April 19, 2021 

Let's back physical shares with physical gold


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 By Michael Miller

12/13/2019  7:30AM


Finished listening to Ron Paul YouTube you sent me today.. I first heard him in the late 1970's in Nevada City. Hard money people were rare. I met some (old and wiser than I) and hung out with them. Few today will spend the time to understand dates like 1913, 1933, 1971 and December 31, 1974, that Paul mentions. Gold can be more like an insurance policy than an investment. It is an investment since it can be traded.

At today's price and what may follow, most people are left out, which leaves silver as a choice. Gold relates to stock investment as product does to all other stock company whether it is a Tesla or pork bellies. Supply, demand and price are relevant.

Even middle income/asset America will have financial problems buying physical gold. It may be more shifting assets but those with non-flexible assets have nothing to shift. Even if gold is $2,000 an ounce and I had none but wanted to join gold, I'd look for another way to play. I did and do this finding undervalued gold companies with real potential. This options remains but again, people must become learned.

Perhaps one of my strengths is understand the penny or junior gold companies, their properties and much more. Acquiring physical gold differs from buying into a company like Sixteen to One. A one thousand grubstake of physical gold costs $1,475,700.00. A thousand share grubstake in Sixteen to One will cost less than $1,000. Risks accompany both and differ. But rewards in a future bull market differ significantly.
 By Michael Miller

07/19/2019  8:31AM

About twenty months passed since an entry on this topic. A shareholder asked recently, “When will OAU finally seek real financing even at the cost of dilution?” It is a solid question except who are and what is “real financing.” Hans Kummerow started this thread on January 13, 2015. I replied the next day.

Here is how real financing should investigate and initiate with our Company. Establish a partnership with like-minded people or just handle it yourself. Place $3 million into the partnership on your terms with the other partners. Negotiate to enter into a limited partnership woith Original Sixteen to One Mine. Earn a GROSS gold payout thirty days after production in refined .999 fine AU. Other benefits can be included once the initial financing is returned, such as: right to purchase gold below spot, stock option.

Now, if there are any real financiers who lack a gold position or want to strengthen their existing one, call me. Once we affirm who you are, come to Alleghany and learn details about the most proven and underappreciated (financially) gold opportunity IN THE WORLD. If anyone knows one with greater upside related to risk, call me so I can join.
 By Michael Miller

11/15/2017  11:09AM

My email has a dozen investment/gold senders, which I quickly read until an article strikes my fancy. The following extract was from Investing News Network by Adrian Day. Mr. Day has been around the gold investment market a long time but less than I’ve been around the gold producing market. I wrote him decades ago and a note a year ago at the urging of a friendly investment/banker. Adrian never replied. Their mantra is predictable.

Day was asked: INN: Should we have a group of people that tells [gold producers] what they should be doing? This question upgraded my interest. I thought, how lovely, investment promoters wonder if they should start telling gold producers how to do their work. Sounded good to me to learn a fresh twist!

Adrian’s reply:

“I do like the idea, with a few caveats. The senior mining companies have had awful returns on the money that we (who are the we?) give them, not only over short term, but over long term Over the last 40 years, the gold-mining business has the second-worst returns of any industry in the world, and the worst was the airlines. In the gold-mining business you do have inherent difficulties. It’s a very, very capital-intensive business, it takes a long time after discovery, the odds of discovery are low. After discovery, before you put something into production, it’s a long time with environmental permits and everything else. Then once you’ve built the mine, you’ve sunk a billion dollars into Tanzania or something, the government can come along and say, “hey, now you’re here and you’ve spent the money, we’d like a little more of that.”
I think the gold-mining managements have really exacerbated the problems by being pro-cyclical. Now, pro sounds like a good thing, but when you’re investing it’s a bad thing. The gold-mining companies, with few exceptions, typically have been overpaying for marginal properties at the top and then not buying at the bottom. Very few companies were buying anything in 2013, ‘14, ‘15 when the prices were low. Companies were on the edge of bankruptcy, you could’ve stolen projects, but companies were selling their own assets and reducing their debt. The time to take on debt is at the bottom but not at the top. You don’t take on debt at the top when things are expensive, to overpay.”

Compare his descriptions of gold mining companies or gold deposit situations with Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. The Tanzania reference can be global. You will find references in many TOPICS of the FORUM that tell details of the problems Mr. Day lists; however much analysists, promoters, puff the golden smoke into the public air, the marks continue to breathe deeply. As I wrote to Hans in Risk Management Strategies yesterday, I am a buyer of Sixteen to One on the open market higher than the last reported sale for reasons Mr. Day recognized that do not apply in Alleghany, California..
 By Michael Miller

11/01/2016  4:37PM

More information about the time stamp mentioned below.

