July 6, 2022 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

08/22/2011  4:10PM

Gold $1908.60 UP $55.50
Silver $44.14 UP $ 1.24

I guess James Dines was 100% correct when he said in a King World News interview in July that, "You have to be out of your mind if you're invested in anything but gold and silver."

Remember, it's not so much that gold is higher but more that the value of your money is worth less. Gold is just in a catch-up transition to where it should have been all along. Martin Armstrong said something like this, gold can lag for a long time as it is being suppressed but when it's catch-up time, it can roar.

Bob Chapman has stated many times, that everyone is waiting for a gold correction. What if it doesn't come and gold is revalued overnight? You are either in, or you're out.

For those willing to learn and to do their homework, advice to follow James Sinclair at http://www.jsmineset.com has been a great gift, thank you Jim.
 By Hans Kummerow

08/22/2011  12:47PM

If the price of gold is expressed in a hard currency like the Swiss Frank, the price has increased by 60% during the past five years.
Nothing extraordinary.
 By bluejay

08/21/2011  11:46PM

Gold $1892.30
Silver $43.90
 By bluejay

08/21/2011  11:40PM

Gold $1887.20
Silver $43.75
 By bluejay

08/21/2011  11:28PM

Gold $1881.60 UP $29.50
Silver $43.79 UP $ 0.88

Jim Sinclair has repeated that if the central bankers can't stop the eroding confidence within two weeks in the financial system while gold continues to hold above $1764 then the precious metal will enter stage three of its current bull market. During stage three expect better percentage gains than stage two. I believe stage two advanced 250%.

Bob Chapman says that gold will be selling at $3000 to $3200 an ounce by next February.

It feels like 1979 all over again.
 By bluejay

08/18/2011  11:54PM

Gold $1849.10
Silver $41.10
 By bluejay

08/18/2011  9:10PM

Gold $1840.50
Silver $40.69

Central Banksí Demand For Gold Quadrupled In 2nd Quarter
 By bluejay

08/18/2011  6:02PM

Gold $1833.10 UP $44.10
Silver $40.74 UP $ 0.52

It would seem fare to say that gold is on a fast track to higher highs. What is behind this strength?

Take your pick: global financial chaos, a faltering Europe, disappointing growth figures joined by our leaders failed efforts on the economy in attempting to control a run-away train.

We have arrived in time where the charts can be thrown out the window as Bob Chapman has inferred so many times in his interviews. His premise is simple, gold and silver are going much higher and no one can stop that from happening.

As Jim Willie recently said, "Prepare to protect your personal wealth during the greatest transfer of wealth in modern history from toxic paper to reliable hard metal with no counter-party risk."
 By martin newkom

08/18/2011  1:02PM

Some years ago the company listed
some very notable persons who at
one time were shareholders in the
"Sixteen". One, I believe was
Bernard Baruche, the noted financier. Perhaps some publicity in that respect might help us secure some needed capital. The reason I knew about the Mine was because
my aunt, and my mother(who was
born in Alleghany) told me about
it. The Mine has a very famous
name with a story that needs to
be told time and time and time again.
 By bluejay

08/17/2011  6:24PM

Gold $1787.60 DOWN $1.40
Silver $40.17 DOWN $0.06


It just seems to be a matter of time, any day now a rich visionary will step up and pat the pony.

Mike Maloney does an outstanding job of calling a spade a spade in describing gold and silver's future:

 By martin newkom

08/17/2011  3:35PM

It seems to me that since the
Company has areas not yet mined
yet alone developed and with
the spot price on gold now near
the roof there should be somewhere
a source of satisfactory working
capital to enable the company to
develop the most promising regions
People and/or persons should jump at the chance. With the
Company now in possession of
much of the Tightener Mine,
where H.L. Johnson made his famous strike and most or a
portion of it a proven area,
if the Company confirms the
direction to be toward the Tightner, perhaps managemt
may want to emphasize the
possibilities to prospective
investors, that a "strike"
could happen. A little "forward"
language could be appropriate.
 By bluejay

08/16/2011  10:44AM

Gold $1780.60 UP $14.40
Silver $40.01 UP $ 0.09
Gold/XAU Ratio 8.43
Gold/Silver Ratio 44.50

Gold may have hit another all-time high earlier in the day at $1787.80. Silver continues to be in a state of malaise as it catches its breathe following the doubling of its price over a short period while almost hitting $50 about four months back.

It appears the table is set for the miscreants to apply their evil crafts in further depressing the precious metal shares in addition to the big U.S. banks cranking down silver's price to improve their big short position losses.

