August 18, 2022 

Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By cw3343

06/18/2019  9:42AM

Any chance of posting a photo of this find?

Thank you!
 By Michael Miller

06/14/2019  3:42PM

May 29, 2019
You are authorized to show and sell this yet-to-be- named specimen to the two gentlemen who may be in Oroville this month. It is not to leave your safe keeping unless it is purchased. It has no name purposely, so its new owner msy choose. It has not been treated with any acid. It looks the same as when it was mined on March 31, 2019 from the 1150 level of Sixteen to One mine.

Since it day-lighted a couple of weeks ago, a dozen people with backgrounds in gold specimens or other high-end collector items were elated to see and hold it. People ask, “What’s it worth? What’s the value of this 16 to 1 recent specimen?” That’s for others to decide. It is priceless, a one-of-a-kind, rare as hens teeth.

I’ve touched pricelessness before and understand its complex meaning. In fall of 1962, I touched Mona Lisa in Paris, the Louve Museum and The Man with the Golden Helmet in West Berlin and returned a second and third day to experience it again. The public could walk up to the paintings then: no more. The experiences were priceless.

On May 31, 2019 I touched priceless again. Arriving at the portal, end of shift, the crew was very excited. “Get back into your truck. Go to the office. You gotta see this.” I did. I broke the seal opening the high-grade bag and reached in. I felt the largest rock and knew its specialness. The touch of its surface prickled as I pulled it out. Its weight got me excited.

The crew stood there, just smiling. Then it emerged from the sack and I saw this humbling work of nature’s art. Two hours ago the rock was hidden one thousand feet underground for 125,000,000 years. Now it’s in my hand thanks to our Sixteen to One miners.

Sometimes we just don’t know…..well, how lucky we are.
This rock is priceless, yet must be priced: $160,000.
The rock was named and is on display this week end for the Underground Museum event. Postcards available with the following inscription: From the Sixteen to One Mine in Alleghany: “The Hand of Dan” 21 ounces of gold mined on March 29, 2019. Photo by Duane Lines moments after the blast.
 By Michael Miller

05/20/2019  4:56PM

Dear Forum Followers,
The website crashed today. Our webmaster lives in Hungry but solved the problem. This is a very old website and not comparable with the pace and options today. Four years ago we found a team to get us into 21st century internet; however the new look was too nontraditional. After all this is a very traditional business, gold mining in California. Sixteen to One is a rare gem with many facets. We will be exploring a new design to meet the needs of the time next week. Tradition will be maintained but improvements are coming.

The site administration lost the ability to post pictures. None in our office are active twitters, face bookers, cell phone users and other popular media stuff. Even though, we placed some great pictures on Facebook. Last Thursday photos are worth a look. Too few miners are mining today so I brought a new group in for training. Check ‘em out.
 By Michael Miller

04/26/2019  2:49PM

Dear Senator Feinstein, April 22, 2019
Thanks greatly for answering my letter regarding Opportunity Zone’s inclusion in the past tax reform bill. I received your reply yesterday. A democrat and republican senator actively drafted the language. This wonderful plan for business, community and those Americans who realize the opportunity to invest in these impoverished locations benefit. It is not a tax give-away as some suggest but a solid plan for multiple improvement.

My home, community and business for forty three years need a shot of tired money now sitting in domestic and foreign low interest accounts. Alleghany, California, is the last gold mining camp in the Sierra Nevada. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. (107 year old California corporation) is the oldest mining company in America. Seventy to 75% of the vein system is untouched. Our underground mining operation has no adverse effects on the environment. We were green before it became a buzz word.

I appreciate the subcommittees you serve with members of both parties. In particular are: Environment, Military, Homeland Security, Science and Rural Development. Two others hold interest: Agriculture (there are abandoned underground mines throughout the US where crops thrive due to controllable environment), and Labor. My industry and America were built with skilled blue collar workers. Young people are vital to the mining industry. It has become an endangered domestic species. Young people need training. We elders who care about the future want to participate. Financial leaders must play a role. Opportunity Zone is their hook.

My major at UCSB (class of 1964) was Combined Social Science (economics emphasis). I left Santa Barbara to begin a career very different from most: natural resources (timber and gold). I became an advocate for their value and advancement. Why your subcommittees “Military and Homeland Security are relevant is answered by studying histories of warfare. A crisis exists with the decline of domestic natural resource industries. Countries fight for resources. I don’t mean anything like supporting clear cutting or flagrant abusive mining.

Senators Tim Scott and Cory Booker led the concept of “Opportunity Zones”. This idea truly benefits those with money and its receivers; however a true analysis of each opportunity is vital. I’m concerned that the executive agencies that take this law into the realm of regulations have lost their way. This is why I write you. I know you are busy and I ask that someone from your office in California contacts me under your direction. We need to start implementing this legislation. It needs an example of success, which we can become. Please include me to help.

Best wishes to you and your staff.
Michael Meister Miller
 By Michael Miller

03/18/2019  5:37PM

Words for this federal gift to ignite unproductive capital are on the move: Sacramento Bee, New York Times, Motley Fool and now you. Following is an engine for profit and Alleghany is a top place for serious participation. Help make it happen here in Sierra County.

United States Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) leads a bipartisan, bicameral letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin encouraging clarity about the Department of Treasury’s proposed Opportunity Zone regulations. Senators Booker (NJ), Portman (OH) , Young (IN), Ernst (IA), Moore Capito (WV), Gardner (CO), and Representatives Mike Kelly (PA), Kind (WI), Delbene (WA), Kilmer (WA), Sewell (AL), Collins (NY), Sensenbrenner (WI), Smith (MO), and Stivers (OH) all joined Senator Scott (SC). It allows investors to defer capital gains taxes for up to a decade if they invest their cash in rural and small-town communities largely left behind in the recovery from the Great Recession. REPORT IS ON OSTO LETTERHEAD

Draft: Opportunity Zones
February 1, 2019
March 16, 2019 updated

The state must create one million more such jobs according to political and business leaders. To
expand California’s skilled workforce, promote rural economic development and make every California community more resilient has been talk, talk and more talk. Action is required and the federal government set a plan of action with Opportunity Zone to excite a flow of capital onto a new path. Sierra County qualifies as an Opportunity Zone.

