February 16, 2019 

Water and Arsenic: which came first?


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 By Michael Miller

11/18/2010  11:01AM

The following dialog between Californiaís Deputy Attorney General and a witness in defense of charges alleged by the People of the State of California (filed in Sierra County Superior Court) who was duly sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The deposition was taken in Sacramento on October 20, 2010.

Question by Deputy Attorney General: Are you presently affiliated in any way with Original Sixteen to One Mine, Incorporated?

I am. I am one of over a thousand shareholders of the company. In 2001, Iíd been following the mineís web site and I saw that they were having problems with the Water Board. And so I requested from the mine office, I said Iíve got some time, I was between projects, I would like them to send me copies of all their water monitoring and a copy of the order sent to the mine.

I read the discharge order. I was shocked. It had so many inconsistencies and so many things that were absolutely not true. If you had read this discharge order you would have thought that the mine was killing fish in the creek. They (water agency staff) had said that the mine discharge represented 30 percent of the water flow into Kanaka Creek. The water flow is minuscule compared to Kanaka Creek.

I reviewed all of their (the company) documents. They all showed one thing, that the flow coming from the mine, both summer and winter, is less than 3 percent, not 30 percent of the creek.

The staff intimated that the creek was no longer suitable for recreational use in that report. If there is any creek in this watershed that I would like to drink water out of, itís Kanaka Creek. Itís not a degraded creek.

The biggest problem with water that is totally lacking arsenic is itís going to be probably very high in E. Coli. The EPA studies came out of Taiwan and Bangladesh, but the studies in Bangladesh showed that wells that were absent of arsenic had tremendous bacterial and E.coli problems.

Arsenic is an interesting compound. Itís in water, itís in the air, itís in the dirt, itís in the plants, plants take it up. Weíve evolved with it, and thereís a certain level of arsenic that we probably need to survive.

Thereís something called hormesis, and almost all the scientific community knows about it, and thatís what can be toxic at high doses, can be beneficial at low doses. Throughout medicine itís true with almost any medicine, low dose is beneficial and a high dose a fatal. A low dose of chlorine is beneficial, a high dose is fatal. A low dose, you know, of oxygen is okay. A real high dose can be fatal. The same with water.

They do know what a high dose or arsenic is. Sixty thousand parts per billion is fatal. We used to have a level of 50 parts per billion from 1940 to 2006. The discharge 300 feet down the stream has always met this. I think it represents a purifying factor. They do graze cattle throughout the forest. You get E. coli; you get bad stuff growing.

All of a sudden you come down this remote mountain stream and you get a little shot of arsenic that ultimately gets diluted by the time it hits the Yuba. Itís a beneficial affect to any hiker. The discharge is beneficial to that creek. That creek is vibrant, alive, and the water there thatís coming from the mine comes from up above.

What bother me about it was here there was obviously some hostility between the staff and Mike Miller. It really bothered me that this report was going to the Board, so I got heavily involved, I did a lot of research. I just think that itís sad that the 35 different regulatory agencies are all coming down on this little guy, because theyíll sink him and weíll loose it. Heís closed that mill down, and by closing that mill down heís cut the arsenic release level in half.

Question by Deputy Attorney General: What was it that led you to believe there was this obvious hostility?

By reading the tenor of what the staff were submitting to the Board. They were submitting something that didnít represent anything that, that they showed any Ė to me the data was misinterpreted and misrepresented to the Board. And I thought why. The mill hasnít operated since í98, and my whole reason for being involved in this is: I think itís the last really representative thing of our historical past in the state of California. Itís the last deep hard rock mine operating.

Question by Deputy Attorney General: The reports or the information that you described the staff as having submitted to the Board that contained inaccurate statements?

Right. The staff misinterpreted what was actually happening when you looked at the data that the mine had sent to the staff. I sent to the Regional Water Quality Control Board on February 17th of 2002, requesting to be heard at the hearing that they had set up for the Sixteen to One Mine. When they were running the mill almost full time, the discharge from the 21 Tunnel at that time average 1,058 parts per billion, so that the milling operation was a significant contributor to the arsenic in Kanaka Creek.

