February 27, 2021 

Detailed analysis of eruption pump


 By yanyan

12/02/2020  10:46PM

Detailed analysis of eruption pump

The ejecting pump uses the principle of converting static pressure energy and kinetic energy into each other when the fluid is moving. It can be used not only for gas but also for liquid. In chemical production, eruption pump is often used for vacuum pumping, so it is also known as eruption vacuum pump.

The working fluid of eruption pump can be steam or liquid. It is a steam eruption pump. The working steam is ejected from the nozzle at a high speed under high pressure. In the process of eruption, the static pressure energy of the steam is changed into kinetic energy, and the gas is sucked in under low pressure. After mixing with the steam, the aspirated gas enters into huansanfang, the velocity decreases gradually, and the pressure tension increases, and it is discharged from the pressure outlet after one fan.

The structure of the eruption pump is simple and tight, and there is no active part. However, the power is very low, and the steam consumption is large, so it is generally used as a vacuum pump, not as a pleasure delivery device. Because the transported fluid is mixed with the working fluid, its application scale is restricted.

If several jet pumps are used together, a higher vacuum can be obtained. It is a three-stage steam eruption pump. The working steam and mountain gas are absorbed into the inlet of the first stage eruption pump. The steam is condensed by the condenser, and the gas enters the second stage of the eruption pump. Then, it passes through the condenser, the third stage eruption pump and the condenser, and is finally discharged by the eruption pump. The auxiliary eruption pump is connected with the primary eruption pump in parallel to increase the starting speed. When the system reaches the specified vacuum degree, the auxiliary eruption pump can be blocked from the line. The condensate and cooling water in each condenser flow into the tank.

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