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Another U.S. precious metals miner goes foreign


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 By Michael Miller

05/22/2014  1:46PM

Tomorrow is the date for the California Senate to move this bill forward or stop it. I sent the three senators most involved the following fax today.

The Senators are: Senator Kevin De Leon: http://sd22.senate.ca.gov /Phone: (916) 651-4022
Fax: (916) 327-8817

Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg: http://sd06.senate.ca.gov/ Phone: (916) 651-4006
Fax: (916) 651-4906

Senator Fran Pavley: http://sd27.senate.ca.gov/ Phone: (916) 651-4027
Fax: (916) 651-4927

Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg May 22, 2014
Senators Kevin De Leon
Senator Fran Pavley

Regarding: SB 1270

Dear Senators,
This proposed bill must not continue. The language may appear innocuous, but it will bring unwanted consequences to those in our vital mining industry. Most of the revisions are not needed to preserve, protect and enhance this necessary Californian business. It will hurt the general public, which I believe you are trying to give additional protection. It will hurt the young families eager to enter a tough blue collar well-paying job market…the life of a gold miner. It will hurt all business in rural counties where most of our valuable resources are deposit.

When asked, I wrote my Sierra County Supervisor, Lee Adams the following comments:
Identify those underground operations today that are abusing the physical environment. Then propose a bill to address those concerns. Problems likely occurred long ago before the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act was legislated. It was needed in the 1970’s because mining experts discovered the technology to profitably extract minerals using high tonnage, open pit development. Operators today are aware of the need to restore surface excavations to a safe and nonhazardous state. The data gathered to support the need for the proposed language in this lengthy bill is both inconsistent and unreliable with evidence I have observed throughout California

There is a most insidious, sneaky and outright fraudulent change in the proposed language. No doubt it was placed there by a hungry lawyer. It allows third parties to file lawsuits under SMARA. Similar language has cost the taxpayers billions of dollars under the water protection. This money was wasted when reviewed by careful analysis. Californians cannot open this door to needy lawyers and others using organizations as a front to make their living.”

Permit me to qualify my opinions regarding SB 1270.

Since 1983 I have been the President of the oldest gold mining company in the United States. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. was incorporated in California in 1911 and has

operated mines in California since then. It is a traditional underground gold mine between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. To even explore for minerals in California an operator must work through county, state and federal rules, regulations and standards, all of which emanate from some legislated law. Others in mining respond when asked about considering an investment in California, “Wrong zip code.”

Regulations are blamed for the hostile work environment in California as well as the mineral extraction industry. Farmers feel the same, as do too many other businesses. After years of working with the many governmental agencies, I reached a somewhat different conclusion to the regulations problem. The regulators are more the problem than the regulations they interpret and enforce. How has this happened? Government employees fear admitting that mistakes were made. In other words, they cover them up. They also react badly to overzealous fears expressed by members of the non-government sector. The time and capital burden falls on and over powers the small operators to defend these claims. The effects are much greater for them than for the large companies. This proposed language will bury the small miners. Their much needed products will be withdrawn from California’s economy. The public will be the losers as well.

California Senate Bill 1270 is scheduled for a vote on May 23, 2014. It is an unneeded change with unpleasant consequences for the public at large, taxpayers and natural resource industries. Please stop its ascension into law. Time is of the essence and I make myself available to you and your staff for details on this subject.

Sincerely yours,
Michael M. Miller, President
 By fredmcain

05/01/2014  9:30AM

The SB 1270 legislation moving through the California State Legislature isn’t just bad, it’s beyond horrible. This legislation needs to be amended or, better yet, killed altogether.
The environmentalist movement in this country is out of control. What started out as a good thing has turned into a monster that is hurting businesses and people.
I did some online searching on SB 1270 today and turned up this site:


If you can copy that and paste it to your browser that should take you to the home web page of “Reclaiming The Sierra”. At the top of the page is a picture showing severe and probably permanent damage from hydraulic mining done over a century ago. How long has it been since any hydraulic surface mining has been done in California? This is the kind of garbage they use to persuade public opinion. The hidden message is “all mining is bad”.