If you live in Hungary, the time of posting on the FORUM is actual time. If you live in California as I do, it is nine hours different. So if you are in Chicago, it is seven hours. Sandor Holly, past director, is Hungarian and wrote me last night with the explanation.

Hans, I look forward in receiving your report, email is best. Where have all the spirited, adventurous and speculating capitalists gone? Our under financed operation became tediously old after the 2007-2008 financial collapse; however, few junior gold producers remain. We have.

The pattern of operating the Sixteen to One has a solid history going back over an 100 year history. We’ve blown that pattern and have been outside its proven success the past ten years. Last year was profitable, which is certainly better than a loss. What bothers me is the knowledge that the mine has many areas with positive evidence that mining them will bring forth one of those 5,000 to 10,000 ounce concentrations. Eight locations stand out. This means we must increase our crew. When we do hit a pocket, the result will be rewarding.

While more sophisticated technology for detection remains elusive, the Australian Mine Lab detector, which we bought last January has led the crew into new gold. We know it has increased the depth of identification. This means that most of the exposed vein with favorable geology and history must be re-examined. It’s a big vein system with miles of exposed vein to reexamine.

Economically speaking, the dynamics of scale of mining is working against us. We need some cash to buy more labor! We need a crew in each of those eight lip smacking underground areas of high probabilities. Even today, though, our crew can open up the right ground to mine several thousand ounces. We have done this before. Lady luck likes an honest gamble.

Our story is rock solid and appealing to anyone thinking about the future of gold. Pundits are speculating for increasing demand of gold in the coming years. We are doing okay with current prices but any increase helps. Most people with risk capital or excessive wealth must think about gold but shy away. Gold is a tricky asset, but then again knowledge is power. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. shares the top tier with few companies owning under developed gold assets. I can prove it.
 By Hans Kummerow

10/31/2016  7:48PM

I have done what Mike has suggested to do a few days ago - I have reviewed the entire thread.

And now I have just finished doing, what I had suggested to do about 18 months ago.

I have drawn up an action plan for Origsix to pursue in 2017. It is not ready yet to be posted on this FORUM.

But I will send it to Mike for further review by himself and the Board.

 By Michael Miller

10/28/2016  12:43AM

Good afternoon to all of you. The time stamp on each Forum entry is nine hours ahead of reality no matter where you live. See the topic Clips from Alleghany. It says 12:00am October 28, 2016. California time of entry was 3:pm October 27, 2016. Love these computers!

Our web master lives in Hungary. We are experiencing difficulty in reaching him to make corrections. We’re working with a California firm to upgrade the website.

This morning I reviewed the FORUM topics and thought about moving this topic to Miscellaneous. I scrolled to the first entry by Hans Kummerow, who started the whole thing on January 13, 2915. I read his original thought, my answer and found it interesting enough to continue reading each entry to Gerald’s on March 22, 2016. I liked Hans’, Fred’s and Gerald’s thoughtful participation and decided this topic must continue. If you have a few minutes, please do what I did.

Hans now has an exclusive right to buy Sixteen to One quartz/gold for Europe. He has made proto types of jewelry and will be showing his intriguing designs tomorrow at the big gemstone show in Munich. He will be there on Friday, the pro-trader’s day. Hurrah for the effort. The Sixteen to One gemstone is in the class of rarity. To my knowledge Europeans have never seen it. Hans’ jewelry made pieces with a look never before created. They show the California gemstone as it has never been portrayed. Neither of us expects quick success but we expect success.

Hans, Fred, Gerald and I left this conversation wondering how to reach the right person to join us. The objective is to mine a lot of gold that likely exists beneath the ground in Alleghany. No one believes that the old timers got it all. Technology is a key but so far no one has developed the tools to help this high-grade mine. Adventure capital increases our success and diminishes the time to achieve success. Success is measured in a gold dividend and and increase in share value.

Where is that person or those people to hear our story? I
 By gerald vittitow

03/22/2016  7:46AM

i think a price of 0.09 is an insult to all owners of stock.
 By gerald vittitow

03/22/2016  7:04AM

i have 700 shares for sale at fidelity at limit of 0.47.someone who reads forum should be able to buy a few shares!
 By Michael Miller

03/24/2015  2:02PM


Yes and a reply was sent moments ago. I look forward to your next email. Hurray for the Germans and its economy leading
Europe and our American economy.
 By Hans Kummerow

03/22/2015  8:03AM

Hello Mike,

I have sent an E-Mail to you at mmeistermiller@gmail.com about two weeks ago. Did that E-Mail ever reach you?

