August 9, 2022 

Shares traded at 75 cents!


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 By karl

07/21/2022  11:03AM

Quartzview now owns over 50% of the company, as shown in the SEC filings. I guess that means they can do whatever they want, and don't need to buy more shares on the open market.
 By RupturedPelican

07/14/2022  5:03PM

First trade in a while, 300 shares at 0.10 on 6/27. That bid at $1 seems to have disappeared.
 By RupturedPelican

06/06/2022  12:56PM

The 4/14/22 13D:

Quartzview purchased an additional 2,653,551 common shares of the Issuer on April 8, 2022, priced at $1.00 per share, using existing working capital and funds obtained through a private loan from an individual minority shareholder of Quartzview.

The Reporting Persons intend to acquire additional Shares through open market purchases and private purchases from existing shareholders of the Issuer. Michael M. Miller (“Miller”), the current director, president and chief executive officer of the Issuer has sold his personal Shares to the Reporting Persons and intends to step down as director and officer of the Issuer. The Reporting Persons intend to fill any officer or director vacancies created by Miller’s departure.

The earlier 13Ds just said that Mike had agreed to sell. I think that most of the 2+ million shares new shares were Mike's since nothing close to that volume has traded publicly.

Since early March, there has been a small amount of public trading, but since I've been looking in the last week, I haven't seen any bids.
 By fredmcain

05/04/2022  4:34AM


A big "P.S." here. If someone would be inclined to send me any information on the status of our mine and Michael Miller but is reluctant to post it on here, you can contact me off list at:

Since URLs usually do not "highlight" on this forum, you might need to copy and paste that e-mail address.

Many thanks,
 By fredmcain

05/04/2022  4:30AM


What exactly is going on at the Original 16 to 1 Gold Mine? Does anybody on our list know?

One of the messages posted below strongly suggests that Michael Miller has left. Is this in fact true?

Another message stated, "Say it isn’t so". Michael Miller so far has not responded.

I hope there is someone still watching this forum that has more information. If Michael is indeed gone, this forum might not stay "live" too much longer.
If he is gone, he is obviously not monitoring it anymore.

If Michael is indeed gone, does anyone have a current e-mail contact or phone number for him? I would like to contact him and talk to him about this.

I have never met Michael in person and yet I have had considerable correspondence with him over the years and consider him a friend.

Fred M. Cain,
Topeka, Indiana
 By dickdavis

04/19/2022  11:10PM

As of March 18, 2022, Quartzview reported:

Aggregate amount of shares beneficially owned: 5,897,611

Percent of class represented in Item above: 39.66%
 By dickdavis

03/09/2022  3:25PM

Thank you Michael Miller for your many years of leadership....wish you had hit the pocket Quartzview will be looking for.
 By Jon

03/05/2022  10:04AM

 By Jon

03/05/2022  10:01AM

The Reporting Persons intend to acquire additional Shares through open market purchases and private purchases from existing shareholders of the Issuer. Michael M. Miller (“Miller”), the current director, president and chief executive officer of the Issuer has agreed to sell his personal Shares to the Reporting Persons and to step down as director and officer of the Issuer. The Reporting Persons intend to fill any officer or director vacancies created by Miller’s departure.
 By dickdavis

03/05/2022  9:12AM

Quartzview Corp discloses stake in OSTO / Original Sixteen To One Mine, Inc.
Quartzview Corp has filed a 13D/A form with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosing ownership of 3,919,288 shares of Original Sixteen To One Mine, Inc. (OSTO). This represents 26.36 percent ownership of the company.
 By dickdavis

03/04/2022  5:56PM

March 4, 2022

280,000 traded today at $1 per share.
We know the buyer....who are the sellers?
 By Counselor-at-Law

02/16/2022  3:28PM

February 11, 2022

Quartzview Corp has filed a 13D/A form with the Securities and ?Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosing ownership of 2,925,710 shares of Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. (OSTO) This represents 2,925,710 shares of the company. In their previous filing dated February 4, 2022, the investor reported owning 2,580,749 shares and 17.35 percent of the company, indicating an increase in shares of 13.37 percent and an increase in total ownership of 13.37 percent. The investor has filed 6 13D filings since January 6, 2022.