I sent an e-mail to this group this morning. I doubt they will even respond but if they do I will share their response with our forum.

Underground mines operating in the state using traditional mining methods should not be made to comply with this legislation. It will probably end mining in California. Maybe that’s their intention?

If there is anyone on our forum who is a legal resident of California, please, please, PLEASE, write to your state rep and senator and urge them to consider voting against this piece of mean spirited legislation. Write to Jerry Brown, too! Since I live in the Midwest, I am at a distinct disadvantage but I might just decide to write anyway. It probably won’t do any good since I’m not a resident but surely it couldn’t hurt, either.

Copy and paste this to your browser:


Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

07/04/2013  10:19AM

Under our highest laws which is the work celebrated today, the freedom to work the Sixteen to One mine is undermined by governments’ execution of our most treasured document: the United Stated Constitution. Its administration in every department should be stamped with wisdom and virtue in compliance with our laws. Some things are wrong.

The habits of thinking in our country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration, to confine themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. We see it with comingling federal and California water agencies and to a lesser degree the mandated rules for health and safety.

That love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart, is truth of this position. The necessity of reciprocal checks in the exercise of political power, by dividing and distributing it into different depositories and constituting each the guardian of the public weal against abuses by the others, has increased to the point of the extinction of many in our natural resource industry. To preserve them must be as necessary as to institute them. If, in the opinion of the people, the distribution or modification of governing (constitutional powers or statutory) be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates, not as it is currently. To execute or administrate them inspires caution, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. It is the responsibility of the People. But how will the People be informed?

A small but artful enterprising minority of the community have become the rulers. I wish I could say leaders, but their leadership ignores the best interest of the People. The public administration became the mirror of ill concerted and incongruous projects of fractional different parties rather than the work of consistent and wholesome plans sometimes garbled by common councils but modified by mutual interests. Government workers are not to blame except that for personal reasons, so many cannot strike out against the problems they see and enforce. Where are leaders for the People? Individuals have united in power as cunning, ambitious and unprincipled rulers. They are not leaders but potent engines with artificial and extraordinary force. They subvert the Power of the People which destroy the very engines which they are trusted to fuel.

My hope is greater today that the People are awake now and thoughts are appearing to expose the machinations now occurring at home and around the world. It is not confined only to the governments. Illegal behaviors are commonplace when one searches enough the documents of our great country. I am more optimistic now than when I wrote “AHEAD OF THE CURVE” almost two years ago (see below). In conversations with California and federal individuals whose job it is to regulate, I notice a change. Whether it reaches those entrusted to lead, remains a mystery to me.

Happy Birthday to the citizens and administers of our great United States.

Oh yes, our crew is working today to celebrate their right to mine and earn another day of pay. We continue to explore this world class gold deposit. Our sights are set on finding more of the natural wealth deposited here over 125 million years ago and bring it above ground for the benefit of the People.
 By Michael Miller

04/22/2013  3:26PM

World production figures are now available. I pondered where to place this summary and decided that this topic should continue to receive comments.

In 2012 world production of gold reached a new record (estimate 2 700 tons),
slightly higher than 2001 (previous high 2600 tons). This increase hides major changes in the structure of production costs of gold mines worldwide. In 2001, (2,600 tons) an ounce of gold was $ 271. In 2012 the price was $1,669 dollars. For 3.8% of additional production, the price of an ounce of gold rose 615%.

China was the largest gold producer in 2012, with 370 tons; it has been the largest producer since 2007. Its production increased threefold since 1991 and fifty times since 1980. The second largest producer was Australia with 250 tons. Gold production in Australia was slightly higher than its low in 2008 with 233 tons but below its peak in 1998 of 312 ton. USA, third, with 230 tons, is similar to Australia. Production was slightly above the low of 2008, (223 tons) but below the peak year of 1998 (366 tons). Russia with an annual production of 205 tons was the fourth largest gold producer in the world. Despite steady growth since 1998, the Russian gold production is still below the level of the Soviet Union 80 year history. South Africa is now the fifth largest gold producer in the world with 170 tons! When I entered the gold industry, South Africa led production by a huge margin, about 1,000 tons annually.. This is an historical record. No country in the world has ever produced as much gold in a single year. South Africa lost its crown as the leading producer of gold in 2007 after a century of rule. Sixth is Peru, close to the South African production with 165 tons. Canada and Indonesia get an honorable mention.

