August 18, 2022 

How to Approach Thin Veins & Cost


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 By Rockroby

11/07/2009  7:47AM

That's what went down,someone in a different country got lucky and ended up with forty seven thousand shares for the price of a medium pizza.Those shares should have cost him $20,000 plus like my shares cost me.Instead of bragging about it he should send the company some cash if he expects it to get back to mining.
 By Investor

11/07/2009  4:37AM

Mr. Miller,

please let to introduce me. I am a foreign investor who understand that, despite recent problems your country faced, YOU still live in the wealthiest, freest and most powerful nation on Earth. The fact is that the problems U.S.A faced generated one of the best opportunities for foreign investors ever to buy stocks in America. Just in last February, for instance, if we consider market value, a company like Dana (worldwide leader in some autoparts), with plants in 70 countries, was evaluated at USD 20 million. Or a forestry giant like Boise, achieved at the bottom a market value of mere USD 1 million.

Certainly no one could be able to buy these companies at the prices above mentioned, as the shares of these companies sold at so incredible prices would be maybe 1% or 2% of total shares. Nevertheless, if someone was wise enough to acquire 1% of Dana for USD 200,000.00, he would now have a small fortune of USD 6 million. Not bad a 3000% investment in 8 months…

That is just a real example. Your job of researching gold in the mountains is very respectful, but please do not disregard the job of those, like me, who deeply dig in financials, statistics and stock screeners to find a real undervaluated jewel which is supposed to become a multibagger investment. Great people like Warren Buffet do this all the time and are very respectful. If I bidded orders at fractions of a penny and was attended by the seller, good luck for me. The reasons hold by the seller to do what he did is not my problem at all.

As far as I know, too, naked short selling is forbidden in USA. If some one did this, it is also not my problem. I just bought 47,110 OSTO.PK stocks through a solid and respectful global financial institution and consequently I am legally entitled as the owner of them.

If I get to buy more, that’s better. If not, I am satisfied of being the owner of 0.35% of the Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. and have no intention at all to sell it at some cents. If this company gets better evaluated at stock exchanges, maybe I will sell. If not, I am very glad to remain as a shareholder (at almost zero cost) of a company which I see has much history and a very interesting website. The current disclosed financials are weak as you know and I really expect you and other executives could do your job and manage to improve them.

Best regards,
 By jtaingoldcountry

10/29/2009  1:08PM

The "market makers" seem to change. My broker, a resource specialist, says there are usually two for OSTO but they seem to drop in and out. I've had standing orders to buy anywhere for .10 to .30+ for over a year now but have only had one fill for 3,000 shares and another one for 10,000 over a year ago. Despite the standing order we see these occasional deals take place for under a penny. My 3,000 fill was the day after someone a trade at .10 or .12, but why didn't they sell to me when my bid was twice that? Liquidity is needed via listing on a recognized exchange (Canada?). In due time once we get the investor(s) we need.
 By cw3343

10/27/2009  12:33PM

I have a few shares that I bought for I think 10 cents each, held at major brokerage firm. I am going to try and issue them out, and will let Mike know what transpires...
 By Rick

10/26/2009  7:23PM

Perhaps a saving exodus, if we can actually get Arnold's attention, would be a sad state of affairs. At this delayed point it continues to be the focus point of everything the current AG of CA can't even "see"....

Jerry Brown, why have you disregarded this blatant crime? Is it because your Governor hasn't mentioned it? Have you been bought at the switch?

Mr. Governor, do not look away any more.
 By bluejay

10/25/2009  10:49PM

What engregious water violations did our company commit? The answer to that is zero. Environmental water standards were set-up to safeguard State water quality and to preserve its resources. The standards weren't intended to be misused in the process by someone behind the curtain influencing State employees to cripple our company to their advantage.

Martin Armstrong has mentioned several times in his writings that improper inforcement of rules and standards set forth to protect society are many times employed just for political ends of serving an agenda for that someone behind the curtain who has the money and influence to pull those strings.

