April 18, 2021 

Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By aramfuchs

01/08/2020  6:21AM

Thanks for the response, Mike.
I also took a similar class but it was in the very cold winters of Schenectady NY.

I have also spent a career hearing executives saying they just need to "grow into profitability" but they never seem to get there.
Indeed a company we are probably all customers of, Amazon.com, is about to become the first trillion dollar market cap company and it is still losing money or barely cash profitable every year. This is on $260 billion in sales!


So I would love to see some specifics on why you think 5 headings is a reasonable number of headings to benefit from economics of scale as we know gold mines can't attract capital like ecommerce companies.
They need to do it the old-fashioned way and earn their own capital and then return it to the shareholders.
 By Michael Miller

01/04/2020  10:55AM

My economic university learning began sixty years ago. Majors were not as prolific for choices as the last thirty years. I picked Economics since it was the only business related choice. Principles of Supply and Demand were simple even when the teacher tossed in a bunch of knowns and unknowns. The Law of Diminishing Returns was even easier. Professor put it this way: Suppose it is a hot day and you are sitting on the beach. (I was at University of California at Santa Barbara so he named a well known place.) You think about beer and how much pleasure (value) to you. (Another quick image to plug into his lesson.) With $3 in your pocket, you’d gladly take out one buck for that beer. But it only costs $0.25. You buy it knowing you got a good deal, would even pay fifty cents for number two. You guzzle it and burp. It’s so tasty and hot, so you buy another for $0.25. Down it goes. Your third beer is okay but the price isn’t a big savings but it is worth $0.25. You chose not to buy a fourth beer. You save money and maybe other problems since all in this class are under the legal drinking age. You have experiences the “Law of Diminishing Returns.”

The other Econ. 1A law , “Dynamics of Scale”, rounded out requirements for fundamental economics. I don’t remember understanding it as well as the first two; however, I learned it over the next fifty years of life’s experiences. What will follow is personal from my perspective only as a California gold miner. To others who are looking to acquire some gold, I look forward to comments.

Dynamics of scale are the cost advantages obtained with my individual mining operation, measured by amount of output produced with associated costs per unit of output measured in footage or actual gold and decreasing with increasing scale or increasing with decreasing. At the foundation of the analysis there are technical, statistical, organizational and related factors according to where the miners work underground. Gold is always measures in fine gold or .999 fine. Footage is rounds drilled, blasted and mucked in high probability quartz, mid range likelihood of gold , long term development of about eighteen months duration to reach target. Footage is also something else particular to Sixteen to One. With over 35 miles of levels and raises some have yet to be walked since 1945.

Without detailing how we are most likely to produce more gold that it costs at this time, I know with a minimum of five active headings, our efforts will compensate for the expense of the program. We currently have one heading with 100% gold production. I will write more for you but must leave my office now. The economic game here involves the measurements of risk and reward.

how or types of scale to push success to the highest possibility.
 By dickdavis

01/03/2020  8:21PM

Mike have you connected with Aram Fuchs? I'm also interest in "scale." Thanks, Dick
 By aramfuchs

01/02/2020  7:19AM


I would love to hear more specifics on how much scale you need to have the "dynamics of scale" turn in your favor.

 By Michael Miller

12/31/2019  8:19AM

Twelve years ago I posted a question under this topic on FORUM. “Why I would consider putting some of my money or available assets into a gold company?
Full entry 01/01/2008 12:19am Click on Page 7

The Gold Sector must have strength and length.
There must be some unique, specific or other reasons particular to the company beyond those general reasons within the Gold Sector on the horizon.
The Company must disclose an outline of its current situation and its program or plans for the future so I can make an evaluation of its proximity to reality and its likelihood of success.

The financial debacle quietly had begun, reaching crisis mode September 2008. The interest in financing our development plans ceased 100% with the collapse. Spot gold price closed in 2008 at $869.75. Today spot closed at $1,521.90 an ounce. Our development plans for the Company and Mine have improved since 2008. So have the prices for gold and the demand for Sixteen to One snow white quartz with butter yellow gold. Where is the gold interest today?
I am not a happy gold miner right now. Sure the price has almost doubled and demand exceeds our supply, but our underground headings are too limited. We need to employ more hard rock miners. This takes gold or dollars. In economic theory it’s called “The dynamics of Scale.”

I’m open to ideas. If you have or know others who have investment fears, let’s hear about them or their fears. If you have thought about gold as security and investment, tell me. Solutions exist to join us. “Even cowards can endure hardships; only the brave can endure suspense.”
“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” William Shakespeare.

Wishing everyone (except those bad guys) a fun, challenging, adventurous and profitable 2020. Mining the Sixteen to One offers these.

