May 21, 2019 

Stock exchange listing


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 By lj

04/02/2009  3:50PM

I don't understand this reference to "pink sheet crooks." I heard about the Sixteen to One. I have a couple of brokerage accounts. Although TDAmeritrade did not list OSTO, Schwab did. I placed an order, and bought shares. Do the shares I purchased exist? I thought that buying stocks on the pink sheets was legitimate. Since I have never bought a stock from an individual, I would have thought that such deals would be called the grey market rather than the practice of buying through a broker. Does the Sixteen to One hope to stay out of the regular market? I really don't understand.
 By bluejay

04/02/2009  12:59PM

Check out the link below for proof that the Pink Sheet crooks do, in fact, have a license to steal.

Check out the chart shown to see what someone did to a poor seller one day on Sino Gold(SIOGF) operating in China. A 22,000 share transaction took place at $0.0877 down from the previous sale at about $2.00 the day before. The next day the stock opened at $2.02 and then was sold down a little. Guess who was selling?

If the second seller received an average of $1.90, that works out to about $40,000 hijacked from the previous day's seller.
 By Rae Bell

03/12/2009  10:09AM

Rockroby, you can buy stock. Please look under "stock" on this website to see recent bids and offers or you can try making a purchase of OSTO on the pink sheets.
 By Rockroby

03/12/2009  8:39AM

When will we be able to buy stock in this great gold mine?
 By bluejay

03/12/2009  8:10AM


Your previous question needs clarification.

 By Rockroby

03/12/2009  7:39AM

Any idea when we can start buying
stock on the open market again?
 By Rockroby

02/20/2009  2:14PM

Stock goes up to .05 cents and on Friday someone gets 600 shares for .001 ?
Could be the same person or persons who did this a few years ago.
Not sure gold hit a thousand a ounce today,you would think somebody would at least give a dime a share
 By Rick

02/19/2009  6:46PM

I know of a bunch of ways to make $5.03 and none of them involve "off-loading-stock-at-any-cost" interest in one of the greatest high-grade gold mines in the world.
 By Michael Miller

02/16/2009  4:49PM

There is interest in the sale that took place on February 12, 2009 of 50,305 shares at $.0001 a share ($5.03) beyond my expectations. I just sent the following reply to a well wisher who took notice of the sale and wrote me. I answered as follows,

Dear Alex,
Thanks for your comments. I’ll send you (as an insert) hard data about the company and its plans. This information is on the web site. Pay particular notice to the real value estimates. The assessments were completed before the housing collapse. I have no idea its affect on the company’s fee simple ownership for standing timber, water rights, large parcels of desirable recreational land and properties that have produced two billion dollars of gold.
There are no reasons for shareholders and/or their stockbrokers to behave so unfamiliar with the Sixteen to One as you suggest, “someone thought to unload your stock at any price” has any merit. I am experienced adequately in both our company and the machinations of stock markets to say this. Something else is going on.
I truly appreciate your letter and hope the following is received with the positive energy it is sent. You write that you are not a shareholder (as others have who also express your sentiment of interest) but who may become “a possible future stock holder”. I ask you this. Would you be in favor of some individuals or companies conspiring to trash the value of Sixteen to One shares? The current prevailing attitudes about this “trade” last week are: destroy the share price and even the company or tax evasion.
I interrupted a Google search of the United States Treasury division of the Internal Revenue Service to answer your letter. I am planning a letter to the tax criminal department. The tax evasion scenario is simple. Party A sells 50,305 shares for $5.00 to Party B and writes down a loss, which offsets some of the billions gained from short selling the market. The government stopped short selling (odd if it were not a concern). I forgot an important point; Party A and Party B are friends so no real exchange took place. I think it’s called a conspiracy, may even be illegal.
I disagree with some of your other observations but will enjoy a discussion. Write me again because it may be mutually valuable. Michael M Miller
I can tell in the brief time we all have become aware of this public injustice, it has legs and must be pursued from many fronts. This may be only the tip of an iceberg. Use this Forum or write me directly if appropriate.
 By Michael Miller

02/16/2009  8:51AM

The $.0001 a share is the most blatant criminal and unethical transaction yet experienced by this Company. A shareholder and stockbroker with a major brokerage jip-joint immediately notified me of the trade last week. Both of us are trying to get information about the seller/buyer/broker. I AGREE WITH ALL YOUR SENTIMENTS BELOW!

If the selling shareholder held the certificate, the Company could trace ownership and get answers. The shares are likely held in street name with CEDE or some other escrow company. I wrote the broker who keeps me up on pink sheets and suggested it could be a “friendly “ sale between related parties to create a tax loss. If someone wants to defraud the federal government, it could be like this. Tax fraud may be a way to get security investigators attention.

You and I know this is a travesty and so much crap. It makes me pause and wonder about manipulation across the board. The world’s stock markets are no longer carrying out the functions they were built around. They are no more than houses for gamble. Investment is out. Speculation is another topic. I want the ability to speculate. It requires intellect, hard work and commitment. That is how I was raised in California. I chose many years ago to speculate on the gold industry and specifically the Sixteen to One mine. I also chose to commit to the hard work of making it an honest venture. I committed my life.

Over the past thirty years I have witnessed many white-collar chaps abuse the trust they were given by one of the world’s great economic engines, a free, open and legitimate stock market for everyone with the heart and mind for action to join in the fun. You may remember my quote, “In many businesses they are called criminals. It seems in gold mining they are called colorful characters.”

Well, it is not fun anymore. It is not honest and it is not following the established rules of trade. Someone should lose his or her job because of the recent transaction of 50,305 shares at $.00-01 a share. Someone should face a courtroom’s judgment. Let’s work on it together!
 By bluejay

02/16/2009  7:59AM

I have contacted the Pink Sheets market at asking for contact information of their compliance department so I can lodge a formal complaint of my own as a shareholder. When I get the email address I will post it.
 By bluejay

02/16/2009  7:48AM


In your question to me, could you please clarify or be more specific?

