July 11, 2020 

Stock exchange listing


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 By Michael Miller

02/26/2014  1:08PM

Here is my response to the reports of share trades for pennies.

They are naked trades or sales between confidants. I find minimal reasons for anyone making naked sales. I find many reasons for someone “trading” shares at low prices: devalue the Company in order to gain an advantage; jealousy; force us into a compromising position and then come to the rescue.

Likely these people are familiar with the mine, maybe they follow the FORUM. I certainly don’t fault their game. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. is the most undervalued gold producing company in the United States if these pink sheet prices are used to compute market value. I just reviewed the 11/07/13 trades. The pitiful game began at 12:40pm…18 cents. In less than two hours shares dropped to 11 cents (the ‘market value” of my company dropped $1,914,000). Wow! It only took four trades. Do any shareholders or readers with any knowledge of our mine and miners trust the truthfulness of these transactions? I’ll answer that. No.

My guess: if the buyers and sellers are actually working together, they are not existing shareholders. I echo the remark by cw3343 to the buyers: order your share certificate. I personally sign each certificate and they are all numbered. Remember that a seller must turn in his certificate before shares are listed for sale on the FORUM. Your thoughts are encouraged.

The French have a proverb “skeptics are never deceived”. A Latin proverb is “believe nothing and be on your guard against everything”. Nietzsche wrote “great intellects are skeptical”. I have a proverb. “Truth like gold rests at the bottom.” Oh, the total purchase/selling price to knock almost two million dollars off our market cap was $3,427.40. Wow!
 By cw3343

02/25/2014  3:19PM

someone bottom-fishing again today on the pink sheets.

whomever it is, order a certificate out if there is no cost.
 By cw3343

11/07/2013  12:12PM

This is time and sales (was not me or anyone I know). Looks like you were the one at the end.

179 11/05/13 02:33 0.1100 5,340

178 11/05/13 02:33 0.1300 17,000

177 11/05/13 12:57 0.1500 3,000

176 11/05/13 12:40 0.1800 1,000
 By fredmcain

11/06/2013  4:15AM

Bought another 1,000 shares yesterday in my IRA with Vanguard at 18 cents. Right after I did it, someone dumped over 26,000 shares causing the share price to plummet to 11 cents. Go figure.

-Fred M.Cain
 By martin newkom

09/14/2013  2:15PM

Chas. Schwab grew up in Woodland
Calif. a sizeable Agric. town
north and west of Sacramento.
Most folks there and in Yolo
County speak very highly of"Chuck".When he started the
company his Number two office was not in New York or Los Angeles,Schwab established it in Sacramento, perhaps recognizing the values in Northern Calif. And the fact that one other firm, Dean Witter
had placed its Number two office
in Sacramento prior.
 By bluejay

08/29/2013  9:56AM


I have a family members who left Fidelity because the higher ups were doing uncontrolled insider trading.

I have personally met Charles Schwab on occasions and find him to be an honest and reputable man. That's where we have our account. My close friend was an officer of the company who recently retired and he has always told me, "Schwab is a great firm."
 By gerald vittitow

08/28/2013  1:14AM

thelast trade price is what people everwhere see as a share price you suggest i learn the basics. i have made a few trades this year and have made some money . how are you doing?
 By cw3343

08/27/2013  5:00PM

who cares how many offices Fidelity has and what their "price" is. That has zero bearing on anything.

To get the real current price, you have to work at a brokerage, or call a trader or someone with Level II quotes who can see the various bid/asks and what prices they are currently at. This changes often, even intra-day.

The last trade price makes no difference on an illiquid stock. Learn the basics of the markets/trading (or lack thereof) and it'll do you good.
 By fredmcain

08/27/2013  2:03PM

Could it be, could it just be that fear over pending litigation is impacting stock valuations? Those are the kinds of things that penny stock and micro cap investors look at when deciding whether or not to invest. If we could somehow, someway, just put the litigation issues behind us then I would not be the least bit surprised to see share valuations soar.

