March 8, 2021 

Stock exchange listing


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 By Michael Miller

10/17/2019  2:00AM

A dozen calls (as recently as yesterday) are ringing with interests in buying shares. We have a new transfer agent and expect prompt responses in the future for share transfers.

If an existing shareholder wants to sell shares, write me and name your price. The grey market is still grey.
 By Hans Kummerow

08/23/2019  4:29PM

I agree with you, Scoop. London is still attractive. But please be aware that you would be listing at an exchange that is owned by China.

08/13/2019  2:27AM

Australian Securities Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange mining companies report liquidity has been low and the depth of institutional investors has decreased. Juniors struggle to raise capital in recent years, particularly in North America. Listing on London Stock Exchange (LSE) is an option.

Twelve mining companies made their debut in London last year. Mining is a key LSE sector, representing more than half a trillion dollars of market capitalization. One hundred sixty five mining companies are 23% of the global market capitalization of mining companies. One hundred mining companies are valued under $100 million.

In Canada the ability to raise new capital has been particularly difficult given the focus in the region on other business sectors. After it was legalized in the country in October 2018, cannabis-related firms have not been favorable for mineral explorers. Interest in cryptocurrencies has also made it hard for juniors to raise capital in Canada. London market has a deep pool of institutional capital, meaning that even in difficult times capital should be available. Juniors must work hard to prove themselves, regardless of whether listing in Toronto, Sydney, Johannesburg or London. London appreciates quality, production and near production companies.

The deep pool of available capital in London means that international mining companies are increasingly tapping into the UK's investor capital to support new projects and expansion. Companies will ultimately follow the money when listing.
SCOOP says: Sixteen to One is quality, has production and knows where major near production awaits your drills.
 By fredmcain

07/08/2019  7:28AM


YES ! Right on! I had problems myself with the girl at the old transfer company returning my calls and stuff.

I hope this is an improvement.

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

07/02/2019  2:05PM

We hired a new transfer agent; former was not responsive for making transfers or communicating with Rae and our new agent in Reno. I flew to Spokane and drove to Post Falls, Idaho Monday June 24, returning Wednesday June 26 with our documents, now in the hands of Nevada Agency and Transfer Company. Check it out if you want. I expect significant improvements for all.

This change is important for future buyers and sellers using our “STOCK” topic of the website. Buyers and sellers are matched but we could not close the transaction. Problem solved.
 By Hans Kummerow

05/13/2019  4:25PM

Dear Mike,
what you are writing is very true. A 17 year old expert opinion is worth a fresh look.

And the Toronto Stock Exchange TSXV has grown into the biggest source of venture capital for mining companies worldwide during the last 17 years.

OSTO-Stock would stand out quite tall at TSXV in a comparison to all those junior miners who are listed in Toronto.
 By Michael Miller

05/09/2019  8:56AM

Hello faithful participants in our historic FORUM. I appreciate the experience and wisdom on these pages. I thought I’d read the starting this topic seventeen years ago. It is impressive and worth a fresh look. Enjoy. May 15, 2002 at 2:56AM

05/15/2002 2:56AM
Dear Mr. Miller:

I do not feel bad about 16 to 1 loosing it's listing on the Pacific exchange as it was never a good place to list. Not one of the stock listing services such as Yahoo Finance or AOL Quotes would access any stock listed exclusively on the Pacific Exchange, and most brokers would not track anything on it either due to higher commissions. What is the use of having it listed if the listing can not be accessed? I think one main reason for the lack of trading volume in OAU is it simply was impossible to access for most investors unless they went to your web site and found out it was actually listed. Remember that only 27 stocks (including OAU) were unique to the Pacific Exchange, not making it worthwhile for any automated quote system to access them.

Now, as to where to list. DO NOT list on a Canadian exchange. The most logical one the Canadian Ventures Exchange (CVX) is again another exchange that is not accessed by most Net stock reporting services. Much worse, it is not accessed by the majority of brokerages. When I tried to have my broker at Prudential get some CVX quotes, I was told that no broker in the SLC office had subscribed to the option of accessing CVX quotes as Prudential did not trade in CVX shares, even though they trade in most foreign exchanges. Again, what is the use of being listed on an exchange that no one can access or trade on?

