January 23, 2021 

Stock exchange listing


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 By bluejay

12/25/2020  2:13PM

Thank you.

It all makes sense.
 By gwmelvin

12/25/2020  7:48AM

Because the 16 to 1 team never gives up!
 By Michael Miller

12/24/2020  1:43PM

I am considering a practical way to add "gold" to our publications without going through a formal name change (very time consuming process).

We will incorporate "gold" for future public/media documents, including websites.

Shortly after our miners again break rock, our success will receive a wide media interest as it has done for a twenty year history. Gold production will soar

Our facebook interest was over 7,000 in December. Thanks to the man helping. AS I've said, with satellite internet facebook is sloooow. I don't have the knowledge or time to get involved.

All of you readers, help spread the word. After all, Sixteen to One Gold is the oldest gold mining company in North America and the last operation in California. Why do you think this is true? Guesses welcomed.
 By bluejay

12/20/2020  2:17PM

No question, we have nor accessed the pool of potential gold interested people out there by restricting the use of the word GOLD in the corporate title.

Until that happens, it will remain an undervalued asset that few are aware of.

Some folks might like to keep the current corporate intact but until the world knows of us don't expect much public recognition and thus participation with the share price.

Sad but true.
 By gwmelvin

12/19/2020  6:12PM

Price is ask between .19 and .20.
 By gwmelvin

12/19/2020  6:10PM

Looks like another 1000 share trade on 12/18.

12/19/2020  12:06PM

Thanks gwmelvin for your stock input below. No internet yesterday for SCOOP; missed the both trades; difficult ones to chart. Your “strange” observation, indeed, ignited past oddities of OSTO on the Gray Market.

Thrilling news that a stock player wrote an order to buy/sell 5 shares. Do you remember the price of these two trades? SCOOP wants to meet that person. .
 By gwmelvin

12/17/2020  11:21AM

1000 share trade today. Then a 5 share trade. Strange indeed.
 By Michael Miller

12/14/2020  4:44PM

Karl, Your entry today makes the point of my 12/11/2020 short comment: current stock price for both bid and ask do not reflect the value of a share of OSTO. You identify that seven cents a share is ridiculous and frankly a meaningless figure.

So, what is an educated sensible figure? I did my educated/knowledgeable calculation last Friday; arriving at my personal loss according to the Schwab sale/purchase last Friday exceeded $7 million. My calculation of value has nothing to do with stock prices, is not based on this comical auction market called the “Gray Market”.

My mathematics is based on multiple factors, but the most glaring are the Sixteen to One gold deposit and the Company that owns it. I compared OSTO prospects for future production with past and current facts, and a review of an analysis of a prior SWOT study. This is why I wrote that last Friday according to stock market absurd minutia, my net worth dropped by $7milliom
 By karl

12/14/2020  11:21AM

Michael, Aren’t there only about 13 million shares outstanding? That makes the entire company worth about $1M at 7 cents, and less than $3M at 19 or 20 cents. I don’t see where your $7M number comes from!
 By karl

12/14/2020  9:25AM

Dick, I want to sell the shares. A small portion of my holdings. Someone needs to hit the “ask” at 19 cents!
 By dickdavis

12/11/2020  8:25PM

Karl, November 4th, says he's offering to sell shares from his IRA.....I believe he doesn't have to sell shares to satisfy IRS,, but could transfer IRA shares to his own name and report the last trade value as his basis for income and continue to hold all shares. Check with an accountant.
 By Michael Miller

12/11/2020  3:45PM

Yes Karl, this week will close with strange stock trading. My Schwab account is showing a loss of 61.78% for OSTO day’s trade. Hum, by my calculations of the value of my Sixteen to One stake yesterday, my net worth has declined in excess of $7 million. Some shareholders value their Sixteen to One ownership (per share) greater than I. Yikes! Did they suffer the same per share equity net asset loss?

I’ve been in Alleghany all day before the market opened. My office work day was great, a lot accomplished. I checked the portals both upper and lower. No changes from yesterday. I know there were no changes underground. What happened? I lost $7million and have no pain, ill thoughts or concerns.

It will be a grand day when OSTO again is offering buyers and sellers true value exchange of dollars for equity in the oldest gold mining company in North America and still mining for over108 years. I do agree with your sentiments about “strange”.
 By karl

12/10/2020  10:20AM

Strange stock trades this past week. Somebody nibbling 10 to 130 shares per day, at $0.191. Why spend less than two bucks on a trade? Are they trying to create a chart pattern or support level?
 By David I

12/03/2020  6:27AM

I recommend that you merge with the Ruby mine.
 By David I

12/03/2020  6:22AM

How much gold do you folks still have in the Sixteen to One? What is your projected resource capacity?
 By karl

11/18/2020  7:16AM

I have a bunch of shares at Schwab with an Ask of $0.192. Schwab says it’s out of their hands if the clearing house doesn’t display that. If someone put in a GTC order to buy under $0.20, I think the order will go thru in a few days.
 By karl

11/06/2020  9:41AM

Michael, just left a message with your office at 9:40AM
 By Michael Miller

11/05/2020  12:45PM

A buyer for $0.20 is ready to bid but cannot find how many shares are available. Let me know here or call me at (530) 287-3223
 By karl

11/05/2020  6:40AM

(I am only selling a small portion of my shares. I’m still a long-term shareholder, for over 20 years!)

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