Thanks to all you regular readers and to those who recently discovered Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. Regards, MMM December 31, 2019
 By Michael Miller

09/19/2019  7:10AM

Richard Mueller and I met in Alleghany. I don’t remember how it happened but it was about physics. He gave me his book, “Nemesis”” subtitle: The Death Star, published in 1988.He inscribed, “to Mike Miller---who like me, searches for the gold. Very best regards.”

Lately physics has been on my mind or in my thoughts. I meet many geologists and when we talk gold geology its mysteries seem strongly attached to physics. I found Richard’s book and began to read again. Richard hung around some terrific physicists and one project (age dating events). It was a scientific adventure shared with his mentor, Luis Alvarez.

A gold scientific adventure is right here in Alleghany, at our Sixteen to One mine. With the tools and equipment plus the vast growth of knowledge since the last great leap in scientific discovery (USGS Professional Report 172;field work in 1928). I firmly believe that an academic search for gold will bring investment, fun, adventure and challenge.

I wrote Richard and talked about an idea to date the barren quartz and quartz holding the gold. A team of scientists with geology and physics educations may discover another major scientific breakthrough. No better place on earth for a beta than Sixteen to One.

When I read Rae’s minutes and thought, you reading the minutes will wonder why I was excited about a physicist. I did talk about Richard Mueller and the impact of iridium and a cosmic event. Humm

Oh yes, I am excited about a future combination of geology and physics. See meeting minutes below.
 By Michael Miller

09/18/2019  6:26AM

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
August 31, 2019

The annual meeting of shareholders was held at the minesite in Alleghany. The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Michael Miller.

Office Manager Rae Bell Arbogast was present and took the minutes. Approximately 50 shareholders and guests were in attendance.

It was noted that proxies representing 7,234,189 shares were received prior to the meeting with 303,875 voting against the slate of directors and all others in favor. Additional proxies in favor of both items and representing another 24,310 were received at the meeting for a new total of 7,258,499 shares represented. Final tally: 6,954,624 shares voted in favor of item 1 with 303,875 against. Item 2: 6,798,166 in favor and 460,333 against. A motion was made by Michael Miller to accept the nomination and election of the board of directors and seconded by Gay Taylor. All present were in favor.

The minutes of the annual meeting held on June 16, 2018 were approved as read. Motion to accept the minutes made by Jon McGeath 2nd by Jeremiah De La Ossa all in favor.

There was a discussion about the need for funding. The company has never issued an IPO and has no plans to do so because it would dilute the current ownership too much. Mike is currently working with a consultant to but together a limited partnership to attract investors. The idea is to raise 10M with as few partners as possible. The details are still being worked out. Potential investors always ask about gold reserves and because of the nature of the geology in Alleghany the 16 to 1 does not have any proven reserves. This makes it difficult to attract investors.

Water Consultant and Geologist Rob Campbell MS, PG, CEG made a presentation about the mine water discharge and the barrage of penalties and violation notices from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board. He stated that the staff at the water agency is great to work with, but it is difficult to get action “upstairs”. He has clearly demonstrated to the water agency that the arsenic in the creek is coming from the rocks and that 100 feet down stream from the mine’s property none is present in the creek. He went on to explain the importance of PH and that the discharge from the mine has a PH of about 8 which is really good. The fact that the mill is not operating is also in the mine’s favor. Rob will continue to work with the water board to try to get some common sense action to take place.

Mike thanked Rob for his presentation and returned to the subject of the Company’s financial health. He stated that the company is undervalued especially compared to so many small companies with no hard assets and inflated balance sheets. The Sixteen to One’s balance sheet shows all of the gold inventory at spot price but the specimens are much more valuable than that. He gave a demonstration using an electrical current of a piece of gold quartz that was “wired” together and that could be etched to remove the quartz. There is a market for such pieces considerably higher than spot price. The company’s property is also undervalued on the balance sheet. He stated that he would like to get the shares back on the stock market, when it becomes possible.

There was a discussion about the geology of the mine and the potential market for rare earth minerals. Rob Campbell stated that there are such minerals present in the 16 to 1. Mike mentioned a book by Richard Mueller titled Nemesis the Death Star and theories related to the extinction of the dinosaurs that also have a relationship to the timing of the geological upheavals that deposited minerals such as gold in the earth’s crust. Mr. Mueller is a Nobel Peace Price recipient and teaches physics at the Laurence Berkeley Laboratory. He visited the mine with Mike and shares his appreciation of gold and science.

