April 18, 2021 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

07/28/2011  11:16AM

The Chinese are buying gold.

 By bluejay

07/27/2011  5:57PM

Bob Chapman from the International Forecaster has these positive words for the metals today:

Comex silver inventories could realistically be only 33% of what they say they have. There is no question the exchange traded fund, SLV, has been lending the shorts silver for delivery illegally.

As you know there are no rules for these elitists. They do as they please. We also have believed for a long time SLV inventories are probably about 1/3rd of stated levels, or less. The positions of JPM, HSBC, SLV and others are staked against the reality of falling physical inventory and a deficit of production versus usage, plus investment off take.

That means to us that over the next seven months silver could be priced at $70 to $100 an ounce and gold between $2,200 and $3,000.
 By bluejay

07/27/2011  4:02PM

Educational video on gold.

 By bluejay

07/27/2011  10:27AM

Gold $1619.40 OFF $0.50
Silver $40.89 OFF $0.02
XAU Index 214.00 OFF 4.84
HUI Index 564.86 OFF 9.83

The gold and silver shares have been beaten down this morning while gold faded from earlier strength while making an all-time high at $1629.40. It is suspected that some hedge funds sense a temporary high in gold and have let the naked shorting beast out of its cage.

Also, gold was higher yesterday logging in its 10th recent high in the Granville up-field cluster. If gold closes at or near its low today, it is suspected that weakness could develop over the very near term. The signing of a debt ceiling limit could put the icing on the cake for a short term high, possibly being established today.

If anyone is curious as to why holding gold bullion in some form is better than the shares right now go to http://www.stockcharts.com and select for a chart $GOLD:$XAU and for the time period choose weekly and then hit the update button.

THe chart is representative of the ratio of gold to the XAU Index of gold and silver stocks. The old norm use to be from 3 to 6 until the bankers started effecting metal prices lower in incouraging depositors to keep their money with them during the financial upheaval a few years back.

Although they were only able to shock and awe the gold and silver markets temporarily the shares continue to be held hostage with a new higher norm on the chart which means continuing inferior value prices for the shares against the metals. As you can see from the graph, the recent norm is quite different than the old 3 to 6 range. In the past buying gold and silver stocks at 6 and selling them at 3 was the profitable way to go.

All this was helped along when some very big hedge funds and probably some investment banks starting using the naked shorting scheme while being long the metals. Profits have been piling up for them while most shares just stumble around like they were wearing cement shoes. Although there has been an exception with of the some stocks. This is especially harmful to the explorers who must depend upon refinancing. When the share prices get too low the companies in some cases have to do reverse splits to keep their share price at a decent level to attract refinancing. When new offering are made the naked shorts buy into them thus covering their short positions at a lucrative profit. Is this fair to shareholders of these companies? Of course not! But the bleeding goes on anyway. In the old days these types of crafty price manipulations were known as "bear raids."

When one views the chart it becomes clear, holding gold and silver has outperformed gains in the shares, overall. The blue line is the 50 week average, while the red one represents the 200 week average. In order for relative strength to return to the shares versus gold the 200 week average needs to be pentrated to the downside. Although some analysts are calling for an explosion to the upside in this sector, it just won't happen until the red line gives way to falling prices.

A side note here is: in the next few months expect to see increased offerings to absorb some good properties that explorers hold and whose share prices are not representative of their true values.

It will be "bargain day" shopping at Macy's for all of senior gold companies. A key for shareholders of these companies will be, don't fall for the old trick of accepting a 40% or so premium for your shares when they have been overly depressed by the fraudsters.
 By bluejay

07/26/2011  10:23AM

Ted Butler tells you why silver is so special:

 By bluejay

07/25/2011  10:58PM

Gold $1614.50 UP $14.20
Silver $40.39 UP $ 0.32
Gold/XAU Ratio 7.38 UP .16
Gold/Silver Ratio 39.99

Gold moved higher today reacting to the continuing debt ceiling drama in DC along with escalating concerns over Europe's shaky debt structure. Gold will easily advance in this type of environment as most of the shorts have been badly burned with few having any remaining appetite to get mauled again.