Question by Deputy Attorney General: Was that the main reason why you wanted me to take a look at those (data brought to the deposition)?

Yeah. It just shows that heís done everything in his power financially to mitigate what he can.

Question by Deputy Attorney General: Have you ever been employed by Original Sixteen to One Mine, Incorporated in the sense that you were being paid for working for them?

Just the reverse. I volunteered and Iíve also given them money to help them keep operating. I initially gave them $50,000 that they couldnít repay, and so I converted it to stock. I gave them $25,000 to help them pay their electric bill and other outstanding obligations, and thatís still outstanding.

My Comments To Each of You Readers:

These charges of wrong doing stem from a government staff that failed to exercise its duty to evaluate specific sites in California that may require a waste discharge permit. The language of the regulations and the specific situations present at the Sixteen to One mine fail to meet the requirements for permitting a discharge. What can anyone do when faced with a non-responsive agency?
 By gary jeffres

08/08/2010  3:25AM

I wonder how politically correct the state is.
Under prop 65 you must post warnings of hazardus chemicals on bussineses.
Now the state charges fees to use state campgrounds in some areas.
This would make these campground a state run business.
But i have yet to see a prop 65 warning sign at any state campground.
From years ago when i played at uranium prospecting i can tell you that i got higher then normal alpha and beta radiation reading at campgrounds and after talking to people that worked in the field of radioactive materials i was told that thorium from Coleman lantern mantels was the cause.
And thorium oxide is listed on the state prop 65 list.
 By Rick

07/27/2010  8:09PM

Mike, and everyone....

Mike's question, "Does a letter to an elected government worker..." (now, that's an oxymoron, my words here) "...get more attention than a letter or an email?"

This is easily answered!

They don't read.

They won't and don't , because they hire "staff" paid by us to throw our letters in the trash. Hired by our dime to take our letters in the trash to be sent down to the other trash-bin by a government union employee, next to be picked up by a gov'ment union employee, on and on, all headed toward unfunded pensions, on and on.... (pension fraud, another topic for another day, none too late.)

....and look how completely side-tracked the premise of this topic can/will be co-opted by all the sink-hole crap of endentured servitude.

Please return to the previous entry written by Mike (below). He is bringing to light the heinous disregard for a truly important hand-written letter. Read it! Pass it forward.

These A-holes not only need to be removed in November, but also held responsible, criminally responsible, for the negligence to their oath of office and their complete disregard for the Constitution.

I implore you all to write a comment on this forum, and more, and take action in November to get these leaches off of our backs, out of our lives, and finally out of further encroachment into it all. We need to hear from each other.
 By Dave I.

07/23/2010  8:09PM

The assembly person, and State senator, will help only the environmentalist as their record will prove. They are the Socialist Sierra Club representatives and if you expect any thing else from them, you will not get it.
They are from my district, and they are both control freaks. I thought it would be a good idea to have a recall petition for Noreen Evans and State Senator Wiggins. They were the two that authored the dredging moratorium law. Neither of them are friends to free enterprise and mining. They are the cancer that is killing this state using environmental causes to dismantle our rights and freedom. One good thing is that Senator Wiggins is not seeking reelection. Noreen Evans is running for her Senate District.
These past months law enforcement has been busy trying to increase revenue to the state with arrest and and fines from people to pay for their services. When government money is tight, this is one way to earn money to prevent lay offs for the police and the state regulators. This is a problem for courts as it leads to conflict of interest for the arresting officers. May be not, as the judges, too get paid by the tax payer. So the conflict of interest extends even to our court system.
 By Michael Miller

07/23/2010  12:52PM

Dear Readers,

Does a letter to an elected government worker get more attention than a phone call or e-mail? Apparently not. I checked with the author of the following letter to California politicians to learn what response he had. He answered, ďnoneĒ. I am not convinced that our country in a downward spiral that cannot be turned around. I am convinced that voices and letters and publicity impact governmental behavior. I am convinced that a successful gold mining operation at the Sixteen to mine will ignite our economy. The argument and evidence are overwhelming. Small business needs support or at the least governmental neutrality.

