April 18, 2021 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By martin newkom

07/14/2011  8:43AM

Mr. Bernake doesn't know that in
certain areas like Sierra and
Trinity Counties in Calif. Gold
is legal tender, ie accepted as
currency, and there are areas
elsewhere, in the US, I'm sure.
 By bluejay

07/13/2011  11:53PM

Representative Ron Paul gets disrespected by a smug Bernanke saying, "gold isn't money."

 By bluejay

07/13/2011  11:23PM

From Jin Sinclair today:

The New York Sun tonight takes Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke apart for his doddering performance before the House Financial Services Committee and his dissembling response to U.S. Ron Paul’s question as to whether gold is money. The Sun’s editorial is headlined "Bernanke: Gold Isn’t Money" and you can find it here:

 By bluejay

07/13/2011  3:01PM

The following link below is to the July 13, 2011 article by Martin Armstrong titled, "The Outlook For Gold."

In the article Mr. Armstrong points out that the expected drop in the metal will follow a late August into Labor Day.

I've attended many lectures and classes in college relating to business and economics with Mr. Armstrong's current presentation being the most informative of all by a long shot. Mr. Armstrong's creative imagination plus his inqusitive thought process coupled with his analytical abilities are most impressive and present a rare opportunity to get the real facts as opposed to receiving bogus information from all the wound-up talking heads that we are generally exposed to.

In the article Mr. Armstrong refers to a ECM. The ECM is short for the Economic Confidence Model which he created. The major cycle engulfs 51.6 years and is broken down into six sub waves of 8.6 years each. Within each 8.6 year intermediate wave there are four 2.15 year minor waves. Mr. Armstrong has already stated that the ECM has turned higher again on June 13, 2011 within the major cycle beginning with the termination of the preceding 8.6 year down wave.

The Chinese and the CIA wanted Mr. Armstrong's software models because they were so successful, he refused. Shortly following, he was incarcerated in the early 2000's and was just released some months back.

 By bluejay

07/13/2011  12:40PM

Gold $1581.50 UP $14.20
Silver $38.09 UP $ 1.94

Gold trded higher today to nearly $1590 before it tired. Silver pushed above its 50 day average at 36.47 which is positive. The general $38.00 level still appears to present some resistance for the days ahead.

Below are some important thoughts of Peter Degraaf:

Governments have two ways of robbing the people of the fruits of their labor: taxes and the systematic destruction of the purchasing power of their currency.

In 1953, during the last audit of the U.S. gold reserves, the gold was referred to as ‘Gold Bullion Reserves’. Then in 2001 the description was changed to: ‘Custodial Gold Bullion.’ Six months later the description changed to: ‘Deep Storage Gold’. Could this mean that the above ground gold is gone and replaced by gold that is yet to be mined?
 By bluejay

07/12/2011  2:00PM

Gold $1568.50 UP $14.10
Silver $36.11 UP $ 0.36

Gold is getting a great lift in the midst of debt problems.
 By bluejay

07/09/2011  9:40PM

Gold $1544.20 UP $11.50
Silver $36.71 UP $ 0.27

Gold has found support at the $1500 level after briefly tradng below it and has been very strong lately as it closes in on its all-time high around $1560. Silver is well off its high from nearly the $50 level and struggles to advance with gold.

Aside from Jim Sinclair saying gold is on the verge of new highs, Martin Armstrong stresses caution as he expects a shake-down in both metals by about Labor Day.

Adding to the mix below is a kitco.com link to the article, The Silver Platter Opportunity by one of my favorite writers, Mr. Jim Willie. Within the article is an impressive thesis supported by charts from soneone else's research that points to a big upcoming move in both metals.

Today from King World News, I learned that Jim Dines is looking for an ounce price on silver from $300 to $500.

Although it's difficult to call the ups and downs correctly, both the metals remain firmly entrenched in their respective bull markets.

 By bluejay

07/01/2011  12:14PM

Gold $1485.50 DOWN $14.80
Silver $33.81 Down $ 0.91

It appears that gold is positioning itself for lower levels. The fact that the $1500 level appears not as supportive as earlier suspected supports this view.

Even in Martin Armstrong's lastest article http://www.10sigma.com/files/Borrowing%20from%20the%20Rich%2006-30-2011.pdf he is drawing attention to the metal, possibly, being weak into the early part of 2012. Although he still maintains from earlier publications that gold will eventually attain the $5000 level.

