March 8, 2021 

Stock exchange listing


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 By cw3343

01/21/2011  9:14AM

4650 shares traded yesterday at $0.25
 By jta3

01/12/2011  2:06PM

I believe it's based on the last transaction on the pink sheets, which was 0.10 a few weeks ago. This was for 300 shares, a whopping $30 transaction. These 300 share transactions seem to occur a few times a year, maybe to keep the market "made" at that price level in case a bona fide seller comes along. I've had standing bids at .20 and .25 but have had only one fill in more than a year. My broker acct uses the pink sheet most recent transaction as their basis.
 By Michael Miller

01/12/2011  1:41PM

Below on 11/09/09 cw3343 brought share ownership by Bank of the West. I tried the site but could not find the bank’s filings. Can anyone find them and see if the bank still owns 22,500 shares?

Now the reason I wrote under this topic. My Charles Schwab statement came today for the period October 1,2010 to December 31, 2010. I own a lot of shares and have the stock certificates in a safe place; however I left 18,510 shares in Schwab years ago to get information sent to me. Today I learned that my Sixteen to One account value started the period at $3,702 and ended the period at $1,851 or $0.10 a share. Where can I find sellers at $0.10? I’m a buyer.

I finished reading entries in this long-standing topic. Is Schwab part of the gray market or the pink sheet market? Where was the $0.10 price recorded? Answers anyone?

Thanks, Martin for your confidence. There will be a solution. It’s like finding gold when you have a detector signal. The miner knows he will sack high-grade but not how much. The company will get a proper market for our shares but we just don’t know the timing.
 By Michael Miller

12/15/2010  8:50AM

John, why did you write this post on the Sixteen to One FORUM?
 By JohnMathew

12/14/2010  8:04PM

Penny Stocks bring high returns on investment. That is why people who know the value of these stocks invest their money in certain shares of stock. Actually, instead of investing a huge amount of money to a single share of stock, investing in a multiple stocks is better. Whenever possible, investing in solid stocks increases the chance to get profits.
 By martin newkom

07/27/2010  3:37PM

It really is lousy that the
closing of the Pacific Exchange
caused the company problems with
the creation of the "other" mar-
ket. One of these days Mike, our
President will find a solution.
He is pretty clever!!
 By Michael Miller

07/17/2010  10:48AM

Here we go again with disbelief about how OSTO shares sell in regulated public marketplaces!

An existing shareholder wrote this week that his standing order to buy OSTO stock was filled at $0.15 a share (3800 shares) with Ameritrade. His pal called to report that he bought shares at $0.25 with Schwab. Other shareholders have standing buy orders with brokers at higher prices. The last actual trade our company handled for a seller and buyer went off at $0.60. In this case, as always, the seller sent his share certificate to Alleghany and the buyer sent her money. After the transfer agent got all the information, it sent new certified stock certificates to each party. It is like getting a deed to the property you just bought. That is what a stock certificate represents…ownership.

I called the lucky buyer. He is elated to get such a bargain. He had forgotten his standing order and was surprised to learn about his new addition. I encouraged him to order out his shares, which he said he would do. I asked him to tell his friend to do the same and let me know when the transfer is completed. If you are unaware of the trend in stock ownership, it is to eliminate stock certificates for all companies and just have a data entry to prove ones ownership. The movement is on a fast track.

I hope to hear from the buyers when they get the certificates. I will then go to our independent transfer agent to identify the seller. It will be thrilling to tell the seller that his broker screwed him out of $1,710. His $570 check could have been $2,280.

Why does the stock brokering industry and public companies lead this movement to eliminate stock certificates? Stock certificates have a tradition of artistic beauty and value. Many people collect them. Years ago some shareholders joked with me that everyone needs a worthless stock certificate hanging in their office or playroom.

Stock certificates mean a lot more to the financial industry and individuals than an barbaric paper trail. Stock certificates lessen fraudulent manipulation or manipulation that may not be illegal but not disclosed. Have any readers ordered an Original Sixteen to One Mine certificates and struggled to get results?

I also personally sign each certificate. So does the corporate secretary. The Wall Street Journal could do its readers a real service to do an in-depth analysis of this issue. Will our stock investments be more secure when all certificates are a thing of the past, an old relic of yesteryear? I think not. How about you?
 By cw3343

11/10/2009  11:34AM

To Investor:

I kind of thought the same thing years ago, as far as "fake" gold companies. But then I bought some shares and went to the annual meeting. If you make it up here, be sure to attend the meeting. You can tour the gold mine and it is an experience that you will never forget.
They also own the Brown Bear mine, which is not in operation, but used to produce quite a bit...
 By Investor

11/10/2009  7:56AM

Mr Miller,

thank you for your new message. I am very positively impressed about what I see here. This very vibrant forum shows the good substance this company has, instead of some other companies, which, even better evaluated, are just "fake" companies. Your very expressive message also make us to think about it. I will certainly stay involved.

