August 18, 2022 

How to Approach Thin Veins & Cost


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 By martin newkom

09/26/2012  1:31PM

Speaking of "pink sheets" I know
of a bank in Dixon and Sacramento
Calif., The First Northern Bank
that has been in business for a
long,long time and their stock
has been listed as FNBB which
being "Bullitin Board" may be the
euivalent of "pink sheets" or
close to it. I think the owners
have held their stock for years
and don't want their stock to
come under view of "raiders".
 By martin newkom

09/26/2012  1:23PM

For those interested, Bank of the West is/was a subsidiary of BNP
Paribas, a french bank which has
gone through many phases of mergers and acquisions, it seems.
I know for a fact that there are
frenchmen who still come up from
San Francisco to mine the creeks
in and around Alleghany like my
wife's french great grandfather
did in the 1850's
to Alleghany to mine the cree
 By Michael Miller

09/26/2012  11:49AM

Word from an existing shareholder who bought the 8000 shares said that TD Ameritrade told him the one cent sale was bogus. I encourage everyone fortunate enough to purchase share to ask for a share certificate. We can get information about the seller from our transfer agent. A short seller of Sixteen to One is a fool.
 By cw3343

09/25/2012  2:44PM

On 9/19:
1401 shares at 0.25, and 1500 shs at 0.20

To Lake's message below. volume has a lot to do with shares outstanding, or float -which probably is not much with OSTO
 By Lake

09/14/2012  11:00AM

Wouldn't volume + price improve if at least listed on OTC:BB? Anyone has any clue of what minable reserves are? Tks
 By martin newkom

08/20/2012  11:09AM

Recently on a site near me here
where I live a rig was set up tp
explore for natural gas. At approx. 5800 ft. gas was found
in two locations, one small and none large. When the larger one
was brought in there surely was
gas but when the pipes were hooked there was an emission
but only in a small amount, ie
a "popper" So it can happen any-
 By Michael Miller

08/18/2012  11:54AM

A little over three months ago I identified a gold mining project at the Sixteen to One and an invitation for people to join us by funding it. The proposal was printed two entries below. Have a look. There were no takers. I heard from no one. There were no inquires. It is in an area of the mine not far from the portal, which reduces the cost of mining significantly: no hoisting, short tram to get rock out of the mine, short travel time for the crew, utilities close by; all important considerations.

Later we took a closer look in the old stope and in three shifts took out $125,000 in gold. We stopped for other priorities and demands. Maybe there will be no more gold to find; maybe not. It is a complicated area and now remains as a future target. It could have been a bust but it wasn’t. Projections are difficult but this mine has a history that is spectacular, especially with gold prices over $1500 an ounce. There seems to be an aversion to risk. Even the great risk takers are slow to move into gold mining. Our industry’s colorful past has colored the present, which is too bad. The future looks inviting to me.
 By bluejay

08/11/2012  8:50PM

The Pink Sheets are no different that a pawn shop operation.

The way the pawn shop profits is usually buying from an ignorant person or from someone needing a fast liquidation with little consideration for price(drug addict) and then waiting it out until a value buyer shows up.

You would think that stock and bond organizations under the supposed watchful eye of regulators would fear them for dropping a stock from 37 1/2 cents to one cent in a heart beat but then again, the SEC has lost their creditability with respected people in the industry long ago.
 By gerald

08/11/2012  4:44PM

i will sell 200 shares at discount broker for 0.49 a share to get the broker price to 0.49
 By Rockroby

08/11/2012  3:40PM

Thank you for the quick reply, I'm not a seller at .50 cents or a $1.00 as the price of gold climbs this company will only become more valuable.
It's only a matter of time, may the next blast be golden.
 By Michael Miller

08/11/2012  2:19PM

As considered an “insider” I am not a seller for a dollar so the reference to .50 cents makes no sense to me. Now, a penny? If a penny represents anything of value to our shareholders and company, I cannot find it. My guess is the sale has something to do with a transfer in an estate. The only way the Company knows details about transaction is when the transfer agent reports activity…who supplied the stock certificate and what name is going on the new stock certificate.

