt the folks who understand that they must hold gold and silver to protect their wealth.
All thoughout history fiat currencies have financially ruined millions of families around the world.

When you understand that our keepers hate gold, along with silver, these attacks don't surprise anyone that thoroughly comprehends their intent. Unfortunately for the government and the money changers, gold is an international currency. In time, over and over again, gold will be the consistent winner aside from these blantant sideshows.

When is the last time you have heard on television or read in the papers that gold has increased in value nearly 20% every year during the past 10 years?

How California Has Failed, Again.

If Calpers had invested in gold over this time their stock market returns would have been significantly different than the embarrassing 1.2% return that they have shown for the California public employees retirement fund.

If the State-run fund had any brains it wouldn't be in the fix that is in today, underfunded by 50%. One has to wonder, how many "know it all" State employees it takes to screw-up thousands of retirees future?

I'll match my 10 years return, anytime, with any of the over-paid California State employees with their big pensions who were in charge of making financial decisions for Calpers for the same time.

The real sad thing is, that the wealth contributed to Calpers for future pension payments, most probably, has lost nearly 50% of its real purchasing power during period, or so. As our currency continues to be debased by the Fed, expect this percentage to consistently grow. Calpers is a complete failure acting on the behalf of hard working State service employees.

Another relevant question is, how much money was wasted in running this organization into an almost zero performance return operation?
 By bluejay

01/08/2011  6:02PM

The Way It Is

 By bluejay

01/08/2011  1:10PM

Gold $1369.80
Silver $28.69

The following excerpt is from today's International Forecaster:

As the destruction continues in an insolvent banking system banks continue to speculate in world markets again increasing leverage at the cost to the economy of not lending to most small and medium sized businesses. The Treasury carry trade is far more profitable. All this in an environment of flash trading, which is front running and is illegal, as is naked shorting, which the SEC refuses to do anything about. In addition, of course, is a rigged manipulated stock market whose license to steal was granted under Executive Order. These mechanisms are used to take markets in whatever direction government and the people who control government want them to go. Is it any wonder the public investor is leaving the markets in droves?
 By bluejay

01/06/2011  3:10PM

Gold $1371.10
Silver $ 29.07

In the past few days gold is down from the $1425 area while silver is down from above the $31 level. Adding to the downside pressure, gold sold beneath its 50 day moving average at about $1378 which should influence, as well, the silver prices to drift lower for the time being.

Most disturbing during this weakness is the dumping of excessive amounts of conterfeit gold and silver related shares known as naked short selling. This occurs when sell orders are accepted by the brokerage firms with no intention by some sellers of ever delivering the physical shares to them for submission to the clearing corp.

When it comes time within three days for some sellers to produce shares, only legally issued by the transfer agent, NOTHING HAPPENS. No one can know how many shares sold represent nothing but "hot air" but the clearing corp.

Either the clearing corp. is not reporting undeliverable shares to members of the exchanges or the OTC or they don't care. It's quite obvious connected people are the only ones that get away with this this type of fraud. If you and I tried it, the brokerage firms would come down hard on us and close our accounts.

For all intent and purposes, the folks behind this blatant sham are most likely the investment banks and the regulators that have been told by higher-ups to look the other way. It's plain and simple, it just couldn't be anything else.

So what do we do as shareholders in this environment? You do nothing as we are the hostages. You just watch as the money is temorarily ripped from our pockets in the short term or you get really scared when prices dive and you throw in the towel letting the criminals win thus enabling them to cover for a profit.

The same thing happens at the Comex. Naked short sellers force down gold and silver prices with no physical metal behind their executions. If all the holders of gold or silver contracts demanded physical delivery the Comex would have to close their doors, for it is certain the gold and silver are not there.

What we have in markets today is a bucket shop operation being co-mingled with real fully paid investors and sellers with physical shares to deliver. With the two classes of participants in markets these days, it is painfully clear we are not the favored ones.

Below is a link to a video with an educational message concerning silver that might surprise you.

 By bluejay

01/01/2011  9:18PM

Gold and Silver to advance during the first half of the new year. James Turk forecasts $1800 gold and $50 silver. Check out the full interview of James Turk by Eric King.

 By bluejay

12/31/2010  5:26PM

Gold $1421.60 UP $17.60
Silver $30.91 UP $ 0.45
Copper $4.42 UP $ 0.08

Copper was added as it has been very strong in December and is expected by Bob Chapman to hit $6 a pound in 2011.

Gold in the last trading day of the year put in an impressive close, as did silver. If a close on gold occurs in the excess of $1480, it is expected to go ballistic according Martin Armstrong. Silver, with a close over $30, is very near to going ballistic according to Eric from http://www.jsmineset.com.

Below is a link to a story entitled Hyperinflation Will Drive Gold To Heights Unthinkable. It is written by Egon von Greyerz from Gold Switzerland.

 By bluejay

12/16/2010  3:55PM

Gold $1371.70
Silver $28.85

A little concerned with the weakness in gold today? You might not be after reading the few exerpts below from the December 15th article, "Chinese Take-Out(of US economy) by Jim Willie:

The global monetary system is collapsing, led by sovereign debt ruin and amplified monetary expansion that brings no viable solutions anywhere. The major banks are collapsing in insolvency and futile defense of their broken fortresses. Government deficits are spiraling out of control, whose solution in fiscal austerity only makes the economies weaker. The metals exchanges are being systematically drained, even as revealed for the leveraged high risk in fractional methods. They buy and sell paper gold and paper silver without too much benefit of physical, permitting naked short sales by the biggest US and London banks. Their game is being called. The Swiss banks are under critical eye for foot dragging on gold & silver withdrawals from Allocated accounts.

