March 8, 2021 

Stock exchange listing


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 By karl

11/18/2020  7:16AM

I have a bunch of shares at Schwab with an Ask of $0.192. Schwab says itís out of their hands if the clearing house doesnít display that. If someone put in a GTC order to buy under $0.20, I think the order will go thru in a few days.
 By karl

11/06/2020  9:41AM

Michael, just left a message with your office at 9:40AM
 By Michael Miller

11/05/2020  12:45PM

A buyer for $0.20 is ready to bid but cannot find how many shares are available. Let me know here or call me at (530) 287-3223
 By karl

11/05/2020  6:40AM

(I am only selling a small portion of my shares. Iím still a long-term shareholder, for over 20 years!)
 By karl

11/04/2020  8:39PM

The ďaskĒ is at $0.198. Whoever is willing to pay 20 cents should buy those! Theyíre in my IRA account, so I canít sell them any other way! ;-)
 By Michael Miller

11/03/2020  9:35AM

Thanks Karl and CW for your observations and posting. Some Alleghany stuff kept me busy last week.

I donít know the seller or buyer; however the seller could have easily tripled the gross return. Bids existed on Schwab. Most importantly, a phone call to our office expressing some stock for sale would have covered all the offered shares at $0.20. Why were these shares sold? Perhaps the ownerís broker, account or lawyer placed the order. Maybe the owner had a margin call. Iíd like to know.

If the seller reads, this please write or call me.
Interested, confirmed capable buyers are looking to join our corporation. Their Offers exceed $0.06 a share. The offers to buy remain.
 By karl

10/28/2020  4:35PM

Thanks, CW! ďMarketĒ sell explains the big price drop. Our company is worth less than $1 million, at that price!
 By cw3343

10/28/2020  3:15PM

I am showing 97,000 shares volume today. Looks like several large orders placed at "market"..
I think 14,342,000 outstanding...
 By karl

10/28/2020  10:27AM

Does anybody known how many shares are outstanding? (I recycled my Annual Report and is not working right now)
 By karl

10/28/2020  10:00AM

65K traded, most of then at 6 cents! Must be a margin call, or the suitor, that Michael mysteriously mentioned, has thrown in the towel!
 By karl

10/28/2020  9:25AM

45K shares traded today. I wonder who is dumping them? Maybe someone got a margin call, as all the mining stocks are getting whacked today!
 By bluejay

08/01/2020  8:46PM


Giving the Smith & Wesson idea perked my interest concerning the Country's future.

Martin Armstrong has stated his sophistigated computer is predicting the beginning of civil unrest. Although the Smith & Wesson shares have greatly appreciated in the past months there appears no apparent reason why this trend should not continue.

Hopefully, our company's share price future will receive the comparable attention once the investing public is more exposed to its main product, gold as did Smith & Wesson received when the most pertinent part of their business model was illuminated resulting in share price appreciation and increased public interest.

The greatest bull market in gold's future is upon us and it would be exciting for shareholders of the company to participate better as a known gold producer in this approaching environment.

Eric Sprott has been heavily investing in exploration companies in the "Golden Triangle" region of British Columbia. Eric Sprott is a billionaire. With higher gold prices, confidence is returning to support gold exploration companies.
 By bluejay

08/01/2020  2:55PM

What a great example to support he idea.

 By zelDurin55

07/31/2020  10:11PM

take a look at the SWBI YTD chart The name change occurred on June 1, 2020. Notice on the chart for this year, it went up. everyone knows what smith and wesson is about.
 By zelDurin55

07/31/2020  10:08PM

Smith and Wesson did this
they changed their name from american outdoor products (or something like that) to Smith & wesson brands and their stock is now going up.
 By cw3343

07/08/2020  11:51AM

I am in favor. At the least it would get picked up by the automated algorithm traders.
(they had to remove ticker symbol ZOOM, a bankrupt company worth 0, as so many bought it thinking it was the real Zoom Video - most of it was automated trading)
 By Michael Miller

06/25/2020  1:16PM

Makes sense. (see below). Let's discuss pros and cons of adding gold to Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. Can we have it all? Ideas welcomed.
 By bluejay

06/24/2020  3:41PM

There is no question to my mind that smart educated people are buying gold and silver in the ground, either with a past producing mine and old infrastructure on the property or not.

Some people might not like this idea but to my mind for the potential interested parties of this sector to possibly find us easier, the corporate name needs changing to reflect the gold extraction nature of our business.

The 16-1 Gold Mine

16-1 Gold Corp.

Gold would have to be the centerpiece of the title to receive the attention that it has lacked over the years. During searching for gold companies our title would direct attention to us which we desire. The current title doesn't let prospective interested people looking for gold companies find us. Make sense?
 By bluejay

04/28/2020  12:40PM

OSTO market at Schwab

$0.06 - $0.25. 10,000 X 2,500

Last $0.20 UP $0.13
 By Michael Miller

03/31/2020  10:27AM

Bluejay, I have a thought provoking question for you after a comment about your entry below.

Broadening awareness is one current paper work effort: reveal multiple facts about Sixteen to One and our mining company. Fortunately, both have very strong facts to broaden. Jewelry is certainly one. Our quartz & gold appeals to males and females, those who like and appreciate jewelry, art, mineral, specimens and trinkets. Years ago during a live radio interview, one radio host exhibited hostility towards gold mining and miners(which meant me). During a short break I asked her if she was familiar with Sixteen to One gold. She wasnít so I put a quartz & gold rock in her hand. When we returned to the air, she became a mellow interviewer. Her hostility vanished. Itís happened before.

Once during a talk I was giving to fourth grade kids. (I always take some gold for the kids to hold and pass.) I check to see where it is but this time didnít see it. Then I found it. A young girl held it, surrounded in her small hand. She had a faraway look on her face. I knew exactly what was going on with her. Iíve seen it before, similar with the radio DJ. I gently jogged her back to the classroom. Quartz & gold is powerful, more so than rubies, diamonds and pearls. Our cuff links adorn the dress shirts on Gold Mining corporate Presidents and others. Pendants and earings hand from many and quartz & gold rings adorn males (who never think about wearing a ring) and females who usually do. I accept your suggestion.

Bluejay, our personal and in depth history of financing, money and gold continues to evolve. For about fifteen years a thought grew my mind and without giving you my reasons, I have concluded that the ever expanding USA national debt and subsequent ďplanĒ to settle it should have no impact on the spot price of gold. Your thought and comments from others are appreciated.

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