April 18, 2021 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

04/03/2021  11:11PM

1. Wells Fargo is calling for gold's 'strongest rally' as it projects a $2,200 gold price target for this year. "Gold supplies have flipped from excessive to deficient. Such times in the past have sparked some of gold's strongest price rallies," Wells Fargo said, adding that gold could be about to enter a new commodity bull supercycle.
 By bluejay

03/29/2021  9:54AM

The Russian National Wealth Fund indicated its intention to move into gold and lessen its holdings in the Dollar and the Euro.

It is presumed to be the counter part of our Social Security retirement program. Our paid representatives in Washington have mandated that 80% of our monthly payments go into(invested?) in U.S. Treasury bonds.

Years ago Martin Armstrong went to Washington and spoke with our representatives and recommended that some part of our fund be in real things that could keep up with inflation like the stock market but sadly his words fell on deaf ears.

The quacks chose to use our savings to fund the governments debt machine. As more and more dollars run off their printing presses our savings held by them depreciate.

36% of the Country's current debt alone has been added in the past 12 months. The recently passed $1.9 trillion bailout bill was paid out under the cover of the economic mess they put us in to bail out the States' mismanagement of their balance sheets, especially their insolvent pension funds that they totally, almost, destroyed.

These so-called State and Federal officials have totally made the case for term limits in office. These people should have been required to attend and hopefully learn from a class or two in how to balance a checkbook and investing.

Prepare yourselves, they are coming for your money if you have any left following their forced shutdowns of all the mom and pop businesses across the country,

The big problem is we have too many ignorant and self-serving elected and placed people in government and we end up looking like clueless sheep letting them stay.

The biggest fool of all is little Tony Fauci,

He and his buddy Bob Gallo have made and controlled millions of public money over the years with their Gestapo tactics to stay in power dealing with public health.

Tony has told us earlier that wearing masks to prevent the spread of a so-called virus don't work then later said wear one mask and lately, wear two masks.

Here's some news for Tony, the masks have been proven scientifically to be useless and he has influenced the whole world to mask-up with his opinions. The only thing the masks do is prevent your exhaling of potential toxins having them recirculated back into your lungs which our bodies were never designed to receive. And people wonder why other people's confidence in their government is at new lows.
 By bluejay

02/26/2021  10:17AM

Gold $1722.80 Off $47.30

Silver $26.27 Off $ 1.15

U.S. Dollar 90.76 Up 0.57

Well, well, well

Since the Powell speech two days back it seems the gold market is agreeing with him, there's really no inflation.

Powell in acting very much like a drunken sailor today using the Fed's unlimited checkbook backed by the people's future obligations to muddy the gold price while affecting silver's price in his battlecry to destroy them both.

With the Dollar recently threatening to break the crucial 90 level and the financial harassment coming from the anti establishment Millennials Powell decided this was the time to flood the precious metals market with the bucket shop technique of taking paper bets that gold would go down.

Remember he is dealing in a paper market not a physical cash market as it is believed the U.S.'s gold position is long gone. When do you last recall the Treasury delivering physical gold against commodity contracts?

So, we wait out another vicious Fed attack on gold, with silver trailing.

If we look at an extended daily chart of gold as an historical reference over time when one of these plunges takes place following some months of weakness it has ALWAYS been the time to add to positions.

Powell is just trying to scare the gold markets and all the shareholders of the mining shares in a fake effort to indirectly make the Dollar look better for the 70% of the fiat currency held abroad that are already concerned about their holdings resulting from massive amounts of Dollar printing. 25% alone of the total outstanding amount has been run off the printing presses in the past 12 months to keep our economy and workers afloat following the business shutdowns for this fake Covid-19 which is just another flu.

Here's a question for the believers, how can a vaccine be made when it has been impossible to scientifically isolate the so-called virus?

Beware of what they want you to do.

Martin Armstrong's comments last night on Greg Hunters usawatchdog,com show saying people are turning in their dollars for real things. He said we are in a period of inflation that will extend inflationary pressures up until 2024. Do you hear that Jerome? You better get your magic bag of tools ready because your little scary freak show with gold will be short lived or are you taking gold and silver lower so your buddy bankers can get their shorts covered and go long for the much expanded inflation to follow?

Where do you think gold and silver will end up after Armstrong said all this outstanding debt has reached its limit. Currently, 70% of government tax revenues go to debt payments on outstanding Treasury obligations. Part of our payments are on money that has been stolen from the Treasury by unknown government connected sources.

Go to Solari.com for all the supported information provided by Mark Skidmore concerning all the missing trillions of dollars.

The bottom line: we are all being robbed right before our very own eyes.