It seems to me that our government is generally behind the dislike of the French who are actually feared by their very own government. The French will only take so much from these people. The government obviously still has vivid memories of how the French Revolution ended, with the beheading of many officials.

In our country crime against the people pays well. Not only for the banks but as reported tonight by Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes, the participants in the health care system steal billions upon billions of dollars each year from us.

Gerald Celente says that when the people have lost it all as a result of government mismanagement, they themselves will lose it. Americans are armed today better than anytime in its history. Gerald Celente is predicting a revolution in this country is on the horizon.

By the end of this year our country will be poised to enter into the period of hyperinflation. Hyperinflation's prerequisite to begin is when any government's deficits reach 40% of its expenditures. By end of year Peter Bernholz of the University of Basel, Switzerland predicts our country's deficits will be at 40.1%.

In this projected scenario one of the best places for your money is to be invested with producers of commodities, like gold miners. Is there any wonder why financial pressure has been brought to bare on us in the past and the present?

No matter which way anyone looks at it, we have been targeted. I think I'll write Arnold and tell him I suspect some funny business at the Water Board.
 By gary jeffres

10/25/2009  2:54AM

Could this be the state of Calif selling stock from closed safe deposit boxes. (if you do not check your safe deposit box for 3 years the banks turn it over to the state)
They would not know but to sell the stock on the gray market and probably don't care how much they get for the stock.
Or they may know what its worth and are trying to screw with the mine.
 By Michael Miller

10/23/2009  1:42PM

The current 1630 shareholders acquired their shares by various means. Here is how I became a major shareholder: purchases beginning in 1975 to 2009, inheritance in 1980, compensation for no paid salary. Spending dollars and labor (mostly between 1983 to 1986, when the company had no or limited income) were my choices. I bet my well being on the fortunes on this gold mine.

Between 9/16 and 10/21/09 . . . 40,857 share traded for the price of a large pizza. Something is seriously wrong. If left unknown, the results will hurt the Company and therefore its owners! If, as suggested below, this unquestionable stock manipulation with such a small Company is an evil design to destroy the Company. It will not succeed. It hurts but the company, and yes, its world-class gold deposit will not disappear. It is painful. It is unwarranted and unwanted. It obstructs our ability to operate, as it falsifies the realities of our past, present and future.

That 89,000-ounce pocket isn’t the only one left in this mountain. Even a modest 10,000-ounce concentration will gross over $10 million at crush price, much more as it goes into the demanding jewelry market. Here we sit! No wonder an aversion to gold mining dominates investors. Many good people are suffering without a job and the honest ‘production-of-value’ they perform.

The Wall Street Journal is a good place to daylight the darkness surrounding what Bluejay opined below. This tiny Company could be the tip of an iceberg of fraud that permeates the brokerage business and the accounts holding your earnings. The evidence is irrefutable, and as George said, “It’s a game of words”. How many public corporations have more shares floating around in accounts that exceed their outstanding shares? Is some agency able to keep track of the volume on all the stock trading markets, as volume climbs into the stratosphere? I do not think so. Do you?

We (everyone intimately knowledgeable about the Sixteen to One) know that its mine is far from depleted. It is a fact and provable. There is good evidence. Some of us believe that California still hosts fortunes in unmined gold.

Yesterday, Governor Schwarzenegger signed legislation to improve the chance of California landing a professional football team in Southern California. The reason?? The legislation removed costly and lengthy environmental gobbledygook of no or little environmental degradation for building a stadium. Job creations were a positive factor the Governor considered. How about a look at the California gold industry and while at it, start with the Sixteen to One in Alleghany? What a whiney society we have become! Well, how about change. One way out of our economic melt down is to resume producing products of value, such as gold. We shareholders have it. Our management knows how to get it. Let’s roll for those who rolled for us in the past.
 By Rockroby

10/23/2009  12:09PM

Might it be the same people who have tried to get the mine shut down?if so they should all be put in prison.
 By bluejay

10/23/2009  1:51AM

I've been pondering today the 29,100 reported transaction of our shares yesterday at $0.002. The total value of the trade was $5.82. Now, who in their right mind would sell 29,100 shares of the company with strongly inferred gold in the ground on all our claims for the equivalent of a medium sized hero sandwich?

