April 18, 2021 

Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By Michael Miller

06/20/2005  11:36PM


A dozen years ago, an article about overturning the origin asked, “What if Marbury v. Madison was wrongly decided?” In the Federalist Number 51, Madison argued that the only effective means of ensuring compliance with the Constitution is “by so contriving the interior structure of the government as that its several constituent parts may, by their mutual relations, be the means of keeping each other in their places.”

This is exactly the case with us. The legislative acts are the “law”. The execution of the “law” is by the executive branch. Legislative v executive was recognized by Madison. He did not envision a system of government in which the Supreme Court would serve a kind of constitutional policing function, but one in which the very organization of the constituent branches would prevent each branch from violating the Constitution by encroaching on the [powers of another. Marbury runs against the grain of Madison’s ideal.

It’s all about policing that we want judged. We are between the legislative and the executive agencies, which seem to wander all over the place in policy. Maybe that is a good execution of a policy but as far as a private party, we have been damaged. Over thirteen hundred people have been directly damaged. It is hard to count the others dependent upon mining gold. There are many.

The similarities connecting the two battles are: laws may be unjust, may be unwise, may be dangerous, may be destructive; and yet not be unconstitutional as to justify the Judges in refusing to validate; within the ninth circuit Court of Appeals the moving party is non government and the aggressor is the government…within the California Superior Court the moving party is non government and the defendant is non government;

As to the Constitutionality of laws, the Judges will meet that point in their proper official character to weigh all testimony and facts. The record is growing for Tom Knox is hear sanctions coming from the bench to him. He has misled the Court with regard to many of his written and verbal remarks. Does “specious” come to mind? Also the judiciary could declare an unconstitutional law void. What happens to the victory is immediate but does the legislative act become void at the precious moment the verdict is given?

The motions before you exceed a “specious” act. Knox is misleading the Court.

Downieville is the focus. I plan to present a compelling recital for granting my notice of default. At the best one could agree it is only form over matter, so what’s the big deal? Maybe Judge Young will deny the motion because the non-government law combatants are so disheveled that their rules can be broken unchecked. Sometimes those breaks need checking and the word needs to be widely broadcasted. The practice of law by the defendants must be checked.

These are my thought, so late tonight. Thanks for the week. It really is fun to do this. I cannot imagine a more complex play to perform. Remember our discussion about the Brown Bear driving to your house?? Thanks for the interchange. Michael
 By Michael Miller

05/11/2005  11:57PM

MSHA hearing De-briefing


1. The recognition of a possible misapplication of a MSHA standard may help eliminate injury or death in a mine.
2. Reducing injury or death in the Sixteen to One mine is and has been the top priority of everyone associated with the operation.
3. MSHA’s legal authorization is established by legislation entitled Federal Mine Safety & Health Act of 1977, and states: the first priority and concern of all in the coal or other mining industry must be the health and safety of its most precious resource—the miner.
4. MSHA regulation requires an operator to conduct an investigation into accidents and fatalities on a mine site. Since 1997, my personal policy is to conduct an investigation into the actual circumstances of each and every citation issued by MSHA and its California equivalent, OSHA.
5. I did this after receiving the citations issued on 3-9-10, by Weisbeck under consideration today.
6. My conclusions are: (a) Not a single miner could receive injuries or die because of the actual circumstances at the mine in the areas he cited; (b) There was no likelihood of evidence to support the allegation of violating a standard.


Topics proposed to discuss by I&M. Both will be asked by M. I go first. (MSHA presents its case first because it is the initiator of damages AS THE PETITIONER.)

1. Do you know that yesterday MSHA offered “speculations” as “facts” about the actual circumstances at the mine?
2. Think of two main categories: first the mine itself and second its operation by miners and management. Testify actual circumstances relevant to contradict or explain statements you heard or read yesterday in this hearing.
Start with the mine to contradict.

3. For I only: When you belly crawled through the second exit with Weisbeck, did you measure the opening? Did Jim measure the opening? Explain the process of passing through this area. From where and how did you approach the spot? What were you wearing? And Weisbeck if you recollect? Did you consider it a hazardous experience?
Results in evidence: the 1300 level met second exit size. Weisbeck’s example of “belly crawl” was made to imply impassable or highly likely impassible or maybe just “reasonably” likely impassible. In any event his choice of words may sway the judge in his favor. If this were just a mistake in terms, that is one thing. If it is to get his way, that is misleading the court and a crime in California for a member of the State Bar. For a sworn witness it is also a crime of perjury.


