August 18, 2022 

How to Approach Thin Veins & Cost


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 By Michael Miller

10/19/2011  9:58AM

People ask me, “Are men working in the mine? Are they finding gold?” The answers to both questions are, “Yes”. A limited crew has continuously been working. Work never stopped. It just slowed down to a crawl. This is important to remember during this period of doubt due to a lawsuit filed against the compay by the staff of the central regional water department in Sacramento.

Any earnest review of gold mining the Sixteen to One deposit arrives at the same conclusions: the ore is either rich, exceedingly rich and most of the host quartz is barren; gold follows an ill defined pattern referred to as ‘pay-shoots’; success or failure (risk/reward) defined as profit depends on a formula. After thirty-six years of continued investigation, which in the investment industry is called ‘due diligence’ I know the formula, as do our geologist, present and former directors. My frustration stems from knowing that the formula for success is not in effect right now.

One last comment seems appropriate. A close friend commented that reading the FORUM suggests that either the company, Mike Miller or the mine are presenting themselves as victims. If you read the above as victims, it is your call; however, none of the three feel defrauded, swindled, duped, or cheated. None believe the legal assault constitutes a misfortune. It is an abuse by government people with a punitive and personal agenda. It is a function contrary to the purposes of government and it is definitely not in the best interest of the stated plaintiff, the People of California. Sadly, this behavior has spread over the past four decades as the forces of rebellion against the government took hold in the late 1960’s.

Those responsible for conducting the public’s best interest in carrying out the protections and beneficial use of water in the Kanaka Creek watershed have succeeded in bringing one of the world’s great gold mines and an operation that brought financial success and personal satisfaction to many in Sierra, Nevada and Yuba counties have only succeeded in hurting our region, our state and our country. None of us are victims but we all should really be against the purpose and conduct exhibited by the leaders in Sacramento.

The small vein gold mining in California is a spark that will turn around the direction of jobs by producing something more valuable that the cost of production. Small vein mining at the Sixteen to One is a profitable venture when the formula for operations is in place
 By Michael Miller

08/02/2011  9:19AM

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc is 100-years old this fall. Remember, though, the Sixteen to One mine and other mines in Alleghany owned by the California Corporation have histories going back to the 1850’s. An especially active and challenging (and profitable) period took place from 1903 to 1914. It was a time of discovery for the venture capitalists that found the Alleghany Mining District a place of interest. I say “discovery” because little was known about the geology and nature of this world-class high-grade gold deposit. We have learned from their successes and failures.

Factors determining applicability of mining methods: shape, size, dip and regularity of orebody, physical and mineral character and value of ore, distribution of pay ore, character of wall rocks and overlying surface, relation of deposit to surface and to other orebodies on same property, kind of labor, availability, character, and cost of timber and material for filling.

Technological improvements in drilling, blasting and mucking have continued since the early discoveries of high-grade gold. In 1992 the successes of bringing simple metal detectors underground have significantly changed some of our mining and processing methods; however the true miner knows that the nature of the deposit dictates the means and methods of mining. The following are terms used to define ore handling that remains as practical today as they did 100 years ago.

Chutes must remain open during the life of stope. Types: (a) A cheap chute for filled stopes is made by lagging the outside of a row of sets, but lagging is apt to be broken by falling ore, by swinging of sets or by pressure of the filling, admitting waste and possibly destroying the chute; (b) The inside of a row of sets (usually the outside also) is lined with vertical planks. This is common is both open and filled chutes. Thickness of lining (2 to 4 in) is proportioned to wear during the life of the chute. A double 2 or 3-inch lining may be used to secure tight joints; (c) Cribs of round or square timber, built independently or just inside of the sets, which may or may not be lagged outside. Independent chutes are useful for carrying through stopes at an angle to the sets. Chutes inside of sets act as reinforcement and offer strong resistance to wear and pressure of filling; (d) A vertical row of sets is “bricked” with timber blocks.