Both the HUI and the XAU gold and silver indexes are at crucial short term resistsnce areas: the XAU with a last of 211.37 faces trouble at 212.50 while the last sale on the HUI at 577.46 is also near an equally troublesome short term level at 580. Behind these two resistance areas the XAU has long term chart problems in the 220 to 230 area while HUI's health has been strained many times at its 600 level.

The gold price is preparing to push out of its third flag formation on this strong move that started at 1475 in early July and it remains to be seen if it will be successful.

Martin Armstrong has added to the mix in his latest missive of August 15 entitled "The 40 Year Anniversary Of The Floating Exchange Rate System And The Week From Hell" http://www.martinarmstrong.org/files/Euro%20Dow%2008-15-2011.pdf that the Central European Bank may engage in gold sales.

For the short term, the investment banks along with the hedge funds could seize this as an opportunity to force everything lower in the sector but as Mr. Armstrong states, this will be bullish for the long term.

Martin Armstrong's article is quite informative discussing exchanges rates, the Dow Jones Averages and why a gold standard just will not work. On page three he uses a 18895 figure which is a type-error in mentioning key chart areas on the Dow which may be 11895.

We are in the midst of historical times concerning debt and declining confidence in governments around the world which has resulted in the continuing push to higher levels on the price of gold. Be prepared for increased volatility as we approach the high volatility month of September.
 By bluejay

08/13/2011  12:02PM

From today's International Forecaster:

If you can believe this, the CME-Comex raised margin rates(on gold) just 2-days after the first rise. We just went from $4,500 to $6,000 to $7,500 and this is not the end of it. The CME has their marching orders from the Illuminists and they will most likely take margin to $21,600, just like they did to try to destroy the silver market. It shows you how evil these people are.
 By bluejay

08/11/2011  11:58AM

Gold $1746.60 OFF $48.80
Silver $38.41 OFF $ 0.88
Gold/XAU Ratio 8.44

It appears that gold may have run its course on this recent spike. Gold has been put in front of the public eye and this in itself over the short term has invited the investment banks and hedge funds to do their dirty deeds in positioning the other side against recent buyers which should be followed by their price suppression schemes.

The most obvious sector being targeted relating to gold's advance is the precious metal shares. They have been naked shorted for weeks while gold advanced much higher than the manipulators anticipated. This has been a bold move on their part but then again, if they're wrong, it has been the custom for the public, at the hands of the government, to bail them out.

The investment banks in particular have been granted a license to steal. Their unbridled printing of securities, which never get delivered, have in some instances destroyed many small companies who depend on the credit markets to stay alive.

Some believe that the 1929 stock crash was caused by the commerical banks involvement in stock underwritings which may be true to some extent but the real cause of the depression was sovereign debt troubles which never seemed to make it into our history books.

The banks have always been greedy and have never had enough profits for themselves regardless of the future that they have caused the public to suffer from. In 1933 Ferdinand Pecora made it his personal mission to restrict the banks from ever being involved in the brokerage busines side again when he gathered up enough support to insure passage of the proposed Glass-Steagall Act which became law that year.

The Fed composed of bankers began to dismandle Glass Steagall in 1987. It was a long effort by the major banks to get back into the brokerage side of the business and cause troubles again with Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin along with their millions in bribe money doing their bidding for them.

The act of years of destroying Glass Steagall can be followed closely at the following link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/wallstreet/weill/demise.html

Gold hit $1800 yesterday but the precious mretal shares can't get through the over-head supply of counterfeit shares. This is all being brought to us by these miscreants who rig markets for massive short trerm gains at the public's expense.

Bob Chapman has stated many times that our representatives in the House and Senate our bought and paid for by the bankers. You strike back at the bankers by not giving them your money thus keeping it away from their greedy little fingers and in gold for the long term aside from expected temporary weakness starting in September for an unknown period of time.

The ultimate hedge against currency debasement will always be to hold gold.

Stay strong.
 By bluejay

08/10/2011  11:56AM

Gold $1767.50 UP $23.40
Silver $39.05 UP $ 1.34
Gold/XAU Ratio 8.50

Gold continues higher following the Standard & Poors downgrade of U.S. debt last week. The gold and silver shares have improved somewhat against gold in relative strength from above 9 top 8.50.

Mike, I forwarded your question to Dan Norcini who is more qualified to give you an appropriate response.

With gold continuing to flare higher, hitting about $1800 earlier, it is a good time to hang on to some perspective: Martin Armstrong has stated that it is quite possible that weakness will develope in this market in early September.

For those requiring more elaboration on his stance, visit http://www.martinarmstrong.org and review his recent comments in the article "The Outlook For Gold" dated July 13th.
 By Rick

08/09/2011  8:18PM

Mike, et al....