This is recent federal legislation. Stated goals are: “to better align state and local government, urban and rural economies and resources from public and private sectors. These cross-cutting efforts will push for adoption of a statewide regions-up prosperity strategy, promote resiliency models for fire-impacted communities, advance new approaches to rural economic development, and capitalize on the potential of new, federally-designated Opportunity Zones.” Will these just be words? Or will politicians, capitalists and investors grab the idea and turn it to concrete?

“The voice from the vast expanses of rural California is small. Our once thriving natural resource based economies are still transitioning. This initiative gives us a way, but it will require deep partnerships with urban areas—we cannot do it alone.”
Kathleen Moxon, Redwood Coast Rural Action

To be competitive with other states, California has a narrow window in 2019 to take advantage of the potential of new, federally-designated “Opportunity Zones.” Recent tax changes have made 3,500 low-income census tracts in the state—home to more than three million people—eligible to benefit from billions of dollars in new private investment. Benefits to the investment participants are substantial.

The Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, provides a new tax incentive to spur private investments in low -income areas designated by states as Opportunity Zones. This new incentive provides a deferral, reduction, and potential elimination of federal capital gains taxes. This new pool of private capital can help transform underinvested islands of poverty into thriving communities —but only if communities and the state organize to take advantage of this new flow of capital.

Opportunity Zones is not a grant program; it is a new investment tool. Private investors will be looking for community investments that yield real returns —in areas from business and housing to community infrastructure. It is vital that the State of California, along with its community governments organize project planning to develop an investable pipeline of attractive projects that will allow the state to effectively compete for new investment capital.

With over 8,000 approve d Opportunity Zones nationwide—with 890 Zones in California—competition for this investment is high. The potential amount of capital gains eligible is estimated at $6 trillion; the challenge is to attract investors to place the maximum potential in
communities of need (Alleghany qualifies). This framework focuses on several key issues: ensuring communities are “Opportunity Zone ready” to attract these investments (Alleghany is ready); identifying how the state can align programs to support local project implement action and reduce state and local regulatory barriers to make eligible investments entitlement ready.
Our community determined what result it wants from Opportunity Zone investment and what it has to offer. These new funds create an opportunity to connect private capital to projects that meet community needs and provide social impacts that increase the economic well -being of the community, streamline regulatory process and develop a local project pipeline. Investment eligibility is expansive providing there are public purposes and job increases. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. is committed.

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. recognizes the value and importance of this new approach for development. It is a high priority for our attention. This is an exceptional winning enterprise.

Michael Meister Miller
Director and President
 By Michael Miller

02/12/2019  2:12PM

Just received below from Aram Shishumanian (CEO) of World Gold Council, a publication I trust and enjoy reading for many years. The current report has a dozen headings. After review I’ll summarize for the FORUM.

12 February, 2019

In January 2009, the world was in the grip of the Global Financial Crisis. Markets were in turmoil, economies were falling into recession, policymakers were panicking. That was when I became CEO of the World Gold Council, a time when attitudes towards gold as an investment asset were just beginning to shift.

Ten years later, as I prepare to step down as CEO, the world is in a very different place. But the repercussions of a prolonged period of stagnant economic growth still linger. Interest rates, while slowly starting to rise, remain at record lows. The US current account deficit is at an all-time high. Traditional assets are volatile, after an extensive bull run. And China’s influence is significantly greater than it was.

In such an environment, gold’s unique attributes as an investment have become increasingly apparent. Increased interest in gold comes amid a growing focus among asset owners on sustainable investment. Today’s investors are keen to understand whether and how companies are responding to climate change. The gold industry is under scrutiny too but, as we explain in Gold’s role in a low-carbon economy, the impact of gold on investment portfolios is rather different from initial expectations.

Aram Shishmanian
 By Michael Miller

10/01/2018  3:46PM

In January of 2018, I mail the following letter to our State of California appointed water board. It follows the required information, which included a notice to the Central Valley Regional Water Control Board (CVRWQCB). Our splendid attorney, Klaus Kolb, and I spoke at a CVRWQCB meeting in Rancho Cordova addressing allegations and misinformation presented to the seven board members by staff. Staff, in this case, are well meaning and poorly prepared youthful attorneys working as “the prosecution team”. Strange, I know, but indicative of how certain public servants are taught their job. (Follow the money to find the power and objectives.)

You will find Original Sixteen to One Mine response to our treatment (also sent to the State Board) on the Forum under topic “Water and Arsenic: which came first?” submitted 01/26/18. My position as president required it; however as a Californian I have the right to be heard and wrote the following as a Concerned American. You should be concerned as well.

State Water Resources Control Board January 8, 2018
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Members of the Board,

The Porter Cologne Act passed in California legislation as solutions of water quality, conservation, control and utilization. What water issues troubled elected officials, industries and businesses in the 1960’s? Fundamental observations, conditions, predictions and downright speculations contributed to this law. It was justified according to give and take actions by Californians for the benefit of Californians: protected for use and enjoyment by the people of the state. The Legislature declared regulations shall be reasonable, considering all demands made on our water quality and considering the total values involved, beneficial and detrimental economic and social, tangible and intangible. Development projects were growing in scope and size; however the law specifically cites factors of precipitation, topography, population, recreation, agriculture, industry and economics shall apply.

The law established a State Board and regional boards. They shall conform to and implement the policies of Chapter 1, (policy) at all times of the Act. Water quality objectives mean the limits or levels of water quality constituents or characteristics which are established for the reasonable protection of beneficial uses of water. The first item listed for a water quality control plan is: (1) Beneficial uses to be protected. The intent of the Legislature is unequivocal: waste or contamination must create a hazard to the public health through poising or the spread of disease.

One key in the Legislative and administration process was science. Science began and drove concepts and words that eventually were passed by our Senate and Assembly. Science, after all, is knowledge, understood facts or principles. Knowledge is gained by systematic observations, experiment, and reasoning; knowledge is coordinated, arranged, and systematized. Its goal is the prosecution of truth thus known, both in the abstract and as an historical development.