From these eight major gold-producing countries, world gold production continues to decline. They represent more than 59% of world gold production against 92% in 1970.

The inexorable decline in gold production in South Africa, the stagnation / decline in historical producers (USA, Australia, and Canada), Peru and Indonesia lead to a radical change in the structure of production costs. The growing trend towards the fragmentation of world gold production has many consequences as, for example, a decrease in the resilience of gold mines in the lower price per ounce of gold (Translation : The mines less profitable close faster).

From 2008 to 2012 world gold production increased from 2260 tons to 2700 tons. Gold production was driven by an increase in demand and a temporary decrease in production costs due to the 2008 crisis. The world currently has a reverse situation: the price of an ounce of gold in a weak position (average annual decline in 2013) and production costs increase. Mine closure due to high production costs should initiate a further decline in world gold production.
 By Rick

07/12/2011  7:27PM

President and CEO of the Original Sixteen to One Mine, Mike Miller, brings to light how this cutting edge mine is indeed ahead of the curve.

Depsite the ongoing (and with repeated attempts) onslaught to mis-charachterize California gold-mining, this mine and its optimism and truly GRAND historic track-record of gold production remains ahead of attempt to de-rail all mining efforts.

What curve?

There is an effort afoot to suggest that somehow, some way, through a malicious attempt sidetrack true potential, to derail all job-creation in the mining industry. Simply check the history and past entries on this forum to get up to speed.

Ahead of the Curve:

Here, the Original Sixteen to One Mine is poised to enrich California's citizens by energizing its job-market potential. Yet....

It is no longer a question as to WHY investors are shy of stepping forth to embrace the opportunity....it is clearly evident that investors are shying away from ALL private sector investment due to excessive regulation.

I implore those of you sitting on the fence to please look closely into this potential, as an avenue to break free of the shackles regulatory government throws over our heads.

This mine is way ahead of the curve, with a rich history of gold. (I'm writing this as a concerned California citizen and one with an obvious interest in the success of this mine; and have no other affiliation other than an intense desire to see success.
 By Michael Miller

07/12/2011  9:40AM


The American businessman, entrepreneur and miner were traditionally ahead of the curve. What curve? That curve would be the development of America’s natural resources. We owe the high standards of our life, which have developed over three centuries to the wealth of our natural resources, the spirit of our countrymen and the hard work of those who find, harvest and deliver natural resources to the cities and rural areas of the United States. America used to be ahead of the curve, a leader in bringing new wealth to everyone in our societies.

The Sixteen to One is a vivid example of sick society. Even the most global or radical people wishing or working to eliminate the exploitation of America’s natural resources contradict themselves with their attitude to stop all mining, logging, fishing or other natural resource productivities. They advocate these suspensions without a comment on the facts that globally, people must have natural resources because natural resources are the base and foundation of life. These advocates are short sighted. America has exceeded in writing regulations to protect natural resources while much of the rest of the world containing rich useful natural resources lag far behind. Alleged rape of the earth is greatest outside America where extraction exceeds enforcement not in America where enforcement exceeds extraction.

Why do I mention the Sixteen to One as an example? With not only a strong demand for gold but also a commercial need for gold, financiers, capitalists, investors and businessmen ignore this world-class gold deposit. Philanthropists should be added to the preceding list. America is losing more than the use of its abundant, local, natural resources. The culture of logging and mining is endangered as well. Young men with the vigor of spirit and the body and mind to work in an underground mine or forest filled those jobs. If America tosses these jobs aside now, it also tosses the well being of many young men. Few “old hands” will be around to train the youth of the 2020’s on the unique skills required to bring resources to the American marketplace efficiently, and responsibly. I may not be here to see it but I know it will happen. I arrived to California’s goldfields in 1974 and benefited from the words and actions of the “old timers”. For our preservation, protection and well being, including our world class, high standard of living, America should recognize the God given abundance within these independent and united states. They are placed here for our constructive use.