Has someone completely lost their senses? The largest gold pocket ever extracted from the Sixteen to One Mine was 89,000 ounces, or at tonight's last gold price of $1063.30, a grand total of $94,463,700. Is this insane or what? Did someone need a tax loss this year to balance against a sizable gain? The chances of that are slim, at best.

So, could it be true that someone entered a transaction into the grey market reporting system that was erroneous? Why would someone do this? The only reason I can think of is criminal intent.

Mike has told me that he personally signs each certificate to keep a close eye on the buyers. He also told me that our transfer agent is not seeing certificates coming in for cancellation or requests for the issuance of new ones to account for past transactions in the OTC market in New York. So what gives here if the grey market is facilitating reported trades in our company shares but is not the source of certificates or for any requests for new ones?

Everyone I suspect has heard of nake short sales. These are sales where the seller never delivers certificates and buyer never receives them. These so-called trades just never get settled and continue floating around as paper entries only. So in essence, the naked short seller is an illegal issuer of the company's shares.

The brokerage firms once had the practice of delivering the certificates to owners for no charge. Now these same firms discourage owners from taking physical delivery by charging excessive fees. Some transfer fees are as high as $250 each.

Not to get off the subject but the banks today own brokerage companies. By discouraging your having your certificates they keep them, use them for assets on their balance sheets or just intermingle the assets for their own puposes. I would like to state that you should never let another entity get between you and your assets or your money. A good reason for this is because of the expected financial and currency upheavals that are sure to come in following months or a few years ahead in time.

Aside from naked short selling, these crazy low priced so-called transacted prices in our company's shares may be representing something evil. Large connected pools have been used over the centuries in markets for scaring people out of their stock ownership because the shareholders had in fact became fearful over extended dropping prices.

Could the reported transactions of $0.0002 and $0.0005 be unsettling your nerves? Well, if they're not and you know your asset's current value and its potential for much better days, they are meant to.

Let's consider a hypothetical scenario that may satisfy someone's curiosity just to think it over as a possibility as why these low prices do get displayed with some apparent justification. Let's say a behind the curtain interested buyer for the Original Sixteen To One Mine wants to acquire it for pennies on the dollar. How would he go about this. Well, there are ways if you are so inclined:

1- Get a newspaper or a magazine to write a negative article about the company.

2- If the stock is followed by analysts have them write up something, again, negative for the brokerage companies, banks or investment funds to read.

3- Contact State and Federal regulators and put the screws to the company with negative accusations. Lobby those regulators to insure they really get aggressive with the company.

4- Contact the State Attorney's Office or the Justice Department pointing the finger at the company as being an evil doer.

And finally:

5- Pay someone employed by a brokerage firm to put up fictitious stock prices on the company's shares. Have them register as a market maker for those shares. The more inactive the company trading the better. Since brokerage firms, to a large degree, are self regulating then there will always be a door open for criminal activity, just like the banks and the regulators got caught with their fingers in the cookie jar over all their specialized paper trading vehicles and the aftermath that was billed to the American people when the involved players should have all gone to jail. The white shoed boys were supported by Alan Grerenspan years ago to regulate themselves, But we can't put the white shoed boys in jail, can we, say our representatives or we would be giving up our lobbying favors.

The reason why shares are supposedly traded lower in New York for practically zero and there is no effort EVER at arbitrage for profit in our higher local company market is for a very good reason, THE SHARES CAN NOT BE DELIVERED making the New York market a complete sham.
 By Michael Miller

10/21/2009  6:04PM

Bluejay, your observations below struck me like a drill bit hits quartz. I’m so pleased to read your thoughts today. Who would sell shares for $0.0002? Let me tell you about a call I received from Bill just before seeing your entry. He is not a shareholder but asked how to become one. He has no stockbroker and wanted to know what to do. The only option for this man is our Stock Market on this FORUM. I had not looked at it in months but saw 5,000 shares were offered for sale in March at $0.45.