Observation from May 5 hearing: Weisbeck is not qualified to testify about the law, according to the federal attorney presiding for petitioner. Unless she will take the oath, can she testify? If not, whom can I argue the MSHA standard with at this hearing? ALJ informed, cautioned and excluded me from arguing with the only other federal person qualified, Ms Del Santo, as I was instructed to call herby ALJ. At times all of us were talking at once, until the judge yelled us down. It did not happen more than a dozen times each day. Each person in the room had at least one shot prior to this hearing at me. On Friday each one took a second shot. “Ruthless” became a player for the remaining testimony. “Patience”, “cunning” were also players. “Sweet” is on the sideline.
 By Michael Miller

04/09/2005  3:57PM

Mining is always going on with me in the mines. Sometimes I choose not to talk about it. I could talk mining all day every day at any hour. I choose not to write about every little topic in detail or even at all. Much about what I believe in, regarding the veins of gold that traverse within our property is a non public subject. So here is an answer, Johnny Yuma :

Dear Editor:

HOW can I reach my fellow Sierra County residents and those in nearby communities? Please help spread the word that the best event of its kind held throughout the world will be in Sierra County this weekend, all three nights. Banff’s film festival is unlike any others when it comes to cinematography and thrills. Discovering this golden gem the last two years moved and ignited me to join the Sierra County Arts Council. When I learned that the arts council was in jeopardy, my first thought was losing the Banff Mountain Film Festival. We have the smallest venue for Banff on its worldwide tour!

My fellow mountain rural neighbors, YOU MUST DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO ATTEND. Come to as many shows as you dare risk your time and money; however, you must try to get to one. The program has a type of adventure that is hard to capture, providing the viewer with profound life-changing appreciations for man and his environment and cultures. Images from the radical reels on tour will replay in your mind forever. Just knowing that there are fools far greater than us will give us added confidence as we plow through the turmoil of life in Sierra County. I know this sounds corny, but the experiences shared by the audiences will strengthen our collective outlook. Hey, more bonding by our little 3000 plus residents is a good thing.

Last year I heed and hawed and did not buy a ticket. I knew I wanted to go but… That afternoon when I realized it was crazy to doubt making the time for the shows, I was fortunate and got a seat. Don’t let this happen to you. If you have never talked with anyone who has seen the festival, do. Otherwise you probably won’t go because you don’t know how enjoyable and entertaining the program! Men, women, dogs and other critters perform breath-taking stunts. So do those who shoot the film, the audio and camera risk takers. We get to sit in our little warm theater on wooden seats in early spring and live their life with them. They have invited us in to an emotional kaleidoscope.

Please give it a shot and take a modest risk with your time. Come to the Yuba Theater in Downieville this Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If you normally feel uncomfortable with the “natural fiber” crowd, who regularly follow events such as this, let’s fill the place with locals. If you can only spare one day, grab a ticket for Sunday 5pm to 7:30pm. This additional day is a first for Sierra County. The best of the best will be replayed.

Michael Miller, president
Sierra County Arts Council

I’ll be giving tickets, collecting money and sneaking a peek at the films. There are a few tickets left for Sunday. Tonight is sold out.
 By John Yuma

04/08/2005  3:46PM

Is anything going on at the mine like mining??
 By Michael Miller

03/30/2005  9:17PM

Last night I was writing from memory. George actually said, “intellectual and legal dishonesty” not just intellectual dishonesty. The CDAA defense led by Tom Knox is typical of insurance lawyers. I had a conversation with a long time corporate attorney and pal in Sacramento today about Tom Knox’s approach to the law. He reminded me that all insurance litigants would lie and mislead the court in defense of their client. It is expected. Lloyds of London, not Gale Filter and his gang pay Knox. So who really is the client? All of us in business pay the exorbitant insurance policy premiums because of the games insurance lawyers play. It is time for the court to step in and demand judicial respect for the American public. Is this likely to happen?

