March 8, 2021 

Stock exchange listing


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 By gary jeffres

11/23/2012  9:46PM

"If anyone can add light to this, please post you findings."

stock certifices left in safe dipost boxes over 3 years without any action by the holder of the box or part of estates that fall into the hands of the state of calif get sold and the state does not care if they get the real value for the stock certifices they will just sell them and put the money in a account till the money is claimed
 By Rick

11/21/2012  5:13PM

Mike, sure looks like its a youngster...maybe he'll use the $45 to go on a gold adventure...
 By Michael Miller

11/21/2012  2:29PM

I also have zero information as to why a shareholder would sell 300 shares for fifteen cents or $45. What would the minimum commission be? Does the buyer pay his broker a commission?

Until a couple of items are fixed, don't look to the Company to get too excited about any stock trades. There are very few small companies in the gold business that ignore promoting their stock. In fact that is what most do all the time. My capital in Sixteen to One is patient capital. I look ahead to better times. What in the world did the seller do with the $45?

Our issues will be solved, the sooner the better. Thanks, cw3343. I look at our stock market page once in awhile. Those sellers could have really scored if they checked our web site. A buyer stepped up with a $0.30 bid.

These trades interest me because I have never met a shareholder in thirty years that would treasure a few bucks more that a small position in this company. If anyone can add light to this, please post you findings.
 By cw3343

11/21/2012  11:58AM

RE the info below - Just to clarify, it was not me, and I have zero info on these trades - just posted so that people are aware of what is going on.
 By cw3343

11/21/2012  11:56AM

For what it's worth...
Recent trades:

11/15 2,550 at 0.20
11/20 7,225 at 0.20
11/20 525 at 0.18
11/20 525 at 0.18
11/20 300 at 0.15

 By RyanBaum

11/13/2012  1:36PM

First Northern is actually listed as "FNRN." Yes, they, too, are closely held and not wanting wide distribution of shares.

They, however, have ample capital and are content with their slow, steady growth.

I would recommend that OSTO consider some means of raising funds from shareholders via a rights offering or other mechanism. While OSTO has been willing to consider large block investors, none has come forward over the past several years.

Can we now utilize the small business exemptions for easier capital raising to go to current shareholders? Something like a new share for $0.25 for every 4 shares already held?
 By martin newkom

09/26/2012  1:31PM

Speaking of "pink sheets" I know
of a bank in Dixon and Sacramento
Calif., The First Northern Bank
that has been in business for a
long,long time and their stock
has been listed as FNBB which
being "Bullitin Board" may be the
euivalent of "pink sheets" or
close to it. I think the owners
have held their stock for years
and don't want their stock to
come under view of "raiders".
 By martin newkom

09/26/2012  1:23PM

For those interested, Bank of the West is/was a subsidiary of BNP
Paribas, a french bank which has
gone through many phases of mergers and acquisions, it seems.
I know for a fact that there are
frenchmen who still come up from
San Francisco to mine the creeks
in and around Alleghany like my
wife's french great grandfather
did in the 1850's
to Alleghany to mine the cree
 By Michael Miller

09/26/2012  11:49AM

Word from an existing shareholder who bought the 8000 shares said that TD Ameritrade told him the one cent sale was bogus. I encourage everyone fortunate enough to purchase share to ask for a share certificate. We can get information about the seller from our transfer agent. A short seller of Sixteen to One is a fool.
 By cw3343

09/25/2012  2:44PM

On 9/19:
1401 shares at 0.25, and 1500 shs at 0.20

To Lake's message below. volume has a lot to do with shares outstanding, or float -which probably is not much with OSTO
 By Lake

09/14/2012  11:00AM

Wouldn't volume + price improve if at least listed on OTC:BB? Anyone has any clue of what minable reserves are? Tks
 By bluejay

08/11/2012  8:50PM

The Pink Sheets are no different that a pawn shop operation.

The way the pawn shop profits is usually buying from an ignorant person or from someone needing a fast liquidation with little consideration for price(drug addict) and then waiting it out until a value buyer shows up.

You would think that stock and bond organizations under the supposed watchful eye of regulators would fear them for dropping a stock from 37 1/2 cents to one cent in a heart beat but then again, the SEC has lost their creditability with respected people in the industry long ago.
 By gerald

08/11/2012  4:44PM

i will sell 200 shares at discount broker for 0.49 a share to get the broker price to 0.49
 By Rockroby

08/11/2012  3:40PM

Thank you for the quick reply, I'm not a seller at .50 cents or a $1.00 as the price of gold climbs this company will only become more valuable.
It's only a matter of time, may the next blast be golden.
 By Michael Miller

08/11/2012  2:19PM

As considered an “insider” I am not a seller for a dollar so the reference to .50 cents makes no sense to me. Now, a penny? If a penny represents anything of value to our shareholders and company, I cannot find it. My guess is the sale has something to do with a transfer in an estate. The only way the Company knows details about transaction is when the transfer agent reports activity…who supplied the stock certificate and what name is going on the new stock certificate.

My arrogance may be showing should I suggest it is some attempt by people who have no equity interest in our corporation but realize that they should. After all, where can one find a 100 year old American gold operator that operates mines it outright owns, has operating permits and an experienced crew and infrastructure in place? When these reports of penny sales turn up, a comment heard more than once is: it may be lawyers or accountants working to clean up an estate. I feel sadness for the dead person if this is true. He or she wanted to bequeath value to heirs and held the opinion that owning a small piece of a gold mine in California was a good idea.

Another though is that if the sale/purchase was through a stock broker, that company and its broker are incompetent, unprofessional or white collar criminals and the seller should call his or her lawyer right now to seek damages for fraud.
 By Rockroby

08/11/2012  8:21AM

Someone managed to get 8100 shares yesterday for a penny.
From .375 down to a penny, any thoughts on why?
This stock should be at least .50 cents a share.
 By bluejay

01/02/2012  10:29PM

Would you give your pink slip to your car or your deed to your home to an investment bank? Then why would you accept their crap to retain your stock certificates?

There should never be a middleman between you and your paid-in-full property. What happened at the brokerage firm MF Global could be the small beginning, $1.2 billion initial customer account loss, to bigger such events to follow.
 By Michael Miller

01/02/2012  5:32PM

Mann2900, I cannot add much to what Martin recommended (see below).

You will find the past, which will help you understand risks and rewards; you will find enough about the present to inform you the position of the corporation right now; and you will find the future goals, prospects, dreams, purposes, ideology, paths to success and more placed in numerous locations on this website. Then if you still have questions, write me or call my office. What you may not find on other websites of junior gold mining companies are details about the obstacles facing us. Best wishes. MMM
 By martin newkom

01/02/2012  10:58AM

The previous contributor, Mann
should go to the website and
download what is available for
his inquiry, or call the 16-to-1
office for info.
 By mann2900

12/31/2011  5:53PM

Hi --
I am potentially interested in buying some stock in your company. Give me a couple of solids reasons why it would be a good investment for me. Include things like your annual profits, dividends etc. Thanks.

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