Kind regards from Germany,

Hans W. Kummerow
 By fredmcain

03/10/2015  8:40AM


Well, I can say that your English is excellent ! I mean, words like "negotiating", "spectacular" and maybe even "dealmakers" - those can be difficult words to translate!

To get our subject back on topic (my fault for the diversion), it is just really amazing to me all the different kinds of people from all walks of life who are interested in this mine.

Fred M. Cain
 By Hans Kummerow

03/09/2015  7:40PM


The Germans have become global traders during the last decades and German dealmakers are travelling all over the place negotiating deals and signing deals. And usually, they are negotiating and signing in English language. Over here in Europe most people in business understand at least three languages. It is part of our everyday life. Nothing spectacular.

Kind regards from Europe,

Hans W. Kummerow
 By fredmcain

03/09/2015  10:48AM


I'm really impressed that so many Germans are fluent in English. They have certainly outdone Americans since very few Americans can speak or read German. (I can probably read better than I can speak).

But what concerns me is what does this imply for the future of the German language? Is that really a good thing? I'm not so sure.

Fred M. Cain
 By Hans Kummerow

03/07/2015  8:50PM

Thank you for your detailed response to my question Mike.

I agree that exposure of an Investment Opportunity to potential investors is a crucial issue. I also believe that language barriers between the American and the German investor scene do not pose a serious obstacle to any communication strategy because business oriented Germans speak English just like German today. They can read entries in this Forum without any problem.

The bottleneck is exposure. I shall write to you on that subject in a seperate message.

Kind regards from Germany,
Hans W. Kummerow
 By fredmcain

03/05/2015  8:53AM

Sehr interessante Ihrer Vorschag für das Forum auf Deutsche überzusetzen!

Wie viele auf unserm Forum können Deutsch? Ich kann etwas Deutsch aber nicht sehr gut !

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

03/03/2015  2:40PM

Hi Hans,
I’ll answer your question below and offer thoughts on gold, gold mining and related areas of investment.

I like your phrase, “a more dynamic drive to win additional support from bystanders.” It acknowledges the existence of a dynamic and energetic drive in the past. It acknowledges that we have support by asking if I want additional support. It recognizes that others, maybe a few or maybe many are standing on the sidelines, not really in the game. I hope so.

What about translating our FORUM into the German language? This would be my first choice; however a financial adviser most likely would recommend the first additional language be Chinese. Would expanding the awareness to Germans that the oldest USA gold mining company seeks working capital to exploit its gold deposit pan out? I think the possibility is worth the risk.

Investors or gold hounds or gold speculators or people with a dream and some cash to put towards that dream have the opportunity to enter the small and limited stock market to grab some shares. This doesn’t meet our current needs. I want to sink a new shaft in the middle of our property. It is what mining companies do and this plan is well documented and studied. Our library has maps and records plus our miners have personal experiences in the northern end of our underground workings. This is not a guessing plan. It is solid, based on evidence.

I want to find hungry capital owned by a hungry man, a group of hungry people or a daring woman. The underlining requirement is they must have the temperament and resources to exercise the plan. In addition to my belief that together we will find a lot of gold, our project has large social benefits to America and the world. The natural resource industry is in the midst of trauma. It just depends what one reads to get the picture. The world cannot operate without the production of earth’s natural resources. Natural resource production is not a hot sexy topic and its discussions in the news are slight. So, where can I find these people capable of looking into Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.?

The next important question is: How can these people find me? Really, nothing else matters. There is so much information about our business in print. The details of putting investment capital into our company cannot be discussed in detail over the phone or in a venue like this website; however, this website has enough to get these people’s interest.

The selling price of gold is great. A $1,212 per ounce has plenty of room for us to run a profitable operation. It is positive. The risk of total loss can be mitigated with the issuance of negotiated preferred shares. This is positive. Will be find gold? This can best be answered by reviewing mining history, which spans 162 years, dating back to 1853. While this cannot be a provable fact, it is a most probable outcome.

As I wrote a month ago here in this topic, we could use some help about now.
If anyone wants to contact me privately, please use mmeistermiller@gmail.com
 By Hans Kummerow

03/01/2015  1:52AM

Congratulations to our President for finally settling the Water Issue for good.