My arrogance may be showing should I suggest it is some attempt by people who have no equity interest in our corporation but realize that they should. After all, where can one find a 100 year old American gold operator that operates mines it outright owns, has operating permits and an experienced crew and infrastructure in place? When these reports of penny sales turn up, a comment heard more than once is: it may be lawyers or accountants working to clean up an estate. I feel sadness for the dead person if this is true. He or she wanted to bequeath value to heirs and held the opinion that owning a small piece of a gold mine in California was a good idea.

Another though is that if the sale/purchase was through a stock broker, that company and its broker are incompetent, unprofessional or white collar criminals and the seller should call his or her lawyer right now to seek damages for fraud.
 By Rockroby

08/11/2012  8:21AM

Someone managed to get 8100 shares yesterday for a penny.
From .375 down to a penny, any thoughts on why?
This stock should be at least .50 cents a share.
 By Michael Miller

08/04/2012  2:26PM

In regards to cw3343 and Bluejay (see Clips from Alleghany 07/31/2012): the most likely way to permit a project in California is to present truthful, accountable facts or honest opinions about your mining project to all parties, including the public. Rarely have I seen this approach over my thirty-seven years in this industry. Distortions begin with the owners or promoters who must find sources of working capital to fund the operation. Why? Real, potential or want-to-be investors are pretty ignorant about mining, although they may be very skilled about money or business, speculation and investment. The permitting pattern has been to offer a huge carrot and shorten the time line for production when the money source will see a payback. This is how it begins and once the story is told, it is difficult to retell the story to the regulators as one seeks approval. Idaho Maryland mine in Grass Valley is a classic case.

Understating the amount of time to bring a property into production has too many examples to mention. This optimism is sometimes really believed by the speaker. Most times and it is unfortunate, the deception is willful. It casts a sour reflection on the people who profess themselves as mining competent as well as our industry. Projections are deceitful or purposely a lie. Miners talk of production as the taking of ore. Ore may or may not be profitable but it must have value.

Since 1975 in America when its citizens were once again allowed to own gold, those interested in gold mining have had ample opportunity to embrace truth and scorn error in the presentation of professed opportunities. Mining knowledge acts in complex ways; but it is nevertheless a tragic fact that truth has not triumphed over distortion. Either not enough people recognized the truth, those who did recognize it did not exerted themselves sufficiently in its behalf or many people saw the truth but were indifferent to it. These people comprise professionals in the mining industry, the investment/banking industry financial media types and more.

In the absence of demonstrable truth, the best we can do is to exercise the greatest diligence, humility, insight, intelligence and industry in trying to arrive at the nearest values to truth about the specifics of the mine status and projections. If, after having done this, we have an inescapable duty to impress others with the particularities that comprise our truths about mining for gold. These beliefs extend to anyone entering a mine’s business. “Truth, like gold, lies at the bottom.”

I worry little about permitting. Permitting has not been a problem for Original Sixteen to One Mine. I object to unlawful, unnecessary (ethically or morally) corrupt behaviors of anyone whose business is or is not related to the Sixteen to One mine. (California’s water regulatory personnel qualify, as have some federal people over the years.) My behavior towards regulations/permitting is grounded in the belief that most individuals are righteous and well-intended and I take opposition as impersonal.

Best wishes to Sutter Gold Mining Inc. Its money is coming from South Africa to Australia to California not by accident. It will not be producing gold by the fourth quarter unless it is actually an insignificant amount. Its debt is worth studying as well as its capitalization.

“Let truth and error do battle in the arena of ideas. Truth will vanquish. Let the student and the citizen witness the struggle; let the struggle take place in their minds, and they will ally themselves with truth.”
 By Michael Miller

05/02/2012  8:47AM

WE have identified a site underground worthy of spending time and money to produce gold. Its initial prospects were known from the mine’s historical production records as a significant home for a significant pocket or concentration. The area above yielded 19,000 ounces. The vein below yielded 83,000 and was the largest pocket recorded in all of California. Over the years large slabs of the hanging wall fell and has covered the quartz. The area is a short distance from the portal. Track and utilities are nearby and will require modest time and material to set up for exploration.