Bill was gracious, knowledgeable about gold and offered his observations about the Sixteen to One. We talked about other gold mining opportunities for investors. He said, “You, the mine and the company have substance, positive past proof of results, prospects for technological advancement and calculable risk with huge upside. You’ve persevered through many obstacles. Great success awaits.” Sounds like a fortune cookie insert.

Bill recognized what improved metal detectors will mean for the Sixteen to One. He pointed out how much more gold we will produce from our mine. I explained that funding was the only obstacle for us to complete a better detection system (which will be owned by the Company). He realized what a significant tool this would be throughout the world and its financial benefits to shareholders as we explore other gold deposits.

It is so refreshing when a stranger expresses what those most intimately involved are positive about. Bill said to keep working, somebody out there will eventually awaken to the limitless money making opportunity that exists with our company.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about this awful sub-penny treatment of Sixteen to One. I found your story very upsetting, especially since there seems no way to stop it.
 By bluejay

10/21/2009  1:15PM

I have been around closely observing stock activity for some amount of years now and know well from experience when prices get extremely over-priced and under-priced. I could cite from numerous occurrences when these events took place.

Today, our shares are being traded for $0.0002 in NY in the obscure dark corners of the OTC market. In the past few days a few thousand shares have traded at $0.0002 and $0.0005. Today, 29,100 traded for $0.0002. If I may say so, this is a complete absurd joke compared to our break-up value guesstimate of $20 million along with placing ZERO premium on the shares for future prospects. What a joke! Our company, more than likely, has more upside leverage than any gold related company in the market today. You know why, because there aren't too many eyes on us. The only ones, it seems, are government recruits from Camp Darth Vader.

The 16 to 1 mine, alone, is worth anywhere from $13 million to $15 million and that was when gold was lower according to a professional familiar with the Alleghany Mining District about three years ago, or so. Sure, we have some debt(along with misguided State employees swinging hammers at our shareholders) and are attempting to get some funds for further exploration but what exploration company doesn't go through these cycles? We are a different type of exploration company, we explore for and we locate gold, not just drill and log core samples. So we are a gold exploration company that gets paid off fast when we locate the small little mother lodes in exploraing the old 16 to 1 mine workings, which she has been providing us and others for years. Is the gold gone? Don't bank on it.

As gold goes higher in the years ahead, someone with a head for future business profits will come to Alleghany and sink millions of dollars into pulling the gold out of the mountain. Maybe, someone with a vision like Rob McEwen makes his appearence in the District and turns everything upside down for the better.

The fact is that over a million ounces of gold have been mined alone from the 16 to 1 Mine and it RESIDES in the midst of other mines in the district that have cashed in their total gold production far in the excess of $1,000,000,000 based on current prices. Yes, that's a billion dollars. AND some ignorant fool wants to sell shares for a phantom price of $0.0002????

Do you really get what this price means? It means at this level you can buy 1,000,000 shares of the company for $200 or the entire company for about $2600.

So, with the last sale in New York of $0.002 versus a breakup value of at least $1.00 a share IMO you tell me, has there ever been a better buy? Unfortunately, you and I can't purchase the shares at these levels because we don't possess a license to steal.

My idea is to enter buy orders at $0.01 and up and see if anything happens. It probably won't, as the grey market for our shares in New York is a maintained slaughter house for the public.
 By cw3343

09/28/2009  12:26PM

I agree with the last post, and will add that some of the OTCBB trades are still doen the old fashioned way - over the phone between "dealers".
Also, trades could be done in-house, where the stock is bought and sold between 2 clients of the same firm, where they can put in any buy and sell price that they wish.
 By bluejay

09/24/2009  9:03AM


In the grey market where we find OSTO trading in public markets, if you can call it that, the $0.0001 trades do not represent a lack of higher bids, they represent a license to steal below bona fide buy limits of other public orders. This is just how the grey market works, it's a den of thiefs where bids and offers are not in one centaralized book, so to speak, and are all over the place. The grey market is like going to a flea market on Saturday with dealers in different locations offering to buy and sell at all different prices. I guess, it's just the luck of the draw if you're not shopping the dealers for the best price and yes, somtimes the seller gets hosed as is evidenced with a $0.0001 price.

