July 5, 2022 

Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By Michael Miller

01/14/2022  3:59PM

Most of you likely read or heard about the biggest cold front to engulf Northern California. Over 30,000 were without power.

Alleghany was out 16 days in all. The office shut. Home life was also difficult for most all of us.

Nevada County and Sierra County resembled the look of an southern hurricane weather front. Trees and branches overpowered the crews. Our crew worked when possible on the mine roads and equipment. Without power the pumps stopped.

The two hardest hit spots at the mine are from snow building up or roofs then sliding onto the roadway. It was at least ten feet in three locations. My house deck had snow about five feet high. That’s California . Even though everyone prepares for winter, few if any were prepared for this.

Sunny weather predicted as we move forward.
 By Michael Miller

10/05/2021  9:38AM

One of America’s most dangerous workers industries is mining. Underground mining and surface mining have different risks to the miner. In fact, every mine poses its own list of hazards. Congress formed MSHA and declared that ”the first priority and concern of all in the coal and other mining industry must be the health and safety of its most precious resource—the miner.”

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) said yesterday that existing mine worker protections are strong enough that the agency won’t require COVID-19 vaccinations or weekly testing.

President Biden announced earlier this month that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a separate Labor Department bureau, was developing an emergency rule that would force employers with 100 or more employees to establish vaccine mandates or alternative weekly testing requirements.

But that emergency temporary standard (ETS) doesn’t apply to MSHA or any mining operations, said Jeannette Galanis, the agency’s deputy assistant secretary, in a conference call yesterday.

“We have worked with the secretary’s office as well as the White House on trying to figure out if an ETS on vaccines should be issued by MSHA. And we have concluded that there should not be an ETS issued by MSHA,” Galanis said.

She added that the Mine Act is one of the world’s strongest worker protection laws, allowing MSHA to take enforcement measures unavailable to OSHA.
“If we find that a mine is [in] a situation where they are spreading COVID, we are able to temporarily shut them down. That’s very different than the OSHA Act,” Galanis said.

MSHA has been reluctant to create any emergency standard to protect miners from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. In March, a year after the pandemic began, MSHA published voluntary guidance for workers and mine operators (E&E News PM, March 10).

The United Mine Workers of America labor union, which represents coal miners, declined to comment on MSHA’s decision not to issue a COVID-19 vaccine standard. The United Steelworkers, which also represents miners, did not return a request for comment.
MSHA’s focus remains on reducing the number of mine worker fatalities, Galanis said. Twenty-seven miners have died on the job this year in the United States; 29 miners died at work in 2020.

The most common cause of death has been accidents involving vehicles like surface trucks and locomotives. MSHA proposed a rule this month aimed at preventing those types of accidents (Greenwire, Sept. 8).
The agency is drafting a rule to curb levels of silica in mines. Black lung disease has been on the rise among underground coal miners. The Labor Department’s inspector general has said silica — a carcinogenic component of coal dust -—may be responsible for the uptick (Greenwire, Nov. 17, 2020).
Galanis didn’t give a timetable for the rule-making process but said the rule “is a top priority of this agency.”
 By Michael Miller

09/09/2021  9:51PM

Give me your mailing address. I still have your email but maybe my emails are going into the deep hole. The 2020 annual report was mailed to shareholders last week.
You and I and everyone with a background in the Sixteen to one know its value is far above a buck. This group trying to buy shares used misleading information to get owners to sell.

We are the only permitted operating underground gold mine in California. Our mine produced over 1,500,000 ounces of gold. Ray Wittkopp, the most familiar geologist i hung with for many years both underground and on the surface,was confident that 75% t0 80% of this remarkable vein remains.
Email me if you didn't get your annual report and proxies. Carl Berg, Roger Haas and the others working for Quartzview are trying to steal the company..
 By bluejay

09/09/2021  4:37PM


Please direct me to all information concerning a stated $1 per share offer for the company.

Year's back the shares climbed to over $7 a share on news of the million dollar day. Everyone knows we own one of the richest gold pocket mines around. Where do the shares trade when the next big pocket is discovered?
 By Michael Miller

09/09/2021  12:18PM

September 22, 2021, at 10am is OSTO’s 110th Annual Shareholder meeting in Alleghany. No underground tours are scheduled as the meeting will follow California Covid requirements. The Underground Gold Miners Museum will be open for tour and merchandise sales including Sixteen to One gold. Recommend you bring a picnic lunch.
Please enjoy our histories on this ancient website and FORUM.