 By bluejay

02/16/2009  7:45AM


There is no automated system for the Pink Sheets market. You have to call your firms trading department and have them make the call to that group of market makers, if you can call them that.
 By Rockroby

02/16/2009  7:43AM

Is it possible that the company itself put these stocks out their because their was none to buy?
 By bluejay

02/16/2009  7:30AM

I think someone from the company should contact the Pink Sheets compliance department and lodge a complaint concerning the trade of the 50,000 share block of OSTO(Sixteen to One Mines OTC symbol) stock at $.0001.

Possibly, someone could even contact the SEC and lodge a complaint against the broker that would execute such a blantant and questionable transaction representing a customer supposedly in good faith. Good luck with that! I have a complaint in with the SEC dating back to August of 2007 and am still waiting to hear from their lawyers who either did, or did not investigate my claim.

The SEC is a pathetic organization. Recently, in front of the Congressional Financial Services Committee concerning the Bernard L. Madoff multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme matter, representatives of the SEC looked like a bunch of scared chickens just worrying about their own skins.

Not once did I hear any apologies to the families of, at least, two men who committed suicide for losing their entire fortunes as a result of the shabby to no action by the SEC staff of a submitted detailed complaint spelling out what Madoff was doing to his investors.

Welcome to the lawless land of America where cheating, stealing, lying and ineptness by regulatory bodies is the order of the day. Add all this up along with bankers who who are currently stealing from Americans with a straight face and one doesn't have to wonder much why our country's people consume more mind soothing drugs than any people on the planet.

When I was on the Pacific Stock Exchange as a bond and stock trader I saw orders come down to the floor that were questionable. I would immediatedly go back to the source of entry by asking some questions as to bond or stock description or to "check price." If it were a market order and no bids were available, I would direct the broker representing the customer order to a better market or just go out and find a buyer with a reasonable price. Sometimes, I would call the treasurer where bids were lacking and ask if they were interested in putting in some orders or knew of anyone that might be interested in doing so.

In all my years of representing customer orders I never butchered an order for any reason, I just wouldn't do it. I like to sleep at night.

Someone from the company needs to lodge a complaint against the Pink Sheets trader and the executing broker who committed this breach of trust. This matter needs following up as it obviously hurts the seller along with the shareholders of our company.
 By Rockroby

02/16/2009  7:15AM

Tried all last week to bring it up,even put in bids for $1.05 and it would not take.That was on Etrade will try UBS this week.
I bring it up to a quarter and someone goes in and drops it down too .0001 not sure what is going on.
Etrade is a lot of fun,gives you more control & doing well with most of my gold stocks,Ameritrade is good too,easy to open and easy to get money in and out.
Lets get in their this week and get this stock moving up,I think mining companies are starting to get looked at and some have a lot of movement that may never produce,not sure whats going on with the Sixteen to One,even Sutter,Emgold & Bullion River get movement every week.And look at Western Goldfields they will produce 150,000 ounces this year.If this State would open up 100 gold mines & go after are oil and natural gas we would not be where we are today(bankrupt)
Rotten politicians and now Nancy wants to do to rest of the Country what her and her kind have done to California.
 By bluejay

02/16/2009  6:37AM

Crime of the century???

50,000 shares trades of our stock trades in the Pink Sheets market for $5.
 By Hans Kummerow

12/18/2008  8:37PM

That is good news, Mike, that Origsix does not owe any money to the banking sector. Thank you.
 By Michael Miller

12/18/2008  1:07PM

To answer Hans’ question in the last entry: origsix owes not a penny to any bank. Its debt is with private parties, most of who are friendly as well as supportive to its success. I thought I might have been alone in distrusting the stock market game. After reading Hans, Bluejay and Rockroby, my concerns are not signs of paranoia. The pit is probably much deeper that we can imagine.

When I was seeking shareholder proxies between 1976 and 1983, several times a shareholder would tell me, “Well, everyone should have a worthless gold certificate hanging on the wall.” It was said with a smile because each and every person I contacted during that proxy battle for control believed his or her Sixteen to One stock was a prize worth keeping. I heard some wonderful stories about the mine.

The only problems I see in holding certificates are knowing where you have them and taking them to a broker if you want to sell. Neither seems too difficult for the benefit gained.
 By Hans Kummerow

12/17/2008  10:34PM

First of all, I agree with bluejay's analysis of the state of Stock-Dealer's competence and morale.

As the old Romans used to say two thousand years ago: "Judge a man by what he does, not by what he says". Especially people like Bernard Madoff.

Maybe you should dismiss the plan to reenlist OSTO-stock for trading at a stock-exchange and save all the related expense along the line, Mike. Maintain an informal trading platform for shareholders on the company's website.

If company-websites would have existed 100 years ago, stock-exchanges would have never been needed and would not have been created at all. And if they disappear again, it may be a change for the better. The world doesn't need the Bernard Madoffs any more.

Is Origsix still carrying a loan from a bank that is secured by physical gold?
Although it is a sad decision to make, I would suggest to sell the amount of gold that is neccesary to cover all loans outstanding while the market is still strong.

It is not that I am worried about declining values of gold right now - I am worried about the recklessness of any potential future liquidators who might size Origsix assets and sell them for a piece of cake.

As long as Origsix owes money to the banking sector - and I don't care what specific banks are involved - the title to the loan may be transferred from one bank to another bank and in the end to some liquidator.

Eliminate that risk, Mike, if it still exists. And don't worry about selling too cheap - we can always go back and dig up some more gold as long as Origsix owns the mines.

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