Mike then fielded questions from the shareholders and gave a safety talk for going in the mine.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 11:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Rae Bell Arbogast
 By Michael Miller

07/02/2019  2:31PM

April 10, 2019
Dear Senator Feinstein,
Opportunity Zone legislation is a huge benefit for rural California, my home in Sierra County. Senator Scott is a sponsor so I wrote him. He replied to contact you and Senator Harris. Following is my letter to Senator Scott. He wrote about his recent trip to the California border, which was my initial response. Encouraging his interest in Opportunity Zone is my priority.
My industry needs some federal recognition. Please get involved in our much needed activity here in California. Michael Meister Miller (530) 287-3223

April 10, 2018
Dear Senator Harris,
Opportunity Zone legislation is a huge benefit for rural California, my home in Sierra County. Senator Scott is a sponsor so I wrote him. He replied to contact you and Senator Feinstein. Following is my letter to Senator Scott. He wrote about his recent trip to the California border, which was my initial response. Encouraging his interest in Opportunity Zone is my priority and my purpose for contacting you.
My industry needs some federal recognition. Becoming aware of Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. (incorporated in California in 1911) and how it operates helps everyone in California without exception. Please get involved in our much needed activity here in California.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Meister Miller

March 27, 2019
Dear Senator Scott,
Here I sit in California reading your newsletters with gratitude that one of one hundred vital politicians is expressing a fact that I also know as a fact: knowingly illegal acts performed by anyone must not be ignored. People around me support your position on border security.
Here I sit, a fifth generation Californian, without representation in our federal senate to discuss what many find onerous in California. I found you because of your creative approach to problem solving with Opportunity Zone legislation. It is fantastic legislation that benefits all social levels throughout the United States. I wrote you and was happy you answered. As you replied that you work primarily for your constituents, I understand, but in California, this obvious economic plan has no voice! Thanks for keeping me on your email list. I enjoyed learning about Fort Sumter/Fort Moultrie.
Productive miners, a Californian endangered species, no longer work a 200 mile proven gold deposit. California became a state shortly after the global gold rush of 1849. The gold made its mark that led to the development of the West as a member of the United States. My position is President of America’s oldest gold mining company and longest continuously operating gold mine in North America. Sadly, the necessity and importance of our domestic mineral industries and the values they generates have disappeared. I’m working with concepts expressed in Opportunity Zone legislation to bring back these dying industries in rural America.
Michael M. Miller

NOTE: Kamala Harris staff did not reply. Diane Feinstein staff sent a form reply that failed to mention Opportunity Zone. Opportunity Zone legislation is the best tax, investment, beneficial program for all Americans I have ever read. I’m searching for help. Today (July 2, 2019, I begin searching for help on the Internet with the following :
My first awareness of Opportunity Zone was before its inclusion in the Tax Law. I communicated with Senators Booker and Scott, who advised to contact my California Senators. I wrote both Senators: no reply from Senator Harris and a form letter from Senator Feinstein that did not address my wants. I run a 107 year old California corporation, vital to America's economic, social and political well-being, impoverished and rural, and in need of serious financial assistance. We are the last underground gold miners working the proven Sierra Nevada gold belt which extends from Mariposa County to Plumas County.

Alleghany has multiple projects that fit the following Opportunity Zone investment focus: Affordable housing, Commercial, Community revitalization, Economic development, Mixed-use development, Multifamily residential, , Workforce housing, Renewable energy investment, Small business development, Agricultural Development, Sustainable agriculture, Philanthropy, Private partnerships, Redevelopment and adaptive reuse and Defense Technology Investment. Long list but true. Most information available is for investment not for those communities/businesses that are opportunity zone projects. For what it's worth, I'm a fifth generation Californian with great love for my state and its well-being. I also have great business experience as I was born June 22, 1942. Your help will help many in the golden state.
 By cw3343

06/21/2019  1:11PM

Not all of us are on Facecrook...
 By Michael Miller

06/19/2019  3:31PM

For pictures go to Facebook and enter original sixteen to one mine,inc. Hit search and photos for the gold specimen with pictures before blasting and more.

Check out the tour of the home schooled children, our most unusual tour. None of us are proficient with Facebook but will be improving.
 By cw3343

06/18/2019  9:42AM

Any chance of posting a photo of this find?

Thank you!
 By Michael Miller

06/14/2019  3:42PM

May 29, 2019
You are authorized to show and sell this yet-to-be- named specimen to the two gentlemen who may be in Oroville this month. It is not to leave your safe keeping unless it is purchased. It has no name purposely, so its new owner msy choose. It has not been treated with any acid. It looks the same as when it was mined on March 31, 2019 from the 1150 level of Sixteen to One mine.

Since it day-lighted a couple of weeks ago, a dozen people with backgrounds in gold specimens or other high-end collector items were elated to see and hold it. People ask, “What’s it worth? What’s the value of this 16 to 1 recent specimen?” That’s for others to decide. It is priceless, a one-of-a-kind, rare as hens teeth.