Will you get involved and become a progressive advocate? Write, call and email people in government, radio, television and other media. Introduce them to the concepts of Stephenís letter. Musicians, actors or public personalities, bankers, lawyers or Indian chiefs, your children or parents may find the gold in California worthwhile to pursue and the plight of an historic venerable gold company unjust.

You know my positions: yes to adding to the GDP; yes to blue collar jobs that create more wealth than the wages it takes to do the work; yes to domestic productivity; and yes to responsible natural resource extraction. You are needed to impact the false negative rhetoric. Share your letters with others on the Internet.

Ms. Patricia A. Wiggins
2nd Senate District
50 D Street
Suite 120A
Santa Rosa, Calif. 95404
June 3, 2010
Dear Mrs. Wiggins,

I wish to report incompetence at the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board. I will appreciate it if you and your other Senate members direct my complaints to the body that oversees the agency.

I am a shareholder and past director of the Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. with office and basically, an inactive gold mine in Alleghany California. The Central Valley Water Board, along with other complaint to follow has been hostile and disrespectful to our Companyís president, Mr. Michael Miller at various Water Board meetings. The board has made it their mantra to financially destroy our company by burdening it with unwarranted legal expenses when we should be spending our limited funds in conducting our business activities.

I am a past broker dealer/member of the Pacific Stock Exchange that conducted my business on the trading floor in San Francisco and was a member of two oversight committees.

The Boardís position is that the company is not performing some 1440 water tests annually. These water tests were required when the mine was milling ore and discharging treated water into Kanaka Creek. In 1988 the mill was shut down and to this day, has not operated. The Water Boards, after being advised that treated water is no longer being discharged into the creek, continued to require the 1440 tests. Is this inappropriate or what? There are many employees at the Central Water Board and you would believe someone would understand this and significantly reduce the required water testing.

Another on-going complaint by the Central Water Board is that the company is responsible for increasing arsenic content in Kanaka Creek. Nothing could be further from the TRUTH.

I am an environmentalist. I do not use chemicals of any kind at my residence nor do I support their use and especially introducing them into any water source, or any lake, or any ocean. While I was director of the Sixteen to One Mine we had a few water experts work on eliminating any form of the naturally occurring arsenic in the draining water from the mine portal when the rainy seasons were present. This was accomplished by letting the runoff escape over iron shavings. The arsenic was contained in the shavings, thus the water runoff did not carry any form of arsenic in Kanaka Creek. The matter of arsenic escaping from the present rocks in the creek is beyond the control of the company. Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance in nature. Even with some small amounts of arsenic already present in the entire running length of Kanaka Creek there have been no signs of it affecting any aquatic life. Even the fish that are caught and consumed in Kanaka Creek have never posed a problem for that folks that eat them.

If the Water Board employees want to earn their salaries then they should concentrate their efforts on the filthy Sacramento River. It is beyond me why they go up into the mountains where practically no one lives and start throwing their weight around where problems donít exist. Are they looking for easy prey with limited resources to defend themselves to substantiate their existence? If this if true, following an intense investigation, then they should all be relived of their duties and prosecuted by the Attorney General.

What is most shocking concerning the Water Boardís attitude is that the arsenic content of the water in Kanaka Creek where it first starts running over our property until its final exit shows no increase in the content of arsenic. What does this suggest?

At one Water Board meeting Mr. Jason Burke, a California State licensed mining engineer, made presentations along with the aid of graphs. In the following meeting the Water Board distorted what Mr. Burke had testified to a presented. Whatís this all about?