What John Stuart Mill wrote 160 years ago holds true today: “Since all phenomena which have been sufficiently examined are found to take place with regularity, each having certain fixed conditions, positive and negative, on the occurrence of which it invariably happens, mankind has been able to ascertain the conditions of the occurrence of many phenomena. The progress of science mainly consists in ascertaining these conditions. Science is nothing but the finding of analogy, identity in the most remote parts of the subject.” There is no science involved with the enforcement of the current CVRWQCB in Rancho Cordova, California.

In science, you must not talk before you know. In art, you must not talk before you do. In literature, you must not talk before you think. In government all three apply to our public agencies, public employees, elected and appointed officials. Science persists with the knowledge of things, whether ideal or substantial. Art works the modification of substantial things by our substantial power. Literature brings to the mind the modification of ideal things by our ideal power. All are lacking with the Prosecution Team, the Administration Team, most of the Board members and the Executive Team.

The work of the true masters of Science is a perpetual striving after a better and closer knowledge of their environment from the planet on which their lot is cast and the universe in the vastness of which our planet is lost. CVRWQCB execution of the Porter Cologne act has become an illegal taker of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with no sense of support from Science, Art or Literature. It’s good and worthwhile intent turned into a sham, nothing more than a trick put upon the public. It has become evil that lacks any bearing on its expectations. The people should fear the destroying of long standing public and private benefits of our water. If the environment is sought to be defended or pressured for the safety and benefits of Californians, some advocates and some enforcers twist, ignore and lie. It is a sham and the goodness we know and expect will be lost for future generations. The actions I witnessed at the December 8, 2017, public CVRWQCB hearing will alarm Californians as I was alarmed.

Porter- Cologne Water Quality Control Act is the law. It preempts all other plans, such as the Valley Basin plan. Its importance in Californian’s behaviors patterns the relationships between the Constitution of the United States of American and the Constitution of the State of California. Law has definitions: recognize shame answers, sham defenses, and sham pleas. The entire agenda item on December 8, 2017, was so clearly shameful, in fact, presenting no substantial issue. It is make believe to assert that natural waters traveling through the Alleghany aquifers, above and underground, produce harmful conditions to public health. An historical mantra holds true here in Sacramento: “We must have a case that we do not sham fallacies upon the people for current reason.”

Fear of this material (natural elements for life) and native water precipitating high in the Sierra Nevada mountains is a pretense for highjacking industrial freedom and rights, justify employment for the prosecutors, fatten self-serving appetites, and is illegal, immoral and against both State and Federal Constitutions. “Truth, like gold, lies at the bottom.”

In reference to the degree of specialization on display during this public meeting, the sciences may be arranged as follows:
(A) Mathematics, the study of relations of the parts of hypothetical constructions, involving no observation of facts, but only of the creations of our own minds, having two branches – (1) pure mathematics, where the suppositions are arbitrary and (2) applied mathematics, where the hypothesis as simplifications of real facts – and branching again into (a) mathematical philosophy, as the theory of probabilities, etc. (b) mathematical physics, as analytical mechanics, etc. and (c) mathematical physics, as political economy.
(B) Philosophy, the examination of and logical analysis of a general body of fact is a science in which reason and history precedes successful dealing with special elements of the universe – branching into (1) logic and (2) metaphysics.
(C) Nomology, the science of the most general laws or uniformities, having two main branches – (1) psychology and (2) general physics.
(D) Chemistry, the determination of physical constants and the study of the different kinds of matter in which these constants differ.
(E) Biology, the study of a peculiar class of substances, the protoplasms, and of the kinds of organisms into which they grow.
(F) Sciences of organization of organisms, embracing (1) physiology, the science of the working of the psychical structures of organs and (2) sociology, the science of psychical unions, especially modes of human society, including ethics, linguistics, politics, etc.

No science was on display by the Prosecution Team, the Advisory Team or other public employees. My wonderment is that the seven board members voted six to one in support of the staff with so little knowledge of what they were voting for. Science is nothing but the finding of analogy, identity in the most remote parts of the subject: water. “The work of the true man of Science is a perpetual striving after a better and closer knowledge of the planet on which his lot is cast, and of the universe in the vastness of which that planet is lost.” –J.N. Lockyer. What science triggers the serious efforts across the spectrum of living in our Golden State? What is the duty of water?

Terms contain some qualification to denote that it must not be excessive are to be based in science. The buzz ‘word’ has become ppb. The word "reasonable" being considerably used in law is not used now in science: reasonable in care and diligence, reasonable in economic evaluations (cost/benefits), reasonable unavoidable. This board lacks an understanding of reason because the staff either fails to know or withholds important information (exculpatory evidence or statements which tend to clear Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. from alleged fault or guilt). The duty of water is found not to be a constant factor for all places but varies with the character of natural surroundings, climatic conditions, diversification of environments and various other conditions.

Kanaka Creek does not present a water quality problem for fish, plant life or aquatic insects. No one suffers a beneficial loss downstream from the ancient 21 portal. During the meeting the question, “What is the full definition of serious?” was brushed aside by staff. The proper action for the Board to take at this meeting was to table the topic and send it back to staff for review and clarification on the issues raised by Operator. The insistence that it could not take this action is weak.

I am aggrieved by the action at the December 8, 2017 CVWQCB meeting.

I file this petition for review with the State Water Board.
I hereby attach to this petition by reference the three attachment filed by Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. as support for my request for the petition. I have suffered great financial losses due to the ongoing behavior if CVRWQCB in the Kanaka Creek watershed. I have suffered great mental strain and harassment.

Required Information:
Michael Meister Miller
PO Box 941
Alleghany, CA 95910
(530) 287-3224

A copy of this request is given to the US Postal office in Alleghany today, addressed to the CVRWQCB in Rancho Cordova. Presenting new and accurate information and delivering true and scientific information regarding the issues under review by CVRWQCB in order to preserve, protect and enhance the regional environment both naturally and socially are not a choice but a right and a public responsibility.