I’ve touched pricelessness before and understand its complex meaning. In fall of 1962, I touched Mona Lisa in Paris, the Louve Museum and The Man with the Golden Helmet in West Berlin and returned a second and third day to experience it again. The public could walk up to the paintings then: no more. The experiences were priceless.

On May 31, 2019 I touched priceless again. Arriving at the portal, end of shift, the crew was very excited. “Get back into your truck. Go to the office. You gotta see this.” I did. I broke the seal opening the high-grade bag and reached in. I felt the largest rock and knew its specialness. The touch of its surface prickled as I pulled it out. Its weight got me excited.

The crew stood there, just smiling. Then it emerged from the sack and I saw this humbling work of nature’s art. Two hours ago the rock was hidden one thousand feet underground for 125,000,000 years. Now it’s in my hand thanks to our Sixteen to One miners.

Sometimes we just don’t know…..well, how lucky we are.
This rock is priceless, yet must be priced: $160,000.
The rock was named and is on display this week end for the Underground Museum event. Postcards available with the following inscription: From the Sixteen to One Mine in Alleghany: “The Hand of Dan” 21 ounces of gold mined on March 29, 2019. Photo by Duane Lines moments after the blast.
 By Michael Miller

05/20/2019  4:56PM

Dear Forum Followers,
The website crashed today. Our webmaster lives in Hungry but solved the problem. This is a very old website and not comparable with the pace and options today. Four years ago we found a team to get us into 21st century internet; however the new look was too nontraditional. After all this is a very traditional business, gold mining in California. Sixteen to One is a rare gem with many facets. We will be exploring a new design to meet the needs of the time next week. Tradition will be maintained but improvements are coming.

The site administration lost the ability to post pictures. None in our office are active twitters, face bookers, cell phone users and other popular media stuff. Even though, we placed some great pictures on Facebook. Last Thursday photos are worth a look. Too few miners are mining today so I brought a new group in for training. Check ‘em out.
 By Michael Miller

04/26/2019  2:49PM

Dear Senator Feinstein, April 22, 2019
Thanks greatly for answering my letter regarding Opportunity Zone’s inclusion in the past tax reform bill. I received your reply yesterday. A democrat and republican senator actively drafted the language. This wonderful plan for business, community and those Americans who realize the opportunity to invest in these impoverished locations benefit. It is not a tax give-away as some suggest but a solid plan for multiple improvement.

My home, community and business for forty three years need a shot of tired money now sitting in domestic and foreign low interest accounts. Alleghany, California, is the last gold mining camp in the Sierra Nevada. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. (107 year old California corporation) is the oldest mining company in America. Seventy to 75% of the vein system is untouched. Our underground mining operation has no adverse effects on the environment. We were green before it became a buzz word.

I appreciate the subcommittees you serve with members of both parties. In particular are: Environment, Military, Homeland Security, Science and Rural Development. Two others hold interest: Agriculture (there are abandoned underground mines throughout the US where crops thrive due to controllable environment), and Labor. My industry and America were built with skilled blue collar workers. Young people are vital to the mining industry. It has become an endangered domestic species. Young people need training. We elders who care about the future want to participate. Financial leaders must play a role. Opportunity Zone is their hook.

My major at UCSB (class of 1964) was Combined Social Science (economics emphasis). I left Santa Barbara to begin a career very different from most: natural resources (timber and gold). I became an advocate for their value and advancement. Why your subcommittees “Military and Homeland Security are relevant is answered by studying histories of warfare. A crisis exists with the decline of domestic natural resource industries. Countries fight for resources. I don’t mean anything like supporting clear cutting or flagrant abusive mining.

Senators Tim Scott and Cory Booker led the concept of “Opportunity Zones”. This idea truly benefits those with money and its receivers; however a true analysis of each opportunity is vital. I’m concerned that the executive agencies that take this law into the realm of regulations have lost their way. This is why I write you. I know you are busy and I ask that someone from your office in California contacts me under your direction. We need to start implementing this legislation. It needs an example of success, which we can become. Please include me to help.

Best wishes to you and your staff.
Michael Meister Miller
 By Michael Miller

03/18/2019  5:37PM

Words for this federal gift to ignite unproductive capital are on the move: Sacramento Bee, New York Times, Motley Fool and now you. Following is an engine for profit and Alleghany is a top place for serious participation. Help make it happen here in Sierra County.