Countries in South America, Asia and Africa are now ahead of the curve due to the interests of financiers, capitalists, investors and businessmen in the exploitation of their natural resources. America is on the trailing edge. What should Americans do about this?
 By martin newkom

08/15/2010  3:46PM

I think that exposure to the
british market via the upcoming
news article is a splendid idea!!
 By Michael Miller

08/10/2010  12:21PM

The August 4th Financial Times featured an article by Leslie Hook. She wrote, “China moved yesterday to further liberalize its gold market, increasing the number of banks allowed to trade bullion internationally and announcing measures that will encourage development of gold linked investment products. The move by Beijing’s central bank comes as the country’s investors pour record amounts of money into gold in a trend that is becoming a significant factor in global prices.”

Members of two of the strongest growth economies (India and China) have histories of holding gold as a true storage of wealth. Even without inflationary concerns, the above relaxing announced in China will likely affect the supply/demand price curves that economists love to study.

Still in the world’s richest country, gold is defined as an old barbaric treasure of the past. Who cares? I do not care how gold is defined. Percentage wise, few people actually have a modest gold position. This is unlikely to change. Nevertheless, as a gold producer operating in a gold deposit like the Sixteen to One, the price per ounce of gold is not a driving force with us or even a concern. Low- grade proponents justify an investment on present or future prices. Very uncertain exploration projects are growing and touted in diverse “investment” publications. Be careful out there!
 By Nose 4 Gold

03/22/2010  11:13AM

The problem today is that most Americans are Wankers. They expect the government to take care of them. What ever happened to the days of "Please Uncle Sam, I would rather do it myself"? Could it be that true Americans are an endangered species?
 By Dave I.

03/22/2010  3:41AM

Being aware of the lack of freedom and the continuous assault on those rights by an intrusive government trying to be the solution to all problems of humanity has taken away our freedom of responsibility to our selves. We as a people do we want this freedom back? We have grown complacent.
 By bluejay

03/21/2010  8:21PM

Rick, you speak for the common man. Dave, I used to be a true believer like yourself. The Constitution is methodically being dismandled, make no mistake about that. I'm hearing from respected people that the health care plan that is supposedly going to be passed tonight with more people against it, will take in money early while delaying benefits for four years. Who does this benefit? It benefits the the governement in shoring up a faltering Social Security Program as well as it injects money into a failing Medicare system.

I'm with Rick, our elected so-called public officials have sold us all down the river.

Talk about the Constitution, it has done Mr. Martin Armstrong abolutely no good. He remains in jail, with it starting with a contempt charge. Imagine being in jail for five years or so only on comtempt charges? Regardless, whether there was a REAL cause of action or not. It could happen to you.

The coviction rate in this country by federal prosecutors is nearly 98.5%. Seem high? It's the take here that certain rights guaranteed by the Constitution have been denied in some of those cases. The high conviction rates are even in excess of the ones handed out during the Spanish Inquisition and during Hitler's regime. Don't permit the politicians, government or the TV do your thinking for you. Think for yourself.

If you really want to get educated, I suggest going to the http://www.martinarmstrong.org website and read all of Mr. Armstrong's writings. Mr. Armstrong may be the smartest person on the planet. I looked at his latest hand written thoughts tonight from March 12, 2010 and here are a few excerpts:

"We are entering Phase II of the debt crisis moving now from mortgages into commercial property and headed directly in a Sovereign debt crisis. I have warned that the DOW will make new highs and I do not see a 1929 collapse in stocks. My great fear is debt. The amounts of money in bonds relative to stocks is 10:1."

"What made the the Great Depression so great was not the stock decline, it was the 1931 Sovergeign Debt Defaults that wiped out all those who thought they were smart escaping stocks, they lost everything in bonds."