Fintel Staff
 By Jon

01/24/2022  10:44AM

351,000 trading on the pink sheets today @ $1. Wow.
 By karl

01/17/2022  8:51AM

Interesting, thank you! (Any idea the plans of Carl Berg and Quartzview? Proxy battle?)
 By Counselor-at-Law

01/13/2022  11:48AM

Copy last year letter in Annual Report. Annual shareholder meeting held September in Alleghany. Two large shareholders want to sell for one dollar. Carl Berg is the money behind the buyer (Quartzview)

Dear Shareholders.

Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short.
By: Henry David Thoreau .

Brevity is today’s goal.

In the summer of 2021, how best for you to place a monetary value on your shares is your decision of the moment. This question is an ongoing challenge. Company assets, stock market, spot price and trends of gold, past performance which requires much data and time, the present (here and now) and where the present leads us into the future are the most important facts to recognize and use. Please consider the following and question me for any of your concerns.

An offer to buy your shares exists for $1.00 a share. I am not a seller nor are shareholders most familiar with our position today. My decision is a business one: understanding future earnings, a time line and likelihood of achieving drive this decision. Details follow:
Off balance sheet assets change real evaluation: 400 acres of class A timber, 160 acres with Heavy Industrial zoning in southwest Tahoe National Forest, water rights to year round spring, gold sales exceeding spot prices by three to ten times. Stock market price was only relevant when shares traded with an exchange market-maker. The high was $5.25 a share. Experts predict price increases in a bullish market. I agree.
Past review from Annual Message
May 7, 2014

What are we doing to find gold? Access unexplored known targets submerged years ago; clear never available old workings. Results: water level is 400 feet lower than last year; bought new Mine Lab detector in February ($10,000
The scaled back crew decreases the chance for production. Half our crew is supporting Quartzview. The other half is working to open new areas. No one is mining for gold. Changes sought: expand crew, purchase supplies in volume, hire top maintenance men and seek outside capital.

April 30, 2015

Gold production, sales and expenses resulted in a modest net profit: debt paid down, upgraded broken equipment, increased crew and opened areas formally impassible. The big disappointment is the lack of technological advancements with the independent radar innovator (Quartsview).
With the advanced Mine Lab detector, the crew sacked 687 ounces of gold in an unusual brecciaed vein. Miners open one of the original caved tunnels, named the Zero Level. California water agency lawsuit settled on February 11, 2015.
April 22, 2017
Our assets, opportunities and potential continue to increase. Unfortunately, accounting rules and an illogical share trading market called “Gray Market” cast a false value of assets as dollars on the balance sheet. Net profit was $610,160 or $0.04 per share, nothing to brag about. Crew remains small (10). Tough but significant project began (49WINZE) a vital for access to previously known gold targets. Two mayor distractions: MSHA and California water regulators

“Some shareholders want the opportunity to cash out some shares. I support this desire.” Promotion is part of my job; underground work preempts; two consecutive profitable years; relations improved with regulator.

May 10, 2018

Water level is below the 1900 foot level. The 49 Winze cleared all safety requirements to the 1700 foot level. Miners are opening the 1700 level from the station heading north to the Tightner Shaft, not difficult but takes time. MSHA vacates nine citations. Mistreatment by California water regulators appealed.

July 25, 2019

Business last year was neither spectacular nor dreadful. Global gold market changes are significant.
Electric power was off frequently and for long periods. Power surges killed the dewatering pump and supply lines. We lost over 100 feet of dewatered workings. The crew did open the 1700 foot level north to the Tightner Shaft. We failed to accomplish the amount of renovations to the lower levels of the mine as projected.
August 17, 2020
Miners elected to follow State and Federal governments’ recommendations regarding social distancing. . Routine maintenance continued with reduced operation. Gold production was modest in 2019. Inventory provided most of the money for expenses. Know gold showings on the 2400 foot level vein primary target.
Gold makes news: spot price reaches $2.059.21
While a past is important the future holds the key. The following brings you current with facts supported by evidence. Very disruptive allegations by ex-miners begun in 2017, leading to criminal charges filed in June, 2019, were dismissed by Sierra County District Attorney on July 12th, 2021. The ordeal was very costly in time and money. The makers of the $1 offer used this event to slander and misrepresent my management and to gain your support and sale. They also associated with those miners prior to criminal charges contributing to the lies.
Permits and Regulations
California Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board permit was approved for five years this June.
The federal EPA Administration Order (NDPES) became effective August 16, 2021. Both were thoughtfully written with mutual support for the positive changes. The Company has no threats regarding water discharge from the 21 drain tunnel.