Fred M. Cain
 By gerald vittitow

08/27/2013  2:25AM

i have three other listings at higher prices. 0.30 is double the price at fidelity which has offices worldwide with several officies in most states.people everywhere see the price of osto as 0.15 which is a small fraction of my cost if people who are interested in osto would buy a few shares maybe we could get some worldwide interest
 By jta3

08/26/2013  7:55AM

The broker price is pretty much irrelevant and why would you want it to be .30 and not .40 or .50 or 1.00? But it doesn't matter because, as we see a few times a year, there will be a transaction of say 300 shares for .01 or .10 or .20 or whatever and that will be the new broker price. The stock is not liquid enough, and there are too may bogus transactions, to worry about what the last "official" transaction price is.
 By gerald vittitow

08/26/2013  12:37AM

last sale at mine was .89 seller listing 1.25 the reason i offer to sell at .30 is to get exchange price to.30 which i consider pitifully low but it would have set broker price at .30
 By bluejay

08/24/2013  9:48PM

I'll clean you up at $0.20 on our marketplace in Alleghany.
 By gerald vittitow

08/22/2013  11:35AM

i have 7000 shares for sale at fidelity brokerage minimum of 100 shares at o.30
 By fredmcain

08/20/2013  1:59PM

Actually, I have been toying with the idea of buying another 1,000 shares in my I.R.A. The only hold up is that I need to send in a check to cover the investment. I just haven't had the time to get around to it.
 By gerald vittitow

08/20/2013  1:03PM

i have 200 shares for sale at fidelity stock brokerage if someone could buy them it would raise share from 0.15 to 0.25
 By fredmcain

05/24/2013  4:12AM


I thought I saw that go through yesterday on my Yahoo! finance page.

Since OSTO is such an extremely thinly traded security, it can have some really wild swings to it.

Unfortunately, I have come to believe that there are some brokerage firms out there that don't seem to understand what this mine is worth. The standing timber on the property and real estate alone is probably worth more than the current total capitalization of the Company! Nevermind that there might be between 5 and 20 BILLION dollars worth of gold buried under there!

Fred M. Cain
 By BobbyC

05/24/2013  2:11AM

I own stock in the company both as a registered holder and in a brokerage account. I have read with interest the messages regarding the purchase of company stock through a broker, so I decided to try. I placed a limit order for 2000 shares at $0.25 on May 23 around 11am and it filled that afternoon at $0.20. The broker I used was TD Ameritrade.
 By fredmcain

04/25/2013  9:36AM

Yes, I am wondering the same thing along with "CW". I got an e-mail response back from Charles Carlson of DRIP Investor fame, and if I understood him right, a broker should be able (not necessarily willing) but able to convert "street shares" to "shares of record". They would then be held by the transfer agent as CW suggests. I know this is true for major companies because I have between 15 and 20 stocks recorded in my own name and held be transfer agents. Some of these agents are more helpful than others. The American Stock Transfer & Trust Company is pretty good. I have had issues with Bank of New York/Mellon. Computershare is about in the middle of the two extremes.

What I don’t know is whether or not transfer agents would hold Pink Sheet shares. But I don’t know why not. What is the difference? Active shares are active shares or so it seem like it should be to me.

Surely the Original Sixteen To One Mine has a stock transfer agent, don’t you? It seems to me like you’d need that to record the change of ownership following a trade on the Mine’s board.

If somebody held X number of shares in street name in a brokerage account and had them converted to record shares in their own name, would those shares then be eligible for posting on the Mine’s board? I think they would be but I don’t know for sure. How can we find out?

Another thing of interest, if we can do this, we will actually be reducing the number of shares circulating in the so-called "grey market" by moving them over to shares of record. Would that be desirable? It might help cut the discrepancy between the grey market share price and our prices on the board. But please be advised that I’m still learning here so maybe I’m way off base.

Fred M. Cain
 By cw3343

04/25/2013  8:38AM

Mike - do you know if your transfer agent will let shareholders hold shares there, at the transfer agent?

For instance, the main transfer agent for most companies is Computershare, and people hold shares there. Reason I am asking is that some brokerages may not charge a fee to transfer the shares back to the transfer agent - then, later, maybe a certificate could be issued for a lot less than the $250-500 that brokerages charge.

I'm always looking for a loophole...

The days of certificates are numbered anyway - the DTCC lost 1.3 million stock/bond certificates as a result of hurricane Sandy. Some idiot decided they should be stored in a place under flood levels, and not waterproof - their own fault. Also, there were millions of certs lost in the World Trade Center. If there were any bearer bonds then that is a HUGE mess. So because of their mistakes, they are lobbying to eliminate certificates.

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