Also in his latest article Mr. Armstrong speaks of the safety of capital which will be headed into the private sector and away from government debt obligations for the next 4.3 years. Since the recent strength of gold and silver, a much larger focus may, indeed, be comong for the stock market even though unemployment will continue to rise accompanied by faltering economic news. It's just a matter of current safety as folks become more and more concerned in the government's ability to handle their ever-increasing debt load.

As the assets of the private sector become more attractive, with Armstrong's suspected rising prices, it will present another opportunity to acquire more gold and silver lower down as the public's mindset shifts away from this area with selling aided by the manipulating hedge funds and the government supporters who hate the stuff.

In early September the Perth Mint in Australia will release their new line of 2012 Lunar Dragon silver and gold proof sets. I'll be anxiously awaiting to place my orders when they become available on the Net. These coins have proven to be excellent investments over the years for one reason, they are minted in limited quantities and sell out quickly.
 By bluejay

06/29/2011  9:31PM

From today's http://www.jsmineset.com:

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Taking on more debt is the solution to the Debt Problem? Don’t sell your gold with this type of reasoning running the show.

IMF urges US lawmakers to raise $14.3B debt limit
By CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER – AP Economics Writer | AP – 3 hrs ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The International Monetary Fund urged U.S. lawmakers Wednesday to raise America’s borrowing limit. It warned that inaction could lead to a spike in interest rates that would harm the U.S. economy and world financial markets.

bluejay comment:

It is quite apparent that we being instructed to take on more debt to save the world's elite. Ron Paul says it's time for the country to declare bankruptcy(bite the bullet) inferring that there has to be some pain to right the mess that we have allowed our masters to put us in and this would include cutting the banker's intravenous feeding lines that have been stealing our children's future since TARP was invented.
 By bluejay

06/29/2011  3:40PM

Thanks Martin for your kind words. I, also, appreciate your added insight in the 16-1 Forum pages.

Gold $1511.80 UP $9.70
Silver $34.88 UP $0.94

Gold has been in consolidation, recharging its battery, for two months. The past highs from a low of $700 to $1000, to $1200 and to $1400 just needed a few months or so to recoup.

The current resting period from the $1550 plus high should be no different. One of the key ingredients to Jesse Livermore's continued success was patience.

 By martin newkom

06/24/2011  10:43AM

Bluejay's comments are well valued
The light sweet crude, I'm told
makes good gasoline. I'm also told
that type is available in Nigeria.
Our "fearless" leader wants our
nation and the world to continually be in "crises" that's
how his agenda can successfully
develop. That's the only goal
as he sees it.
 By bluejay

06/24/2011  10:33AM

Gold $1502.70 Off $18.00
Silver $34.63 Off $ 0.68

The cut-off of light sweet oil from Libya due to the country's civil war has prompted the International Energy Agency to coordinate between the U.S and Europe a release of 60 million barrels of oil from their strategic reserves.

This move has weakened world oil prices and in turn, caused selling in gold and silver. The oil release will, for the short term, cause products made from crude to be s bit cheaper which will only be a temporary crutch for a sputtering economic recovery.

These are a few thought from Jim Sinclair today:

"If you think that the banking system of the western world is strong enough to guarantee the debt of the western world, you’re totally out of your mind. That’s the reason they’ll do everything possible to paper over the Euro crisis to prevent the defaults in order to prevent another crisis in banking that definitively would occur, that absolutely would occur from a default. This fact is ravingly positive for gold. You would have a complete collapse of the western banking system if Greece goes down.”
 By bluejay

06/14/2011  8:14PM

Today from James Turk:

Thus, there is only one logical conclusion. Much of the debt overhanging the globe will never be repaid. Because a large portion of this debt is the principal asset backing national currencies today, these currencies have been debased.

It is debasement just like that by corrupt and autocratic kings and emperors of yore that we read about in monetary history, who cheated the citizenry by mixing lead or other base metals into coins to replace their gold and silver content. But today the debasement of fiat currency arises from the unrepayable loans of over-leveraged sovereigns run by corrupt and autocratic bureaucrats and politicians and of course their hand-maiden, central bankers, which succinctly highlights a theme I have made repeatedly.

Central banks are a barbarous relic.

