March 8, 2021 

Stock exchange listing


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 By jnjenniings

05/12/2016  11:47AM

 By Hans Kummerow

05/12/2016  8:06AM


for tansactions below 500.00 US-Dollars both transaction fees for buyer and seller of 75,00 US-Dollars each are to be born by the buyer in deals that are brokered via the company.

In Gerald's case you would have to pay a fee of 1.50 US-Dollars per share on top of the 0.20 US-Dollars per share that you are paying to Gerald.

Should that fee-policy not be reviewed?
 By Michael Miller

05/11/2016  8:30PM

I remember talking with your grandfather years ago about gold and gold mining. I'm curious regarding your good till cancelled order for 100 shares at $0.10. Your gross will be ten dollars. will that cover the commission? What is the commission charged to a buyer? What is your desire regarding these 100 shares? I can pay $10 as others can also. Get the share certificate from Fidelity and I will double your asking price. You can call or write me (530) 287-3223
 By jnjenniings

05/11/2016  1:59PM

I had to re-register to get my message through .my name is gerald vittitow jnjenniings is my grandfather
 By jnjenniings

05/11/2016  1:52PM

I have 100 shares for sale on a good till cancelled,all or none order at limit of $0.10 at Fidelity broker.
 By Hans Kummerow

04/25/2016  6:39AM

I have prepared three bids to buy OSTO-stock together with a friend of mine at prices between 0.08 and 0.10 US $ per share and have sent these three bids to the Corporate adress.. They are good for one year.

As long as these bids are good, nobody needs to sell at lower prices.
 By cw3343

04/21/2016  9:42PM

OTC trades this month, so far:

04/05/2016 3000 shares at 0.001
04/05/2016 3000 shares at 0.03
04/15/2016 300 shares at .06
 By Hans Kummerow

04/15/2016  8:30AM


as far as I know the OTC market is rather intransparent because nobody has a complete overview of all active bids as long as there is no "market-maker" for a certain stock.

There seems to be some sort of a nation-wide bid-notification system, but being no stock-broker, I do not know anything about the details of this notification system and how well it works in life-trading. From your experience it seems, that it doesn´t work very well.

However, the buyers´ and sellers´ lists on the company´s website are easy to look at. And anybody, who is thinking about buying or selling stock will look there first.

I think, I will give it a try and see what happens.
 By Michael Miller

04/14/2016  11:21PM

Hans, I know some facts about the stock you posted below. April 4, 2016, I received a call regarding 5000 shares belonging to a man I knew. He died in November and his executor wanted to close the estate. He suggested I put a low bid and see what happens. I did at $0.05 a share. Someone paid three cents when a five cent offer was on the table. Who gained? Who lost? Who or How as this decision made?

People tell me that they have placed buy orders at prices higher than the one executed. They wonder, “how does this happen?” I just had this experience and don’t have an explanation.

Yes, anyone can place a buy order on our STOCK page at any price. A seller makes the decision. The Company is like an escrow holder. The stock market takes second place to the need of mining. We are successfully moving forward towards debt elimination and increased gold production. When our financial issues are satisfied, I will institute a program towards increasing the awareness ot this great little company.
 By Hans Kummerow

04/14/2016  12:12PM

On April 5th, 2016, 3000 shares of OSTO stock have been traded on NASDAQ for 3 cts per share, down from 9 cts per share.

If I would submit a bid for the purchase of 100.000 shares at 3 cts a share, would this bid be published on the company-website?

And would it not be in the long-term interest of all shareholders to have comparatively low bids on the company-website rather than having no bids at all?
 By cw3343

01/15/2016  6:29PM

Mike pointed out a GREAT idea below. Even though the shares are no longer "valued" at $0 in a brokerage account, it still could be great opportunity to remove shares from an IRA (or Retirement Plan/tax-deferred) account. People are often mistaken in the belief that they can only take cash from an IRA, especially for a Required Minimum Distribution at >age 70.5

Your new cost basis outside of the IRA is the value on the date the shares were transferred.

If you are considering moving shares in kind from an IRA, please be sure to speak with your broker/advisor, AND, more importantly your CPA or tax-preparer. THIS POST, AND THE POST OF MIKE'S BELOW IN NO WAY CONSTITUTES TAX ADVICE. EACH PERSON HAS HIS/HER OWN UNIQUE SITUATION - THIS MAY NOT BE ADVANTAGEOUS FOR YOU. TALK TO YOUR TAX PERSON...
 By Michael Miller

01/13/2016  3:33PM


If you or anyone you know with shares in an IRA or retirement plan account, consider taking a distribution now. You can move shares in kind, from IRA to taxable account, and the distribution amount (or taxable income) is the value of the shares on the day they are distributed. With the gray market sales at last tradesAt $0, right now is the perfect opportunity for that. If shares go up to $5 later (or $25) then it'd be capital gains in a taxable account, but if taken from IRA at that value, is considered income, which for a lot of folks is taxed higher than capital gains.
 By cw3343

01/20/2015  12:57PM

I believe that will only happen if they have a bad address/returned mail for you.
 By fredmcain

01/12/2015  9:25AM

Michael Miller & Group,

I’ve got a good one for you. I have learned that if you have an account with a stock transfer agent and there has been no “activity” on your account for three years, the state can regard your account as “abandoned” and seize your funds as “unclaimed property” AFTER THREE YEARS ! Can you believe this?

I was shocked to say the least. This was reported last month in “DRIP Investor”, a financial newsletter that I subscribe to. I sent an e-mail to the editor this morning about this (and I will copy and paste that below) but a big question I have is whether or not the state can still do this if you hold a physical certificate. I doubt it. This whole thing about getting away from certificates “for our own protection” is beginning to make sense now.
The broker at Penn Trade told me over the telephone that the big push to do away with certificates is coming from the GOVERNMENT *NOT* from the brokers!