It would be a curious obstacle if State water-crook-thug lawsuits at this point outweigh the ever-proven potential of this grand mine.

It has been a weight-of-the-world obstacle. The difference now is the return on development vs. getting the a-holes off of the mine's back.

The tide is changing. Regulation has had it's warning. And yet, despite their CRAP, potential to outweigh their assault is at hand.

Spurious regulation will have nothing to gain when there is no longer a target, especially with the new awareness introduced by the few in Congress who have the balls to speak the truth.

Even if the thugs are pursuing their target $$$$ ammount, the potential production far outweighs their crook-figure.

Investors are watching....for when/if the risk is averted....

It's time to out-fox the hen-house.
 By Michael Miller

08/09/2011  6:00PM

The gold future spread sheet for trade date 8/9/2011 this morning has an anomaly that begs for an explanation regarding a key in understanding the spot price movements. The spreadsheet identifies the contract month, last price, change, open, high, low and volume. The anomaly is in volume: August = 1,405; September = 4,329; October = 16,147; December = 261,030; February = 1,540; April = 239.

When I saw this early morning, short selling was my answer. The current spreadsheet at 5:45 pm trade date 8/10/2011 for volume is: August = 21; September = 139; October = 673; December = 9,661; February = 18; April = 0. Strange behavior, isnít it?

The spot price is a curiosity only for me. Today I spoke with two different gentlemen of age and proven wisdom. Both told me that gold has much more increases ahead, by significant amounts. As a gold producer, I am amazed! As the president of the oldest US gold mining company with an ongoing operation (very modest for reasons you all know), I am pissed off that a specious lawsuit and a series of attacks on this operation for over a decade have reduced our operation to a stand still. Without any serious investors calling to conduct a serious due diligence review about the reality of this company, I am disturbed. Also a plan is at-the-ready (flexible to adjust to all needs) should a serious investor approach us.
 By bluejay

08/09/2011  12:34PM

Gold $1773.00 UP $55.80
Silver $37.83 DOWN $1.20
Gold/XAU Ratio 9.11

Gold continues to be aggressively sought with the confidence in governments briskly sliding away. The hedge funds keep pecking away at the gold and silver shares with the explorers being especially hard hit.

The cold hard fact is fiat currency managers have lost manipulative suppressive control of gold. Jim Sinclair says from his studies that we are ever so close to explosive higher metal prices.

Concerning the shares and silver, the want-to-be controllers are very active in plotting and supporting a full frontal press to what is still available to them in hopefully turning people off to hard assets. Using paper products to depress hard assets is fraud and with a sensible government coming on the scene someday, hopefully, will find these criminals being committed to the penal system stockades for many years.
 By bluejay

08/05/2011  11:34AM

Gold $1651.70 UP $2.90
Silver $37.93 OFF $0.95
Gold/XAU Ratio 8.41
Gold/Silver Ratio 43.39

The news today is not the gold price but the criminal hedge funds stomping all over the gold and silver shares. For all we know, the investment bank are involved as well. These are the same people that collapsed the metals and shares in 2008 during the financial criis.

Martin Armstrong has mentioned that a turn to the downside in the metals is likely by Labor Day. It seems the time table has been moved closer with all the recent action to the upside in gold.

The continuing weakness in the PM shares is to some extent being effected by the serious weakness in the general average but the main pressure is being supplied from the slimy characters already mentioned.

Looking ahead with $5000 gold in the cards, holders of the shares must prepare themselves for temporary rough sledding ahead. The important thing is, don't let the crooks shake you out and take your future from you.

Eventually, these miscreants will go long, hopefully without your shares, and have super spectacular profits when the gold bull really aserts itself beginning in the early part of 2012.

Stay strong.
 By bluejay

08/04/2011  9:07AM

XAU Index 202.94 DOWN 6.86
HUI ndex 552.44 DOWN 10.93

The two gold and silver indexes are being battered today as gold trades at another all-time high. What gives here?

It is suspected that the all powerful hedge funds are overwhelming this sector by illegally feeding into the market a monstrous supply of sell orders representing nothing but "supposed" good intentions to deliver securities. This is the most outrageous fraud to manipulate prices for big profits ever seen in the history of Wall Street. The amount of money generally being stolen from shareholders is, probably, in the bllions.

You must know that the system is fixed against you while regulators fail to take action against these criminals.

The naked shorting scheme basically got started sometime after the banks took over the brokerage firms. The hedge funds became involved when they discovered that the regulators were being influenced to look the other way and went along for the free ride and more downward price gouging at our expense all while gold continued to make new highs.

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