July 5, 2022 

Shares traded at 75 cents!


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 By bluejay

11/20/2021  3:23PM

What's the real reason an entity would be aggressively buying an inactive security in the absence of news?
 By karl

11/19/2021  4:12PM

30,000 shares traded at $1.00 today. Someone wants “in” badly. Perhaps that mysterious person, or entity, that Michael said was contacting individual shareholders awhile back…
 By karl

11/16/2021  7:01PM

A buck a share is not an individual, or estate, dumping shares. It’s someone aggressively accumulating shares, who will likely make themselves known soon. (The truckload of shares traded under 10 cents, earlier this year, was “dumping”.)
 By cw3343

11/12/2021  5:53PM

over $1 last few days, on mad share volume (at least for this stock).
I have never seen this many shares trade daily - the other day was 75,000, today 25000! something is going on, for sure - did Blair Hull pass away?

regarding Fred’s comment below, I am able to place OSTO limit orders no problem on TD Ameritrade (which is now owned by Schwab). they do charge $6.95 for otcbb/pink sheet trades.

maybe with this price action and share trading volume, the mine can finally work toward getting out of the pink sheet nonsense and on to legit nasdaq…
 By dickdavis

11/09/2021  7:33PM

Dear Fred and others,

Sometimes a stock owner has no heirs or wants to clean up his portfolio, or might have a reason to take a profit or a loss.

If this is your case, might I suggest, donate your Original 16:1 to the Museum, and take a tax deduction.

Best regards to all,

Dick Davis
 By fredmcain

11/09/2021  9:22AM

What makes it hard to swallow is that an institutional investor can still buy these shares. There is just such a guy pursuing me and trying to get me to sell.

Our shares have appreciated nicely in the last year. But my advices is to not sell your shares.

Your stake in this mine is worth a lot - a lot more than you might think.

The best advice I can give is to "Stay the course".

Fred M. Cain
 By bluejay

11/05/2021  10:38AM


I'm with you.

Most folks are up the creek and are basic saps for not taking serious responsibility for their lives. This Covid thing is a myth cooked up for the weak minded. Do your research

The wealthy freaks are taking our liberties from us because we allow it.

Get organized on the local level and support your Sheriff.

The stock push is for a reason. Hint: What is below the Denver airport?
 By fredmcain

11/05/2021  9:29AM

Just one additional thought on these new SEC rules. If the government can ban sales of "penny stocks" to smaller investors, what else can the government dictate that you are no longer able to buy?

What about gasoline-powered automobiles? Hey, no doubt!

What about gasoline-powered lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and leaf & snow blowers? Well, that's in the works, too.

What about gold? They did that once before so they just might do it again. It seems we are slowly sinking into an old Soviet Union type of government.

Fred M. Cain
 By fredmcain

11/05/2021  8:46AM

It just aggravates me to death that I am no longer in a position to buy more shares so I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with what I have.

Guess what? According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the S.E.C. has come out with a new rule that effectively bans small investors from buying shares in the "grey" market or the so called "pink sheets".

What the heck? How can they do that? We Americans are losing more and more of our freedoms every year through government rules and regulations! What right does the damn government have to tell me what I can and cannot buy.

It's all "for my own good", of course.

Fred M. Cain,
Topeka, IN
 By karl

11/04/2021  11:50AM

42,000 shares traded today, between $0.95 and $1.00. Somebody wants “in”!
 By karl

11/04/2021  11:50AM

42,000 shares traded today, between $0.95 and $1.00. Somebody wants “in”!

11/02/2021  2:41PM

Don't know details. At annual meeting September 22, local non shareholders invited. Scoop heard Mike say $1 share bid floating about. Don't know who. Don't know why
 By karl

11/02/2021  8:14AM

Bid: $0.81, Ask: $1.00, with a few thousand shares traded the past few days. Who and why?
 By karl

10/27/2021  9:28AM

5000 shares traded at 75 cents today. (Multi-decade high, I think!)

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