Best regards,
 By cw3343

11/09/2009  3:54PM

Very interesting that the last large trade was a non-USA investor. Thanks to this person for letting us know what is going on. Can't blame him/her for buying, if the firm filled the trade isn't the investors fault... INVESTOR-I respect your right to keep the brokerage information private. It really would not matter much. I was able to buy shares once at .05-10 per share a few years ago...
At some point I will get around to seeing if I am able to issue the shares out.

One thing I noticed, per Bank of the West's 2nd quarter 13f filing, is that they are sitting on 22,500 shares. These shares were not on thier filings from a year or so ago, so it must be a relatively new holding. I am waiting for them to post the 3rd qtr filing, to see if the shares are still held.
Anyone can look up this public information on SEC.GOV website.

Reason I bring this up is that, a few years ago, Bank of the West had a large position like this, and dumped it. But we do not know what price, or when they sold. Other reason I bring this up, is that Bank of the West is owned by BNP Paribas... Not trying to infer anything here, it is just a interesting observation on my part.
 By Michael Miller

11/09/2009  9:02AM

To Investor,

Thank for your added comments yesterday. My brother lives in Quito, Ecuador and is here with me in Alleghany for a short time. I’ve traveled in his home country for thirty years minus eight years when he return to San Francisco. I also visited Chile, Argentina and a brief stop over in Peru. I was invited to take part in a gold mine 25 years ago. I declined for several reasons, including labor concerns and security matters. Foreign operators in Bolivia and Peru have had problems with the mines. You live in a great country with much to offer future generations. I’m glad you found this company and you are fortunate to have purchased so many shares for next to nothing.

While the United States, especially California is over reacting to self centered environmentalist and the Sixteen to One faces unreasonable challenges from time to time, our situation is quite positive overall. Some of my mining friends agree that California is the most proven gold belt with the least mining activity in the world. That’s a reality worth considering for careful investors.

You are right: few people know about the Sixteen to One. I do like Wall Street and know its importance to our culture and society. The Company was set to join the American Stock Exchange with Spear Leeds as its specialist years ago. We were quite excited but an unusual fabrication was presented to the SEC about one of our most famous gold specimens, “the Whopper”, which led to an SEC investigation. Nothing was wrong but it clouded our admittance to the exchange. The SEC never answered our requests for the identity of the liar who caused us the problem. So, Wall Street should be our friend.

Analysts, stock promoters, investment advisers and brokerage houses are very useful to all companies. We chose years ago to play the game straight up. It may hurt our public marketing program but it continues to be the preferred way we conduct our business. I could tell you numerous stories (true, of course) about the junior gold paper pushers, which serve us no purpose. Honest promotion is well respected in old school mining teachings. It is a necessary part of the management for there are times, such as now for the Sixteen to One that an infusion of working capital is necessary to pick up the pace for gold production. The company with 82 million outstanding shares is being manipulated. Buying stock low and selling it high may be the only reason some investors plunge in. We really are gold miners. We’re gold miners because our gold mining properties really have gold. It may take a little longer but when we are funded, even with the modest amount currently sought, the results should sprint past all those gold companies pushing moose pasture, uneconomical “reserves”, and bought analysts, promoters and newsletter writers.

I have contacted Investment Bankers, venture capitalists, natural resource brokerage houses and start up companies with cash and no property worth a nickel. Whether is is uncertainty, or some other reasons, I cannot gain an interest to even check us out. Something is wrong with the present and future for gold and specifically our Company for the lack of interest. It could well be our approach. It could well be our management.

Like you, I too would like to see OSTO "more actively marketed in financials". No, “people have just forgotten it” as you close your last entry. People just are not aware that it exists. People who know the Sixteen to One usually never forget it. Stay involved.
 By Rockroby

11/09/2009  5:57AM

No need to be rude,just wanted to know the Country so I could see if you had any gold mines in your neck of the woods to take advantage of.If you make a killing off my Country and State good for you,I am making a killing right now off of JAG,COLUF & a few others in your Country.I like Brazil and plan on traveling their in the future.More power to you,but if you spent some time researching the mines in your Country you might have been better off,California will not let us mine our gold without a fistfull of lawyers your Country will.
Again more power to ya.
 By Investor

11/09/2009  2:17AM

I am not interested in what you are thinking.

No problem in telling the country: Brazil.

The brokerage firm I will not disclose.
 By Rockroby

11/08/2009  5:12PM

Bluyjay was right,he only said you got one third of 1% and not sure what the problem is in telling us what Country you're from and what brokerage firm you used since your the one who brought it up.Starting to sound more and more fishy to me.
Please explain
 By Rockroby

11/08/2009  10:55AM

Could you please tell us what Country your living in,and what respected brokerage filled you order.
 By Investor

11/08/2009  10:22AM

I chose 16 to 1 because, after analyzing micro-caps gold mining companies, it is far the biggest bargain, the cheapest one.

