September 18, 2020 

Stock exchange listing


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 By cw3343

03/19/2019  1:45PM

Yahoo Finance, at one time, was a great site with a lot of good information. Sometime in 2016 they redesigned the whole thing, and pretty much ruined it. (Part of the ruination of the whole company by Marissa Meyer, former CEO). A lot of Pros in the Finance world used it, especially the oil traders - they loved the message boards. The new site was so bad that we did not use it at all. Instead we used Yahoo Finance Canada, which was still the classic version, until they changed that too, then we used Australia. Finally the whole thing changed - now it is slow, too busy, missing info, and is trying to be like Facebook with the stupid videos and "news" stories. I would not expect Yahoo Finance to improve much, especially now that Verizon owns it.

The company's stock still trades on the OTCBB, under the same OSTO ticker. I think Fred meant that, instead of STO (which was the old Statoil ticker, until they changed their name to Equinor for some stupid reason).

OSTO still has a quote on the NASDAQ website - I did not try any others. There is never a bid/ask shown, but there usually is several - you have to call a trading desk and they could likely provide that info. I feel that could be one reason for the very low trades we see often, at just a few cents per share. Someone just throws on a "market" order, and they get whatever random price someone comes up with.

03/19/2019  10:31AM

Yahoo marches to the beat of its own drummer. Nothing changed OSTO’s market dynamics.

When mine was listed on Pacific Stock Exchange, symbol was OAU, pretty cool, huh…original gold.

Go to; research. Enter OSTO. Last price was $0.05. No bid or ask. 52 week range $0.01-$0.20. Mike reported Company Profile/Business Summary needed update. Schwab contractor does it.
 By fredmcain

03/19/2019  7:32AM


During the last few years I have been keeping track of what our stock has been doing on the Yahoo! finance page. They give you the price on there that was indicated by the last trade and the date of the last trade. They have also provided me with P/E ratios WHEN and IF they applied.

BUT ! ! ! ! (Big BUT) now Yahoo! has completely deleted the "STO" ticker symbol and will no longer recognize it. What's up with that? Is this something that Yahoo! took it upon themselves to do or has something more serious happened with our stock?
If the OSTO ticker symbol has been deleted across the board it will become impossible to buy or sell "grey" shares on the "pink sheets".

Fred M. Cain
 By fredmcain

03/11/2019  4:52AM


I can tell you what I really like and respect about Michael Miller. It's his long-term perspective. He didn't just try to jump in there, make a fast buck and jump out again.

Someone once asked Warren Buffett, what he thought that the best time frame for holding a stock is. His answer was "forever". That is what an awful lot of people don't get. Some people who as of late have shown a major interest in the Original Sixteen to One Mine don't get it either. Because the long-term perspective is simply not there.

This is partly why there are so many abandoned mines in the West. Not because there's no gold there (or silver or copper or whatever) but because they simply would not or could not try and keep going through the bad years. When gold fell below $280 an once, Mike kept the mine going for a better day Now all we'll have to do is remove the water in the deeper levels and there will be lots of gold there. Not maybe, but almost certainly.

Fred M. Cain,
Topeka, IN
 By Michael Miller

12/21/2018  10:17AM

Your comments are 100% accurate, Karld. (See entry on 12/05/18 below). I’ll add a couple more. Additional comments always interesting and welcomed.

Read their financial statements and check required government filings for accuracy. For Original Sixteen to One Mine, ours are available on the federal Securities Exchange Commission for decades and recently on the website. Only one of the five companies mentioned below have actual gold production. I doubt that 20% of the listed junior companies ever mine gold. Their golden wish is for a major company to take them over. It happens but percentage wise, a rare event.

Another 100% characteristic of exploration companies is their attraction from gold gurus and analysts. Many writers/journalists will make the statement that they hold no shares of the company under review; true, but Aunt Margaret or Uncle Gus do. I actually read drilling results sometimes. Rarely do they tell me valuable information useful for evaluating the possibilities of successfully mining gold. Never do these sharks detail actual costs or time expended before production. There is one exception that I discovered. I actually bought into this Company.

It’s all still good. Many benefits arise from junior gold operations. You know what? With a little tweaking of specifics, these same comments can be said in many other industries; my ongoing motto: Truths like Gold lie at the Bottom.
 By karld

12/20/2018  9:38AM

The theme of those companies below, and most canadian-listed explorers, is (1) Political risk, (2) longshots, and (3) diluting the shares while the Corporate Officers drill on moose pasture and hope to get lucky. (Meanwhile, they get really good at mining the pockets of investors with salaries, travel expenses and sweetheart share grants and Private Placements. (How is that for a summary of Canadian Exploration stocks?)
 By Michael Miller

12/05/2018  1:46PM

Fred, your interest and intuitions are appreciated. Here’s a short story.

Since 1974, when my attention was first aware of gold, a plethora of related articles surfaced. The early ones are fascinating with concern about America’s gold holdings at Fort Knox, wild expectations and speculations. A significant factor that no longer exists today was the human. Humans were called “gold-bugs” and the phrase “gold fever” was popular. Gold fever usually implied negativity, a condition, like the portrayal of the 49’ers panning for gold in California’s northern rivers, streams and creeks. Whoopee! Eureka! My thirst is satisfied. I found gold!
Gold ownership and pricing was a new financial reality, not possible for Americans until December 31, 1974. It was exciting. Only the “old-timers” understood this change that began in 1933, when federal legislation eliminated us to own gold. They knew gold held some very special values.
California was a hot-bed of mining talk. Most of us had zero experiences with gold but the possibilities for gold, well, were still alive. California has the Mother Lode, the Northern Mines also called the Father Lode and truly a golden history that some treasured or disdained.
Gold received a lot of publicity, appealing to pro and against advocates. Does Brea X ring a bell? The true miners for gold were less than the paper miners, a condition that will never fade. It has a history as it does in other financial pursuits.
I remain ex[posed to a variety of gold stuff. Following is a glimpse of investment analysis from an email only edited to eliminate the names of the “Best Junior Gold Stocks of 2018”. I’ll comment after you read about them and read your comments.