Grizzlies or logs or square timbers set 8 to 10 in apart, are often placed over tops of shuts to keep out large lumps which might block chute or gate. They are especially important for single-compartment chutes in filled stopes.

Gophering is a name applied to mining in irregular drifts or other openings which “follow or seek ore without any regard to maintenance of a regular grade or section”. The method is also called “Coyoting” in western U.S. In general, the term designates any small-size, irregular, unsystematic workings.
Gophering is a poor man’s method used in small excavations where walls require little or no support. Obviously, it may be employed in portions of veins, beds, or masses, but has no place in systematic mining. If used to mine rich seams in a large orebody, gophering often results in a temporary profit but eventual loss, as the irregular openings increase cost of, or prohibit, mining the remaining low grade portions. On the other hand, gophering has a place in mining small irregular portions or isolated part of an orebody, where cost of systematic development is not justified by probably tonnage to be won. This is especially true of small, high-grade spotted deposits,
 By cw3343

01/21/2011  9:14AM

4650 shares traded yesterday at $0.25
 By jta3

01/12/2011  2:06PM

I believe it's based on the last transaction on the pink sheets, which was 0.10 a few weeks ago. This was for 300 shares, a whopping $30 transaction. These 300 share transactions seem to occur a few times a year, maybe to keep the market "made" at that price level in case a bona fide seller comes along. I've had standing bids at .20 and .25 but have had only one fill in more than a year. My broker acct uses the pink sheet most recent transaction as their basis.
 By Michael Miller

01/12/2011  1:41PM

Below on 11/09/09 cw3343 brought share ownership by Bank of the West. I tried the site but could not find the bank’s filings. Can anyone find them and see if the bank still owns 22,500 shares?

Now the reason I wrote under this topic. My Charles Schwab statement came today for the period October 1,2010 to December 31, 2010. I own a lot of shares and have the stock certificates in a safe place; however I left 18,510 shares in Schwab years ago to get information sent to me. Today I learned that my Sixteen to One account value started the period at $3,702 and ended the period at $1,851 or $0.10 a share. Where can I find sellers at $0.10? I’m a buyer.

I finished reading entries in this long-standing topic. Is Schwab part of the gray market or the pink sheet market? Where was the $0.10 price recorded? Answers anyone?

Thanks, Martin for your confidence. There will be a solution. It’s like finding gold when you have a detector signal. The miner knows he will sack high-grade but not how much. The company will get a proper market for our shares but we just don’t know the timing.
 By Rick

12/26/2010  9:07AM

Tis the season! I hope everyone had a grand Christmas and continued holiday spirit!

I simply wanted to infuse the positive optimism that comes with Christmas, to remind us all of what will help us look in the right direction. When times seem down, down, we look up up up...and once again noticing (well, heck, me included here) all the negative-vibe stuff this great mine is enduring, a healthy dose of positive energy and optimism is what we need!

While the top-most topic on the News up there says "forgedaboudit" (sp?) how about NEVER forgetting about it! Miracles do happen, along with $million pockets.
 By Michael Miller

12/15/2010  8:50AM

John, why did you write this post on the Sixteen to One FORUM?
 By JohnMathew

12/14/2010  8:04PM

Penny Stocks bring high returns on investment. That is why people who know the value of these stocks invest their money in certain shares of stock. Actually, instead of investing a huge amount of money to a single share of stock, investing in a multiple stocks is better. Whenever possible, investing in solid stocks increases the chance to get profits.
 By martin newkom

11/14/2010  10:01AM

Mike, I hope the Company hit some
luck and paydirt on your proposal.
 By Lone Wolf Geologist

11/08/2010  9:00PM

No, you never give up. You just keep full on blasting ahead!!
 By StevenJ1989

11/08/2010  6:59PM

I am planning to do mining, Should I stop that thought because of some environment hazard
 By Michael Miller

11/02/2010  4:51PM

Gold Mining Opportunity (see the entry below this one)