The gold and silver stocks along with silver still remain serious targets of the naked short sellers. Silver continues to be capped somewhat by the domestic banks as they still carry major short positions that have gone against them. Unfortunately for the longs, the CFTC doesn't require them to put up more margin as the bank's assets are pledged in lieu of margin calls. This is ironic as their "magic act", lacking full disclosure with added accounting tricks, to dress up their defunct pig assets with a dress and some lipstick is only a cheap cover-up, for most of them are realistically insolvent.

The miscreants will manufacture and sell all types of silver related paper instruments to, hopefully, suppress the metal. They have not yet learned their lesson. Selling short any bull market will eventually eat up anyone's capital.

It is suspected that J. P. Morgan is still holding some of their inherited Bear Stearns silver short positions with government guarantees against loss. That's right, if silver explodes causing sizable irreversible damage to those shorts, we cover their losses.

The two major gold and silver stock indexes, the XAU and the HUI were helped lower by the miscreants today as a result of increased naked short selling. The SEC and CFTC have been persuaded not to interfer with the naked short selling campaigns of the hedgies and the banksters.

Both averages are just below major resistance levels: the XAU at 220 to 225 with a last of 218.47 and the HUI from 590 to 600 with a last of 575.06. This is usually the position of these two averages when the dark side resurfaces. The shares will remain the target each time gold reacts or the rallies start to fade under these conditions. If the indexes gather up the strength to better the troublesome areas it could be the start of a spectacular advance but the percentages, currently, don't favor this.

It has been the practice of the hedge funds to be long gold and short the shares. This strategy has been an important income producer for some of them while the public holders in these shares suffer from their unbridled heavy handed naked shorting attacks. Along with the hedge funds, investment banks, for the most part, have also acted just like an organized crime syndicate with their daring confidence to beat the system with fraudulent naked selling.

It is certainly hoped that gold continues to push higher over the short term but today's advancing gold price took the current Granville up-field to a positive 9 mark from a plus 8 reading, cumulatively, last week. In the past a plus 10 days and just below have set the stage for past short term declines.

If Rome burns all this technical stuff is useless but don't expect this to happen over night now with our present day caretakers, as these folks are quite creative in their evil ways and will continue to be so, right up to the very end. Power is never easily relinquished.

The winning position has been since 2003 to: stay long gold and silver and the related companies, enjoying periods of strength and always standing ready to take advantage of short to intermediate declines on a scale down buying basis.

I must admit, buying a greater portion of the bullion and slight numismatic coins has been a priority for the past two years. Somewhere ahead in time the trend may change away from gold and silver being in a better position to advance versus the shares but so far, it hasn't happened yet.

Hope this helps everyone.
 By bluejay

07/23/2011  2:21PM

Gold $1600.30 UP $10.10
Silver $40.07 UP $ 0.75

The following comments were made today in the International Forecaster by Bob Chapman:

Today we watch the machinations in Congress, which is trying to muster an agreement on the short-term debt extension. Little is said about the long-term debt problem, or about the continuance of money and credit creation and zero interest rates, both of which are inflationary.

In this process our President has offered up the previously looted Social Security and Medicare programs. Programs the public has paid for to support them in their final years of life. Those who buy Treasury securities are the biggest losers. Even that 10-year note at 2.92% is losing about 8% of the value of its funds annually. Millions of investors are doing just that. The Fed believes that in order to keep the game in motion interest rates must stay at zero, the impact of excessive creation of money and credit, has to continue and the decimation of peoples savings and dollar purchasing power has to be destroyed in that process.

The idea is to let dollar holders take the losses as Congress and the Fed proceed on their merry way destroying our financial structure. Wall Street knows this, but is more than happy to go along with the program and in a slow process investors are switching to gold and silver coins, bullion and shares to offset the loss being foisted upon them.

The next question is one we have entertained many times before. Will government commandeer private pension plans, 401Ks and IRA’s in return for a government guaranteed annuity; will these retirement plans be traded for US Treasuries; or like one bill says, limit the amounts that can be removed and how many times you can remove funds?

The only way we know to protect yourselves is to get out of these vehicles, or borrow against them and invest in gold and silver related assets. Those of you who want to cash out and move out of the country had best do so soon. We believe there is a good chance capital controls could be put in place in the US.