United States Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) leads a bipartisan, bicameral letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin encouraging clarity about the Department of Treasury’s proposed Opportunity Zone regulations. Senators Booker (NJ), Portman (OH) , Young (IN), Ernst (IA), Moore Capito (WV), Gardner (CO), and Representatives Mike Kelly (PA), Kind (WI), Delbene (WA), Kilmer (WA), Sewell (AL), Collins (NY), Sensenbrenner (WI), Smith (MO), and Stivers (OH) all joined Senator Scott (SC). It allows investors to defer capital gains taxes for up to a decade if they invest their cash in rural and small-town communities largely left behind in the recovery from the Great Recession. REPORT IS ON OSTO LETTERHEAD

Draft: Opportunity Zones
February 1, 2019
March 16, 2019 updated

The state must create one million more such jobs according to political and business leaders. To
expand California’s skilled workforce, promote rural economic development and make every California community more resilient has been talk, talk and more talk. Action is required and the federal government set a plan of action with Opportunity Zone to excite a flow of capital onto a new path. Sierra County qualifies as an Opportunity Zone.

This is recent federal legislation. Stated goals are: “to better align state and local government, urban and rural economies and resources from public and private sectors. These cross-cutting efforts will push for adoption of a statewide regions-up prosperity strategy, promote resiliency models for fire-impacted communities, advance new approaches to rural economic development, and capitalize on the potential of new, federally-designated Opportunity Zones.” Will these just be words? Or will politicians, capitalists and investors grab the idea and turn it to concrete?

“The voice from the vast expanses of rural California is small. Our once thriving natural resource based economies are still transitioning. This initiative gives us a way, but it will require deep partnerships with urban areas—we cannot do it alone.”
Kathleen Moxon, Redwood Coast Rural Action

To be competitive with other states, California has a narrow window in 2019 to take advantage of the potential of new, federally-designated “Opportunity Zones.” Recent tax changes have made 3,500 low-income census tracts in the state—home to more than three million people—eligible to benefit from billions of dollars in new private investment. Benefits to the investment participants are substantial.

The Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, provides a new tax incentive to spur private investments in low -income areas designated by states as Opportunity Zones. This new incentive provides a deferral, reduction, and potential elimination of federal capital gains taxes. This new pool of private capital can help transform underinvested islands of poverty into thriving communities —but only if communities and the state organize to take advantage of this new flow of capital.

Opportunity Zones is not a grant program; it is a new investment tool. Private investors will be looking for community investments that yield real returns —in areas from business and housing to community infrastructure. It is vital that the State of California, along with its community governments organize project planning to develop an investable pipeline of attractive projects that will allow the state to effectively compete for new investment capital.

With over 8,000 approve d Opportunity Zones nationwide—with 890 Zones in California—competition for this investment is high. The potential amount of capital gains eligible is estimated at $6 trillion; the challenge is to attract investors to place the maximum potential in
communities of need (Alleghany qualifies). This framework focuses on several key issues: ensuring communities are “Opportunity Zone ready” to attract these investments (Alleghany is ready); identifying how the state can align programs to support local project implement action and reduce state and local regulatory barriers to make eligible investments entitlement ready.
Our community determined what result it wants from Opportunity Zone investment and what it has to offer. These new funds create an opportunity to connect private capital to projects that meet community needs and provide social impacts that increase the economic well -being of the community, streamline regulatory process and develop a local project pipeline. Investment eligibility is expansive providing there are public purposes and job increases. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. is committed.

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. recognizes the value and importance of this new approach for development. It is a high priority for our attention. This is an exceptional winning enterprise.

Michael Meister Miller
Director and President
 By Michael Miller

02/12/2019  2:12PM

Just received below from Aram Shishumanian (CEO) of World Gold Council, a publication I trust and enjoy reading for many years. The current report has a dozen headings. After review I’ll summarize for the FORUM.

12 February, 2019

In January 2009, the world was in the grip of the Global Financial Crisis. Markets were in turmoil, economies were falling into recession, policymakers were panicking. That was when I became CEO of the World Gold Council, a time when attitudes towards gold as an investment asset were just beginning to shift.

Ten years later, as I prepare to step down as CEO, the world is in a very different place. But the repercussions of a prolonged period of stagnant economic growth still linger. Interest rates, while slowly starting to rise, remain at record lows. The US current account deficit is at an all-time high. Traditional assets are volatile, after an extensive bull run. And China’s influence is significantly greater than it was.

In such an environment, gold’s unique attributes as an investment have become increasingly apparent. Increased interest in gold comes amid a growing focus among asset owners on sustainable investment. Today’s investors are keen to understand whether and how companies are responding to climate change. The gold industry is under scrutiny too but, as we explain in Gold’s role in a low-carbon economy, the impact of gold on investment portfolios is rather different from initial expectations.