During the Kavanaugh sex hearings in late 2018 FASB changes were run through both houses that gave indirectly everyone involved in the great Treasury heist immunity as many unanswered questions will prevail in the name of National Security. These changes may have broken the back of the
Republic as some have speculated.

Secrets, secrets, secrets the main prerequisite for thivery.
 By bluejay

02/25/2021  4:51PM

Gold $1771.10 Off $33.70

Silver $27.41. Off $ 0.02

Chief of the Fed, Jerome Powell, hit the airways yesterday saying, "money printing doesn't lead to inflation." Sounds a bit optimistic like Dr. Rudolf Havenstein was back in the late part of 1922 when he said, I'm waiting for prices to come down so I can buy a good suit. Following from early 1923 to later in the year the inflation rates in Germany exploded. Havenstein, himself, was the chief of the Reichbank, their central bank.

Powell in all truth, represents the banks and is not our friend. One thing that would have struck anyone was the lie he told with a straight face,"the current inflation rate is small at 1.49 %. Our rate as consumers is very near to the 10% level. He went on to say that if it rose they have tools in place to curtail it but did not elaborate. Price controls? One thing central bankers are infamous for is never preparing their populace for the possibility of upcoming out of control inflation. The people are totally surprised when it arrives and feel helpless as the inflation eats away at their savings and incomes if they have any.

These masters of fantasy will always be tinkering with the numbers until they are either asked to leave or are physically escorted out of their money printing temples.

Powell and his crew like depressing current values of past proven monetary metal values hurting investors and the companies who mine them. Not only are the gold miners hurt by the 1942 war closures and the great expense later to dewater them but gold companies have to put up with the endless price suppression, along with silver too, by this group of price miscreants.

Lately, their attention has been drawn to silver as a result of all the talk and action between a special stock interested group of millennials about squeezing short positions in silver following what they did to GameStock successfully.

The Fed stepped in when the $30 level had been breached with gold following higher in sympathy. Since at the time the U.S. Dollar appeared poised to breaking its 90 support level the Fed boys would have no part of it.
So down came the hammer with the Fed telling the futures Exchanges to raise silver contract margins. On the news and shorting from their banker buddies the price of silver plush related stocks took a fast elevator ride down to the 26 floor from the 30th.

The Fed has had this type of negative behavior focused on a supposedly free market system recently on two other occasions before this attack.

11-9-20. From $26.50 to $24

1-10-21 From $28.50 to $24.70

The current chart on gold just doesn't look good and along with its internal weakness it was an easy feat to knock it down today in hopes of affecting silver but it never happened. Why?

Just like what is ongoing with Comstock Mining's stock(LODE) the same thing is the case with silver, far more has been promised to be delivered than exists.

It's just a matter of time before current outstanding problems are squared.

The big problem for the Fed is, THEY CAN'T PRINT SILVER.
 By bluejay

02/18/2021  6:30AM

Looks like the Fed boys will be stepping on the pedal today in selling more paper gold and silver. Silver may be on the verge of giving up for awhile under this constant intervention.

Just more scare tactics, their prime weapon.
 By bluejay

02/17/2021  1:05PM

Fed appears helpless in manipulating silver lower.

Gold $1775.30. Down. $18.20
Silver $27.34. Up. $ 0.11

Even knocking down gold wonít help. Easy conclusion, silver is going higher and the Yellen pow-wow people are helpless in restraining it.
 By bluejay

02/17/2021  11:14AM

The No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you're screwed because it's all fixed and rigged. There is a club and you ain't in it.
George Carlin
 By bluejay

02/17/2021  10:28AM

Lies, lies, lies

Yahoo.com in reporting the Comstock Mining explosion in price this morning is quoting a source as saying ďonly 0.2% of the public float is short.Ē

From a close of $2.25 yesterday to trading around $9 and then lower, this is a big short squeeze like what happened with the GameStop squeeze.

This is all false reporting supported by the Fed bankers who orchestrated massive short selling from two weeks ago or so and its coming back to bit them. YOU NEVER ATTEMPT TO MANIPULATE THE PRIMARY TREND AGAINST ITS WILL, thatís why you buy dips in a primary Bull market which gold and silver are now in.

The outstanding current short position in Comstock remains in the millions.

More misleading crap from the media, Paul Craig Roberts reports today on his website that a lot of the reporting, especially from the New York Times concerning The Capital disturbance were nothing but lies.
 By bluejay

02/16/2021  7:37AM

Madmen at the controls at the Fed.

25% of the U.S.debt since the countryís inception has been printed in the past year. Letís not forget these are the countryís bankers along with their other big international cronies that control our fate.