Annual Shareholder message follows this entry.
 By Michael Miller

09/09/2021  12:05PM

Dear Shareholders,

What is the best outcome for shareholders is my pressing decision. My personal decision is to keep my investment in the Sixteen to One and Company. My decision is a business one. My responsibility or obligation to you is to disclose facts, data and information about the Company. It is called “Full Disclosure”. It guides this year’s Annual Report.

What becomes the best decision for you is a personal choice. It also requires information mixed with considerations that I may not know. I want you to reject the $1 a share and believe that monetarily speaking it is also in your best interest.

The true Company assets, real stock markets bid and ask, gold spot price trends, gold production and future earning potential are factors to consider. The past is gone but the shorthanded way it was presented to you in the offer misrepresents the achievements and honest reporting.

Assets off the balance sheets represent true value:

Fee simple ownership of 400 acres covered with Class A timber, the highest classification of value in Tahoe National Forest; log prices are low even with current high cost of lumber.

Heavy Industrial zoning in Sierra County General Plan (fee simple ownership) of 160 acres, suitable for a co-generation power plant now under consideration; paved access road, PG&E high power lines adjacent and Henness Pass easy haulage for miles of the forest access.

Water rights to year round springs; serves the Alleghany Community for drinking water; excellent fall distance for hydro-power. Untapped potential.

Gold inventory and history of sales that exceeds the spot prices used to calculate inventory.

Stock market history when Company was listed shows dynamic interest with high price of $5.25 a share on volume. Analysts and experts predict price increases in gold, silver and ownership in producing gold companies. I agree.


The tender offer uses liabilities as a reason to sell your shares. After the financials included in this report were prepared and filed with the Securities Exchange Commission, liabilities were decreased by $1,340,000. Additional reductions in liabilities with creditors are possible through additional negotiations. The Company is not facing bankruptcy. It is a myth.

It is vital for you to remember past Annual Messages.

May 7, 2014

What are we doing to find gold? Access unexplored and known targets submerged years ago; clear never available old workings. Results: water level is 400 feet lower than last year; bought new Mine Lab detector in February ($10,000).

Due to financial restraints we dismissed some miners. The scaled back crew decreases the opportunity for production. Half our crew is supporting Quartzview. The other half is working to open new areas for us to mine.. No one is mining for gold. Looking to: expand crew, purchase supplies in volume, hire top maintenance men and seek outside capital.

April 30, 2015

Gold production, sales and expenses resulted in a modest net profit: debt paid down, upgraded broken equipment, increased crew and opened areas formally impassible. The big disappointment is the lack of technological advancements with the independent radar innovator. [Quartzview]. With the advanced Mine Lab detector, our crew sacked 687 ounces of gold in an unusual brecciaed vein. Miners open one of the original caved tunnels, named the Zero Level. California water agency lawsuit settled on February 11, 2015.

April 22, 2017

Our assets, opportunities and potential continue to increase. Unfortunately, accounting rules and an illogical share trading market called “Gray Market” cast a false value of assets as dollars on the balance sheet. Net profit was $610,160 or $0.04 per share, nothing to brag about. Crew remains small (10). Tough but significant project began (49WINZE) a vital for access to previously known gold targets. Two mayor distractions: MSHA and California water regulators

“Some shareholders want the opportunity to cash out some shares. I support this desire.” Promotion is part of my job; underground work preempts; two consecutive profitable years; relations improved with regulator.

May 10, 2018

Water level is below the 1900 foot level. The 49 Winze cleared all safety requirements to the 1700 foot level. Miners are opening the 1700 level from the station heading north to the Tightner Shaft, not difficult but takes time. MSHA vacates nine citations. Mistreatment by California water regulators appealed.

July 25, 2019

Business last year was neither spectacular nor dreadful. Global gold market changes are significant. Electric power was off frequently and for long periods. Power surges killed the dewatering pump and supply lines. We lost over 100 feet of dewatered workings. The crew did open the 1700 foot level north to the Tightner Shaft. We failed to accomplish the amount of renovations to the lower levels of the mine as projected.

August 17, 2020

Miners elected to follow State and Federal governments’ recommendations regarding social distancing. . Routine maintenance continued with reduced operation. Gold production was modest in 2019. Inventory provided most of the money for expenses. Known gold showings on the 2400 foot level vein primary target. (Note: Mine Lab signals, visible gold and quartz adjacent to a 3,000 ounce pocket prove this primary target. Spot price was $250 at the time.)