I am sure that most judges are just as sick and tired of hearing the nonsense and intellectual and legal dishonesty in their courtroom. The time is now to make a difference. It has never been more appropriate. Four of my former business and personal lawyers are judges (one has retired). This has given me an unique insight of the inner workings of the courtroom. There are times when these judges internally scream for the opposing lawyer to challenge unprofessional behavior of their adversaries. It is seldom done because the lawyers drink from the same trough. It takes an exceptional professional to bring down the miscreants in their field.
 By Rick

03/30/2005  8:38PM

Has any CDAA hack ever addressed the Court during the ongoing procedings with a cordial "hello"?

Let's start checking the Recorder for details. Maybe Mike said "Excuse me" once to allow GF to drink from the Sierra County water fountain before some CDAA schmuck messed up the water issues and actually drank it himself.
 By bluejay

03/30/2005  2:11AM

George's expression, "intellectual dishonesty" rang a bell for me tonight. First, I would like to say that I have personally engaged George in a few conversations and I have found him to be an unusually fair and reasonable man.

In all my life I have never been associated with, in one manner or another, more consistently dishonest and unprofessional people than in the legal profession. I'm sure there are some fine lawyers but I have only met one, George.

I have been in meetings with attorneys where they have demonstrated their lack of respect for the letter of the law. What they pride themselves on most is how smart they think they are and what they can get away with.

I have been lied to by attorneys and I have subjected to their grafty intimidations. Even in my own family I have one trying to cheat me out of a portion of my inheritance with our own 86 year old mother. Too many ignorant people give the profession too much respect.

So, when Mike tells his story concerning the law firm defending the CDAA miscreants in their efforts to dislodge the honorable Superior Court Judege Stanley Young I completely understand their behavior.

The attorneys that I have dealt with have considered themselves blantantly above the letter of the law. As a matter of my observations, they consider themselves smart in the respect of being able to beat the system by manipulating it for their selfish ends.

Here's an example: I personally knew an attorney who was advising another attorney to disrespect government regulations. The first attorney said the second attorney wasn't breaking the law because a legal paper hadn't been filed yet to prove he was in violation of anything. I said, why hasn't the notarized government trust form been filed? He said, I'll file that late after the trust matures and pay the late fee. The two attorneys were guilty of not only of morally breaking the law but they were both basically "intellectually dishonest" people.
 By Michael Miller

03/29/2005  9:39PM

While I was cleaning up after dinner tonight, a thought struck me: some personalities will ever understand life unless they have panned for gold. It is not so much the gold but the panning that is the relevance in this thought. Here is the rationale.

The action of panning for gold requires a deep understanding of the universe. It also requires the dexterity to plan and implement the laws of the universe to your benefit. By accomplishing the simple art and science of panning for gold, the implementation of the art and science of living your life may reach a clarity heretofore unfound. Is not that one of our drives for knowledge? Clarity?

As I was eating my dinner, George’s remarks this afternoon and the interaction we had with the Superior Court of Sierra County and the lawyers defending the CDAA crowd ran through my head. Law, lawyers, perjury, misleading the court, intentional misleading the court verses just being stupid about the law (which I fully sympathize with), deceit and what George so clearly said in so few words, “intellectual dishonesty”, played in my mind.

It seems that the judicial branch of our government no longer addresses “intellectual dishonesty”. What happened to the fear and consequences of perjury? Well, if all the lawyers have incorporated intellectual dishonesty, which is a twentieth century term for lying, misrepresentation and perjury, into their day to day routine, how can it be reversed? How about one step at a time by striking it down when advocates practice it? This is where we are with our claim to recover the damages inflicted on the shareholders of Original Sixteen To One Mine, Inc. and Michael M. Miller. In their defense of our serious claim, the bad guys are mocking the most esteemed branch of American politics, the one we turn to for executive and legislative redress, the judicial system. These lawyers, now representing the CDAA lawyers, are also practicing the behavior of their clients.