I have been advised that the Water Board salaries are directly related to the Boardís sole income in the form of fines and penalties only. Thus the question presents itself, are fines and penalties being accessed against publicly owned companies at the expense of the shareholders just to pay the Water Board salaries when, in fact, this public agency may be grossly over-staffed, as most are, with nothing to do? Oh I forgot, why donít they clean up the Sacramento River with all the spare time they have?

My family is being financially damaged by the inappropriate and shameful (criminal) actions of the Central Water Board when, in fact, supposedly representing me as one of California residents. I have been advised by a family ex-prosecutor that I have enough information for an action against the State, either as an individual or as a member of a shareholderís group.

This is a serious matter of abuse of power that the State entrusted to the Central Water Board. I would appreciate being advised in you are interested in pursuing this matter?

Stephen C. Wilson
666 Ellis Court
Sebastopol, California 95472

Cc: Patricia A Wiggins, State Senator
Mark Leno, State Senator
Noreen Evens, State Assembly
Jared Huffman, State Assembly
Wesley Chesbro, State Assembly
Michael Miller, President Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.
 By Rick

05/10/2010  6:19PM

Very important letter below, which needs to stay on top of this Forum page.
 By Michael Miller

05/08/2010  2:09PM

California Regional Water Quality Control Board
Central Valley Region Sacramento, CA

Please process and take notice of the most recent water tests performed by Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc, hereafter called (ďthe companyĒ). A copy of the laboratory report is attached to this notice. Additional comments about the relevance of the water testing data are included.

The status of the company permit remains unclear. The company has performed what was asked by the water agency in submitting its application and paid the fee under protest. Is a permit in place or pending? If pending, what is holding its process? Other than fees are the requirement unchanged? The company ceased milling ore in 1998 thereby eliminating the use of water for processing ore. It has repeatedly written the agency annually informing the agency of the change in operation. The water agency continues to ignore the companyís request to modify testing requirements.

The company undertook the lab/ testing action in April once again to demonstrate that the effects of surface water seeping through its property has no deleterious effects on plants, animals, aquatic insects or people. This belief is substantiated according to the results by Basic Laboratory on April 27, 2010.

There were seven sample locations identified by numbers one through seven. The locations are:
1. Above the 21 Tunnel
2. Below the 21 Tunnel
3. At the 21 Tunnel
4. Happy Jack portal
5. Kanaka Creek at Hour House dam site
6. Above the 21 Tunnel
7. At the 21 Tunnel

Please incorporate the following observations into your evaluation of the impact that the companyís properties have on water related concerns. The company demands a fair review by responsible parties in your agency with adjustments to settle the contentious lawsuit initiated against it.
1. Samples one and six came from the same distance above the 21 Tunnel. One was near the left bank of Kanaka Creek and six was near the center of Kanaka Creek. The results vary by almost 300%.
2. Sample three and seven were taken from the same location but about fifteen minutes apart. They vary by almost 2%.
3. Sample four is from a discharge about six hundred feet above Kanaka Creek. It is higher than the arbitrary limit, but the water agency ignores this discharge because Sierra County is responsible for leaking toxic substances onto the company property.
4. Sample five is about seven miles downstream from the company. It is below the arbitrary limit set by governments.
5. Sample two is about four hundred feet upstream from where Kanaka Creek exits the companyís property. It is below the arbitrary limit used by the water agency for enforcement.

The results prove that there is no negative evidence to support a theory that surface water and arsenic passing over or under the companyís property is a nuisance, detrimental to the health and well being of anything alive or dead. Both above and below the 21 Tunnel arsenic is present below the arbitrary limit. The Hour House test site also has arsenic below the arbitrary limit. Once again the company asks your staff to reconsider its onerous position about alleged toxic discharges contaminating Kanaka Creek that are directly related to the companyís operation in Sierra County. There is no evidence to support this claim.

Testing for elemental arsenic has proven to be an inexact science. Measuring in parts per billion has proven to return different numbers from samples gathered at the same source. Also it is clear that Cranmer Engineering, the only local laboratory conducting water tests, was not a reliable lab. It no longer will process tests for arsenic that are demanded by government agents. Basic Laboratory appears to have a higher level of performance. Even though this may be true, results for the same water sample sites have varied.