Michael M. Miller


The State Board scheduled a closed meeting this week. Any predictions on the outcome?
 By Michael Miller

08/16/2018  1:44PM

A shift in the too long held environmental belief that man must not work the forest but leave it alone is gaining steam. All the fires in California and other states support why the under-story in our forests must be attacked with vigor and common sense. Sierra County is a prime place to take positive action and a new approach to funding is working.

I send an east coast writer the following letter. No reply. Check out a plan called O-zone investment. It is getting a bad rap by some like Mr. Kuttner

August 1, 2018
Dear Mr. Kuttner,

What a surprise to open and read your August 1, 2018 article, “About that Capital Gains Scam!” Yesterday, a longtime pal (Stanford grad, three years older than you and two years older than I) called to tell me about a fresh program that would be great for Sierra County and California in general. He cited a Forbes article and said he would mail the article to me. Yes, I found that Sierra County was included in the nationwide qualifying locations. A google search led to the opportunity zone concept, and how it would work. I was very excited because money in all forms is absent from Sierra County.

Three presidents you rubbed up against would likely back this plan: Woodrow Wilson, John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. I want you to also revisit the proposal, provide constructive input and help move it along. My economic views resemble yours, liberal and progressive; both mirror our sentiments and convictions; however we arrived there on diverse paths.

I’m a fifth generation Californian, born and raised in Sacramento. My schooling ended with a BA from UCSB class of ’64. After graduating, I designed, built and ran a college hangout, selling more beer between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Our room with six coin operated pool tables was going all the time. The volleyball court was unique; so were the rock-n roll bands, fully clothed collegiate go-go dancers, affordable food and old time movies. My economics major was tempered with sociology and geography minors. Thankfully, the only real values that helped me throughout my business life were very simple and understandable: laws of supply & demand, dynamics of scale, laws of diminishing return.

Five years saturated my brain and I wanted out of dealing with the public. In 1974, with a desire to return to Northern California, I stumbled into a dinosaur like opportunity: gold mining in the high Sierra Mountain Range. After much study (helped when our federal government lifted the restrictions on gold price and ownership) I decided to give it five years. That was in 1975. I’m still an underground gold miner, running the oldest US gold corporation.

My only purpose in writing you is to gain your ear on this very progressive idea floating around Congress. My background, experience and training in high use of capital are in natural resources. America needs domestic resource production and it needs a new industry based for the blue collar youth. Capital moving into forest restoration and related areas is a progressive thought that the three presidents mentioned before would support. If our current President did the same, the benefits from supporting well selected opportunity zone make my heart beat faster. It very well will do the same for you. If not, please tell me you got my note. Thanks.

Michael Meister Miller, President
Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.
(530) 287-3223
 By Michael Miller

05/11/2018  11:40AM

With a growing interest in gold, I’m spending time compiling Sixteen to One data from old records and hours of work. Geologists and others are looking for mining opportunities and information. The letter below isn’t one for those interests; however, I snorted after reading parts of it. Bill Murphy is Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. He exposes the manipulations within the precious metal industry. I saw this letter and the line, “The public will get another hosing in a couple of years as others pedal their stories” came true.

March 23, 2009
Dear Bill,

We spoke when you were looking for plaintiffs in your lawsuit against Blanchard. I said okay, but I guess our company was not needed. I would have been proud to be a party to your exposure of fraud or collusion.

I still am President and now our company has become both the oldest U.S. gold mining corporation and the longest producer of gold in North America. It has not been an easy trip. Nevertheless, I look forward to every day and am positive that gold has a solid future for another decade or so.

I tried to participate in Le Metropole Café. It was very unsuccessful. I notified you by e-mail at least three times over the past eighteen months of the troubles but heard nothing back. I had signed up for a trial membership. It was a technical disaster that never got solved. For a year or longer after signing up, I continue to get e-mail notifications from Le Metropole, but I have no password or ability to open them. I wrote explanations to your web master to give me a real trial or stop sending these worthless e-mails but nothing happened. Will you look into it, please?

The gold sector is different from thirty/twenty years ago. Events will not duplicate. Interest has waned. My involvement dates to 1974. As a real gold producer, a junior at that, I see very few articles about how to evaluate the small companies. I don’t find the articles about the large companies that compelling either. (I broke bread with past presidents of three of the big companies and rubbed elbows with many small company executives.) Right now I have little hope for true improvement in the Big Guys, the analysts, promoters or newsletter writers. The public will get another hosing in a couple of years as others pedal their stories. The past has hurt those who actually take the risks of gold mining, something the owners and management of Sixteen to One mine have done in the last three centuries. You have a tool to help the real gold miners and a naive public. I would like to learn more about Le Metropole Café and perhaps become an educator, not to shamelessly promote but to combat ignorance.

If you have the time, please give me a call, check out the FORUM on our web site or if you have no time or interest, please tell your web master to quit sending me emails that I cannot access. Hope the best for you and your publication.

Sincerely, Michael M. Miller
 By Michael Miller

03/23/2018  1:46PM

Our office (Alleghany) lost all satellite internet service for two weeks less one day, today when it resumed. Northern California rural areas, the extreme rural spots like Alleghany do not have cell phone as well. The cause was the inaccurate disconnection from our provider, Hughesnet discontinued our address not the address it was ordered to turn off. A technician is necessary to make the reconnect on site.
Rae, Edda and I spent hours, many hours communication with voices all over the world to get it fixed to no avail. Among zero emails our website was silent.

I was in a grocery market in Oroville when its computer service went down. What a scene! Shoppers waited with full and partially filled baskets. The cash registers would not work. After about twenty minutes waiting everyone left and left our baskets. I was in the bank one time when its computers went down. Adios dinero!

Can you imagine the scene when this happens on a larger scale: no money exchange, no purchase of gas or food, a ruckus on every roadway.

Thank you for staying informed about our business in California’s greatest goldfield. We are somewhat backlogged and will knock away at keeping you UP TO DATE.
 By Michael Miller

02/13/2018  8:44AM

Why is the United States reliant on China and Russia for strategic minerals when we have more of these valuable resources than both these nations combined?