We previously lived under such currency blocking in the 70s in South Africa and Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. It is like being in a financial prison. Such restrictions would, of course, be wrapped in anti-terrorism terms, so few will suspect what is being done to Americans. The window of opportunity to leave the US is probably only two years away, or perhaps three years.

07/20/2011  4:06PM

The mine sold gold today at $1596.60 an ounce (spot price NY). Mike said this is the highest price ever received for bullion.
 By bluejay

07/20/2011  1:00PM

In the following linked article Martin Armstrong takes issue with some people who believe that by creating a gold standard it would help solve some of our problems:

 By bluejay

07/19/2011  11:01PM

By Silver Shield,on July 18th,2011

"This is the news that I have been waiting for and is probably the reason why silver has been so strong the past couple of days. The HKME(HONG Kong Metal Exchange) is starting its silver contract this Friday July 22nd! This officially breaks the Anglo American monopoly on silver. This will be the first time that Asians can buy and take future delivery of silver in Asia. No longer can the CME(Chicago Mercantile Exchange) raise margins close to 100% in 8 days. (Then refuses to lower them despite a 30%+ drop in 5 days.) The extended hours should also stop the 10 am smack down since traders can now access the HKME.

The silver shorts should be fearing the hundreds of millions of Asians that will be entering this small market. China alone has Trillions of dollars and they could drop .01% of that money into silver and explode silver beyond the control of the Anglo American Elite. The HKME contracts are also a lot smaller,only 1,000 ounces versus 5,000 ounce contracts."
 By bluejay

07/19/2011  2:46PM

Gold $1587.30 OFF $17.80
Silver $38.94 OFF $1.61

Concerning a technical perspective on gold, the probabilities are increasing that we may have already made or are going to reach a temporary high point soon enough barring a big negative financial development.

Some years ago the market analyst, Joseph Granville, did a study of short term buying and selling pressures. Granville determined from consecutive daily highs and lows there always seemed to be clusters of strength and weakness pushing prices.

Granville ascribed to these clusters the terms of "up fields" and "down fields." He found that these rhythm clusters travel a certain extent and then they reverse from exhaustion.

Gold's daily short term price pushes to the upside usually cluster at around 10 positive days, basically, in its up fields before a reaction sets in. This year in March, gold hit 1440 on 9 positive days as a tail wind, on June 1st a 10 day positive up field took gold to 1575 and yesterday gold hit about 1610 being pushed higher combined with the aid of an 8 day up field performance.

The up and down fields are basically strings of buying and selling sprees. Most of the time, excluding fundamentals, some traders just trade the technical picture while the media hasn't a clue and tries to explain price movements with their jibberish which is non sense. Traders take a contrary position as up and down fields appear to reach extremes.

So, is an 8 day up field enough on this ride to stop prices or will we have a few more positive days? There can be two down days(today is one) which will keep the up field intact but three will end it with the possible cluster of down days to follow. We'll just have to wait and see.

Silver continues to be volatile as compared to gold. Gold was off 1% today while the naked silver shorting community(four domestic bank) pounded it lower by 4%.
 By bluejay

07/18/2011  5:33PM

Silver, what a pretty chart:

 By bluejay

07/18/2011  5:26PM

Gold $1603.60 UP $9.50
Silver $40.53 UP $1.20

http://www.kingworldnews.com is the place to go to get all the information that you require in understanding why gold and silver, eventually, must go higher.

James Dines said just last week at the site, being interviewed by Eric King, that silver is headed to $300 to $500 an ounce. It's quite an interesting interview, as Jim is a colorful guy.
 By bluejay

07/17/2011  1:22PM

Bob Chapman : Gold and Silver to go up 150% by the end of the year

 By bluejay

07/15/2011  11:27PM

Some July 14, 2011 comments by Jim Willie.

Take a short break from all the hubbub in the United States over the faltering USEconomy, the reckless politicians pretending to come to a USGovt budget agreement (small or large), and the tacit admission by USFed Chairman Bernanke that indeed QE3 is very likely.

The June Jobs Report confirmed my forecast of a moribund economy in deterioration. The Republicans will not budge on their refusal to approve tax increases. The Democrats will not budge on their refusal to approve entitlement cuts. The Pentagon through hidden pressures has managed to keep the sacred war off the table for discussion, even though it stands as the largest factor in the federal deficits.