The BIG problem for un-be-knowing public is they assume the market is centralized like on Exchanges or in a dealer connected network. Little to they know that placing market orders to sell OSTO stock is like putting themselves on the chopping block.
 By cw3343

09/22/2009  4:24PM

The share price should settle at its actual value.

There are exceptions I would think, and I could be mistaken, but if most hold 16to1 for long term then there are very few sellers which creates an inefficient market. Also, few buyers, probably because not enough people know the story of the mine. Also, no market makers, or at least no consistent market makers.

Someone could be just entering sell orders at market, thinking that the shares have no value. Then if there are not enough limit orders to buy, then that could be where some of the .0001 trades are coming from (this is just guessing on my part.

Probably too many "junior gold" stocks out there that are being "hyped", and these might tend to attract more attention with traders than some of the decent companies.

These items plus other issues get in the way of shares settling at whatever "actual value" should be.
 By lj

09/22/2009  1:12PM

I usually buy a stock with every intention of holding it forever. That cost me dearly in 2000, when even some good solid companies were beaten down with the best. Now I have a tendency to sell stuff when the news is especially bad. Works well when the market is going down, since every day that you don't own a share there is a good chance you made the right move. Lately, it's good to hold. I trade enough that holding the certificates wouldn't work for me. The three days to clear rule hurts me occasionally. I bought the shares in Sixteen to One for the long term. I actually held shares in the Brush Creek Mine, that became Jefferson Bootes Enterpises Inc. or something like that. JABI still stares at me when I open my account as a reminder of the mistake. It is valued at 0.00.

I did send Mike the details of my trade. I am not sure what can be done about the share price, except for people to bid the price up. If you put an order in for .08, I'll have to bid .09. Shouldn't the share price finally settle at its actual value to an investor?
 By cw3343

09/22/2009  10:09AM

Street Name means the shares are held in the Brokerage's name, for your benefit.

Most places charge a fee to issue out certificates, and/or a fee to hold certificates in the brokerage's vault in your name (local safekeeping).

Most stocks these days are held in Street Name in order to make it much easier to buy/sell/transfer. Although somewhat disconcerting, this has some advantages, unless you are a long-term holder. (Millions of stock certs were lost in the World Trade Center, they are probably still working on figuring all of that out)

If the fees are not too high, try to get the shares issued out to you in certificate form...
 By lj

09/21/2009  7:32PM

I don't have a single stock certificate for any of the stock that I own. I assume that my brokerage has them. When they take my money for the shares, and charge me a commission, I have to imagine that a real transaction took place. I am out of town, but I will check my account tommorrow and get you whatever information that I can.
 By Michael Miller

09/21/2009  12:37PM

To lj, below:

Do you have a stock certificate? If so, what is the certificate number and when was it signed?
 By lj

09/19/2009  10:48AM

I know a bit about one of the recent trades, since I was a part of it. After hearing about the trading of shares at low prices, I placed a good until canceled order in my brokerage account for 2000 shares a .05, and another for .07. The order has been in place since early spring. On Sept. 11, my order for 2000 @ .07 was filled. The seller either offered only 2000 shares for sale, or there was another buyer at .07 that bought the remainder. My order at .05 would have been filled if the shares were offered at .001. I don't know why the shares were offered at market rather than limit, but I know that there was no collusion between buyer and seller, since I was the buyer. The shares of OSTO are often valued at .00 or .01, currently the price is .0001, I suspect they lose value on the market since there are very few trades. I am still unsure why buying shares through a brokerage is "grey market," but if there are questions about the ethics of the trade I will gladly sell the shares to the Sixteen to One Inc. for the .07 I paid for them. This doesn't answer the question about the .001 share price mentioned in previous posts, but it at least leaves open the possibility that the shares are sold at low prices because someone gives up and puts the shares for sale at market, and they sell for next to nothing.


Thanks to the ladies at the office for directing me to an access point at Kanaka Creek on Thurs. The trout were very very small, but the scenery was beautiful.

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