A greater concern of the company is how laboratories prepare the water for analysis. Artificial chemicals are added to the samples that do not exist in Kanaka Creek or anywhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountain watershed. The laboratories inject caustic acids into the sample that dissolve non-harmful arsenic into potentially harmful arsenic. The whole method of testing for arsenic has no value for determining a natural element that occurs throughout the earth and its potential for concern.

The company awaits your reply.
Michael M. Miller, president
May 8, 2010
 By Rick

04/09/2010  8:10PM

Nobody, more than Mike Miller, sir, has more in his vision, for all of us, to go mining.

The caltrops of jack-books intent upon destroying private sector discovery...that is where you and anyone else who doesn't yet hear the Constitution trashed, need to focus.

Dave I, and I know we both mean well for our passions, but how in the world do you expect this to happen in the face of an assault by a public sector with a mandate to shut us up and silence our passions?

Jack-Boots, best met with a fierce, solid, smart, informed and motivated posture, not a submission.
 By Dave I.

04/09/2010  3:11PM

Yes I do agree. Look forward to hearing you win your case, you need to get back to mining sir, our country needs your resource, the labor and economic development your resource will provide.
 By Michael Miller

04/09/2010  11:12AM

Answer to question below: No, there is no cease or desist order issued by the water agency. The actions of the water agency in the treatment of the Sixteen to One mine has no parallels with other mines that operated in northern California. The movers behind this lawsuit are the ones who should be given a cease and desist order.
 By Dave I.

04/07/2010  10:50PM

Hi Michael Miller.

Are you on an order to "cease and desist mining" until this is resolved?
If so I recommend that you should reference the 1872 mining law, as a granted right, per the 9th Amendment of the United States Constitution. That State water quality controls can not deny your right to mine.
 By Michael Miller

04/07/2010  4:57PM

Superior Court Sierra County
Case Management Hearing
Attending by phone: Klaus Kolb for Original Sixteen to One Mine and Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Reusch for the People of the State of California
Attending in person: Michael M. Miller as named defendant

Prepared statement of Michael M. Miller:
Your Honor,

I am disappointed that the California Regional Water Quality Control Board has not responded to the settlement proposal offered by Mr. Kolb and me. It was submitted in good faith with deep consideration for the plaintiffsí stated duty to act for the publicís benefit. I expected more. My deposition was taken on March 2, 2010. I recently received notice that it is available for review. I will review it within the next ten days in Sacramento. At the deposition the deputy AG pointed out that a response from the water agency might be a slow process. I expected there would be some positive movement towards settlement as the water agency and its lawyers became more familiar with the facts leading up to its claim for damages.

Nevertheless, without plaintiffís, interest to settle, it becomes prudent and necessary for defendants to begin discovery. I began drafting a request for admissions and interrogations to serve on the water agency. I am confident that when the management of the water agency, including the appointed control board members, realizes their exposure to serious wrongful behavior by the water agency, the judicial situation will change. It remains my hope and desire to reach agreement without burdening this court with a trial.

To this end I pledge to aggressively use the tools of the judicial system to the fullest. These are serious and threatening charges against the Sixteen to One mine and me personally. I do not know how the water agency or the attorneyís office will respond to my discovery. We will find out, however, this month as the process begins. Therefore I ask for time to prepare my discovery and obtain the answers.

I believe that the approach of the defendants to todayís hearing is the right approach. The requests by the water agency have been met with an open willingness to cooperate. . I will continue with the same respect and attitude during discovery. To this point, the prosecuting deputy AG has shown his willingness to cooperate and give us time to gather the requested information. I do not yet know the intent of his client as I attempt to understand the lawfulness of its case.


