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 By dickdavis

12/14/2016  7:06AM

Great time to support the Gold Museum, buy a Colorful 2017 Calendar and write a tax deductible check.

Calendars are a perfect way to send "Happy New Year" greeting to friends.

Maybe Rae can put up a sample photo of the 2017 calendar...?

Best wishes to all and for a Bonanza Strike in 2017,

Dick Davis
 By martin newkom

12/04/2010  2:39PM

In my travels I have come across
two interesting items:
A former miner at the 16-1 now
lives in Yuba City. Name witheld.
I have a copy of the membership
list for masonic lodge at Alleghany, Forest Lodge, 1882.
Only one family name recognized:
 By jamiehout

11/28/2010  5:51PM

Like to do Museum day some time
 By StevenJ1989

11/25/2010  4:25PM

needs kind to understand culture, where should i go
 By Michael Miller

07/01/2010  4:30PM

The events at the museum last weekend were more than a success. Here in tiny Alleghany, last working gold camp in the Sierra Nevada, on public display for the first time in the former Alleghany Supply/ Alpha Supply store were over 400 gold specimens. Three hundred people drove to the Underground Gold Miners Museum to see one manís gold collection. Not only could we see the pieces but we could examine them as well. The entire event was breath taking. It is a world class collection, not because of its glitter. It represents gold from around California and the world. Each specimen had a description of its location.

I tip my hard hat to Ed Metz, who spent 50 years gathering gold and other mineral specimens. It looks like he will repeat the event during next yearís shareholder meeting. I thought a quick peek would be enough but ended up in front of the four display cases, talking to Ed and other enthusiasts as well for almost three hours. What fun!

Rae Bell Arbogast, chief museum administrator, worked diligently to co-ordinate the public display. The fire department put on a spaghetti dinner and the ladies auxiliary held a bake sale. Many community members volunteered their time and it showed. Congratulations.
 By Rae Bell

07/01/2010  2:42PM

The Gold Show last weekend was a success! The display was quite impressive. We are planning on doing it again next year, last weekend in June so mark your calendars.

The museum is a MSA vendor and currently we have some brand new self-rescuers in inventory that somebody ordered, then changed their mind. Our price is $260 each without the protective boot and $275 with the protective boot. These were just manufactured. Please contact me at 530-287-3223 if you would like to purchase any and pass on the word.
 By Rae Bell

05/11/2010  12:03PM

The annual meeting of membership of Underground Gold Miners Museum was held on Saturday May 8th with a directors meeting directly afterwords. An exciting development of the meeting was that a gold display of specimens from many of the mines in the Alleghany Mining District will be hosted by the museum on the weekend of June 26th and 27th. This is a private collection. Details to follow.
 By Dick Davis

05/11/2008  12:14PM

Great compilation! The 52 photos cover everything except smelting the ore into a gold bar!

This would make an ideal slideshow for the annual meeting.

Thanks to kradec!!!

Dick Davis
 By Michael Miller

05/10/2008  2:47PM

I gave a special tour last Thursday, advertised it in the Grass Valley shortly before the tour date. One of the guests made a snapshot presentation for the internet at

I wrote him hoping to see more pictures. Geologist Ray Wittkopp is standing next to Jay (wearing the red lite hard hat
 By Rae Bell

12/27/2007  1:01PM

A Golden Opportunity

No other educational experience is like an underground tour of the Sixteen to One mine in Alleghany. Nowhere else in the world can students and individuals experience the sounds, smells and sights of a living hardrock gold mine. The exposed geological structures of the Sixteen to One are more vivid than lessons in any textbook. The vibrations of a mucking machine moving material or a trammer coming down the tracks leave impressions not to be forgotten. The weight of gold in the hand sparks economic discussions and expressions of awe.

Underground Gold Miners of California Museum (UGMM) was incorporated in 1995 as an educational entity to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Educational tours are conducted seasonally from May through October of each year.

In a typical season 400 to 500 individuals tour the mine. Several local schools bring classes of children every year. University professors bring geology students or history classes. People from all walks of life and from all over the world come to this remote place to experience underground mining and get a glimpse of the life of a miner.

The museum in Alleghany is the starting point for all tours and is also a showcase of local mining history and geology. Earlier this year a museum supporter associated with a charitable gift fund recommended a grant of $30,000 to UGMM specifically for the acquisition of gold quartz specimens from the Sixteen to One. The specimens were chosen for their ability to demonstrate different geological formations as well as their rarity. These specimens are now a permanent part of the museum collection.

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. owns many more carefully selected specimens collected over the last 20 years that must be sold. Because the supporter mentioned above sees the value of keeping these specimens together at the museum, sitting on the very ground from which they came, he will recommend another grant of $25,000 up to $50,000 IF A MATCHING PLEDGE OR PLEDGES CAN BE SECURED.

Please help us take advantage of this offer. Donations are tax-deductible. All Donors will be acknowledged as part of the specimen display in the museum. Please send your check or pledge made out to Underground Gold Miners Museum and mailed to P.O. Box 907, Alleghany, CA 95910. A receipt for tax records will be sent.