NASDAQ: This was originally just a computerization of the old pink sheets. Unfortunately, they have totally forgotten their roots and have since imposed requirements almost as stringent as the NYSC. This is such a disaster to small companies they set up the "NASDAQ Small Caps" listing for companies who do not qualify (mainly because of low share prices) for main NASDAQ listings but who want to avoid the "stigma" of the NASDAQ BBS - the Bulletin Board System is really the current remaining equivalent of the old pink sheets and serves very adequately for making a market. The only real stigma is that there are no real listing requirements other than at least one broker - somewhere - makes a market in that stock, and thus it attracts companies who do not file annual reports, fraudulent companies, etc. so it is a buyer beware type of listing. As nearly every active stock trader realizes this, it just means a bit more due diligence. As long as OAU continues to meet SEC reporting requirements AND produces hard copy reports and mantains a web site, I do not see any reason for not listing on the BBS. You can try for the "Small Caps" listing part of NASDAQ, but I do not know what the requirements are - it is certainly much simpler to list on the BBS - unlike listing on "Small Caps", that can be done without any formal exchange approval.
One advantage of BBS over Canadian - all listings are fully accessible by every brokerage, traded by every broker, and listed on every Net stock reporting service. For those reasons, I would personally prefer BBS listing to the old Pacific listing.
 By cw3343

05/07/2019  12:16PM

yesterday the shares traded at 10 cents, one 1600 share trade, and one 1400 shs.

No big deal, except the increase from the last trade was 99,899.99%
Not many can say they had a stock that went up that much in one day!
 By Michael Miller

04/25/2019  2:59PM

Wednesday April 24, email from Steve, former director and specialist on Pacific Stock Exchange. My reply.

Nice to hear from you today. Wow,a trade at $0.0001. This may be the record for market insanity regarding share value.

You and I likely know more about the public market for OSTO than anyone. I agree with you, but before going into this trade of 234 at $0.0001 which may not cover the $4.95 trade cost, our move towards a market is underway. Relevant factors affecting gold ownership are under exposed but a strong shadow market exists. Foreign gold players are kicking action as are big gold producing companies. Exploration juniors remain mostly phony; however a few good “penny” stocks are out there. My OSTO shows the 234 volume sale.

Sixteen continues to break tradition, as you wrote. And yes, few, too few know about us. This is changing. The gold market is heading for new territory. Russians, Saudis, Europeans, big producers, South Africa and even USA are active. China already has its yuan backed with its gold market. You know this and much more. Can Blue jay rejoin the FORUM? Your analysis is appreciated by readers, I’ve been told. I miss Blue jay.

Sixteen’s relationships with federal and state agencies have improved. A past negative is neutral. Few small gold companies compare: we produce gold, are operating and permitted. Our country is stable and our mine is patented. Others hype the Exploration theme: promises that take years, if ever, before production. Outstanding shares are huge: 400,000,000 outstanding or more touting their moose pasture. BS: no operating permits and zero revenue.

Many in our small, tight gold industry know about Original Sixteen to One Mine: coal miners in the east, silver miners in Idaho, financial people around the country, even Barrick and Newmont miners know about this traditional gold mine working in California. Memorial week end a conference of geologists is held in Reno. On June 1, fifty are busing to Alleghany for a tour. Their word is Excitement about visiting our historic mine.
The biggest reason promotion stalled is the nonsense of the grey market. How can someone make a buy? Those five, ten and fifteen cent trades could be lawyers cleaning estates or likely between some manipulating towards a low price, pretending that ten cents or less is our value. It isn’t. Fact: An existing shareholder added 10,000 shares at $0.50 a share recently.

I am so glad you wrote. I’m with you, let’s get it going!
 By cw3343

04/24/2019  3:24PM

all I can say re today's trade is OUCH! Unless someone was looking to purchase, then maybe they got a good deal...
 By fredmcain

03/20/2019  4:31AM

Dear "Scoop" and "CW3343",

During the last few years I was having pretty good luck buying OSTO grey shares through my Vanguard IRA account. They would sometimes take a week or two to resolve but I was getting them nonetheless. Unfortunately, that has been getting harder and harder to do even to the point that I'm not sure I can do that anymore at all. It seems like I'll put in a buy order Good Till Cancelled (GTC) and it expires again after 60 days and nothing has happened.