Of the three factors for profitable gold mining (men…mineral…money) only money is lacking. If you or people you know have ever had a twitch to join a legitimate treasure hunt, step forward. A limited partnership is the vehicle to get involved. Your investment should qualify for an expense. Your in-kind share of the gold should not become a taxable event until it is sold. The budget for this target is $250,000. The minimum share investment is $25,000. The maximum share investment is $250,000. No widows or orphans, please unless you have the net worth to take the risk.

What about the risk? All mining ventures have risk, some more than others. During the past two weeks, we have explored the area with metal detectors (it is larger than a football field). Gold was found in five different places, which is an important discovery. This target is in the heart of the mine.

The time to complete the project is estimated at three months. Interested? Write me or call (530) 287-3223. MMM
 By Michael Miller

03/28/2012  12:16PM


The definitions of a word used in the general population and the same word used with miners sometimes differ. Exploration seems to work for both efforts to describe an activity…to explore. In miners talk, exploration aims at locating the presence of economic deposits and establishes their nature, shape and grade. Preliminary exploratory work in our mine takes place along the strike and dip. This is done by making drives, raises and inclines. These openings follow the deposit both in strike and dip. They are designed in such a way so as to make it possible to use them for mining purposes should the exploration turn out favorably.

In picking a spot to begin exploration we use good old fashion geology. Our reports and maps plus history and experiences are invaluable. So is a metal detector; however the range of detection for detectors is just a couple of feet. The current detectors used underground are off-the-shelf varieties. They have dramatically changed our methods and sometimes a gold discovery leads to a target. An increase in depth will aid exploration with results similar to those during 1992-96. We found a lot of gold overlooked by our mining ancestors. In no manner do I criticize their tremendous underground abilities. Both the engineers and geologists and the grunt rock breakers, muckers and other supporters did an amazing job in exploration, development and production. Few, if any gold mines in California maintained a more favorable dividend payment record to its shareholders than the Sixteen to One. I talked with shareholders years ago who counted on their dividend payment throughout the 1930’s depression. Their heirs still own the stock.

New technology has not come to Alleghany since the efforts during 1995 -97 by third parties plus some work we also instigated.. Much has changed since then and I look ahead to the day when the depth of detection increases from the current level. Exploration will identify those favorable spots and off go the drillers, muckers and other supporting crew. This deposit has over 35 miles of exposed vein to explore. It also has more than three times of undeveloped quartz that has never seen the light of a miners cap or felt the power of a miners drill.

With this background I am excited to tell all of our internet friends that we started an exploration program today. It is designed to explore the strike and dip of the vein as well as be useful should we find a gold target. It is refreshing to have this small opportunity to explore rather than maintain the mine for a future exploration program.
 By bluejay

01/02/2012  10:29PM

Would you give your pink slip to your car or your deed to your home to an investment bank? Then why would you accept their crap to retain your stock certificates?

There should never be a middleman between you and your paid-in-full property. What happened at the brokerage firm MF Global could be the small beginning, $1.2 billion initial customer account loss, to bigger such events to follow.
 By Michael Miller

01/02/2012  5:32PM

Mann2900, I cannot add much to what Martin recommended (see below).

You will find the past, which will help you understand risks and rewards; you will find enough about the present to inform you the position of the corporation right now; and you will find the future goals, prospects, dreams, purposes, ideology, paths to success and more placed in numerous locations on this website. Then if you still have questions, write me or call my office. What you may not find on other websites of junior gold mining companies are details about the obstacles facing us. Best wishes. MMM
 By martin newkom

01/02/2012  10:58AM

The previous contributor, Mann
should go to the website and
download what is available for
his inquiry, or call the 16-to-1
office for info.
 By mann2900

12/31/2011  5:53PM

Hi --
I am potentially interested in buying some stock in your company. Give me a couple of solids reasons why it would be a good investment for me. Include things like your annual profits, dividends etc. Thanks.
 By Michael Miller

12/22/2011  2:41PM

Non mining conversations on our FORUM should and will continue. I find much of it fascinating. All the opinions are worthwhile; however, they will diminish as new events take the spotlight. For long time mine advocates, recent readers of the FORUM and friends or foes of this old operation in California, never forget our purpose: to protect, preserve enhance and exploit our assets.