Aram Shishmanian
 By Michael Miller

10/01/2018  3:46PM

In January of 2018, I mail the following letter to our State of California appointed water board. It follows the required information, which included a notice to the Central Valley Regional Water Control Board (CVRWQCB). Our splendid attorney, Klaus Kolb, and I spoke at a CVRWQCB meeting in Rancho Cordova addressing allegations and misinformation presented to the seven board members by staff. Staff, in this case, are well meaning and poorly prepared youthful attorneys working as “the prosecution team”. Strange, I know, but indicative of how certain public servants are taught their job. (Follow the money to find the power and objectives.)

You will find Original Sixteen to One Mine response to our treatment (also sent to the State Board) on the Forum under topic “Water and Arsenic: which came first?” submitted 01/26/18. My position as president required it; however as a Californian I have the right to be heard and wrote the following as a Concerned American. You should be concerned as well.

State Water Resources Control Board January 8, 2018
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Members of the Board,

The Porter Cologne Act passed in California legislation as solutions of water quality, conservation, control and utilization. What water issues troubled elected officials, industries and businesses in the 1960’s? Fundamental observations, conditions, predictions and downright speculations contributed to this law. It was justified according to give and take actions by Californians for the benefit of Californians: protected for use and enjoyment by the people of the state. The Legislature declared regulations shall be reasonable, considering all demands made on our water quality and considering the total values involved, beneficial and detrimental economic and social, tangible and intangible. Development projects were growing in scope and size; however the law specifically cites factors of precipitation, topography, population, recreation, agriculture, industry and economics shall apply.

The law established a State Board and regional boards. They shall conform to and implement the policies of Chapter 1, (policy) at all times of the Act. Water quality objectives mean the limits or levels of water quality constituents or characteristics which are established for the reasonable protection of beneficial uses of water. The first item listed for a water quality control plan is: (1) Beneficial uses to be protected. The intent of the Legislature is unequivocal: waste or contamination must create a hazard to the public health through poising or the spread of disease.

One key in the Legislative and administration process was science. Science began and drove concepts and words that eventually were passed by our Senate and Assembly. Science, after all, is knowledge, understood facts or principles. Knowledge is gained by systematic observations, experiment, and reasoning; knowledge is coordinated, arranged, and systematized. Its goal is the prosecution of truth thus known, both in the abstract and as an historical development.

What John Stuart Mill wrote 160 years ago holds true today: “Since all phenomena which have been sufficiently examined are found to take place with regularity, each having certain fixed conditions, positive and negative, on the occurrence of which it invariably happens, mankind has been able to ascertain the conditions of the occurrence of many phenomena. The progress of science mainly consists in ascertaining these conditions. Science is nothing but the finding of analogy, identity in the most remote parts of the subject.” There is no science involved with the enforcement of the current CVRWQCB in Rancho Cordova, California.

In science, you must not talk before you know. In art, you must not talk before you do. In literature, you must not talk before you think. In government all three apply to our public agencies, public employees, elected and appointed officials. Science persists with the knowledge of things, whether ideal or substantial. Art works the modification of substantial things by our substantial power. Literature brings to the mind the modification of ideal things by our ideal power. All are lacking with the Prosecution Team, the Administration Team, most of the Board members and the Executive Team.

The work of the true masters of Science is a perpetual striving after a better and closer knowledge of their environment from the planet on which their lot is cast and the universe in the vastness of which our planet is lost. CVRWQCB execution of the Porter Cologne act has become an illegal taker of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with no sense of support from Science, Art or Literature. It’s good and worthwhile intent turned into a sham, nothing more than a trick put upon the public. It has become evil that lacks any bearing on its expectations. The people should fear the destroying of long standing public and private benefits of our water. If the environment is sought to be defended or pressured for the safety and benefits of Californians, some advocates and some enforcers twist, ignore and lie. It is a sham and the goodness we know and expect will be lost for future generations. The actions I witnessed at the December 8, 2017, public CVRWQCB hearing will alarm Californians as I was alarmed.

Porter- Cologne Water Quality Control Act is the law. It preempts all other plans, such as the Valley Basin plan. Its importance in Californian’s behaviors patterns the relationships between the Constitution of the United States of American and the Constitution of the State of California. Law has definitions: recognize shame answers, sham defenses, and sham pleas. The entire agenda item on December 8, 2017, was so clearly shameful, in fact, presenting no substantial issue. It is make believe to assert that natural waters traveling through the Alleghany aquifers, above and underground, produce harmful conditions to public health. An historical mantra holds true here in Sacramento: “We must have a case that we do not sham fallacies upon the people for current reason.”

Fear of this material (natural elements for life) and native water precipitating high in the Sierra Nevada mountains is a pretense for highjacking industrial freedom and rights, justify employment for the prosecutors, fatten self-serving appetites, and is illegal, immoral and against both State and Federal Constitutions. “Truth, like gold, lies at the bottom.”