"Do not get caught up in this Doomday stuff that stocks go to 1929 levels, so buy bonds. This is the worst possible outcome you will run into. Read Herbert Hoovers's Memoirs on the 1931 Crisis. Then you will know what to expect and how capital really moves. You will also know more than most governments."
 By Dave I.

03/18/2010  10:19PM

A man,Rick. The Constitution does protect our freedom. As defined in the 9th Amendment of the Constitution: " The Enumeration of the Constitution of Certain Rights Shall not be Construed to Deny or Disparage others Retained by the People."
It has already been determined by the Supreme Court, that Those rights enumerated in the constitution are to be viewed as free as possible to the protection of the rights as defined by each as stated. I.E.: Freedom of speech, is interpreted form " Congress shall make no Law Abridging the Freedom of Speech," This is the right to Free Speech, It is the 9th Amendment that makes it a right which provides a duty to interpret the constitution.
We the people have other rights: the right of an expectant mother to give birth to a child. This is aright of humanity, it is not an enumerated right, it is an expected right of people. This is protected by the 9th Amendment.
 By Rick

03/18/2010  7:57PM

Yes, the "United States will remain a difficult place to invest" because not a day goes by when Congress decides to pass a new law. WHY!!!!!??????

Every new law is a new regulation...no new laws will insure freedom and that Freedom will ring.

All the rest of the new laws are shackles.

Yesterday I woke up with enough laws. Far too many for yesterday, by the way. I respect freedom and don't need a new law to tell me to be lawful.

These a-holes live to pass new laws! Why? Go Home!!!! Every new law is a restriction on freedom.

Freedom rings with the truth that embodies the honor: truth, bourne with a handshake and the word we give each other. Freedom is not written through a restrictive process, a shameful existence, but with the honor of trust and truth.

Government: STOP! You are not the reason we are free. Our Constitution, God and Country trump your sleazy motives, and we know it already.

More laws = less freedom. We are not on the side of less freedom. And you know it. We are stronger.

Government, GO HOME and stay there.
 By The Big R

03/18/2010  11:14AM

Behre Dolbear just came out with its Ranking of Countries for Mining Investment, where not to Invest. Canada, Australia, Chile and Mexico where at the top. "The United States will remain a difficult country to develop new projects and could deteriorate further depending on additional new regulations and taxes". India and Brazil also look good.
 By The Big R

03/04/2010  12:49PM

Yesterday one of my mining partners had a conversation with a Nevada lawyer who at times represents several of Nevada's largest gold mining companies. During the conversation the lawyer made the statement "you know Barrick and Newmont just want to mine what they have and get out of the United States". Many of us believe this but had never heard an insider admit to it. Considering the way the US has treated them I think they will be better off. Newmont and Barrick presently have 7 years reserves. There goes 60 thousand +$30/hr jobs.
 By Dave I.

03/01/2010  4:53PM

Why??? Is only open to speculation. During a tour through Nevada last year, the landscape was a planted garden of white tubular claim stakes. Thousands and thousands of mining claims have been staked.
By the allowed number of claims that can be staked per person by the 1872 mining law, that to hold them has been cheap for the claimant.
Now with this increase in tax per claim, it will become exponentially more expensive for the small miner and the speculative claim holder, looking to hold and sell a claim. This would be a bad time for this due to the present economic recession thus causing stress to the small claim holder.
Who benefit? The big mining companies do, and the state government do.
The big mining companies are flush with profits, but limited on staking new claim. They hold to many to originate new mining claims.
So the next thing they can do to increase their claim holdings is to buy up existing claims who are unfunded to develop. These existing small claim holders would be willing to sell cheap to get out from the tax loss for holding such claims. This higher tax is beneficial to a monopoly of greed.
The State of Nevada is the holder of the greatest mineral wealth of our nation as well as geothermal wealth for energy needs. There will probably be a need for this open land to support Solar energy farms, and wind farms. With the possible economic development for National lands of Nevada, he who controls it gets the most.
 By Michael Miller

03/01/2010  10:38AM

Last weekend the Nevada legislature passed a proposal to raise the tax on unpatented mining claims ten times. It amounts to an increase per claim from $12.50 to $125.00. All unpatented mining claim owners were hit by a series of increases that raised the fee just to hold onto a mining claim that has gone on for two decades. Now each claim holder must pony up $140 to the federal BLM to maintain ownership in the right to spend his money looking for ore. The Nevada governor, Jim Gibbons has indicated he will go for an increase. The question is how much?

