March 8, 2021 

Stock exchange listing


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 By karld

10/22/2018  8:14PM

Michael, Yahoo is not a market maker. I was just indicating where I saw the Market Cap number. (FYI: I was the buyer, thru Schwab, and I have a sell order on some of them at $0.118)
 By Michael Miller

10/20/2018  10:36AM

Thanks for this recent arms-length-trade on Yahoo. I didn’t know that Yahoo is a market maker. If the seller had checked with Schwab, he/she would doubled or triples the $$$$. Origisix has more value in its standing timber with a harvest plan for sustainable thinning than the Yahoo market cap. Sigh.
 By karld

10/19/2018  12:57PM

Market Cap is an even $1M right, on Yahoo, after 10K shares sold at 7 cents today.
 By fredmcain

04/20/2018  9:37AM

What really blows my mind is that the reference to OSTO on Yahoo!Finance is giving the company an amazing 5.26 P/E ratio. In most cases, a P/E ratio that low would send a strong "buy" signal.

Yahoo! is also giving the company a total market value of $1.434 million. Huh? The tools and equipment at the mine are probably worth twice that. What about the real estate? What about standing timber? Do we own that? If so, I figure the company, even if liquidated must be worth at $10-20 million and that's a WILD guess.

Then there's the fact that there is probably $50 BILLION of remaining gold reserves under that mountain.

What does all this mean? I think that at 10-12¢ a share, this security is a real steal. You might even call it a real gold mine. (Bad pun, I know).

Unfortunately, our stock is so thinly traded that it's hard to buy shares in it and it seems to be becoming increasingly more difficult. I have had open orders in my Vangaurd IRA account for months but don't seem to be picking anything up. One guy (who is also on this forum) told me in a private e-mail that brokers and finance houses no longer want to mess around with so-called "penny stocks" and the computers aren't picking them up. To buy or sell someone has to actually call around the old-fashioned way and people just aren't doing that anymore. Too bad. :(

Fred M. Cain,
Shareholder from Indiana.
 By karld

10/03/2017  8:19AM

My new purchase is only 1000 shares, at a cost of $64.95, including commission. Not worth paying for a certificate! I don't know who bought the othet 17K shares. (9000 more shares were just traded today, at 8 cents. It wasn't me!)
 By Michael Miller

10/02/2017  4:56PM

Thank you for responding. I also have a Schwab account with Sixteen to One shares but most of my shares are with certificates in my possession. How did you execute the order? I will buy the remaining 17,000 shares at six cents with a big smile on my face.

What was the commission?

I'll place the order and also ask for a certificate. It really shouldn't be very expensive, maybe $40.00. This is no joke. If you want to write me instead of using the FORUM, my email address

Please answer at your very earliest convenience. The $1,020 is hot to trot to the seller.
 By karld

10/02/2017  8:43AM

Michael, I'm happy to see that you're willing to add to your holdings! I only got 1000 additional shares ($60) and they're sitting in my Schwab account. I don't think they make it easy to get a certificate, and it's not much money, so I'll "pass" this time. Thank you! (If I bought all 18,000 shares, I'd research getting a certificate!)
 By Michael Miller

09/29/2017  2:50PM

Congratulations on your purchase (see below). I'll buy them from you for a 300 percent profit right now. Do you have a share certificate?
 By karld

09/29/2017  9:35AM

18,000 shares traded so far today at 6 cents. I bought some of them.
 By cw3343

08/25/2017  1:01PM

Oh wow - that is not the record low, but is still pretty low. Today's trade, someone picked up a fat 6000 shares for $6, or $0.001 per share.

 By fredmcain

02/09/2017  8:53AM


I'm a little surprised. I woulda thought that a "junior" miners fund would include such "microcaps".

Are there any funds that do?

Fred M. cain
 By cw3343

02/03/2017  7:47PM

Fred - this company's shares are not included in that ETF. That ETF has various criteria for the components/holdings. Among these are minimum share trading volume requirements that OSTO does not even begin to get close to. The ETF provider has to use stocks that have a certain amount of liquidity so that they can meet redemption requirements without pushing the value of the underlying shares down substantially.