But the queer item is that President Obama spent most of his time in the last six weeks raising $86 million for his re-election campaign. His taking the high road in the budget discussion reeks of hypocrisy. The absence of leadership in the executive branch is matched by an equal absence in the Congress. The leadership at the US Federal Reserve is clear, but the incompetence and lost credibility has rendered the bumbling professor chairman a mere Wall Street tool whose ample tools dole out capital destruction.

Bernanke must react to the USTreasury Bond market pressures as much as his own long string of steadily wrong forecasts. My forecast was for QE3 to come by summer. The blueprints are on the table. The head fake and diversion drivel spouted by Helicopter Ben were ignored by the Jackass, just like the Green Shoots and Exit Strategy and No QE2 distractions in the last two years.

Quantitative Easing will go viral next, enough to call it Global QE. Gold & Silver will react, gold first with solid gains, then silver with massive gains to follow.

The common theme is the ruin of money.

Watch Italy for an extremely robust toxic powerful addition to the entire dangerous mix. Its nation is very large, whose debts are huge.
 By bluejay

07/15/2011  7:26PM

Gold $1594.10 UP $7.10
Silver $39.27 UP $1.08

Is Europe on the verge of a complete financial meltdown?

The following comments are from Mike's school buddy from UCSB, Monty Guild. Monty is an
accomplished investment advisor with offices in west Los Angeles.

"Although I understand that gold may have short term technical resistance at some higher levels, the fundamental background for gold and the argument for much increased demand for gold from Europe is stronger than it has been in decades.

We believe that a new wave of demand for gold is developing in Europe and will create substantial rises in price. Things look increasingly difficult for the European bond markets and European banks after the recent stress tests of European banks."
 By bluejay

07/15/2011  12:45PM


Thanks for the education along your thoughts, very much appreciated.

Gold $1591.10 UP $4.10
Silver $39.03 UP $0.84

Below is a link to the article written by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard entitled "Return Of The Gold Standard As World Order Unravels."

Mr. Pritchard is the business editor of the Daily Telegraph. For some years he was a Washington correspondent and eventually became a thorn in the side for the Clinton Administation with his reporting. When their nemesis permanently returned to Europe they openly admitted that they were quite pleased.

Gold is zeroing in on the $1600 level. Most expect this level to slow gold down a bit for a while. This could happen but for the next 6 weeks or so, I wouldn't be surprised to see the metal continue to flex its bullish muscles. Remember, Martin Armstrong expects weakness to begin about the time of Labor Day.

Considering that the silver shorts have been dumping more paper silver into the market over at the Comex, one has to be impressed with silver's ability to fight back. Pushing through the $38 level was no easy task.

 By David I

07/15/2011  3:54AM


At our present state of politics, with the enviro-socialists so prolific in our society, I do not think a constitutional convention would be advantageous for protection of our rights and liberties.
Amendments to the constitution, would better serve the purpose of changing the constitution, one change at time.
The one good thing about California that during earlier times when freedom was revered by the people, the democratic process of the public vote was made into law so that we could vote in laws that were not at the disposal of a corrupt representative government.
Not all the states have this public capability, which they should have.
A U.S.Constitutional amendment should specifically require all the states as a constitutional responsibility to establish the democratic direct public vote of creating law, changes to the state constitution, as well as referendums for Constitutional changes to the U.S. constitution.
 By bluejay

07/15/2011  1:12AM


Hugo Salinas Price has been calling for Mexico to go on a silver standard for years with your same exchange idea.

As Gerald Celente has said, current events form future trends. Below may be just the beginning of change.

Governors of 35 states have already filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.
 By David I

07/14/2011  1:07PM

Unconstitutional for the states to print money. Is constitutional and required by the constitution that states pay their debts in gold or silver. I would think that states could and should be able to hold gold and silver and issue silver or gold certificates based on physical weight of gold or silver in troy ounces and redeemable as gold or silver species. This is then traded for dollars at the exchange rate determined by the market.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/07/14/taking-liberties-legislator-proposes-alternative-currency-in-response-to/#ixzz1S6yINaNd

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