Here is the story, briefly because it is late. The CDAA lawyers called for an ex parte hearing this afternoon at 4:30 pm. One of their issues was kicking off the judge, who was scheduled to hear their motions on April 6, 2005, in Downieville. A lawyer named Hansen swore under penalty of perjury that because of a statement in my declaration he was questioning the integrity of the judge. I wrote that Jonathan and I expressed a courtesy “hello” to Superior Court Judge Stanley Young one afternoon on the steps of the Downieville courthouse after an appearance in court. Mr. Hansen declared that this casual “hello” has compromised Judge Young’s ability to rule fairly at the April 6, 2005 hearing in Downieville. Hansen’s law firm of Knox et al plans to present a motion to recuse the judge because he now is not able to judge the issues before him. The CDAA lawyer said that it was impossible to ascertain the depth of the conversation between those of us standing in front of the courthouse by the words in my declaration. Friends, I know this is hard to believe, but Knox’s associate swears this to be a legitimate possibility. I t is all in sworn documents by the lawyers. My statement was crystal clear and even a grammar school student would understand it. I wrote, “We all exchanged brief hellos.” The whole paragraph is at Sierra Court Superior Court Filings entered 3/24/2005, paragraph 6. Society should be outraged, and it would be if it knew how dishonest these lawyers were treating the dignity of our court. There is something on the web site that I wrote a while ago entitled, ‘Now is the Time”. I think it can be found under the NEWS section. Check it out for it still rings true only now California has 200,000 members of the State Bar. Help clean the intellectual dishonesty from our courts. Now is the time. Clarity.
 By Michael Miller

02/25/2005  10:52PM

Dear Core Advisors,

Sometimes I sit to write and then send it off onto the Forum. A number of times Rae fetches it out of the public’s view the next morning. It may be posted a few hours or a couple of days. I usually know she is right to remove it; however I also know that I am right to offer the subject to my friends and maybe just because I want to see if I have the wisdom to send or not send it. Once the message goes onto the internet, its subject and revelation transcend from “I” to “you”. Most of the times I never press send.

Bullets, high points, low points or memorable events over the recent past:

George and I had an important argument about a motion I planned to file today for a default judgment against the lawyers. They have been referred to in court records as the Fab Four, scumbags, carpetbaggers and just by their names: Filter, Denise, Tony P. and Kyle Hedum. If I file the motion, their lawyer must come crawling to the court to beg its mercy for breaking the rules. George says the mercy will likely be granted. My point is that the Court must have a recording of this pattern of behavior. It exposes their collective and premeditated legal fraud.

George and I argued over how my action of filing the motion that I scheduled to file today in Downieville would affect our case. What are the consequences? What chain of events may it trigger? Heady stuff. If I file, Lloyds of London will fire Tom Knox. This is according to Tom Knox via George. The outcomes we see, we discuss and then the likelihood that it will happen. His reasons seem better than mine, but my reasoning as to the likelihood of each speculations happening influences each risk I evaluate. I agree with George that OAU and MMM are best positioned if Knox,s filing time is extended. George was relieved because he has practiced the mutual respect lawyers pay each other and has ethics and the wisdom and fortitude to respect the law and rules of the game. I gave in to George because he has thirty one years of dealing with lawyers on a regular basis. This outweighed my forty years of experience in the judicial system. What I saw as the goal for filing the motion was a lofty and unlikely possibility but the spoils were pure gold. We worked out giving the extension of time between us if Knox asked for it. I felt okay because Tom Knox said he would treat both plaintiffs with equal independence and respect (his words). My pledge was given because Knox pledged that he would not lie or disrespect either plaintiff. If he were to for a third time, all deals are off. Knox agreed to the condition that he never again breaks the respect offered each other over the phone Thursday night. He had called me Thursday at 5pm immediately after receiving a letter I just sent to him. He asks me if I have problems with his clients having the right to a vigorous defense. Of course not but unfortunately for him, he has a pack of guilty clients. Whether Knox is fired or not is a matter of money. Money pays our damages so the speculation needed to be discussed in light of what is best for the plaintiffs.

George represents plaintiff, Original Sixteen To One Mine, Inc and I represent plaintiff, Michael M. Miller. Knox said he would not confuse the plaintiffs again. George is happy, Tom is happy and I am too. Now what about the defendants? Are they happy? This case is not about the relationship between anyone but the Sixteen to One, Michael Miller and the five defendants. How can the fab four be five, you think? The fifth is the grand band of over 2,000 lawyers, who make up the corporate taxpayer cobbling CDAA, a once proud association of educators and protectors of justice. Knox’s client is the insurance carrier for CDAA, not the fab four. Go figure.