Mine Safety Health Administration (federal) regulates surface and underground activities. Quarterly inspections occur. The past 10 quarters resulted with no reporting citations. The miners look forward to their helpful inspections. Sierra County performed its annual review with no changes. Sixteen to One is the only underground gold mine in California working with all required permits. Accomplishing this took extraordinary efforts over multiple years.

Assets and Liabilities
After the 2020, financials were prepared and filed with the Securities Exchange Commission, liabilities decreased by $1,340,000. Additional reductions in liabilities with creditors are possible through additional negotiations.
Operations, Maintenance and Mining

Again, we are an oddity in the gold industry, an industry where every public company has suffered a loss, reduced production, regulatory issues and loss of equity based on the buy/sell market for shares. An exceptionally bright future for the industry is a universal belief. Speculations about gold prices are less important to us than other gold miners.
Our primary
Our main decline, the 49 Winze to the 1700 station, is now renovated. Below is safe for travel; however all utilities are not in place. The water level is perched at the 2200 level on hold. During the virus slowdown we concentrated on surface equipment, which included a $6,800 new compressor radiator, a $4,000 loader repair and $5,500 hydraulic repairs to the excavator.

What is most important to me with this annual report is giving you full disclosure, which may help to decide whether to sell your ownership in Sixteen to One. I’m not and believe that future earnings in the upcoming months will support a price well above $1 a share. I hope you stay with us.

Regards and contact me with any questions.

Michael Meister Miller

“The term capital allocation refers to how a company spends its money. For example, it can pay down debt, pay its shareholders a dividend, buy back some of its shares, buy another company or use it to further its own growth. The money should be spent in the most productive ways. When a company’s capital is not allocated effectively, it’s wasted and that hurts shareholders. The past four years we have allocated our capital to further our prospects of mining gold. How? Infrastructure and accessibility to five high-ranking targets. Gold drives our operation. Its strong price is a bonus we cannot influence, but we have taken advantage of it. Sixteen to One gold ranks at the top within the jewelry businesses and we actually mine the stuff.”
 By karl

01/12/2022  10:24AM

$1.50 today! I offered-up a few of my shares via Schwab.
 By karl

01/07/2022  9:34AM

A bunch more trading at around $1.00. Assuming it’s one person, or company, accumulating the shares, I believe they have to reveal themselves when they own 10% of the company.
 By bluejay

12/30/2021  7:14PM

Recent Trades - All 9 today
Time ET Ex Price Change Volume
12:11:19 Q 1.00 -0.05 2,900
12:11:14 Q 1.00 -0.05 100
10:38:35 Q 1.00 -0.05 9,260
10:38:27 Q 1.00 -0.05 37,040
10:38:21 Q 1.00 -0.05 2,500
10:37:49 Q 1.00 -0.05 100
10:37:36 Q 1.00 -0.05 90,000
10:37:32 Q 1.00 -0.05 100
10:37:22 Q 1.00 -0.05 101,000
 By Jon

12/30/2021  10:22AM

Who is buying 240,000 shares of OSTO on the pink sheet today?
 By bluejay

12/07/2021  10:51AM

What would the share price be if new technology were available to look deeper into the mine and at the same time the price of gold blew through the roof?

It would seem pocket deposits, especially in the Allegheny Mining District, would greatly benefit over vein deposits. As when the pockets are discovered, they are the real instant "jackpots."

If a good sized pocked were unearthed it might be valued in the millions of dollars and this $1 current price would be history, left in a massive cloud of dust from a new group of investors scampering for any shares still available.

Let's talk about this. If new technology were available and the discovery of pocket gold deposits became a normal course of events, the Sixteen to One Mine would be a major dividend payer.

Dreaming? Maybe not. It appears a reasonable probability that the recent buyer may have developed and possesses such new and advanced technology.

This is just another speculation as what reasoning could be in the recent buyers head.

Something is cooking on the back burner behind the curtain. As time unfolds the truth will surface. One thing is for certain, the buyer wants to buy a company with gold in the ground.

Everyone must know for sure now that rapidly advancing new technology is changing everything all over the world. Here's a simple question, why not, too, in the way pocket gold mining is approached?

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