I do not see any ETFs, ETPs, or mutual funds that currently hold any shares of the mine.

Perhaps Blair Hull could buy it in his own ETF? He owns enough shares to be a market maker. (I am just kidding, as his ETF does not invest in individual stocks)
 By fredmcain

02/03/2017  8:50AM

Here’s a stock-related question: About a year and a half ago, I bought some shares of a so-called “ETF” (exchange traded mutual fund) known as Van Eck “Junior Gold Miners”

Now for the question: Is the Original Sixteen To One (OSTO) included in this ETF’s portfolio? And, if not, why not and can we do anything about that?

Fred M. Cain
 By cw3343

02/02/2017  5:37PM

Shares rallied today, up 50%, from 4 cents to 6 cents!

(posted for informational purposes only. I have no other facts or opinions to add regarding this.)

12/06/2016  2:24AM

The stock wizard that ordered the sale of those 10,000 for ten cents a share lost $2,125. Check the bids on the STOCK topic. No comment!
 By cw3343

12/04/2016  2:16AM

I noticed the other day a block trade, which was the only trade that day, I think 3 days ago - 10,000 shares at 0.10

I have no information, this is just an FYI.
 By Hans Kummerow

07/05/2016  1:10PM

I have sent an E-Mail to the corporate office before the Brexit Vote with three bids to buy 5.000 shares each at purchase prices of 0.15, 0.20 and 0.25 $.
Could you have these offers posted on the company website please? Thank you.
 By Michael Miller

05/17/2016  8:23PM


Every year about this time we mail the annual report to shareholders. Every year my mind searches for the clearest words to report the past year’s activities and report on some intentions for the coming year. Below is one paragraph from the annual message:

“Here is what good gold analysts write: message to gold share investors. Look for companies in which the management team has a significant stake. Look for companies that are taking concrete steps towards building a mine. And ignore the ones that keep issuing paper, particularly when markets are weak; another message for the mining companies. If there is any potential for near-term production, start producing. Forget all the other stuff. And, for goodness sake, ignore the bloke with the white teeth. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. fits this analysis.”

Shareholders of record or all those that sent us their address will have the report this week or early next week, depending on postal service to your locale. There are three colored photographs on the back page, all relevant and historical. The last one entitled: A GOLD POUR—steps of the Pacific Stock Exchange—SAN FRANCISCO. During the coming year promotion of our Company will have a modest budget of time and money. I agree with all of you regarding the public exchange of Sixteen to One ownership. It makes little sense.

I have a long standing knowledge of the gold junior market, also called “penny gold stocks”. In the Form 10-k filed with the S&EC Washington D.C. there is ITEM 5, which informs the public (and shareholders). “Management believes that the assets of the Company are understated due to the age of acquisitions. No value is recorded on the balance sheet for timber. No value is recorded on the balance sheet for the Company owned water rights. Reduced value is recorded on the balance sheet for buildings, equipment and land. Fixed assets ate recorded at historic cost less depreciation.”

Unlike most of the remaining junior gold companies, our Company does not capitalize exploration work. This is most important for anyone considering taking a position in a gold mining company. I read outlandish dollar numbers for assets on most balance sheets. Who are these presidents officers and board members fooling? Many is one answer.

Gerald, Bluejay, jnjennings, Hans and cw3343 let’s work to change some of this obvious foolishness regarding the Sixteen to One share pricing. One hundred shares as a buyer or seller is uneconomical at penny prices especially for sellers. Last year the high was $0.56 and the low was $0.44 on our website. Promotion is in our future.
 By gerald vittitow

05/17/2016  1:28PM

I have been trying to get the pink sheet price up for years, but at least one broker drives the price to very low.Some shares were sold today at$o.10 but not mine.
 By bluejay

05/17/2016  8:04AM

I'm willing to buy more shares at below asset value. Letting the shares trade so low on the Pink Sheets is just foolish. Show me some real size.

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