The Empire Mine crosscut we are driving is rounding the ninety foot bend, which is designed to block the portal from view. We hit some sulfides two rounds ago, always important to the gold miner. We continue to mine the very unstable ground as we advance the heading towards the end of the bend. The craftsmanship displayed as blasting rips the earth shows to a trained eye. For the untrained eye, it looks like some guys digging a tunnel through some dirt and some chunky rock. This is the most dangerous type of mining. For the miners’ brothers who work in the tunneling business and are also referred to as miners more than tunnelers, the ground has easy solutions. The push to make the adit into a tunnel is what drove away all the guys who gave their time to create the project to walk away. The regional miners who were working in the Sierra Nevada at the time (18 years ago) wanted the end result to replicate a mine, with its sights, smells, sounds and feels. It proved difficult to butt the State paid caretakers and co-designers. So the design morphed into a hybrid of underground construction.

In addition to the dead work in progress at the Sixteen, the 49 hoist motor sparked so we shut it down. We opened up the 200hp motor and located the wear point. Outside help was to come and assist the crew, but he canceled. No one likes the hoist to go down so delays are not welcomed. CAL/OSHA stopped by for a visit. The Tightner shaft and travel way to our new work places along the 1000 foot level between the shaft and the fish pond is in final construction. The common denominator this week between the Empire and Sixteen is the professional craftsmanship on display. The crew is very proud to show it off.

The cast off ore from the July pocket was processed into 180 ouncer of dore and shipped to the refiner. Gold hit $436 per ounce, and we sold the inventory remaining from our last shipment at spot. Over 100 ounces came from two chunks each the size of a tennis ball. David and I recognized the specimens’ value and recognized our cash flow projections. Adios. The specimens were not even crushed but went directly into the retort.

The full moon, the middle of winter or other factors brought out the worst for a few troubled individuals in the area, which impacted our production.
 By Michael Miller

01/10/2005  4:40PM

Contents of Sierra County District Attorney File...

The most apparent discovery upon reviewing CDAA files on the prosecutions on Jonathan and me is their lack of substance. There is no correspondence between Sharon O’Sullivan and Hedum, Filter, or the CDAA lawyer left in charge of prosecuting after Hedum left CDAA employment. There are no records of evidence gathered to support the filing of felony charges. There is no phone log, diary of appointments or schedule of work. Did Denise work unsupervised or have the records been laundered?

A five inch binder is entitled “Original Sixteen to One, Inc.,(16-1), www.origsix.com. CDAA lawyers copied our entire web site and kept it current until December of 2002. I wonder if these lawyers thought that we did not think that they would read the postings. We knew they were and believe that the defendants and their lawyer continue to read our web site.

Tucked into an unmarked file was a memo from Kate Killeen to Gale Filter. The subject is “Threat Assessment”. It says:

“I spoke with Eugene Rugala- Threat Assessment Expert and a couple of others about the scenario with the mining company owners. They basically agreed with my observations and recommendations re monitoring the website, having some level of law enforcement support such as sworn investigator to accompany you to court for the GJ, and alerting reception staff to be aware. Other than to put our staff at ease because of them being alarmed, I do not have a strong sense that security guards at CDAA are warranted at this time. I recommend that you look at the threat assessment outline which is in the public area of CDAA website, in which a group of experts I worked with, developed an outline of questions to look into to learn more about your suspect. It will at least let you know what you do and do not know about him and what aspects you may want to find out more about him so a more informed assessment can happen. Threat assessment is dynamic so as events change, so can his reaction. Should he attempt personal approaches, more frequent contacts, show lack of restraint or outbursts in public, lose in court, or you learn of past violence by him, these are all factors which may raise risk level. Talk to you next week, Kate”
 By Michael Miller

01/08/2005  12:04AM

Late Friday night and heavy snow is blanketing Alleghany. I’m taking just a moment to tell you about some of today’s events and most importantly about the two boxes of Sierra County District Attorney files regarding our prosecution by CDAA et al we picked up in Downieville this afternoon. George and I filed our third amended complaint for damages adding negligence as causes. This opens up financial exposure to insurance companies. The defendants have not answered the complaint and stipulated to the amendment. George will attempt to place it on the FORUM tomorrow.