There has always been the questions raised, does the Treasury still own 8000 tons of gold or not? If we, the people, still own our gold why have the auditors not been permitted to verify our holdings since 1954?

So, the probability guess is, itís gone. Sold off manipulating the gold price ALWAYS lower to make their fiat game worthy of public confidence. During the past 300 years on this planet 250 fiat currencies have failed, gone broke, worthless. Fiat currencies are those with no gold backing.

It is a fact that the Fed intervenes in the gold market with their selling interventions to psychologically prop up their fiat currency. If the Dollar suddenly became weak the whole world monetary system might unravel the majority of the fiat currency is in the hands of people throughout the world and being used for deposits in holding together the fragile broke European banking system.

So here come the Millennials of GameStop, squeeze the shorts fame.
Then it turned into squeeze the silver shorts. The Fed successfully held silver in place at $30 an ounce a few weeks back but the undertone of bullishness continues present.

Last night in Europe silver advanced to over $28 an ounce. The Fed and their buddy big New York bankers perceived that gold would follow and the Dollar might sell lower. So, they began preopening this morning to hammer silver with a flood of paper silver sell orders taking it down to $26.80.

The game continues with gold paying a price today.

In the end, Fed will drown in a sea of Of paper promises to deliver silver, along with gold, which they do not have and then the game will be over.
 By bluejay

02/15/2021  12:53PM

Silver update

Jsmineset.com is reporting from one of their European contacts in London that the big silver ETF(SLV) canít find physical silver.
 By bluejay

02/14/2021  11:05AM

What's this really about?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet with SEC, Federal Reserve, and CFTC officials regarding the Reddit-trader craze.

Sorry, it's about silver, gold and the Dollar in particular as they don't want the Dollar pushed lower.

Seems like they are creating strategies concerning silver and what they anticipate, another second wave of buying. It has been stated that there was such a rush of buying in the silver ETF(SLV) that J.P. Morgan had to sell it remaining silver horde of over 100 million ounces in an attempt to hold the line on the metal at $30. Silver closed $27.35 on Friday.

goldsilverpros.com reported that silver supplies are down to about 3500 tons with the majority being held in London.

Willem Middelkoop recently said that the silver paper short dam is near to breaking. He says it could just be a matter of weeks or a few months. He said when it does break, silver could go to$100 within a week.

Gold would also take off with Silver's strength and down would go the Dollar.

That is the real reason for the big Yellen pow-wow last week. You think they're going to tell you what is on their minds when they are running scared?

George Carlin said it best something like this, you ain't in the club.
 By bluejay

02/11/2021  10:00AM

As expected, as silver gets manipulated gold is expected to follow suit. .

Interesting, Rhodium and Platinum aren't a worry of the bankers and both metals are very strong lately with Rhodium making all-time highs at $19,300 an ounce.

Just became aware of renewed shorting in some of the silver issues. Put in an order for some Comstock at the offer of $2.04 and purchased it at $2.0399. This is a short getting in front of a public order.

These people are so brazen manipulating markets. The Fed's position is they will teach the Millennials to stay in their own backyard at any cost.

Silver is the cheapest asset to buy today, When it plays catchup, it should be quite an event.
 By bluejay

02/11/2021  9:29AM

Missed an addition to the previous entry.

The Fed is serious in helping out the troubled silver metal and newly acquired company short positions. So expect more manipulation in this sector to follow until the paper shorts in the metal turn into notices for physical silver delivery. Right now it is a chicken game.

Who can press the other more over a limited time period?

The U.S. Dollar is looking to turn lower soon. It is just a matter of time until the fake silver selling pressure by the Fed and their cronies is terminated by real international market conditions.
 By bluejay

02/11/2021  8:53AM

Yes, this could happen to the 16 to 1.

But, shorting only happens where there is activity.

I am older now but have spent years around stock trading activity and it is of my opinion that Fed orders were given to all New York banks to silence the recent effort by Millennials trying to put the squeeze on the suspected silver shorts while at the same time buying related silver stocks..

A week ago last Monday, a large amount of accumulated buy orders was unleashed upon unsuspecting low priced silver related company's shares. The market markers had immediate losses whatever company they worked for. Word went out that some firms might be in trouble with their losses which resulted from their market making function of providing shares when few or not many were being offered by the public holders.

It was at that time that the trading departments of the banks that sell Treasury bonds from the Fed got involved. These are the Fed's big pet New York banks and owners of the Fed which is not government owned.

The banks just started selling where activity warranted. It just so happened the Millennials really wanted to own Comstock Mining where fundamentals in the past few years have begun to turn around.