The Chinese have done something remarkable, only to be done if they know the game is over and the victory over fiat paper money is complete. The Chinese have laid out their game plan, their modus operandi, their tactics if not strategy, through an anonymous London broker. Hats off to the King World News for sharing the invaluable information that should encourage even the most timid and reticent investor. The Anglo bankers are stuck!! They are running out of physical metal to sell in a fractional scheme. They cannot afford to pounce too hard on the price, with either naked shorts or higher margin requirements. Doing so only plays into the Chinese hands, which are grabbing all the bullion available. So the challenge is for the Anglo bankers to control the pace of the demise of the Gold & Silver metal market. This is game over. In these times of monetary hyper-inflation, called euphemistically Quantitative Easing among gentlemen, the prospects for a double and triple in the Gold & Silver price is utterly obvious.
 By bluejay

12/15/2010  11:01PM

Sorry for the entra entries but tonight for some reason, the keyboard is somewhat sensitive and appears to have a mind of its own.

The feeling is apparent that bear forces are attempting to take gold lower, led by aggressive pressuring each time silver nears and breaks the 30 level. Aside from this, gold remains firmly entrenched in its bull market.

It's no secret from viewing the gold chart that an effort has been in the works since early October from preventing the metal from establishing itself above 1400. What's happening now is the bears are hoping to destroy a short term ascending trendline at 1376. Also, they have their eyes on invalidating another support area, this one from an established ascending 50 day moving average line at 1368.12.

This is just how the bear mind works, always looking for opportunities to erode confidence in the gold market by hacking away at perceived areas of support to create their little panic sell-offs.

In this case, their trick plan is to crush these two levels and hold prices below with more selling if gold tries to push back through them. Will their plan work?

Lower down there is support at the 1346 to 1350 area from a line extended through two recent bottoms(1320 and 1330).

Jim Sinclair states 1650 is coming in January. With a last of 1381.70 the big push, for him to be right, will have to start soon. If Mr. Sinclair is right, Mr Martin Armstrong's prediction of $5000 comes into play. Mr. Armstrong stated, once the top of the ascending monthly channel line is bettered just below 1500 then its up, up, up and away.

Will PacMan eat the shorts in the coming days or not? Stay tuned.
 By bluejay

12/15/2010  10:09PM

 By bluejay

12/15/2010  9:39PM

Gold $1380.80
Silver $29.01
 By bluejay

12/13/2010  5:42PM

Gold $1400.30 UP $5.80
Silver $29.73 UP $0.18

If you like silver, this an opportunity.

Currently you can purchase pre-1964 silver coins for under silver content value, not to mention the 10% copper in each coin. Lately, copper has been hot and is over $4 a pound.

At the following website they are offering half dollars, quarters and dimes at about $27.50 for their silver content with silver's last of $29.73.


I have dealt with these folks before with no hitches. All purchases are shipped free of charge with no sales tax from the State of Washington.

I'm going for more tonight.
 By bluejay

12/09/2010  5:13PM

Gold $1387.60
Silver $ 28.76

Below is a linked chart from stockcharts.com depicting the recent weakness of gold against silver, basically saying, silver had been the place to be for folks seeking maximum protection against the general meltdown of public confidence in their governments.

 By bluejay

12/09/2010  5:12PM

Gold $1387.60
Silver $ 28.76

Below is a linked chart from stockcharts.com depicting the recent weakness of gold against silver, basically saying, silver had been the place to be for folks seeking maximum protection against the general meltdown of public confidence in their governments.
 By bluejay

12/07/2010  3:16PM

From Jim Sinclair at http://www.jsmineset.com:

In the News
Posted: Dec 06 2010 By: Jim Sinclair Post Edited: December 6, 2010 at 10:43 pm

Filed under: In The News

My Dear Friends,

Gold is clearly on its way to $1,650 and beyond. I have told you for many years that there was no PRACTICAL solution to the problems created by OTC derivative manufacturers and distributors namely our beloved “banksters.”

By practical I meant a solution that itself would not cause more dislocations than the problem to which it was applied already has. Now you see political realities both in taxation and quantitative easing.

Friends, there is no practical way out of this problem – none. We are going to inflate and spend as the entire Western world financial/political managers again try to kick the can further down the road.

No further proof is required.


 By bluejay

12/07/2010  1:40PM

Gold $1398.10 OFF $26.50
Silver $28.51 OGG $ 1.57

Government carpet bombing of gold and silver today has sent both metals lower. This is no less than a scare tactic. It wouldn't surprise close followers of these markets if the disinformation dial gets abruptly turned up to support these shenanigans.

Can you imagine, selling crate loads of paper contracts(??) trying to make people believe they are just as good as the real thing? What a joke! Just try and take delivery and the Comex boys do everything to dissaude you. Just ask Mike. He had an associate that went through the Comex meat grinder when he wanted his gold. The Comex boys, basically, told him to go stick-it. What a joke!

What we're probably witnessing today is a scared and freightened Fed and Treasury shooting the messenger that is telling us, these guys don't know what they're doing.

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