For those others who feel touched by being quoted, please consider that one can be aggressive without directly quoting the other person. I think that is the case of the message which I refuted erroneously. Depending on me, let's just forget it. White flag.
 By bluejay

11/08/2009  10:03AM

If I am to be quoted on this board, I would appreciate it if I am extended the same courtesy that I extend to others when I quote them by not changing the words around and in the same breath extending inappropriate advice.
 By Rockroby

11/08/2009  7:14AM

I do think you got lucky and got 47,000 shares for the price of a medium pizza.Could you please give us a little more information,like what well respected brokerage house you made the trade with?and what country are you from?what made you choose the 16 to 1 instead of other producing miners?
I myself have looked to the past and have seen the same things happening just like 1979(when i was young,dumb & poor)so I have been dumping all the cash I can get my hands on into gold and silver companies.
Like IAG,EGO,GSS,NGD,NXG,JAG,RBY and the list goes on 42 in all so far and would like a few more.
I have shares of the Sixteen to One Mine on both my UBS & Etrade accounts and will be sending them $2,000 soon to get some certs at home so I can put them with the gold and silver I have in a safe at home,might pull some of my others out to get physical shares I can hold myself.
I myself can't get a buy through Etrade right now even at .55 cents for a thousand shares and if I go through UBS it takes time but will go through at anywhere from .05 too .45 cents(have too many shares in my UBS account)
I think most of us involved in this company would just like a little more info on the trades you made.
Thank You
 By Investor

11/08/2009  4:38AM

Mr. Miller,

Thank you for your message. I really appreciated it.

I really do not know why foreigners are not calling America’s oldest gold company with buckets full of dollar. Maybe they do not know it exists.

I work for myself. I do not represent any kind of group supposedly able to heavily invest in a mining company. That is why I fear I am not able to find some other foreign investors to do it.

Nevertheless, I can tell you some subtle impressions from one that just came across this bargain through internet searching.

First of all, this company certainly has a “charming” appeal: gold mining is fascinating and impacts the subconscious of people. Communication, as a whole, also seems to not be a problem: you have a very good website. So, what is wrong? Maybe the suspicion that all of you show in your messages against “Wall Street” precludes you to search financial professional help to better evaluate this company. If you do not like Wall Street, why not Toronto?

I certainly not believe in a “perfect marketplace”. There is a joke about two economists which see a gold coin on the ground and do not bend to catch it, arguing that if it were real some one would have taken it before. The same occurs in Stock Market. The examples I mentioned in my first message are absolutely real. When I used to negotiate stocks only in my country, there were only 300 companies to choose. When I decided to start to analyze American companies, I was introduced to a universe of more than 10,000 different public companies. I guess it may occur that some of these companies are so “forgotten” by analysts as it causes the incredible to occur: the whole company having a market value of an old car.

In order to change it, I encourage you to contact any Investment Banking. Maybe they present you a plan to increase the market value of the company to a more realistic value as it enables the company to really go public in a follow-on stock issuing, picking up the so needed resources at a real pricing. The valuable assets that you mentioned in your message may be the support to fund it.

I cannot answer to you why the start Gold Corporation with 82 million outstanding shares, no operation and questionable assets, as you said, has a market cap of USD 101 million. Maybe the stock promoters were competent to do it. However, if you disregard completely “stock promoters”, please do not complain about the reality.

When you just go across CNBC Stock Screener (, create a custom screen and selects “gold mining” in the option “industry” in the category “company overview”, you obtain 181 matches. If you rank them by crescent Market Cap, you will see “Batavia Mining” and Bolivar Gold” with no market cap and Original Sixteen in third place with the “incredible” USD 2.67 k Market Cap. In the other extreme of the ranking, you will see as the most valuable gold companies Barrick Gold (USD 44 billion), Goldcorp (USD 32 billion) and Newmont (USD 23 million). I am saying that just to tell you (what you probably know) that the intermediary positions are occupied by all kind of gold mining, but much of them are negotiated in Toronto, which is the specialized Stock Exchange for small and pre-operation gold mining companies.

Just to sum up, I would like to see the Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. more actively marketed in the financial markets. It seems that people have just forgotten it.

Best regards,

To Mr. Bluejay, please just study math. 47,110 shares are not 1/3 of the company. It is only 0.35% of the company.
 By bluejay

11/07/2009  11:03PM

The information submitted to our forum page concerning buying 47M shares for less than $10 is highly suspect. Sorry, I don't believe any part of it, nor do I believe any real trades took place at the suggested price of $0.0002.

How can this person buy at such ridiculous prices when there are bids from other shareholders at 10 cents and under in NY.

This whole thing is a fairy tale of buying a 1/3 of a percent of the company for about 10 bucks.

Sorry, I can't swallow any of this. The only way to buy shares this way is to be a registered trader or market marker for the 16-1 in NY. Why would a registered trader ever permit a customer order to buy so cheaply? Just think about it, what is the lowest price any shareholder paid for our company's stock in NY? Was it ever $0.0002, of course not.

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