Ironic, the case that Comstock Mining doesn't have gold or silver in its corporate title, like the 16 to 1, mattered little. The younger generation apparently knows how to pull up data and, maybe, in the corporate title doesn't need to specifically require to describe the business in detail Not to make the company wrong but Comstock puts out a fair share of news releases..

There is apparently a massive short position in the shares that eventually will have to be cured.How this takes place is unknown when compared to the issued amount of shares by the company just doesn't exist to square up all the shorts.

Concerning accessing short positions in the OTC market, GOOD LUCK. Wall Street these days is an insiders club only! The rules are for them and if the rules aren't working, they change them to suit themselves. Buyers beware!

Disclosure: bluejay has a long position in the company but small in comparison to his 16 to 1 position.

02/10/2021  3:19PM

Hi Bluejay, love your input here.

Comstock Mining is one of few legitimate small mining companies. The crews are well established professionals. The properties are intriguing as its financials and shareholder base. How does shorting a company like this happen and why?

Scoops point: shorting this one is dangerous. How to track shorting Comstock trade volume? Who is there to squeeze? Could this happen to little old Sixteen to One?
 By bluejay

02/10/2021  8:40AM

Intervention in precious metals by the Fed this morning. They are trying to protect New York banks who were indirectly ordered a week ago last Monday to blanket attack the rising interest to buy all silver related issues with short sales. These massive shorts still exist.

Their problem this morning is the U. S Dollar is on the verge of picking up steam to the downside.

Gold and silver want to go higher for some amount of weeks.

Fed trying to protect the Dollar but public buying starting to build for all gold and silver items is challenging them and more back peddling is going to be required by them.

If silver breaches $30 all their games will be off the table but for now, expect more interventions.
 By bluejay

02/08/2021  1:43PM

Comstock Mining, Virginia city was up today as a result of an over abundance of short sellers getting price squeezed.

As I mentioned previously, more shares were sold last week than were issued by the company. The final result of this extreme imbalance could be anything.

The shares closed at $2.11 today up $0.36.
 By bluejay

02/06/2021  8:58PM

Great interview for today on silver and gold,

go to stansberry.com and

select and watch the video interview from Feb. 5th of Willem Middlekoop by Daniela Cambone.
 By bluejay

02/05/2021  9:24PM

Not only is the Fed a problem for the public holders of U.S. Dollars but the SEC stinks as well.

Comstock Mining out of Virginia City, Nevada is a case in point why the securities regulator, the SEC, is run by children.

These hired help fall flat on their face in protecting the public.

Comstock Mining, in the last information available, has nearly 35 million shares outstanding with 22 million shares closely held by management,

Last Monday, over 300 million shares changed hands. Only once in past months it had reached 200 million shares but generally the shares are with the two exceptions, generally traded moderately.

So, it would appear people who bought shares on Monday do not own any ownership in the company as the sales were quite likely short sales, selling shares while not in possession of the physical shares.

So, what happens now if recent buyers want to sell shares to a bonafide cash buyer? Where do the shares come from?

It is heard that the Gamestock buyers are being investigated. The SEC is investigating chat sections on various sites. Who is the SEC working for the public or the hedge funds?

Does the SEC with all their computers think there is something not right with a stock trading in one day about 10 times the amount of its outstanding shares??

The SEC has allowed massive short selling to serve the purposes of the Fed. The SEC has turned what use to be honest stock trading into the days of Jesse Livermore when bucket shops were used to make and take bets on whether a stock would advance or decline without certificates changing hands.
Now, with all this computer trading with relaxed rules and brokerage firms all getting together telling their customers that some days ago that they would not act as their agent and buy GameStop shares for them.

The stock should have been issued a stop trading notice sometime last Monday when trading obviously was way out of balance.

What is is believed to have happened is that the big New York banks were given the go-ahead to short any amount of any sharply advancing silver share prices and not to worry as they would be covered by the Fed who is now in the stock business just to discourage the new troop of Millennials who are gathering with their buy orders to push over sold and heavily shorted securities higher.

People have to be careful when buying into run-ups, especially when the related shares are in a bull market. In bull markets there will be fast reactions lower, a common event. These quick sell-offs are designed to throw you off your position as if you were riding a bucking bronco. In bull markets as gold and silver are in, take some patience and wait for the inevitable weakness by putting in your lower bids and play the probability odds.

Stealing is on the increase in Wall Street. Some good advice could be to order your certificates out of the broker's custody. It was heard recently at jsmineset.co by Bill Holter, that taking your excess amounts out of your checking accounts and buying pre-1965 common U.S. 90% silver coins would be very smart, if you can find them with the premium being reasonable. Currently the premiums are high.
 By bluejay

02/05/2021  7:59PM


The sizable correction in silver and the silver related stocks took place Tuesday, not Monday of this week.

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