This has nothing to do with geological impediments. It is politics and business or more broadly, economics.

Rarely do I see a news report with this economic reality that is vital to America’s industries. The rapid decline in mining jeopardizes American security. The U.S. Geological Survey reports Americans are 100 percent import dependent for 20 critical and strategic minerals (not including each of the "rare earths"). It gets worse. America is reliant for another group of 30 key minerals. Who will sing for the miners? (I’ll tell you later how I asked Willie Nelson to sing for the miners as he sang for the cowboys).

This import dependency continues to grow as forces continue to misrepresent the effects of site specific regions where nature influenced our mineral wealth, our deposits. Why? Ignorance is blight against governmental and private planners to look to and anticipate future needs

The Trump administration is working to reverse decades of policies that have inhibited our ability to mine our own abundant resources; however Washington DC cannot solve this dilemma. When flying throughout the United States, I am always amazed at how much land resembles “open space”, even in the most populated state, California.

“No nation on the planet is more richly endowed with a treasure chest of these metals than the U.S. The U.S. Mining Association estimates there are more than $6 trillion in resources. We could easily add $50 billion of GDP every year through a smart mining policy” writes Stephen Moore. Stephen Moore (born February 16, 1960) is an American writer and economic policy analyst. He founded and served as president of the Club for Growth from 1999 to 2004. Moore is a former member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

Thank you, Mr. Moore. You have publicly addressed long standing, social and growing behaviors…IGNORANCE. My industry knows the extent and many reasons for America becoming a second rate resource country. I am less familiar with how the multinational corporations think but have close up and personal experiences for small mining operators.

Rare earth minerals are the seeds for building new technologies, and a strong case could be made that these strategic metals are the oil of the 21st century. Yet here in California an economic deposit of these vital multifaceted minerals has changed ownership under suspicious machinations.

Mr. Moore explains, “The suite of 15 primary minerals -- which the U.S. has in abundance domestically -- has been referred to as "the vitamins of chemistry." They exhibit unique attributes, such as magnetism, stability at extreme temperatures, and resistance to corrosion: properties that are keys to today's manufacturing. These rare earth elements are essential for military and civilian use for the production of high-performance permanent magnets, GPS guidance systems, satellite imaging and night vision equipment, flat screens, sunglasses and a myriad of other technology products.”
 By Michael Miller

01/25/2018  4:23PM

January 24, 2018

My friend in Germany sent me an English Translation of a recent Chinese analytical release by Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. LTD (China). It is considered a negative outlook. Not by me. The international outlook or perspective about gold has never been a topic of wide spread consideration and analysis. Many that undertake the project are hopelessly overly optimistic that gold will reach thousands of dollars on data similar to what Dagong did to project a weak dollar or negative dollar conclusion. The English translation is numbered. The unnumbered paragraphs are some thoughts.

Response to Dagong Downgrade:
The main reasons for downgrading the sovereign credit ratings of the United States are as follows:
1. Deficiencies in the current US political ecology make it difficult for the efficient administration of the federal government, so the national economic development derails from the right track. Under the political ecology which is built by the factional rivalries, factional interests are prioritized, and it is hard for the government to focus on the management of the national economy and social development. Therefore, the national economy is highly debt-driven. Nevertheless, the government did not discover from the financial crises that it is the debt-driven mode of economic development that has hindered the country from making ends meet. Instead, it continues to seek credit expansion through direct issuance of the US dollars, therefore serves as the “track walker” on the wrong track that departs from logic.

Response: US, California and Sierra County are not nor have they been operating as “efficient administration”. Federal, state and county governments’ management has derailed economies from the right track, a main explanation for a President Trump instead of a President Clinton. Factional rivalries and factional interests were prioritized creating the difficulty to focus on management, social development and international relations. The direction has changed and the future holds fresh outlooks for overly suppressed businesses and people.

2. The distorted credit ecology that violates the law of value leads to the abnormal solvency of the federal government. Capital’s desire for profits makes the financial sectors of the United States strive for more profits through continuous expansion of the chain of credit transactions by designing capital products and trading structures, and the virtual value-added model of capital self-circulation that runs out of the real economy provides living space for the ever-blooming debt bubble of the federal government. The government has formed a virtual solvency by increasing new debts in the name of the United States through abusing the right of issuance the US dollar as the international reserve currency. Therefore, the distorted credit ecology has made the federal government's abnormal solvency become its derivative product.

Response: The above paragraph is tough to read and comprehend. Perhaps its intent is lost in the translation from Chinese to English. USA and Californian governments are not operating according to capitalism ecology today or last year or last decade or last century. The first sentence of Chinese #2 is an inaccurate or at best a weak assumption. Therefore what follows is worth nothing. International economic concerns are well established by some before January 16, 2018, the date of the Dagong downgrade.

3. Massive tax cuts directly reduce the federal government's sources of debt repayment, therefore further weakens the base of government's debt repayment. The tax cuts act implemented from 2018 did not attack the root cause of the unsustainable debt-driven economy of the US, so it is projected that the US economy growths only 2.3% in 2018, and would grow even more slowly in the years after. Besides, fiscal revenue of the federal government will keep declining due to the tax cuts, so it is projected that the fiscal revenue to GDP ratio will fall to 14.0% in 2022, a 3.3 percentage points down from that of 2017. The rising demand for national defense, infrastructure and rigid spending will made it hard for the federal government to reduce fiscal expenditure effectively, thus it is estimated that the fiscal deficit of the federal government in 2018 and 2019 will rise to 3.9% and 4.1% respectively.

Response: No “base of government’s debt repayment” is large enough to dent the level of debt. What is this base? The multi trillions of paper? Therefore, the speculated massive tax cut has little or no significance in accomplishing the Dagong reason to fear. The 2018 tax cut won’t violate the root cause of the unsustainable governmental malfeasance in economic, social and international operations; however it is an initial step. Identifying “the root cause” is currently a popular buzz fad of government thinking. Unfortunately, government employees I meet are unable to identify root causes.