Gold makes news: spot price reaches $2.059.21

Knowing our past is important. It helps grasp the results from cash flow and the present situation. The following brings you current with facts and evidence. Very disruptive allegations by ex-miners began in 2017, leading to criminal charges filed in June, 2019. Criminal charges were dismissed by Sierra County District Attorney on July 12th, 2021. The ordeal was very costly for us in both time and money. The makers of the $1 offer used this event to slander and misrepresent my management and to gain your support and sale. They conspired with those miners prior to the criminal charges, contributing to the lies to obtain a search warrant. Yes, proof of this exists.

Permits and Regulations

The California Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s permit was approved an additional five years this June. It culminated years of negotiations. The federal EPA Administration Order (NDPES) became effective August 16, 2021. Both were thoughtfully written with mutual support for the positive changes. The Company has no threats regarding permits and water discharge from the 21 drain tunnel. The cover and inside recent photographs say much about the clarity of the discharge.

Mine Safety Health Administration (federal) regulates surface and underground activities. Quarterly inspections occur. The past 10 quarters resulted with no reporting citations. The miners look forward to the inspectors’ routine visits. Positive results all around from our actions. Sierra County performed its annual surface review with no changes. Sixteen to One is the only underground gold mine in California working with all required permits. Accomplishing this took extraordinary efforts over multiple years. It bodes well for our future mining successes.

Operations, Maintenance and Mining

Again, we are an oddity in the gold industry, an industry where every public company has suffered a loss, reduced production, regulatory issues and loss of equity based on the buy/sell market for shares. An exceptionally bright future for the industry is a universal belief. Speculations about gold prices are less important to us than other gold miners. Much of our gold sells for a multiple of spot price. Our primary customer, Orocal Mfg. Inc., placed an order for $1 million of quartz/gold slab for its business.

Our main decline into the lower levels, the 49 Winze to the 1700 station, is now renovated. Below is safe for travel; however, all utilities are not in place. The water level is perched at the 2200 level and is on hold. During the virus slowdown we concentrated on surface maintenance, which includes a $6,800 new compressor radiator, a $4,000 loader repair and $5,500 hydraulic repairs to the excavator.

What is important to me in this annual report is providing full disclosures, helpful for you to choose to stay with us. I believe that future earnings in the upcoming months will support a price well above $1 a share. I hope you stay with us. Different reasons magnify your stay: pride in helping and be part of America’s oldest gold mining corporation, your insurance policy against a financial monetary crash, inflation and aiding history.

Regards, and contact me with any questions.

Michael Meister Miller

“The term capital allocation refers to how a company spends its money. For example, it can pay down debt, pay its shareholders a dividend, buy back some of its shares, buy another company or use it to further its own growth. The money should be spent in the most productive ways. When a company’s capital is not allocated effectively, it’s wasted and that hurts shareholders. The past four years we have allocated our capital to further our prospects of mining gold. How? Infrastructure and accessibility to five high-ranking targets. Gold drives our operation. Its strong price is a bonus we cannot influence, but we have taken advantage of it. Sixteen to One gold ranks at the top within the jewelry businesses and we actually mine the stuff.”

April 22, 2017 - Annual Report 2016
 By dickdavis

07/01/2021  6:26PM

Dear Mike,

There is irony in your Berlin Wall memory.
Reagan famously said in June 1987, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," which was breeched in November 1989 and ultimately removed.
President Trump promised to build a wall and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces the same. Walls keep people in and they keep people out.
I don’t claim to have an answer, right or wrong, but I’ll say, I’ve never met a lazy immigrant, legal or illegal.

Best regards...find more gold!

 By Michael Miller

07/01/2021  2:49PM

Dear Senator Feinstein, July 1st, 2021

The June 27, 2021 Sacramento Bee carried a headlined “Feinstein, Padilla differ on ending vote filibuster.” Your comments are appreciated. Basically realizing and speaking out about the value of caution, allowing for thoughtfulness, an opportunity for discussion for both political parties. Thank you. Progressive groups are cited as “dismayed that such a considered and thoughtful senator as yourself could fail to perceive the danger of the current moment to our democracy and our country.” Stay your course and encourage the other 49 senators and members of your party to oppose a very dangerous change for our democracy.

My last letter to you was a form letter that failed to address my question. My paternal grandfathers arrive in California in 1844 and 1850. Sacramento roots are deep; however in 1975, I moved to Sierra County where I live. The Senate passed a bill that has been mischaracterized by “progressives”. It opened financing to unattractive areas in the United States. Sierra County qualified. I asked for your participation. I also wrote Senator Harris. She never replied.