Is Origsix-Management now ready to kick-start a more replica handbags dynamic drive to win additional support from bystanders?
 By Michael Miller

02/02/2015  1:12PM

Fred, my last sentence is, “Maybe we will just mine our way back to prosperity; however it sure will be more fun and profitable if someone steps in this business with us.” It is not meant to be oblique. I thought it rather straight forward, not evasive but in a direct line to my history and the mine’s. Our histories are well documented in this web site; however it is my error (which I continue to do) of understatement. I despise the record of small cap mining companies when it comes to press releases and claims by management. Even many successful and unsuccessful writers, investment advisers and analysts proclaim incidental events as somehow great accomplishments. It is a continuous flow of BS to excite the modestly informed public about gold mining. It seems to work but is not my style.

So, for the modest number of readers of this FORUM, the last sentence of the 01/31/2015 clip will be rewritten. Maybe no one will take an interest in joining our hunt for gold in the properties we own outright. It sure will speed the process, make a lot of money from the gold we find and sell and also be rewarding in becoming a member of the team igniting the 21st century California gold rush. Oh, it will also be a fun adventure.
But our history is replete with the absence of taking outside money, when times are tough. I’m a piss poor money raiser. Instead, we have kept alive by mining gold. So, instead of writing, “Maybe we will just mine our way back to prosperity”, I now write, “We will mine our way back to prosperity.” It is an historical truth over the past thirty years.

I realize that followers on FORUM lost interest: Scoop, Michael Miller, and the other frequent writers took a break. I’m glad you stayed the course, Fred. I did not lose interest. I chose to avoid hype and tell what happens instead of writing speculatively. Maybe I should loosen up. I’ll give it a try.
The Sixteen to One has proven gold targets that we allowed to be submerged or failed to access. This will change in March, due to the underground work we have been doing the past two plus years. The horrendous legal attack by a California water board (filing a claim for $2.1 million) engulfed my time, consumed scarce money and presented a barrier to most for financial help. It will be settled in February. We prepared an in-depth look into Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc., plans for the future. Our powder is dry and our team is hungry. Do we need a little help from our friends? Yes, we sure could use it right about now. Nevertheless, we will mine our way back to prosperity because there may be no other choice on the horizon.

My paternal grandfather, Reid Miller, had an interesting career. Born in Sacramento, California, his father and grandfather were bankers in Sacramento (D.O. Mills Bank). They ran the business as the Secretary and Treasurer. Reid took a job at the Midas Gold Mine as accountant. He later bought the Red Bluff newspaper. When I was going through my dad’s desk, I found an article and a note signed by some guy named Josh Billings, a friend of Reid’s. Josh wrote, “Consider the postage stamp; its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.” Joaquin Miller was another writer in California. (There is a Joaquin Miller junior high school in Sacramento.) He said it another way, “Brave admiral, say but one good word; what shall we do when hope is gone? The words leapt like a leaping sword: Sail on! Sail on! and on!”

The Sixteen to One mine joins a few great mines in the Sierra Nevada Mountain gold belt. While there is little activity, some owners stick to the one thing they know: produce gold. This attitude reflects the perseverance of another American Abraham Lincoln who wrote: “Hold on with a bulldog grip, and chew and choke as much as possible.”

Hans, I agree with you as well but you must honor our position of caution. It is because of our 103 year history, we have a plan for today. Germans know historical relevance as well as my English ancestors knew what to do.. The Meister brothers (maternal great great grandparent) came to California from Germany for the lure of gold and opportunity. They tried and quickly turned away. They stayed and found gold in building wagons, trains and cars in Sacramento.

My house that I built in Alleghany 38 years ago is riddled with woodpecker holes. They were particularly annoying early in the morning as they tapped away. The woodpeckers are endangered so I will not shoot them. Even the woodpecker owes its success to the fact that he uses his head and keeps pecking away until he finishes the job he starts. Gold mining in California is not finished.
 By fredmcain

02/02/2015  10:15AM


Arrogant? Ah, that'd be a no. I don't think you sound arrogant at all but rather being careful what you post on here is just common sense.

Mining is a difficult business. Kinda like farming. Sales and revenues can be high but expenses even higher still. Then there are all the legal issues. Mining just isn't considered to be "politically correct" these days.

Your last sentence caught my eye, though. Not sure what you meant by that. I really mean to meet you someday. I just don't know when I can get out to California. But, one of these days!

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

01/31/2015  5:42PM

There is a plan. It will not be detailed to the public for reasons as those in other businesses do not reveal sensitive strategies or tactics; however it can be discussed in private conversations with qualified people. Sounds a little arrogant?

Think again. I have mine development plans priced down to the track spikes. I have corporate plans solidified by directors and consultants and professionals in a variety of fields. What I do not have is a list of men or women mentally and financially able to make an effort to view them.

Maybe we will just mine our way back to prosperity; however it sure will be more fun and profitable if someone steps in this business withus.

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