4. Using the rising debt to make up for the fiscal gap brought by the tax cuts will inevitably increase the credit risk of the federal government. The financial gap and the pressure to repay maturing debts raise the financing needs of the federal government. It is estimated that ratio of fiscal revenue-to-debt of the federal government will be 14.9% and 14.2% in 2018 and 2019 respectively, and the ratio will deteriorate to 12.1% in 2022. The government will then have to raise the debt ceiling frequently. In addition, the government’s realizable assets-to-debt ratio is merely 7.3% in 2017. That is to say, the government cannot stay solvent relying solely on its realizable assets and it has to resort to debt monetization to maintain the balance between repayment sources and debt. However, interest rate increase and balance sheet reduction of the Federal Reserve raise the cost of finance through debt roll-over. Thus to roll over debts is unsustainable.

Response: Sure, the tax cuts may inevitably increase the credit risk of the federal government; however true capitalists and economic theorists embrace risk because it may bring obscene rewards. Obscene thinkers are ones whose obscene management contributed to today. Which side of the monetary picture are you on? It’s the yin and yang of social sciences. Maybe China wants large multinational entities to prosper now that it has become a large player in international economics. Good bye small business. Ho hum.

5. The virtual solvency of the federal government would be likely to become the detonator of the next financial crisis. The serious imbalance between the sources of debt repayment and liabilities makes the federal government the weakest link in the US debt chain. Taking the advantage of its right to print money, the US strives to maintain its solvency by purchasing treasuries with newly-printed dollars, which, in itself, is a debt crisis. The market's reversing recognition of the value of US treasury bonds and US dollar will be a powerful force in destroying the fragile debt chain of the federal government.
Response: Why did Dagong inset the adjective “virtual” to illuminate solvency? Americans of all ages are now familiar with virtual reality, being in effect but not in form. Solvency of the federal government is unlikely to become the “detonator of the next financial crisis”. History proves that America’s threat of insolvency is transferred from the public (government) sector to the private (corporate) sector. The history is long in tooth. Think: dot-com; tulips; automobile industry; oil/gasoline; saving & loan associations; corruption.
Thank you, China’s government and non-government thinkers and leaders. I hope the rest of the like-minded share your conclusion, below. I hope they act and do business according to Dagong’s report. Why? We are resource miners. We produce gold, inventory it and sell it for dollars
【Dagong Downgrades the Sovereign Credit Ratings of the United States of America】

CONCLUSION: Debt economy model determined by US political system, strategy and economic base will not change; tax cuts have increasingly adverse effects on the government’s repayment sources; continuous reduction of fiscal revenue and increase of debts show that the government’s repayment ability is weakening. Hence, Dagong holds a negative outlook for both the local and foreign currency sovereign credit.
 By Michael Miller

12/07/2017  8:30AM


EXECUTIVE ORDER- - - - - - -
By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to lower regulatory burdens on the American people by implementing and enforcing regulatory reform, it is hereby ordered as follows:
Section 1. Policy. It is the policy of the United States to alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens placed on the American people.
Sec. 2. Regulatory Reform Officers. (a) Within 60 days of the date of this order, the head of each agency, except the heads of agencies receiving waivers under section 5 of this order, shall designate an agency official as its Regulatory Reform Officer (RRO). Each RRO shall oversee the implementation of regulatory reform initiatives and policies to ensure that agencies effectively carry out regulatory reforms, consistent with applicable law. These initiatives and policies include:
(i) Executive Order 13771 of January 30, 2017 (Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs), regarding offsetting the number and cost of new regulations;
(ii) Executive Order 12866 of September 30, 1993 (Regulatory Planning and Review), as amended, regarding regulatory planning and review;
(iii) section 6 of Executive Order 13563 of January 18, 2011 (Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review), regarding retrospective review; and
(iv) the termination, consistent with applicable law, of programs and activities that derive from or implement Executive Orders, guidance documents, policy memoranda, rule interpretations, and similar documents, or relevant portions thereof, that have been rescinded.
(b) Each agency RRO shall periodically report to the agency head and regularly consult with agency leadership.
Sec. 3. Regulatory Reform Task Forces. (a) Each agency shall establish a Regulatory Reform Task Force composed of:
(i) the agency RRO;
(ii) the agency Regulatory Policy Officer designated under section 6(a)(2) of Executive Order 12866;
(iii) a representative from the agency's central policy office or equivalent central office; and
(iv) for agencies listed in section 901(b)(1) of title 31, United States Code, at least three additional senior agency officials as determined by the agency head.
(b) Unless otherwise designated by the agency head, the agency RRO shall chair the agency's Regulatory Reform Task Force.
(c) Each entity staffed by officials of multiple agencies, such as the Chief Acquisition Officers Council, shall form a joint Regulatory Reform Task Force composed of at least one official described in subsection (a) of this section from each constituent agency's Regulatory Reform Task Force. Joint Regulatory Reform Task Forces shall implement this order in coordination with the Regulatory Reform Task Forces of their members' respective agencies.
(d) Each Regulatory Reform Task Force shall evaluate existing regulations (as defined in section 4 of Executive Order 13771) and make recommendations to the agency head regarding their repeal, replacement, or modification, consistent with applicable law. At a minimum, each Regulatory Reform Task Force shall attempt to identify regulations that:
(i) eliminate jobs, or inhibit job creation;
(ii) are outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective;
(iii) impose costs that exceed benefits;
(iv) create a serious inconsistency or otherwise interfere with regulatory reform initiatives and policies;
(v) are inconsistent with the requirements of section 515 of the Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act, 2001 (44 U.S.C. 3516 note), or the guidance issued pursuant to that provision, in particular those regulations that rely in whole or in part on data, information, or methods that are not publicly available or that are insufficiently transparent to meet the standard for reproducibility; or
(vi) derive from or implement Executive Orders or other Presidential directives that have been subsequently rescinded or substantially modified.
(e) In performing the evaluation described in subsection (d) of this section, each Regulatory Reform Task Force shall seek input and other assistance, as permitted by law, from entities significantly affected by Federal regulations, including State, local, and tribal governments, small businesses, consumers, non-governmental organizations, and trade associations.
(f) When implementing the regulatory offsets required by Executive Order 13771, each agency head should prioritize, to the extent permitted by law, those regulations that the agency's Regulatory Reform Task Force has identified as being outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective pursuant to subsection (d)(ii) of this section.
(g) Within 90 days of the date of this order, and on a schedule determined by the agency head thereafter, each Regulatory Reform Task Force shall provide a report to the agency head detailing the agency's progress toward the following goals:
(i) improving implementation of regulatory reform initiatives and policies pursuant to section 2 of this order; and
(ii) identifying regulations for repeal, replacement, or modification.
Sec. 4. Accountability. Consistent with the policy set forth in section 1 of this order, each agency should measure its progress in performing the tasks outlined in section 3 of this order.
(a) Agencies listed in section 901(b)(1) of title 31, United States Code, shall incorporate in their annual performance plans (required under the Government Performance and Results Act, as amended (see 31 U.S.C. 1115(b))), performance indicators that measure progress toward the two goals listed in section 3(g) of this order. Within 60 days of the date of this order, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Director) shall issue guidance regarding the implementation of this subsection. Such guidance may also address how agencies not otherwise covered under this subsection should be held accountable for compliance with this order.
(b) The head of each agency shall consider the progress toward the two goals listed in section 3(g) of this order in assessing the performance of the Regulatory Reform Task Force and, to the extent permitted by law, those individuals responsible for developing and issuing agency regulations.
Sec. 5. Waiver. Upon the request of an agency head, the Director may waive compliance with this order if the Director determines that the agency generally issues very few or no regulations (as defined in section 4 of Executive Order 13771). The Director may revoke a waiver at any time. The Director shall publish, at least once every 3 months, a list of agencies with current waivers.
Sec. 6. General Provisions. (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:
(i) the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or
(ii) the functions of the Director relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.
(b) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.
(c) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