This whole thing is starting to look very, very suspicious to me. Does the government want to phase out certs to make it more expedient to seize people’s assets? Hey, I don’t want to go getting paranoid but you really have to wonder.

I wrote this to DRIP Investor:
Dear Chuck,
I read with horror in the January issue of DRIP Investor about the way that it is possible for the State to seize someone’s assets on the grounds that they are abandoned or unclaimed property.
I, too, received a letter like that from one of my transfer agents that manages my CSX Drip account. The contact on the phone told me that the state can consider them “unclaimed property” after as little as three years. Huh? Say what?
Here we have had it hammered into us for years that the safest way to invest in stocks is for the long term. “Put your money in there and forget it”. “Tune out the noise”. But now the state can seize your assets after as little as three years of “no activity”?
I strongly believe that the constitutionality of this is very shaky at best. Someone – anyone – who has their assets seized like that should file suit on the grounds of an unconstitutional “government taking” of private property.
I have a couple of very serious questions about this. Number one, how can the state consider an account to be “abandoned” when the owner has been dutifully paying taxes on the dividend distributions year after year after year? Than make no sense whatsoever.
A second question I have, what about a case where the owner actually physically holds the stock certificate? Can the state seize those assets too? Or, are certificates more difficult for them to seize? If so, maybe it’s high time to take a second look at certificates.
Somebody somewhere really needs to speak out about this issue. If the state can seize assets after three years, what the hell? Why not make it one year? Six months? Is anybody safe?
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if we Americans are really so far behind Vladimir Putin’s Russia. This unclaimed property law is beyond belief.
What is happening to us?
His response:
Hi Fred . . . thanks for the note. You raise some interesting questions (especially the one about stock certificates) which I quite frankly don’t know the answer to. It seems if you have stock certificates, you have ownership that can’t be taken away, but I suppose I don’t know that for certain. Let me see if I can get some answers for you on this.
Chuck Carlson, CFA
 By gerald

11/10/2014  4:19AM

i recently sold shares at $0.50 at a well known broker..
 By fredmcain

10/27/2014  5:04AM


I think I might know why. One guess is that who ever sold their shares for 42 cents needed to raise some cash very badly and was either unable or unwilling to wait and see if the share price rebounds further. As to why someone would buy them at that price, they didn't get such a bad deal, either.

I bought my last "grey" shares for around 20 cents, I think it was, but I am going to get absolutely "soaked" on the certificate so it's probably a "wash".

I realize that these share prices must seem pretty paltry to some who have owned Sixteen To One for many years. But, compared with what some of these other small mining companiies are currently trading for, we're actually not doing all that bad. Sutter Gold? North Bay Resources? Emgold? Western Pacific Resources? SHEESH ! The list gets longer.

So, I guess I'm optimistic right now and growing more so all the time.

Of course, the Water Board might end up throwing a monkey wrench in the machinery but I'm hoping and praying not.

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

10/24/2014  4:39PM

If you check the STOCK topic on the FORUM, 10,000 shares traded at $.42 yesterday. As to a question of why, I don't know because I don't know why anyone would sell shares at the prices we have seen over the past years.

I'll have time next week to flesh out the water tentative discharge order.
 By fredmcain

10/24/2014  9:45AM

Yesterday our so-called "grey" shares closed at 42 cents and appear to have even briefly traded at around 55 cents.

This is the highest they've been in about a year. I like to think this is a sign that something's going right.

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

10/22/2014  8:53AM

What is the promotional history of all those “penny gold stocks”? How did they manage to generate stock interest in the past? Is that game over? Are they dead?

The past four years or more were gloomy for gold mining stock players. The public basically fled the market. The sizzle, the predictions of economic gloom and doom or war moved no one. The promotion game is not over. It flows and ebbs. Lately it is showing signs of excitement. Hold your breath about some of the news entering publications.
Stock promotion companies hire a press firm, standard operating procedure. The pattern of press releases is predictable. Companies that have no revenue from production have significant expenses on their income statements under public relations. It is big and important. (as an aside we abstain).
What is happening inside the gold mining company for the promoter’s news? Yesterday, there was an important news release about a company with a property in Peru. It got a second ball mill and it just arrived. It would be ‘commissioned’, whatever that means, in several months. Production is right around the corner. Look how great we are.

Today, another company I had some news. A press release and lengthy announcement from the Investor Relations “department hit the publication networks: “the company announced that it has authorized three new studies to enhance the value of its 100% owned gold project” in eastern Oregon. The release goes on for 6 paragraphs. Wow!

For anyone following the gold corporate market place, the small cap gold mining and natural resource public companies need and want your scrutiny. This industry is under financed with some justification regarding its creditability. I have much information in my files about public companies that came to the Alleghany Mining district and screwed their investors. That taste does not leave those speculators. Others right now sit on the side with a thought that taking a risk in a small cap gold mine may be worth considering. Sadly or maybe fortunately these news operating, corporate predators play their game in other sectors as well: the medical electronic, technical industries. For reasons I cannot explain, people give them a pass. Gold is different. I’m not sure why but if you have some ideas, enlighten us. I offer one explanation. Gold mining has too many unfamiliar nuances. It is not a quick study. Each mine and each operator runs with the wolves. Its language can be confusing and distorted.
 By fredmcain

10/13/2014  4:26AM


"Noticed another block trade go through the other day, at $0.20 - that is two in the last month or so..."

Huh !!! Imagine that ! Someone's buying OSTO.

Fred M. Cain

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