In reference to the degree of specialization on display during this public meeting, the sciences may be arranged as follows:
(A) Mathematics, the study of relations of the parts of hypothetical constructions, involving no observation of facts, but only of the creations of our own minds, having two branches – (1) pure mathematics, where the suppositions are arbitrary and (2) applied mathematics, where the hypothesis as simplifications of real facts – and branching again into (a) mathematical philosophy, as the theory of probabilities, etc. (b) mathematical physics, as analytical mechanics, etc. and (c) mathematical physics, as political economy.
(B) Philosophy, the examination of and logical analysis of a general body of fact is a science in which reason and history precedes successful dealing with special elements of the universe – branching into (1) logic and (2) metaphysics.
(C) Nomology, the science of the most general laws or uniformities, having two main branches – (1) psychology and (2) general physics.
(D) Chemistry, the determination of physical constants and the study of the different kinds of matter in which these constants differ.
(E) Biology, the study of a peculiar class of substances, the protoplasms, and of the kinds of organisms into which they grow.
(F) Sciences of organization of organisms, embracing (1) physiology, the science of the working of the psychical structures of organs and (2) sociology, the science of psychical unions, especially modes of human society, including ethics, linguistics, politics, etc.

No science was on display by the Prosecution Team, the Advisory Team or other public employees. My wonderment is that the seven board members voted six to one in support of the staff with so little knowledge of what they were voting for. Science is nothing but the finding of analogy, identity in the most remote parts of the subject: water. “The work of the true man of Science is a perpetual striving after a better and closer knowledge of the planet on which his lot is cast, and of the universe in the vastness of which that planet is lost.” –J.N. Lockyer. What science triggers the serious efforts across the spectrum of living in our Golden State? What is the duty of water?

Terms contain some qualification to denote that it must not be excessive are to be based in science. The buzz ‘word’ has become ppb. The word "reasonable" being considerably used in law is not used now in science: reasonable in care and diligence, reasonable in economic evaluations (cost/benefits), reasonable unavoidable. This board lacks an understanding of reason because the staff either fails to know or withholds important information (exculpatory evidence or statements which tend to clear Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. from alleged fault or guilt). The duty of water is found not to be a constant factor for all places but varies with the character of natural surroundings, climatic conditions, diversification of environments and various other conditions.

Kanaka Creek does not present a water quality problem for fish, plant life or aquatic insects. No one suffers a beneficial loss downstream from the ancient 21 portal. During the meeting the question, “What is the full definition of serious?” was brushed aside by staff. The proper action for the Board to take at this meeting was to table the topic and send it back to staff for review and clarification on the issues raised by Operator. The insistence that it could not take this action is weak.

I am aggrieved by the action at the December 8, 2017 CVWQCB meeting.

I file this petition for review with the State Water Board.
I hereby attach to this petition by reference the three attachment filed by Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. as support for my request for the petition. I have suffered great financial losses due to the ongoing behavior if CVRWQCB in the Kanaka Creek watershed. I have suffered great mental strain and harassment.

Required Information:
Michael Meister Miller
PO Box 941
Alleghany, CA 95910
(530) 287-3224

A copy of this request is given to the US Postal office in Alleghany today, addressed to the CVRWQCB in Rancho Cordova. Presenting new and accurate information and delivering true and scientific information regarding the issues under review by CVRWQCB in order to preserve, protect and enhance the regional environment both naturally and socially are not a choice but a right and a public responsibility.

Michael M. Miller


The State Board scheduled a closed meeting this week. Any predictions on the outcome?
 By Michael Miller

08/16/2018  1:44PM

A shift in the too long held environmental belief that man must not work the forest but leave it alone is gaining steam. All the fires in California and other states support why the under-story in our forests must be attacked with vigor and common sense. Sierra County is a prime place to take positive action and a new approach to funding is working.

I send an east coast writer the following letter. No reply. Check out a plan called O-zone investment. It is getting a bad rap by some like Mr. Kuttner

August 1, 2018
Dear Mr. Kuttner,

What a surprise to open and read your August 1, 2018 article, “About that Capital Gains Scam!” Yesterday, a longtime pal (Stanford grad, three years older than you and two years older than I) called to tell me about a fresh program that would be great for Sierra County and California in general. He cited a Forbes article and said he would mail the article to me. Yes, I found that Sierra County was included in the nationwide qualifying locations. A google search led to the opportunity zone concept, and how it would work. I was very excited because money in all forms is absent from Sierra County.

Three presidents you rubbed up against would likely back this plan: Woodrow Wilson, John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. I want you to also revisit the proposal, provide constructive input and help move it along. My economic views resemble yours, liberal and progressive; both mirror our sentiments and convictions; however we arrived there on diverse paths.