There are near 14,000 miners employed in Nevada. They produce new wealth for Nevada and America. The equipment purchased supports American companies throughout the country. The wages are mostly locally spent in the mining towns. What will be the fall out from this legislation?

For years Congress has had legislators pushing to rewrite the 1872 Mine Act. A key change is a proposed royalty on gross production. A figure as high as 8% is proposed. What will become of American investment in exploration on US soil? How will front the money to develop a mine in the United States? Where will the capital come from to take a property into production?

Interestingly, the Nevada newspaper that reported on the tax increase said, “Miners agree to increased fee on mining claims.” This means the big dogs: Newmont and Barrick. Why?
 By studbkr

06/24/2009  12:32PM

Do you have photos and GPS coordinates? (I'm not a potential buyer, but I'm curious)
 By Michael Miller

05/28/2009  1:56PM

For fifteen years our company has been excited about the gold deposit known as the “Brown Bear”. Over 500,000 ounces of gold were produced from its claims (total patented acres: 580.18). What sticks out is that little development occurred below the drain tunnel. Interpret this as less costly mining in future development time and expenses and a mine owner's dream.

The Brown Bear is the home of a ghost town…Deadwood. Deadwood had a school, a post office, saloons, churches, businesses and homes. And the spirit remains. Ray Wittkopp and I are familiar with the old workings, geology and concepts for future mining. It is a great bet, even when the gold price was half what it is today.

Well, yesterday I listed the property with Coldwell Banker. The price is $1,323,000 (surface rights), a price suggested by the local broker. Our Company needs working capital along with debt reduction. Since the gold collection did not sell, our Trinity County property becomes next in line to raise money.

This northern part of California has rugged features that are accessible yet hard to find in one location: world class fishing, boating hiking, wilderness, unyuppiefied communities, a short drive to the Pacific ocean, redwoods, and even golfing. It even has a commercial airport about an hour away.

After speaking these glowing words about the gold potential of the Brown Bear, another fact is the Sixteen to One deposit and its potential is unrivaled anywhere in the world. Therefore, the Brown Bear is now available for someone else to take a shot at getting some gold. This became possible because as I entered the real estate office, I thought about our awaiting plans in Alleghany and decided to also offer the mineral rights to the listing. I love the Bear but the gold here in Alleghany is at our finger tips.

It is difficult for anyone to appraise the mineral value of deposits like the Sixteen to One or Brown Bear so again I listened to the broker. His estimate was significantly lower than mine; however again I thought about our plans in Alleghany, our expectations and the need to goose this operation into action, so agreed that the “mineral rights may be included for a purchase price of $2,318,000”

There is an ancient saying that if the deal sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t. Adequate data exists that supports another rarely used saying that if a deal sounds to good to be true and is, take it with a smile. Such is the situation now available at the Brown Bear.

So either with or without the mineral rights, these 580.18 acres on four parcels will have someone walking away with a smile. Let’s find a buyer right now!
 By Michael Miller

04/30/2009  4:42PM

Parts of the world are moving to improve their GDP with natural resource development. China is a global leader when it comes to gold. Its mines have stepped up investment, which translates into ounces of bullion. It also has been active in a different way with gold.

China became the #5 holder of gold as purchases continued the past quarter. As China moves toward more bilateral trade agreements, it recently negotiated six major contracts where the Chinese Yaun is the medium of exchange. Move over, dollar. The Yaun has the weight of en ever growing supply of gold behind it.

As an aside, when I negotiated the long-term lease in 1983 with Lucky Chance Mining, I included a gold choice as well as a dollar choice payment for royalty payments. At one time such agreements between private parties was illegal in the USA. Will Americans be better off or worse if the dollar loses its international reputation of value?

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