I have tried "Googling" for "Buy Penny Stocks" and Charles Scwab came up as one of the best brokers for penny stocks. But when I contacted them and asked them if they would do a certificate for me their response wasn’t so much "no" but more like "hell no". They're reluctant to do a cert for any stock but absolutely not for a penny stock. Why? Whatever happened to the old adage “the customer is always right”? If someone is willing to pay for a cert, why won't they do it?

A few years ago I called Columbia Stock Transfer and asked Michelle if she could tell me the name of a broker who could buy OSTO for me AND issue a cert. She told me of a broker in Idaho (I THINK it was) who might do that. So, I opened an account with them and actually bought several thousand shares from them and later got the cert from Columbia, signed by Michael!
I cannot remember the name of the broker but I do recall that about six months later I got a notice in the mail (along with a check for the balance in my account) notifying me that the outfit had been bought out by someone else and my account closed and liquidated.

So, now what? Are there any small brokers left out there who can do this?

Fred M. Cain
 By cw3343

03/19/2019  1:45PM

Yahoo Finance, at one time, was a great site with a lot of good information. Sometime in 2016 they redesigned the whole thing, and pretty much ruined it. (Part of the ruination of the whole company by Marissa Meyer, former CEO). A lot of Pros in the Finance world used it, especially the oil traders - they loved the message boards. The new site was so bad that we did not use it at all. Instead we used Yahoo Finance Canada, which was still the classic version, until they changed that too, then we used Australia. Finally the whole thing changed - now it is slow, too busy, missing info, and is trying to be like Facebook with the stupid videos and "news" stories. I would not expect Yahoo Finance to improve much, especially now that Verizon owns it.

The company's stock still trades on the OTCBB, under the same OSTO ticker. I think Fred meant that, instead of STO (which was the old Statoil ticker, until they changed their name to Equinor for some stupid reason).

OSTO still has a quote on the NASDAQ website - I did not try any others. There is never a bid/ask shown, but there usually is several - you have to call a trading desk and they could likely provide that info. I feel that could be one reason for the very low trades we see often, at just a few cents per share. Someone just throws on a "market" order, and they get whatever random price someone comes up with.

03/19/2019  10:31AM

Yahoo marches to the beat of its own drummer. Nothing changed OSTO’s market dynamics.

When mine was listed on Pacific Stock Exchange, symbol was OAU, pretty cool, huh…original gold.

Go to; research. Enter OSTO. Last price was $0.05. No bid or ask. 52 week range $0.01-$0.20. Mike reported Company Profile/Business Summary needed update. Schwab contractor does it.
 By fredmcain

03/19/2019  7:32AM


During the last few years I have been keeping track of what our stock has been doing on the Yahoo! finance page. They give you the price on there that was indicated by the last trade and the date of the last trade. They have also provided me with P/E ratios WHEN and IF they applied.

BUT ! ! ! ! (Big BUT) now Yahoo! has completely deleted the "STO" ticker symbol and will no longer recognize it. What's up with that? Is this something that Yahoo! took it upon themselves to do or has something more serious happened with our stock?
If the OSTO ticker symbol has been deleted across the board it will become impossible to buy or sell "grey" shares on the "pink sheets".

Fred M. Cain
 By fredmcain

03/11/2019  4:52AM


I can tell you what I really like and respect about Michael Miller. It's his long-term perspective. He didn't just try to jump in there, make a fast buck and jump out again.

Someone once asked Warren Buffett, what he thought that the best time frame for holding a stock is. His answer was "forever". That is what an awful lot of people don't get. Some people who as of late have shown a major interest in the Original Sixteen to One Mine don't get it either. Because the long-term perspective is simply not there.

This is partly why there are so many abandoned mines in the West. Not because there's no gold there (or silver or copper or whatever) but because they simply would not or could not try and keep going through the bad years. When gold fell below $280 an once, Mike kept the mine going for a better day Now all we'll have to do is remove the water in the deeper levels and there will be lots of gold there. Not maybe, but almost certainly.

Fred M. Cain,
Topeka, IN
 By Michael Miller

12/21/2018  10:17AM

Your comments are 100% accurate, Karld. (See entry on 12/05/18 below). I’ll add a couple more. Additional comments always interesting and welcomed.