Deep in our files are extraordinary data about the when, where and how to accomplish gold mining here in Alleghany. Some are published while some will always be kept secretively on a “need-to-know basis”. I continue to draw important relevance from the data even after being exposed to them for decades. Sometimes a familiar word or sentence or thought takes on new meanings.

The following is posted for that reason…new meanings for you. It is directed to all of you who have an equity ownership in the Original Sixteen to One Mine assets and all of you who have thought about it but failed to make a move (investment).

The authors related a quote at the beginning of a series of papers written over 25 years ago. Offering quotes about the vagaries of mining a high-grade vein like the Sixteen to One must be some nutty professional whim of geologists, mining engineers and other professional miners. It happens often. The quote in this case is from Damon Runyan, Guys and Dolls.

“The race may not always to be the swift, nor the battle to the strong; but that’s the way to bet.”

Following are parts of this valuable historical file with the title of “Exploration Objectives and Philosophy for the Sixteen to One Mine”.

The object of exploration at the Sixteen to One Mine is to determine the quantity and location of gold within the vein system. In order to successfully conduct exploration in the vein system it is necessary to understand the ore controls.

Ore controls within a vein are the physical-chemical geological processes by which the vein and its ore minerals were formed. . Vein minerals are deposited in faults or other open spaces in the host rock from hydrothermal solutions that circulate though the fault zone and cracks in the surrounding country rock. Local heat sources, such as a cooling body of molten intrusive rock, are responsible for the circulations of the hydrothermal solutions.

Faults are usually relatively planar features with some irregularities in shape due to variations in the tectonic forces which create the fault and the variations in the host rock cut by the faults. Therefore, movement on the faults results in the development of open spaces where vein materials are deposited. Each episode of fault movement, of which there are usually many, results in new areas of open space and a new phase of vein mineralization.

The chemical conditions for the deposition of a particular mineral depend upon temperature, pressure, and chemical species concentration in the hydrothermal solutions. Quarts and pyrite, for example, are deposited over a wide range of physical-chemical conditions. Gold, on the other hand, is deposited in a relatively restricted range of physical-chemical conditions.

Therefore, the locations and quantity of gold within a vein are the result of geological controls, in turn reflected in observable characteristics of the vein and its wall rock, which may be measured by mapping and sampling a vein. Vein characteristics may be classified as either structural or mineralogical. The structural characteristics include strike, dip, thickness, and slickenslide orientation, which can be readily mapped along with the visible mineralogy. In additions, the elemental abundances can be determined by atomic absorption analysis and the sequence of mineralization can be determined by the electron microscope.

Analysis and Interpretation – Optimization of Explorations and Exploitation of the Sixteen to One Vein

A computer-resident model of the geological features and mineralization of the Sixteen to One vein should be initiated and continually refined to assist in defining exploration and mining strategy. Initially large amounts of old and new explorations and past productions data should be placed into a computer for storage, analysis and display. These data will then be used to build a model of the vein which can qualitatively and quantitatively predict area most deserving of early exploration, pointed towards locations of minable reserves. Use the computer model will bring discipline and a partial optimization of these ends.

A basic underlying assumption is that the economic gold mineralization is not randomly located within the veins. As in any mineral deposit, physical-chemical geological controls will have operated to determine the gold distribution; our problem is to recognize and measure these controls, and to then use these measurements to make predictions of areas in the vein with the greatest probability of further gold occurrences.

Truly random gold occurrence would be remarkable – but there are clearly observable preliminary indications that we are not dealing with in such a case. Visually, a map of the known gold occurrences shows several strong trends. Further, from measurements of these occurrences, both as to their size and spatial locations, a well-formed geostatistical variogram can be obtains, with a range from 400 to 600 feet. If further confirmation of non-randomness is desired, a test for a 2-dimensional Poisson distribution can be applied.

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