It is the content of the files that prompted me to write to you right now, while the emotion of seeing the documentation attributable to each of the defendants burns in my stomach. All of them have disgraced the noble and honorable profession of law. And they did it with taxpayers’ money! George left me alone with the boxes, so I’ll wait until tomorrow to discuss with him what is appropriate to reveal. Every legitimate District Attorney and Deputy District Attorney in all 58 California counties should be appalled with this group’s abuse of the power and responsibility entrusted to them. I am leaning towards a serious campaign to inform them how negligent their non-profit professional organization (CDAA) has become under the leadership of its officers, directors and employees. CDAA should receive no more taxpayers’ money. Good night.

PS... This is all positive for our case. Also we completed our gold inventory with the SEC accountanting firm so when funds are available we can order an audit. We have over $800,000 at spot price with a wholesale value much higher. We are looking to finance future development with the sale of the gold collection, placement of stock, finding Mister Pocket or proceeds from defendants.
 By Michael Miller

10/08/2004  9:00PM

I realize that there are just a small number of you who bother or look forward to bringing up the 16 to 1 FORUM. I know I always click into the program with a little anticipation about what may be on the screen. I am speaking directly to you.

This week was very demanding of my brain. I hope yours was too. The gold hunt is on hold. I am confident that we will hit again once we attack the ground: however, I am committed to attack another piece of ground. My contract to connect a new adit into a crosscut in the old Empire workings is a commitment for all of the Sierra Nevada miners. The dead ones and the live ones are inseparable. I am unable to take it lightly. For those of you paying close attention, ah, you know about the recent entry on Correspondence from the President that is no longer displayed. It was taken off because my thoughts were going too much faster than my fingers. I may edit it or just let it go. The “lawyers-lawyers’ short story still holds as nonfiction. Mister Pocket is sitting close by. The Empire remains in jeopardy to achieve its potential. Rarely do I get to post two entries so close in time as was done tonight.
 By Rick

10/07/2004  7:53PM

I want to ammend my last entry just a bit (and if you haven't read it scroll down.) I wrote that the most eggregious crime is to accuse someone of lying. Here's the ammendment: when an accusation is true, (in this case my indictment that the CDAA intentionally and blatantly misrepresented the people by ignoring procedural law), the accusation is not only not aggregious, but instead warranted and long overdue.

Let's remember a bit of history, when falsely accusing and lying about credibility brought out more than rhetoric. It kept the riff-raff at bay because there was honor within the courts of law, not to mention the oft seen results when honor was breeched. It is incumbent upon all of us to restore the honor of our representative democracy.

CDAA represents no one but the entity that allows them to exist.

...Which is why it's a time to celebrate thier demise.

Because it
 By Michael Miller

10/06/2004  9:24PM

Thanks guys. It is nice to know that you are following this legal battle. It is a first for the United States of America. Lawyers rely on the decisions of prior cases to support whatever they are paid to advocate. There is nothing in US court decisions about private lawyers taking over the prosecution of Americans, misleading the Court, misleading grand juries, and creating murder charges on non-existent evidence. George Gilmour is an academic scholar in the field of sociology and law. His research is covers stacks of decisions. Bet on him! My knowledge of the facts of the CDAA conspiracy to create a power base and pay for themselves is as solid as the history of gold production from our mine, one of the world’s richest. Bet on me! Without your support, understanding and encouragement, I may have abandoned this important legal fight, which is ours for the taking.

George uses a Mac. We use PC’s. I will try to get his and my court filing on the web site so you can read our position. It is time to rein in the lawyers who suborn perjury in America’s courtroom. Who do these criminals think they are? If we let them get away with it, who do we think we are?
 By Rick

10/06/2004  7:30PM

As we celebtrate this latest ruling (and believe me, I am!) let's take a reality check:

While we're celebrating a ruling that actually entertains the notion that the Original Sixteen to One Mine did everything correctly to begin with, there still needs to be accountability (proof) that in falsley accusing law-abiding private enterprise, heads will roll, not to mention monitary accountability and public exposure.