The present directions of federal governments would mystify and concern our California ancestors no matter which party they supported. I was in West Berlin in November of 1962, a twenty year old UCSB sophomore. Here is what I wrote in my diary:

Nov. 4, 1962
Today I arrived in Berlin, the divided city. I wouldn’t have believed it until now. I took the afternoon tour of W.B.; and as we drew closer and closer to the infamous wall, my heart beat faster and faster. I got goose bumps just thinking about where I was. Then we turned a corner, and there it was: barbed wire strung on top of a ten-foot brick wall. The windows of the building touching the wall were cemented in, and atop of the roofs were rolls and rolls of barbed wire.

We drove past small flower and candle memories dedicated to East Berliners who were killed by the Soviets while trying to escape. We passed fences and homemade platforms where W. Berliners stood and waved to their unfortunate friends and relatives. But the saddest sight to me and the most touching was the dozens of trapped people who gazed from the windows towards West Berlin. Some waved handkerchiefs as we drove by; but most of them just looked, pleading for help.

Like never before I realize what freedom is, and what living in a Democracy means. We can’t forget these people. I felt obliged to them and know I am ready to fight and die for freedom and the people of East Berlin, whom I will never meet. I’m going back to the wall tomorrow so I will never forget the pitiful sight.

I know I never can.

Best Wishes,
Michael Meister Miller
 By bluejay

06/04/2021  8:58PM


I see diamond prices are up generally for an average 1 carat piece at 7.8% in about a year's time. How have our high grade specimen pieces fared in the resell market?

I was curious as I have a good sized acquired collection from Californian and Nevada. I have some beauties I purchase a year back from a Laguna Beach dealer from the Oriental Mine as well as some nice ones from the Sixteen in year's past.
 By cw3343

03/05/2021  10:32AM

Thank you for the update. I agree that promotion, paperwork, and state/fed regulations are not as important as mining actual gold. Keep up the good work...
 By Michael Miller

03/03/2021  5:02PM

Like always I appreciate all your comments on the FORUM. We will adopt Original Sixteen to One Gold Mine in future product development and informing the public who we are and what we are doing. Promotion is not a high priority right now. Stay tuned for advertising our rare and beautiful gold specimens and inventory.

Our financials are in process of completing and registering with SEC. Thanks for the concern.

Our recent MSHA first quarter inspection occurred with zero citations. Prior objections about improper citations has past.

Our five year California water permit renewal draft is in the hands of the agency. It will become public, so you can make comments, which I want you to do. The Central Valley Regional Board votes to approve the permit. The time is at hand to correct some bad science based on recent evidence submitted to the agency. I appreciate your participation as shareholders have in the past.

I’ve been in the gold mining industry for forty years. Something I noticed over these years: gold price advocates continue to expound a desire for a gold backed dollar. It is a bad idea. Why should Americans give more power to the existing financial institutions that control the dollar by fixing a price? Let the free market regain the control as a free market should with supply and demand.

If spot price were pegged to the dollar, an ounce will be so expensive that only the bankers and friends will buy and own gold. Let gold float; but not for a minute believe that one ounce of gold is only worth $1,718.13 (today’s spot). Five or 10 thousand dollars seem non sensible to me; but $2,500.00 is sensible from my experiences as a gold producer.

For readers outside of Northern California, we need some snow. Shasta Lake, Bullards Bar reservoir and others are very low. We face a severe drought once again this summer.
 By cw3343

02/26/2021  11:58AM

Will there be a in person shareholder meeting this year?

(what about shareholders that do not care about covid? I will sign a waiver/release of liability. I am more likely to die on highway 49 than from the virus...)
 By David I

01/16/2021  12:11PM

I recommend that you drill and drill some more, chase the quartz seems and drill for width.
 By Michael Miller

12/31/2020  12:57PM

Over 7,000 clicks on our new facebook.com website. Three are mine. Our satellite internet service doesn’t respond well with facebook. Mr. Bradbury handles the information, mostly photographs. The FORUM is more difficult for me that the FORUM on www.origsix.com. With practice, I’ll figure the new site.

Life is okay in Alleghany and at the mine.; even though, our future days have some adventures planned which I will share with you. Even though our crew is marginalized due to restrictions in California, improvements on the mine site are crawling along the right path.