Read their financial statements and check required government filings for accuracy. For Original Sixteen to One Mine, ours are available on the federal Securities Exchange Commission for decades and recently on the website. Only one of the five companies mentioned below have actual gold production. I doubt that 20% of the listed junior companies ever mine gold. Their golden wish is for a major company to take them over. It happens but percentage wise, a rare event.

Another 100% characteristic of exploration companies is their attraction from gold gurus and analysts. Many writers/journalists will make the statement that they hold no shares of the company under review; true, but Aunt Margaret or Uncle Gus do. I actually read drilling results sometimes. Rarely do they tell me valuable information useful for evaluating the possibilities of successfully mining gold. Never do these sharks detail actual costs or time expended before production. There is one exception that I discovered. I actually bought into this Company.

It’s all still good. Many benefits arise from junior gold operations. You know what? With a little tweaking of specifics, these same comments can be said in many other industries; my ongoing motto: Truths like Gold lie at the Bottom.
 By karld

12/20/2018  9:38AM

The theme of those companies below, and most canadian-listed explorers, is (1) Political risk, (2) longshots, and (3) diluting the shares while the Corporate Officers drill on moose pasture and hope to get lucky. (Meanwhile, they get really good at mining the pockets of investors with salaries, travel expenses and sweetheart share grants and Private Placements. (How is that for a summary of Canadian Exploration stocks?)
 By Michael Miller

12/05/2018  1:46PM

Fred, your interest and intuitions are appreciated. Here’s a short story.

Since 1974, when my attention was first aware of gold, a plethora of related articles surfaced. The early ones are fascinating with concern about America’s gold holdings at Fort Knox, wild expectations and speculations. A significant factor that no longer exists today was the human. Humans were called “gold-bugs” and the phrase “gold fever” was popular. Gold fever usually implied negativity, a condition, like the portrayal of the 49’ers panning for gold in California’s northern rivers, streams and creeks. Whoopee! Eureka! My thirst is satisfied. I found gold!
Gold ownership and pricing was a new financial reality, not possible for Americans until December 31, 1974. It was exciting. Only the “old-timers” understood this change that began in 1933, when federal legislation eliminated us to own gold. They knew gold held some very special values.
California was a hot-bed of mining talk. Most of us had zero experiences with gold but the possibilities for gold, well, were still alive. California has the Mother Lode, the Northern Mines also called the Father Lode and truly a golden history that some treasured or disdained.
Gold received a lot of publicity, appealing to pro and against advocates. Does Brea X ring a bell? The true miners for gold were less than the paper miners, a condition that will never fade. It has a history as it does in other financial pursuits.
I remain ex[posed to a variety of gold stuff. Following is a glimpse of investment analysis from an email only edited to eliminate the names of the “Best Junior Gold Stocks of 2018”. I’ll comment after you read about them and read your comments.

“With the year nearly over and done, we rounded up the five best junior gold stocks on the TSXV by share price performance so far this year. All received high levels of investor interest in 2018, with the biggest gainer being up more than 700 percent year-to-date. Following is the selection.
ONE: gold exploration company with assets in the Central African Republic (CAR),
TWO: company that focuses on identifying, acquiring and advancing early stage projects with big potential.
THREE: exploration company with focus on advancing precious metals projects
FOUR: company that caught the eye of investors when it announced it would be completing $3 million private
FIVE: large land position in the mining region of Venezuela’s Bolivar state. “
 By fredmcain

11/29/2018  4:58AM

I would like to share from my own perspective here. Yahoo! has a somewhat user friendly finance page that has a field where you can plug in ANY trading symbol and get the most recent quote and/or history. Then it usually saves it so you can easily pull it up later.

Checking this morning, the last trade for OSTO was 10¢. That is actually a huge ten-fold increase over the penny trades that we had a few years ago. Although that might not be much of a consolation for long-term investors who might have bought OSTO years ago for several dollars a share.

But hope springs eternal. Gold is not doing so well right now and yet our shares are up in what is an otherwise down market. That is a good omen. Also, according to our last annual report, this mine is making substantial progress. I am glad I got involved in this.

Fred M. Cain
 By karld

10/23/2018  11:02AM

...and another block of 10K shares at $0.072. I wonder who/why?

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