Water folks said ďno goĒ to settlement and it plans to seek a summary judgment. Blames the state legislature for passing a law without deviation. Says it has no other options. Case continued to June.
 By bluejay

04/02/2010  4:40PM

The following article appears to be addressing serious concerns regarding the extraction of coal. Maybe the Water Board members need to get involved with the EPA to get an education of what real water damage is all about.

The EPA says that coal miners buried waste in streams. Maybe we ought to turn the State in to the EPA for dumping their rock waste in, I beleve, the South Yuba in which Mike told me about in past years, totally upsetting Mother Nature's work.

EPA: New mining policy would protect water quality
Updated: 2010-04-02 14:35

The Obama administration has set tighter water quality standards for surface coal mining permits across Appalachia in a move that could curtail mountaintop removal mining.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson said Thursday the EPA hopes the policy will clarify the water permitting process for Appalachian mountaintop removal mining - a highly efficient method that environmental groups claim is too damaging.

The agency also released two reports discussing the damage to watersheds by the mining practice.

EPA says burying streams with mine wastes increases salt levels in waterways downstream, hurting fish and other aquatic life.

Luke Popovich of the National Mining Association says the policy will cost a lot of jobs.
 By bluejay

04/01/2010  4:02PM

What goes around, comes around.

States shed government jobs as revenue plummets

WASHINGTON ó Pennsylvania, Michigan and Washington shed government jobs last month, a result of shrinking state tax revenue that economists fear could weaken the recovery.

State and local government jobs have traditionally provided a haven during economic downturns. But as states have struggled to close growing budget gaps, job cuts have spread.

That trend emerges from data on a dozen states that have released their employment figures in advance of a federal report Friday on state joblessness for February.

In Michigan, where the unemployment rate is 14.1 percent, the nationís highest, government jobs at all levels fell by 5,000. They accounted for one-third of the stateís job losses.

Pennsylvania lost 2,200 government jobs. Minnesota lost 1,900 and Massachusetts 1,500.

Washington state shed 900 government jobs in February. And Wisconsin lost 2,100 government jobs, including 1,600 at the local level.
 By wlkirk

03/27/2010  9:15AM

Rick, I regret that you are right.
 By Rick

03/26/2010  5:59PM

Great question. And, I don't know the science, but I do know the politics.

It will be instructive to discover the science behind their decisions, but that pipe dream is lost to vote-buying, science-ignoring (always remember the funding sources, those feeding frenzied dollars gobbled up with outcome-based distribution, the tainted science designed to produce political results, next gobbled up by the gobbling lap-dog media...I digress.)

Reality: science has no voice here. If it did, they would focus on the true issues for water-supply quality problems, like recognizing how Southern Cal is effing with everything rural in the North.

When I first initiated this topic, I was amazed that it was even a topic of debate. Natural stuff happens...like water with natural arsenic content. A mine found gold, and arsenic arsenopyrite as sulfide deposites, existing for millions of years. Somehow, an a-hole in politics discovered money in an attempt to equate the two, blatantly omitting that natural elements are natural, and occur.

IT IS A FACT: arsenic occurs in the water above and below the minbe, and always has, even before there was a mine.


This is politics, the awful ugliness of oportunity, worse than any gold-seeded farse tried before, because we have un-elected cons able to impose gestapo-tactics into our freedom.

I am as out-raged as all of you. While voting is still legal, we need to kick these crooks out with our vote.

 By wlkirk

03/26/2010  10:57AM

I again wish to ask if anyone knows how the regulators establish acceptable water arsenic levels. It is well to question their motives. However, I would also like to challenge the science behind their assumptions Ė if there is any.
 By bluejay

03/25/2010  10:59AM

Are the current Water Board members any different than the California politicians, along with governor Pete Wilson, back in 1996 when they all screwed fellow Californians?

Some companies, especially Enron, had an agenda to prosper at the expense of residents back then and our representatives paved the way for the financial raping that soon followed the State's deregulation of Electricity rates. The total dollar amount of the heist perpetrated against California residents that was set-up by the legislature totaled $70 billion. Have we forgotten that already?