I’ve had time to study our underground with a slower pace to reflect on the gold mined, the subtleties of this heavy industrial work that brought the gold to the surface. Geologists have no method to predict how many ounces remain. Recorded history accounts for 1.2 to 1.5 million ounces. My belief: the figure is closer to 2 million ounces (based on an expanded historical study). No matter, the old timers didn’t get it all. We proved this the past thirty years.

So how many ounces remain where deposited 120+ million years ago? The mine maps have a story to tell. Stay tuned because we are hungry miners. My personal new year resolution is one word, simple and suitable for all: RESOLVE.
 By Michael Miller

09/16/2020  3:59PM

Dear Shareholders,

The 109th Shareholder Annual Meeting held today was called to order at 9:30am. Last year’s minutes were discussed. Chris Smith motioned for its acceptance. Motion passed. Quorum was present. President Miller presented the current directors names for reelection, seconded by shareholder Clark. No other names were presented. Motion passed.

Events during the past year were discussed, guided by the background of histories in the Annual Report. The Annual Report is now available on original16to1.com in both high and low resolution. Click on Newsletter.

During the question and answer period President Miller mentioned that shareholders suggested adding the word “GOLD” to our name. It could bring more notice to internet searchers looking for gold. The idea has merit. No one in attendance wanted to relinquish our “Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.” historic name.

Miller raises a topic for discussion: How Gold Dreamers get involved financially with us? Stock with warrants, sophisticated partnerships and forward gold sales were identified as financial incentives plus numerous non-financial points. The group was familiar with 2018, Federal legislation “Opportunity Zone Development”. This became the preferred inducement. It has the highest returns for both parties and is the most secured.

A question to Miller was: How will you find qualified people or how will they find you? ANSWER: Shareholders with an idea were given copies of the 2019 Annual Report to show people they knew who were financially capable and interested in a gold opportunity. Miller said he printed extra copies and is preparing a list of people or businesses with an invitation to come to the mine. The meeting adjourned at 10:43am.

For shareholders that passed on driving to beautiful Alleghany, we miss you. This was the best way to proceed. I thank you for your loyalty, interest and well wishes. Consider participating with questions, comments or profound statements on both of our websites. I read them, participate and enjoy the time. The world is in a dramatic bull market. Our efforts are moving in the right direction for solid returns to you and me as shareholders.

If you are reading this and are not a shareholder, check Schwab.com with our symbol: OSTO Last sale was a paltry $0.25 a share. If you benefit with money to replace your shares, make a market and set your sell price. Better yet, spread the word with people qualified to exchange their dollars for gold.
Respectfully submitted
 By Michael Miller

07/25/2020  2:48PM

To Charlie Brown,

Minutes ago the phone rang. It was Debbie, Lee Erdahl’s daughter. Lee died last May. Our conversation ended with tears forming in my eyes, remembering Lee and many great times. Lee was one special mentor. His pace was calm and deliberate. He knew the challenges inherent in precious metal deposits. His comments and support of our venture stay with me today.

I told Debbie about Lee’s fellow directors, all professionals of the highest caliber. They led us along a path of experiences required for professionals in mining.

I mentioned that Charlie Brown asked me about Lee a week ago. Debbie replied how wonderful this made her feel. She sent me an email, closing with this: “My dad thought very highly of you and the mine and it’s obvious that respect was reciprocated.”
 By Michael Miller

04/08/2020  11:51AM

MSHA Western District Office
James Peck, District Manager
991 Nut Tree Road
Vacaville, CA 95687

Dear James Peck,

Please take notice that the Sixteen to One mine operation is suspended. Last date of employment was March 13, 2020. We recognize the positions stated and sought by President Trump with his administration and Governor Newsom with his administration. We support them. It is impossible for our crew to maintain the distance between each other and perform as a miner. We join the soldiers who fight to beat this enemy.

I am impressed with my fellow Californians’ behavior in public in our region. I am very proud of my fellow Californians’ approach to this life threatening virus. The danger potential seems to change daily; however our crew will wait it out and win this war. We realize the battle may last until June.

A hard copy of this letter will be posted to the district office today as well as this email to you.

Regards to all MSHA employees. Our crew wants your crew to be as safe and careful as we pledged to be during this war.

Michael M. Miller
April 8, 2020
Cc: Troy Van Wey (field manager)
 By dickdavis

04/04/2020  12:39AM

First click:


Go to Gallery...it's a great ride.
 By dickdavis

04/04/2020  12:24AM

Second effort:


That worked.
 By dickdavis

04/04/2020  12:20AM

Mike....I entered--- original1621.com not luck.

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