I’m a fifth generation Californian, born and raised in Sacramento. My schooling ended with a BA from UCSB class of ’64. After graduating, I designed, built and ran a college hangout, selling more beer between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Our room with six coin operated pool tables was going all the time. The volleyball court was unique; so were the rock-n roll bands, fully clothed collegiate go-go dancers, affordable food and old time movies. My economics major was tempered with sociology and geography minors. Thankfully, the only real values that helped me throughout my business life were very simple and understandable: laws of supply & demand, dynamics of scale, laws of diminishing return.

Five years saturated my brain and I wanted out of dealing with the public. In 1974, with a desire to return to Northern California, I stumbled into a dinosaur like opportunity: gold mining in the high Sierra Mountain Range. After much study (helped when our federal government lifted the restrictions on gold price and ownership) I decided to give it five years. That was in 1975. I’m still an underground gold miner, running the oldest US gold corporation.

My only purpose in writing you is to gain your ear on this very progressive idea floating around Congress. My background, experience and training in high use of capital are in natural resources. America needs domestic resource production and it needs a new industry based for the blue collar youth. Capital moving into forest restoration and related areas is a progressive thought that the three presidents mentioned before would support. If our current President did the same, the benefits from supporting well selected opportunity zone make my heart beat faster. It very well will do the same for you. If not, please tell me you got my note. Thanks.

Michael Meister Miller, President
Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.
(530) 287-3223 mmeistermiller@gmail.com
 By Michael Miller

05/11/2018  11:40AM

With a growing interest in gold, I’m spending time compiling Sixteen to One data from old records and hours of work. Geologists and others are looking for mining opportunities and information. The letter below isn’t one for those interests; however, I snorted after reading parts of it. Bill Murphy is Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. He exposes the manipulations within the precious metal industry. I saw this letter and the line, “The public will get another hosing in a couple of years as others pedal their stories” came true.

March 23, 2009
Dear Bill,

We spoke when you were looking for plaintiffs in your lawsuit against Blanchard. I said okay, but I guess our company was not needed. I would have been proud to be a party to your exposure of fraud or collusion.

I still am President and now our company has become both the oldest U.S. gold mining corporation and the longest producer of gold in North America. It has not been an easy trip. Nevertheless, I look forward to every day and am positive that gold has a solid future for another decade or so.

I tried to participate in Le Metropole Café. It was very unsuccessful. I notified you by e-mail at least three times over the past eighteen months of the troubles but heard nothing back. I had signed up for a trial membership. It was a technical disaster that never got solved. For a year or longer after signing up, I continue to get e-mail notifications from Le Metropole, but I have no password or ability to open them. I wrote explanations to your web master to give me a real trial or stop sending these worthless e-mails but nothing happened. Will you look into it, please?

The gold sector is different from thirty/twenty years ago. Events will not duplicate. Interest has waned. My involvement dates to 1974. As a real gold producer, a junior at that, I see very few articles about how to evaluate the small companies. I don’t find the articles about the large companies that compelling either. (I broke bread with past presidents of three of the big companies and rubbed elbows with many small company executives.) Right now I have little hope for true improvement in the Big Guys, the analysts, promoters or newsletter writers. The public will get another hosing in a couple of years as others pedal their stories. The past has hurt those who actually take the risks of gold mining, something the owners and management of Sixteen to One mine have done in the last three centuries. You have a tool to help the real gold miners and a naive public. I would like to learn more about Le Metropole Café and perhaps become an educator, not to shamelessly promote but to combat ignorance.

If you have the time, please give me a call, check out the FORUM on our web site or if you have no time or interest, please tell your web master to quit sending me emails that I cannot access. Hope the best for you and your publication.

Sincerely, Michael M. Miller
 By Michael Miller

03/23/2018  1:46PM

Our office (Alleghany) lost all satellite internet service for two weeks less one day, today when it resumed. Northern California rural areas, the extreme rural spots like Alleghany do not have cell phone as well. The cause was the inaccurate disconnection from our provider, Hughesnet discontinued our address not the address it was ordered to turn off. A technician is necessary to make the reconnect on site.
Rae, Edda and I spent hours, many hours communication with voices all over the world to get it fixed to no avail. Among zero emails our website was silent.

I was in a grocery market in Oroville when its computer service went down. What a scene! Shoppers waited with full and partially filled baskets. The cash registers would not work. After about twenty minutes waiting everyone left and left our baskets. I was in the bank one time when its computers went down. Adios dinero!

Can you imagine the scene when this happens on a larger scale: no money exchange, no purchase of gas or food, a ruckus on every roadway.

Thank you for staying informed about our business in California’s greatest goldfield. We are somewhat backlogged and will knock away at keeping you UP TO DATE.

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