I can be reached at 530-287-3223 or if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rae Bell
December 21, 2007
 By Rae Bell

03/14/2007  8:40AM

A newsletter was mailed out to the museum membership yesterday. If you are not a member and would like to become one go to "museum" on left of screen and you will see a membership link on the museum page. There is a printable membership form there.

The week started out on a very good note for both the museum and the mine. A shareholder who is very supportive of the museum offered to donate $20,000 to the museum specifically for the museum to purchase specimen(s) from the Sixteen to One Mine. The idea is to get the rest of the shareholders (or public) to make donations to match or exceed the $20,000 already put up.
The benefits of this program are multiple. For the donor a tax write-off. The museum is a 501 (c) 3 educational non-profit organization. Donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The benefit for the museum is an enhanced gold collection of specimens from Alleghany. For the mine it means specimen sales i.e. operating revenue! To make a donation for this project checks should be made out to UGMM and mailed to P.O. Box 907, Alleghany, CA 95910. Specify what it is for.
A big thanks to the "golden giver" for getting this rolling.
 By martin newkom

03/13/2007  10:19AM

One of my former neighbors where I live had a chance to
go as a bearer on one of Fr.
Hubbard's expeditions but he
was small of stature so his
family wouldn't allow him to go.Sad.
 By Dick Davis

03/12/2007  4:37PM

If Kyle has an interest: Father Hubbard taught at Santa Clara. Documents should be there.

Here are web sites:,9171,740584,00.html?promoid=googlep
 By martin newkom

03/12/2007  11:09AM

This is for Kyle: The Jesuit
order of clergy is reputed to
have extensive geological records. Your son might want to
check that out. There was a very famous clergyman, Father
Hubbard who taught geology at
one of their colleges.
 By Rae Bell

03/12/2007  8:21AM

Dick Davis is certainly a "Golden Giver".

The idea of donations to the museum to purchase specimens from the mine helps both the mine and the museum.

Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you Dick.
 By Dick Davis

02/13/2007  1:21AM

Bundled up my tax records today and that reminded me to make an appeal to 16:1 owners to consider a tax deductible donation to the Museum.

It's really simple. Send a check.

Po Box 907
Alleghany, CA 95910-0907

It might be possible for the Museum to purchase gold specimens from the 16:1.

16:1 is living history and the golden beauty that comes out of the mine is as old as the earth.

If you have an interested in California history, its gold and mining, consider a tax deductible gift.

The Museum might even create an Honor Roll of the names of Golden Givers.
 By Kyle

05/21/2006  9:02AM

Thank you for the tour!
My son Travis and his girlfriend Tiffanie were allowed to join the Boy Scout Geology Merit Badge Tour on Saturday May 20th, led by Rae Bell (museum curator) and Ray Wittkopp (mine geologist). This is one of the finest tours the museum offers and the kids were very lucky to be able to join the group.
All evening and into the night I listened to Travis telling me all the awesome stuff he saw and learned about the Sixteen. He was very enthused about the geology and history of the mine. I am sure it is a tour they wonít soon forget. A great big THANK YOU to RAE and RAY for a great day in Alleghany!
 By Rae Bell

12/30/2005  8:09AM

My last message (see below) was effective in that a museum member saw it and found an appraiser with the correct designation who is willing to do the appraisal for $2,500. Thank you!
The decision has been made to have the appraisal done and go for the grant.
The museum needs donations to help pay for the appraisal.
Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
If you feel inclined to help please send your check made out to UGMM to P.O. Box 907, Alleghany, CA 95910. A receipt will be sent. Thank you!
Articles with historical photos have been added to the museum web-site. Go to MUSEUM (on sidebar) then "articles" other photos and articles will be added as time allows.
Rain, rain, rain and a little snow in Alleghany.
Wishing everybody a healthy, prosperous and happy new year.
 By Rae Bell

12/12/2005  1:19PM

The museum has an opportunity to purchase the building that it now rents a portion of.
The California Cultural and Historical Endowment was formed with funds from Proposition 40 and is funding capital improvement projects for non-profits that meet certain criteria. Underground Gold Miners Museum meets the criteria.
The application proccess is very competitive. I am working on a proposal for Underground Gold Miners Museum. There is another round in the spring which we will try for if we don't succeed this round.
The appraisal of the building has to be by an appraiser with either the MAI or the SREA designation. I have made a dozen phone calls and so far have found only one appraiser in Auburn even willing to do this and he wants $3,500. Is there anybody out there who knows of an appraiser with the proper designation who would do it for less? We could throw in a free mine tour. Time is of the essence as the application has to be postmarked by Jan.31st.
Donations to help pay for the appraisal are also needed and are tax deductible. Mail to: UGMM, P.O.Box 907, Alleghany, CA 95910.
If the museum were able to gain ownership of the building it would be the recipient of the rent that the post office pays and would gain about 3,000 square feet of space. It would elevate the institution to a new level of sustainability.
You can view the museum page by clicking on the "museum" link on the sidebar or go to: - The page has been updated recently and the addition of an article page is in the works.
Thank you all for your continued support.
 By Rae Bell

11/07/2005  7:50AM

The Ballroom tour is not available because it is in the area where the miners have been working the last couple years and access is not as easy as it used to be so safety is a concern.

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