February 24, 2017
 By Michael Miller

11/07/2017  1:46PM

Hi Faithful Readers:

The crew continues our plan to get-to-the-bottom of Sixteen to One.When the third quarter ended, we were ahead of schedule; however a series of non-mining setbacks puts us a little behind now.

A review the recent annual report explains why I'm posting the letter below. Searching for not just someone but the right someone is a high priority. Like the miners always say, if you don't turn over the rocks, you won't find the gold.

September 19, 2017
Bloomberg Philanthropies
25 East 78th Street
New York, NY 10075

Dear Mister Bloomberg,

That you continued gathering people initiated a dozen years ago by the Clinton Foundation, inspires me to write you today. If this letter is destined to reach you, your staff must know somethings about me and why I chose to write to you. I read where your event aims to bring policymakers, CEOs and powerful people together to address pressing issues of the day. Introducing you to Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. and to me is aimed at mutual desires.

I doubt that the Bloomberg Global Business Forum drew any attendees with my points of view about gold, its relationship to our security, prosperity, currency and United States production/ mining. Since being a California gold miner ( 1974), living in the remote California gold belt and running the oldest American, public- operating, gold mining corporation, my beliefs regarding the global seriousness of this thousands years old industry should be in the fore front of people you know.

Gold has its share of wacky admirers and detractors. I am neither. I am in a small and elite industry, one that actually mines the stuff in the United States. With global movements continuing today regarding petrodollars, dollars, yuan and a few other currencies, those with an abundance of wealth and an interest in maintaining the strength of our economic influences will be wise to ponder our small but influential industry. I seek the opportunity to exchange views.

Enclosed is the current annual report for Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. Our website’s purpose remains the same as it was over twenty years ago: the dissemination of information. You will find enough mine and corporate history to judge our importance in furthering the pursuits expressed in your global business forum. I invite you and your appointees or business associates to visit the Sixteen to One mine in the Sierra Nevada, California gold belt. Please contact me with questions or for additional information about our operation in California.

Michael M. Miller
Phone number: (530) 287-3223
 By Michael Miller

09/29/2017  2:47PM

Thanks for your memory of my speculations or wishes. We were walking on the 1500 level by June; shareholders were invited to travel down the 49 winze to the 1300 level and travel north to the Ballroom. Many made the trip. From the 1300 level all could see the lights on the 1500 level. Miners were walking on the 1500 level but the stairs and hand rails were under construction. They are in great working condition now. All of us have traveled the 1700 level for inspection.

I doubt we will see the 2200 level this year. Our crew members experienced some medical set backs (not mining associated)which slowed progress. The water is below the 1700 level. We have work to do on this level going north to Tightner Shaft due to rock slides from old big deal but time consuming. I'm proud of the effort of the crew and their desire to progress downward.
 By karld

09/29/2017  9:49AM

How is the mine doing the past few months? (quote from May 22nd, below) "...we will be walking on the 1500 level by June, the 1700 level station will be renovated by August and the 2200 level will be dry by December."
 By Michael Miller

08/25/2017  2:44PM

The MSHA hearing early August went very well. ALJ William Moran has high ranking in Washington DC. This was our third hearing together and the best. The judge understood the issue and plainly saw that the inspector is REDACTED. The briefs are due October 23 and each side has until Nov 6 to respond. I expect a decision before Christmas.

Before the first day of the public hearing, the judge accepted my invitation to see the mine. The Secretary of Labor representatives were also invited but declined. The underground trip went well. Most people find the underground awesome and unfamiliar. Perhaps the decade’s long fight with illegal inspections and MSHA enforcement is closing. A favorite sayings, “Truth like gold rests at the bottom.”

It should be obvious now that evidence proves that over the past decade, our Company received many unwarranted citations. As an expert noted “Now that you have someone with experience as an underground miner, your citations dramatically dropped. The mine and operation are the same, the difference are inspectors.”

For the first 2017, quarter we had one silly (on our part) citation. The miner took off his belt, took a pee in the mine and walked out without the self-rescuer on his belt.. This never would happen years ago because each miner’s light was on his belt and hard hat. Now the light attaches directly to the hard hat: could be tough if the miner knocks his hat down a stope.