From http://www.goldmoney.com
 By bluejay

06/14/2011  11:17AM

Gold $1522.50 UP $7.20
Silver $35.45 UP $0.69

The metals continue to be under pressure since silver was stopped dead in its tracks nearing $50 with excessive increases in margin requirements ordered by the CME. Although silver was getting frothy, doubling in price in two months, the CME made sure that the plug got pulled just to protect its members that were heavily short from going belly-up.

The quick drop on the metal scared participants along with the effect spilling over into the gold market. The NY boys who play silver are obviously looking for lower prices. The key here for silver and gold to get moving again is gold's ability to hold the $1500 level.

The gold producers are now selling for 10 times their cash, the norm is 20 times cash.

Gold and silver are now in consolidation patterns. It would be expected for them both to continue basing with a lower bias until such time that their batteries become fully charged again and the resumption of their bull trends is followed by all-time highs.
 By bluejay

06/01/2011  2:06PM

An outstanding video with Mike Maloney spelling out what's in store for fiat currencies:

 By bluejay

06/01/2011  11:50AM

Gold $1543.30 UP $9.00
Silver $37.71 OFF $0.76

The following is from the Bob Chapman International Forecaster today:

Three years ago we saw what was going to happen to municipal bonds and we recommended their sale. Since then they have taken massive losses. Many municipalities will go bankrupt and many workers will be fired. Most will never be able to get a job again. We believe the states and municipalities will not receive further funding from the federal government and they jointly will fall deeper into debt.

As these entities and private ones as well go broke pensions will fall into default. This is part of the decimation of the under structure of society, so that almost everyone has nothing. The elitists in NYC and Washington want all the power in order to totally enslave mankind, but particularly the populations of the US, UK and Europe. At the same time, as they have over the past 3-1/2 years, they will hold the market up to continue the façade of prosperity.

The market will be ready to fall when they want it to, in order to drive funds into the bond market to keep it solvent, because it is far more important than the stock market. We do not know when this will happen, but it will. Can you imagine what will happen to pension funds and insurance companies with the Dow at 6550 or lower?

That is why we believe investors should be out of the stock market except for gold and silver shares. They should also be out of cash value life policies and annuities and certificates of deposit, and only own gold and silver coins, bullion and shares.
 By bluejay

05/12/2011  1:46PM

Gold $1503.80 UP 2.10
Silver $34.30 Down $0.767

Both metals were shelled, again, but have come back from early morning lows: gold traded down to $1479 with silver hitting about $32.15.

Buying into silver weakness works for me. Another 20 one-ouncers bought earlier in the day with the metal trading in the 32 to 33 range. With scale down buying, you keep buying lower and lower until prices start up again in this continuing bull market.

Here's a great summary by Ted Butler of what's happening in the silver market:

 By bluejay

05/11/2011  11:19PM

From Wednesday's International Forecaster:

We wonder who again told the CFTC and the SEC to look the other way? Who instigated the attack on silver and gold and on the shares? Is there no justice left in America? Are we to continually be robbed by these crooks without any hope of lawful recourse? It looks like that is going to be our fate. That is unless in 2 or 3 sentences you demand that every representative and senator stop this thievery. E-mail the CFTC, SEC, NYSE, ASE and Nasdaq and let them know you know what is going on and you want it stopped, now. If you are not successful you will continue to be robbed by these crooks. Even if you are unsuccessful these criminals will know you know exactly what they are doing.
 By bluejay

05/06/2011  1:17PM

Fraud at the Fed

 By bluejay

05/06/2011  8:42AM

Gold $1495.70 UP $22.60
Silver $36.25 UP $ 1.59

Bob Chapman reports that sources are telling him that Treasury employees are contacting commodity trading firms with suggestions that they instruct their accounts holding silver contracts to sell them. What is this? You know what it is: more government control of markets. This may work over the short term but these types of price containment efforts ALWAYS end in failure over the long term, always.

Hugo Salinas Prices' firm, Electra, upped the silver coin buying premium yesterday to $5 over spot, it had been much lower over previous weeks. Senor Price knows that the instigated paper charade with silver over the past days won't hold and he is not selling his inventory at these rediculously low prices. This all means that there is support increasing for a widening price differential between the paper COMEX market and the real physical market.

Numismatically speaking, the Mexican one ounce Libertads should continue to increase in premium. The silver US one ounce Eagles that I anticipate the Mint to coin in the number of 60 million overshadows the Libertad production which is significantly less. The 2006 and 2007 Libertads mintages were well below 400,000 for each year.

Included below is a link to a silver chart depicting the beating and whipping that was handed out by the powers to be.


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