January 25, 2020 

16 to 1 mine bars


 By Halfpence

09/21/2019  1:23AM

Thx for the info, Michael. I’ve been looking for a bar for years, and feel lucky to have found one. But I paid a heck of a premium. Still, it was worth it to own a piece of history. I know it’s far more profitable for the mine to sell gold raw, but I think the bars with the 16:1 stamped on them are more interesting. Mine doesn’t have a loop. The serial number is 1621, though. Apparently, the original owner requested that serial number when it was made, and the mine obliged. I’d post a picture if someone could tell me how.
 By Michael Miller

09/20/2019  2:57AM

Congratulations on your purchase.
Records of the sale of our “mini bars” are stored, really deep storage. We’ll do some exploration next week. Mini bars were three sizes: quarter ounce, half ounce and one ounce. They are all cast with Sixteen to One gold. One of our refineries processed the dore resulting in four nines (.9999 ) and the silver as a remainder. Our gold is about 85% gold and 14.5% silver.

We priced the bars at spot plus the cost of making them. Bar design changed each year. All have date of production. We made mini bars for five years (1993-97). Oh, one more fact. Some mini bars have a loop so it becomes a jewelry piece. My daughter has some and when she wears one or sometimes two, people ask, “What are those?” If yours has the loop, check it for wear. A goldsmith can beef up the loop.

Perhaps others who acquired a mini bar want to sell. If so, write me or post it here. I’m a buyer for a seller. Any size any year.
 By Halfpence

09/19/2019  2:30PM

Hi all,
I love the history of this mine!
I just acquired a 1997 1/4 oz bar from the 16:1 mine. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me the other alloys that typically comprise this .916 pure gold. I'm wondering if it's silver. Also, does anyone know how many of these were produced? Thx so much!

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