“With the year nearly over and done, we rounded up the five best junior gold stocks on the TSXV by share price performance so far this year. All received high levels of investor interest in 2018, with the biggest gainer being up more than 700 percent year-to-date. Following is the selection.
ONE: gold exploration company with assets in the Central African Republic (CAR),
TWO: company that focuses on identifying, acquiring and advancing early stage projects with big potential.
THREE: exploration company with focus on advancing precious metals projects
FOUR: company that caught the eye of investors when it announced it would be completing $3 million private
FIVE: large land position in the mining region of Venezuela’s Bolivar state. “
 By fredmcain

11/29/2018  4:58AM

I would like to share from my own perspective here. Yahoo! has a somewhat user friendly finance page that has a field where you can plug in ANY trading symbol and get the most recent quote and/or history. Then it usually saves it so you can easily pull it up later.

Checking this morning, the last trade for OSTO was 10¢. That is actually a huge ten-fold increase over the penny trades that we had a few years ago. Although that might not be much of a consolation for long-term investors who might have bought OSTO years ago for several dollars a share.

But hope springs eternal. Gold is not doing so well right now and yet our shares are up in what is an otherwise down market. That is a good omen. Also, according to our last annual report, this mine is making substantial progress. I am glad I got involved in this.

Fred M. Cain
 By karld

10/23/2018  11:02AM

...and another block of 10K shares at $0.072. I wonder who/why?
 By karld

10/22/2018  8:14PM

Michael, Yahoo is not a market maker. I was just indicating where I saw the Market Cap number. (FYI: I was the buyer, thru Schwab, and I have a sell order on some of them at $0.118)
 By Michael Miller

10/20/2018  10:36AM

Thanks for this recent arms-length-trade on Yahoo. I didn’t know that Yahoo is a market maker. If the seller had checked with Schwab, he/she would doubled or triples the $$$$. Origisix has more value in its standing timber with a harvest plan for sustainable thinning than the Yahoo market cap. Sigh.
 By karld

10/19/2018  12:57PM

Market Cap is an even $1M right, on Yahoo, after 10K shares sold at 7 cents today.
 By fredmcain

04/20/2018  9:37AM

What really blows my mind is that the reference to OSTO on Yahoo!Finance is giving the company an amazing 5.26 P/E ratio. In most cases, a P/E ratio that low would send a strong "buy" signal.

Yahoo! is also giving the company a total market value of $1.434 million. Huh? The tools and equipment at the mine are probably worth twice that. What about the real estate? What about standing timber? Do we own that? If so, I figure the company, even if liquidated must be worth at $10-20 million and that's a WILD guess.

Then there's the fact that there is probably $50 BILLION of remaining gold reserves under that mountain.

What does all this mean? I think that at 10-12¢ a share, this security is a real steal. You might even call it a real gold mine. (Bad pun, I know).

Unfortunately, our stock is so thinly traded that it's hard to buy shares in it and it seems to be becoming increasingly more difficult. I have had open orders in my Vangaurd IRA account for months but don't seem to be picking anything up. One guy (who is also on this forum) told me in a private e-mail that brokers and finance houses no longer want to mess around with so-called "penny stocks" and the computers aren't picking them up. To buy or sell someone has to actually call around the old-fashioned way and people just aren't doing that anymore. Too bad. :(

Fred M. Cain,
Shareholder from Indiana.
 By karld

10/03/2017  8:19AM

My new purchase is only 1000 shares, at a cost of $64.95, including commission. Not worth paying for a certificate! I don't know who bought the othet 17K shares. (9000 more shares were just traded today, at 8 cents. It wasn't me!)
 By Michael Miller

10/02/2017  4:56PM

Thank you for responding. I also have a Schwab account with Sixteen to One shares but most of my shares are with certificates in my possession. How did you execute the order? I will buy the remaining 17,000 shares at six cents with a big smile on my face.

What was the commission?

I'll place the order and also ask for a certificate. It really shouldn't be very expensive, maybe $40.00. This is no joke. If you want to write me instead of using the FORUM, my email address

Please answer at your very earliest convenience. The $1,020 is hot to trot to the seller.
 By karld

10/02/2017  8:43AM

Michael, I'm happy to see that you're willing to add to your holdings! I only got 1000 additional shares ($60) and they're sitting in my Schwab account. I don't think they make it easy to get a certificate, and it's not much money, so I'll "pass" this time. Thank you! (If I bought all 18,000 shares, I'd research getting a certificate!)
 By Michael Miller

09/29/2017  2:50PM

Congratulations on your purchase (see below). I'll buy them from you for a 300 percent profit right now. Do you have a share certificate?
 By karld

09/29/2017  9:35AM

18,000 shares traded so far today at 6 cents. I bought some of them.
 By cw3343

08/25/2017  1:01PM

Oh wow - that is not the record low, but is still pretty low. Today's trade, someone picked up a fat 6000 shares for $6, or $0.001 per share.

 By fredmcain

02/09/2017  8:53AM


I'm a little surprised. I woulda thought that a "junior" miners fund would include such "microcaps".

Are there any funds that do?

Fred M. cain

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