We're actually happy that there was a ruling that the mine didn't do what the CDAA made up?

We ought to be majorly pissed-off that it ever got this far, and then take steps to see that it can't happen again. Mike, great job on this front. Keep it up.

The most eggregious crime is to accuse someone of lying, to accuse an entity of cheating, to misrepresent the intentions of the well intentioned.

In this case, the most eggregious and downright criminal issue is the levy charges of MURDER as they expected the political courts to take the bait.

I'm celebrating the turn of the tide.
 By smithsgold

10/05/2004  6:58PM

One for the good guys !
 By Michael Miller

10/05/2004  4:45PM

IT WAS A THUMBS UP DAY. For the second time CDAA failed in its attempt to stop our lawsuit from being heard. Just hours ago the Court turned down the defendants’ plea to throw the case out. The Court determined that CDAA is not immune from liability from our allegations of their outrageous conduct. In their response CDAA said that only “rogue prosecutors” could do what we have alleged was done to the Company and me. I guess the judge may agree that they were “rogue prosecutors”. Anyway we were given the time to clean up a couple of drafting errors (nothing of factual substance). We can easily add the language, so it looks like we are moving towards the day-of a trial.

Our next court date is December 3, 2004, which provides us the opportunity to address the minor omissions from our complaint. Our three causes of action remain alive. Hip, Hip Hooray. Hum, this heading continues to advance towards s detecting a major pocket of gold.

 By Michael Miller

08/31/2004  9:40PM

Let’s let the world know, we’re back. I have mounded much on my plate, more than I should have because some of it is slopping over the side.

Here is a recap: a bunch of gold in the bank that we want to turn into jewelry; offensive team playing with CDAA commits to pursue; the cause to tell MSHA that a human error accident is okay, and its recognition is a valuable way to increase the safety of America’s industrial workers has reached its first hearing in our judicial branch; I get to blow up rocks in one of California’s greatest State Parks; and the rebuilding of Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.

We are back and this time the trail towards the Pocket will continue to drift like the veins through this land.

This will be my introduction to the crew meeting I will call at 10:00 am tomorrow.
 By Michael Miller

08/19/2004  10:27PM

There is a 100,000 ounce pocket in the vein. There could be more or there are pockets exceeding 100,000 ounces. Whatever lies beneath me was deposited 150 million years ago. The gold exists. Continued speculation about the authenticity of this bold statement of fact is an intellectual sham, or maybe scam is a more appropriate name.

To my north is the junction of the Tightner and the Sixteen to One. As the elevation rises towards the surface, the pockets have increased in ounces. The 83,000-ounce pocket lies atop a trend pointing to the Red Star. The trend through the two hundred feet of virgin vein suggests that richer concentration of gold remain closer to the surface.

To the south miners penetrated the expected and projected fault below the 2400-foot level. We mined a 10,000-ounce pocket of the best quartz and gold just above the fault. It is fair to wonder how much gold backed up on the down dip side of the fault. Wherever it is, we are looking for a record, a pocket exceeding the largest of 83,000 ounces.

I believe it exists within our land and we have the assets to find it. To give it a shot, yes, we are ready and underway. My initials are MMM. Years ago I wrote about the MMM of mining. Men…Money…Minerals. This says it all and these three components are all one needs to evaluate the risk of ones life.
 By Michael Miller

08/14/2004  10:06PM

Alleghany Days is over. The drilling contest winners were separated by one second. First place was Ron Smith at 1:23. Second place was Dave Bryer at 1:24. Third place was Mark Loving at 1:25. There were fourteen entered in the professional group and five in the amatures. Four women also competed; actually they were cheering each other on. Eighty-five people took the underground tour and from the feedback I heard it was a hugh success. The proceeds went to the Underground California Goldminers Museum.

A shareholder raised a great idea. For our annual meeting next year, lets have a drilling and mucking contest. They are fun to watch and fun to join. Miners and shareholders can participate. The Jumbo specimen was displayed for the first time. This is the hunk that Jumbo Joe drilled into and was recovered on July 15. It is a beauty and almost beyond belief.

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