The second quarter ending June (20-17) brought us one citation…on me. My self-rescuer stays in my truck and I forgot to give it to Miner Reid to weigh, which must be done quarterly.

The current quarter (third) was almost citation free. A disagreement over non electric detonators led to non-serious and non-substantial citations. Our goals are zero citations in the future. It will happen if the agency assigns well rounded, experienced, underground miners to inspect our operation.

An experienced authorized representative for the federal Secretary of Labor of underground experience can evaluate it a hazard when he sees it. So do our miners.

The mine made front page August 8 with a story about the upcoming hearing. The judge brought me the paper Tuesday when he came to Alleghany. Good timing. The reporter made mistakes, not serious except he reported we have twenty miners. He took a video with his phone. Surprisingly good. It is on our face book but also at: the (Grass Valley paper) web site. Check it out. Input Sixteen to one video. Then: Between a rock and a hard place. Spread the word.

Last week Rob Campbell, our water expert, came to the mine with a crew to fly a drone over the property. He is preparing a report about the Toxic Mine Waste requirement by the water agency. He agrees with me that we do not have any mine toxic waste. We have products: road rock and masonry stone. He said he has never seen water so pure coming from a mine or a more beautiful operating mine site.

Rob brought a geophysics professor and his two college age boys with him. I took Rob's group down the winze and across the 1300 level and up the ballroom trail. He was in awe of the quartz vein and seemed smart. Once out of the mine, we talked about plate tectonics, geology and when will someone add a new twist to why the Sixteen ranks with top richest gold deposits in the world. Gold is here and we just have to find it.

Our crew is doing grand reconstruction of the 49 winze, our main access to the lower levers of the mine. The 49 winze project is on schedule and the unwatering is ahead of schedule. We will hold the water where it is until safe access below the 1700 level is achieved

Before the water gang arrived in Alleghany that morning, I spent two hours in our map room visiting old reports and maps thinking: how can I meet a fresh geologist. Rob knows Eldridge Moores, a leader in plate tectonics. He still lives in Davis, where he taught. Born in 1938, and in good health, Rob plans to bring him up. I met him years ago. He visited the mine and was fascinated by our deposit. The fresh conceptual idea escalates calcite as an important indicator of the gold pathway along small faults. I doubt anyone doubts gold remains nearby the open levels and stopes; but where, oh where do we run our drills to mine it. GPR etc. technology has yet to prove itself of economic value and geology has. Okay fresh geologists; give me a call (530) 287-3223.
 By David I

08/01/2017  11:29PM

Excellent letter to Secretary of Labor. Hope it will be acted upon.
 By Michael Miller

07/13/2017  1:45PM

Secretary of Labor R. Alexander Acosta July 12, 2017
200 Constitution Ave NW
Washington DC 20210

Dear Secretary Acosta,

I write you from my position as an underground gold miner, President of a 106 year old operating and producing small Company and a spokesman for American miners here in California and beyond. Our industry (Metal Mining) needs your attention as much or even more than the coal mining industry. A primary threat to this dying endeavor is the enforcement of An Act of 1977 and subsequent standards which are regulated under your duty by Mines Safety Health Administration (MSHA). While some standards are outdated our primary concern is with inexperienced federal inspectors’ interpretation of actual underground mining.

I wrote President Trump while the position of Secretary of Labor was vacant encouraging him to understand the importance of his Secretary of Labor. I am hopeful after reading your quote to senators, “As a former prosecutor, I will always be on the side of the law and not any particular constituency.” The law is not guiding enforcement in our mines. It has disappeared under layers of management’s misdirection.

Mining is not fifty years ago when miners suffered death and unnecessary dangers in exploiting the vital natural resources needed in the United States. The time is long past for MSHA to return to the practice of recognition that “the first priority and concern of all in the coal or other mining industry must be the health and safety of its most precious resource—the miner.” Sec. 2(a) of An Act.

Selecting your Assistant for MSHA management may prove a difficult proposition. As I wrote President Trump, I am not looking for a job. I have a good one yet have a sense of responsibility to my country to assist you regarding MSHA. I support your mission:

The Department of Labor's mission is to foster and promote the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, and retirees of the United States by improving their working conditions, advancing their opportunities for profitable employment, protecting their retirement and health care benefits, helping employers find workers, strengthening free collective bargaining, and tracking changes in employment, prices, and other national economic measurements.

There is widespread talk about the need for our Country employment to grow. There is talk much less, about our Country’s weak position in natural resource production. What is not talked about is the professional and cultural loss the United States is seeing in these natural resource extraction industries in California, and I assume elsewhere. For national security now and for future generations, encouragement or at least no hostility should be the mantra for 2017. I am an elder now but when I entered the natural resource industry, I was a neophyte. The elders taught me tricks of the trade, such as cracking hard quartz with a double jack or placing a two ton locomotive back on the track by myself. It is the same for the logger. Our skills will be lost to neophytes in the not-to-distant future as our industries cease to prosper.

Please direct someone from your agency, preferable in the Western District, for me to contact or have them contact me. Signed letter will be posted to you in US Postal System.

Sincerely yours,
Michael M. Miller
(530) 287-3223

Attached are two letters:
To President Trump Staff
To Dear ALJ and SOL
 By Michael Miller

07/04/2017  8:07AM

No other date exceeds the relevance of today, July 4th. Growing up in Sacramento, a federal holiday was a day of celebration and historical reflection for me. No school, of course, but my family always had conversations about the meaning and significance of each special day. Years past and one day these special holidays became three day weekends. Sigh, Americans no longer celebrated that one and only special day on the actual date of the month. The day became something else. It turned into a three day vacation.

Well, today can only be celebrated on the fourth of July and today is a Tuesday. Hey, let’s make it a four day vacation. Two hundred forty one years ago 56 men working in the summer heat of July in Philadelphia finished a document that remains acknowledge on the actual date. It is the day Americans no longer were subject of the King.

Thank you for such forward thinking. Thank you for undertaking a great risk. Thank you for establishing the land of the free and the home of the opportunity to be brave.

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