There is an inquiry about the lease. Mining leases have terms and conditions unique to the industry. The Sixteen to One requires a modest amount due at the time of recording the lease in Sierra County, a gross royalty on gold production, fair performance clauses, proof of required insurances, minimum monthly payments, rights of inspection, and the usual covenants that protect both parties. We want the new operator to succeed. Capitalizing the operation should be a minimum of $2 million. Three million is safer and $4 million really gets the operation flying. There is room for creative thinking on exit strategies for the lessee.
 By Michael Miller

11/01/2010  12:54PM


The South Central Sixteen to One underground workings are available for lease. The Sixteen to One has thirty-five miles of levels. The current operation and the long range plan concentrate in the North Central. We will be there for another 100 years. The South Central is idle with no plans for immediate mining. This valuable part of the Sixteen to One deposit (extensive maps, production records and equipment available) is wasting away.

Why would one spend five to eight years getting permits to operate a gold mine? Put your money to work in direct mining. Here is as good a gold bet as any IN THE WORLD. Your investment goes to work immediately to access KNOWN DEPOSITS OF GOLD. Put a group together or go it alone.

Here is a proven gold mine, just sitting idle. I know that some Germans, English, Canadians, Iranians, Chinese, Australians, Saudi Arabians and even perhaps some US Americans have thought about or are currently looking for a way to get gold. AND ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR THE BEST WAY TO GET GOLD QUICKLY. What about all the venture capitalists? Why not undertake a special adventure?

Our company worked the South Central from 1995 to 2000; most of the labor was spent in the installation of equipment and sinking below the fault beneath the 2400 level. A fall in the spot price of gold and the tragic accidental death of a miner left us under financed to continue mining. An absence of gold was not the problem!

Go buy gold, if that suits you; however, that our venerable Company offers its prized gold deposit for exploitation to a third party is worth some serious investigation. One condition for this look: other than the information contained in this web site, the investigation begins in Alleghany. Questions encouraged. Call (530) 287-3223 or write me at PO Box 909, Alleghany,
CA 95910 or email to

You can help by introducing this gold proposal to others. Check this entry from time to time because it may be revised as time passes. Comments appreciated. Thanks.
 By Rae Bell

10/13/2010  11:57AM

Thanks for the clarification "Lone Wolf".
 By Lone Wolf Geologist

10/10/2010  7:37PM

Several years ago I purchased the library of a Canadian geologist that contained several publications on the Bralorne mine in the Bridge River district of British Columbia. This mine has some characteristics of the 16:1 including some highgrade, serpentine, mariposite and metamorphic wall rock but it is more like a Mother Lode mine than an Alleghany mine. Both are great mines with the Bralorne having produced over a million ounces. Other great mines of this type are Gympie in Queensland and Beaconsfield in Tasmania.
 By Rockroby

10/10/2010  8:45AM

Look's like North Bay resources is going to be mining the Ruby Mine sometime next summer.
Take a look at some of the nuggets pulled out of the mine at
This mine has had lot's of money dumped into it recently,the amount of gold that this mine can and should produce is not even close to this companies mines.
As the price of gold climbs the public will become aware of just how valuable the Sixteen to One Mine is...........
 By Rae Bell

10/06/2010  8:22AM

I looked at the Bralorne Gold Mine site. It is an interesting mine but I have to respectfully disagree that it is similar to the 16 to 1. There they are drilling to establish ore reserves, here we are not able to that because of the nature of our deposit. That is the challenge of the Alleghany Mining District's high-grade deposits. The only mine that I know of in our district with a disseminated ore body is the Oriental Mine.
 By FranSix

10/06/2010  7:25AM

Hi, thought you might like to look at the Bralorne Mine website. If anything, this mine is very similar to 16:1.

(they just posted the website so some of the material is not yet there.)
 By martin newkom

09/14/2010  2:34PM

I have news for all: Gold spot
went well over $1200 and $24
increase today according to CNBC
 By FranSix

09/14/2010  2:56AM

Here's a discussion in about the historical Pickle Crow mine in Ontario, CDN:

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