How did deregulation come about? Quite simply, by the lobbying by energy companies of State officials. Who wrote those complicated new rules that few understood when signed into law? Of course, it was the highwaymen who were encouraged in some manner or another to aid in this robbery: the rule makers, State employees.

Now we have established in the State rules and regulations concerning our environment. The dirty side of environmental interpretations and rules is they can be used to take more money from us, in this case owners of the Sixteen to One. It is a fact that there is no global warming but still it is referred to everyday as being the gospel truth. It's just like the phony Water Board interpretation of water standard rules that is now being attempted to reach into our pockets, again, just like when Al Gore tried to be instrumental in convincing U.S. lawmakers to pass a carbon tax. Gore was icing over a pile of dog crap and trying to sell it as a birthday cake. As was mentioned earlier here, 31,000 scientists opposed the idea of global warming which sent Gore into hiding.

The Water Board should be investigated by Federal regulators concerning manipulative and gestapo tactics to rob Original Sixteen to One owners concerning water matters. Just like the complicated rules of electricity deregulation facilitated all the stealing from residents, so again, here comes the State. Too often though our country's history private interests have stolen from citizens with the assistance of elected representatives and their back-up staff of appointees running various agencies. These appointees really don't have an independent hand, they take their orders from the person who appointed them. Wouldn't that sound reasonable?

In California energy costs were stable until Enron started experimenting through manipulation of energy flows and on how much money they could steal from us. Sound familiar?

California's new degegulation rules were written in great complexity. Who do you think wrote those rules? Really, it was the energy companies, especially Enron. How much money do you think it cost Enron to convince the State to see it their way? Who took the benefits?

Kanaka Creek that passes through Original Sixteen to One's property has no increased incidence of arsenic. The folks at the company are environmentalists. So what's the problem with the Central Water Board? The problem is they are enforcers. Their salaries are supported by the numbers of tickets they write. If this isn't the most egregious example of conflict of interest then I suppose you could call Bernie Madoff a saint.

Lawmakers, in some cases, are just a bunch of financial hoodlums. They use their entrusteed power to enrich themselves at the expense of the people who put them in office.

I believe that if the State Attorney's office can't get $1,000,000 out of the company then they'll go after shareholders and access them. Every shareholders needs to address this issue with their State representatives. People, we are being attacked. This is not the time for complacency.

By the way, Californians never got rebates from the over charges back in the late 90's because all the evidence against the power companies, especially Enron, was conveniently destroyed during the time of the 9/11 attacks when Building #7 that housed those important documents was methodically imploded. Yes, I say methodically imploded.
 By bluejay

03/14/2010  12:16AM

Isn't it odd to consider, along with the toxic dumping in our oceans and the continuing outrageously filthy condition of the Sacramento River here in California, why some water agency of the State views the Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc as the great Satan, destroying water quality? When in fact, evidence to the contrary has been submitted to the Central Water Board by a State licensed mining engineer along with a proclamation from the company that the Mine no longer operates its mill.

The failure to accept reality seems to be spreading elsewhere within the State as a report coming out of Paris by Max Keiser this week so much as indicates that California is cooking its books. Even Jim Rogers said Friday on King World News from Shanghai that the State is imploding and inferred it is in worse shape than any other western European nation or any other State in this country. Eric King added by saying on the same show that, California is theoretically bankrupt and will be the first to fall.

The question is, are the rats lining their pockets as fast as possible to pay their mortgages before the mooring lines are cast off and the ship of State is led out to deeper waters to sink in peace so it won't be a half sunk hazard in port?

What's really shocking is that well respected people known to Jim Rogers are saying that the US governement will be financially bankrupt when it won't be able to find buyers for its new debt issues in two years. If this is the case, California will go with it and all the State employees, including the ones from the Central Water Board, who will be cleaning out their desks and heading home, not to return.

Almost all living organisms depend upon: oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and the sun for their existence. When any government tries to control any of these necessities through regulation, you can be assured they will take it to the extreme using voodoo science along with their cooked up rules book. The samething is happening all over again to us, just like when the State sanctioned the CDAA to lynch the company, its president and the mine manager for an extremely unfortunate accident in the mine that resulted in the loss of one's precious life.

The Water Board's finger pointing is coming from the same utility type of false premise that Al Gore attempted to use in his case for global warming. Unfortunately for him and the people behind the promotion of the scheme, over 31,000 scientists disagreed with the premise which resulted in the government's sponsored carbon tax bill being defeated in the Senate. If it had passed, an additional million plus private sector jobs would have been lost and each family would have been indirectly reponsible for handing over, annually, to the federal government about $1,250.

Growing regulation is destroying the people of our land and its companies. It's the same old story of robbing the people which was so sternly put down by the original colonists when England attempted to impose a tea tax.

People, you need to wake up! Stop being glued to the television set and do some serious soul searching concerning where and how you want to be in the future.

I'll give you a little clue what we are all up against: When Hank Paulson marched into the Congressional chambers and demanded billions for commercial and investment bank interests, hundreds of people protested in front of the New York Stock Exchange and on the steps of the old sub-Treasury building where George Washington's statue stoically faced out with not one account of the event ever making it on TV news.

Thr protest was important as what was accomplished by Paulson and his support cronies was the biggest public financial theft ever perpetrated in the history of the world.
 By Michael Miller

03/13/2010  12:20AM

Answer to Dave Iís questions on the Water and Arsenic topic (March 5&6)

The weather forecasters blew this storm! I left Alleghany about 1pm to Oroville. Big snow was floating down. The drive back was fun. There was zero visibility while passing through clouds. Rain slapped my truck. Off and on it snowed. What was very strange and different with the weather was its unpredictability as I climbed and dipped in elevation. The changes were sudden even while driving thirty MPH. Fortunately, from Dobbins, across Bullards Bar, to highway 49 and onto Alleghany I saw no cars. Oh, those forecasters said to see clearing around 11am. They were wrong.

Now to those answers:
The claim is against Origsix as an incorporation and Michael Miller as an individual. Both are named as defendants. The theory to prosecute was determined by either the water agency or its lawyer. For some reason it was transferred to the State AG to file and prosecute. The paper filing is speculation, an irresponsible and wild twist of rules of the court. If naming Miller as culpable for the reasons alleged was proposed from some jerk-ass lawyer, it would trigger my forceful denial and a counter suit against the corrupted lawyer. Well, it is just as repulsive when the highest law office in California and not some jerk-ass lawyer does it; however, the AG lawyers in this case will claim absolute immunity. I donít see how the water board lawyers could make the same claim.

Perjured statements, violating rules of Californian courtrooms, misleading with malice and foresight a sitting judge from obeying the legislated rules for the courts of California used to be against the law. Court people know this but few either care or care enough to stop the behavior. The problem and solution to stop abusive behavior rest with the same people: men and women, boys and girls, guys and gals with a license to practice law. But, I digress from answering Daveís question.

The beneficiaries of this prosecution are stated in the allegation as ďthe publicĒ, which means you, me, our neighbors, your family and friends, and everyone between Oregon and Mexico and Nevada and the Pacific Ocean. Do you know anyone who meets this description? That means additionally that the beneficiaries will benefit from killing the company, mine and me? If some are found, letís learn what are the benefits they will receive?

The AG representative interviewed tried to separate MMM as the president and MMM without that job, which I requested prior to the deposition. Neither the company nor I have money to get a copy of the deposition. By law I asked to read her record when she transcribed it. Iíll take down some notes and give you a report.

The company wrote the water agency a proposal to settle the disagreement with the best management practices and best outcome for the People of California and gave it to the deputy attorney general prosecuting the case. Who in our government decides is a mystery to me. Is it the client? The central water board? The State water board? Either water agency staff? The bevy of agents working for the California Attorney Generalí office?

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