July 5, 2022 

How to Approach Thin Veins & Cost


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 By Michael Miller

07/23/2021  12:23PM

just placed a buy order for 3880 shares. If executed, my Schwab account will stand at 50,000 shares. Thanks Karl,for the information
 By karl

07/23/2021  7:57AM

Schwab is showing a bunch of shares available under 10 cents. (I have enough for now!)
 By Michael Miller

07/22/2021  4:18PM

Our fisrt quarter 2021 will be filed next Tuesday. Sixteen to One will be in compliance.
 By bluejay

07/22/2021  2:48PM

Just received notice from Schwab:

Learn how amendments to SEC Rule 15c2-11 impact your account(s)

On September 28, 2021, new amendments adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) go into effect to enhance investor protection and improve issuer transparency. These amendments restrict the ability of market makers to publish quotations for those companies that have not made required current financial and company information available to regulators and investors.

The reason this email was sent was because Schwab holds some of my shares in the company.

Schwab further stated that after late August no buy orders for the company would be accepted But that they would accept sell orders.
 By cw3343

06/03/2021  9:23AM

wow mad volume today OSTO, 13,000 shares at 24 cents, and now the Ask is .49

not bad...
 By bluejay

05/28/2021  8:17AM

Getting the tables turned on you if you think you can control a stock by shorting shares to force it lower for profit thus destroying investor wealth is a horrifying experience,

This condition was witnessed on the old Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco years back where the Original Sixteen to One use to trade under the symbol of OAU.

The stock was called Yuba Gold out of Marysville, California. Their business was dredging for gold out of old placer deposits where small gold particles settled in the rivers after being washed down from their origin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains over time.

In this particular case, as memory is best served, the specialist ran out of stock in his position and was forced to sell shares he didn't own to maintain an orderly market.
As buying interest grew and sellers were scarce the specialist continued selling always higher prices. Even a call was made to the company in hopes of their using some shares to him, a Mr. Lee Wilson.

The specialist was losing money and enlisted some of his specialist friends to employ the resources of their company in hopes putting the brakes on Yuba Gold by registering as alternate specialists in the stock.

Anyway, the story did not end well for all of them. The moral of this story is, once the public's interest is unleashed price discovery can be amazing as many professionals in the industry have found out the hard way.

The public will remain quiet for so long but when they wake up and usually they do, they can exert a powerful unexpected force to be reckoned with.

Grave mistakes all through history have been made by those who at one time or another thought it would be nice for them to control the public. The history books are littered with failed experiments of those people who thought that the public could be controlled for their benefit.

Even with today's high technology being used to spy on the public and serious ideas being circulated by some elites on tactics to control the public and reduce the world's population. The public will have the last word as always which some rich freaks need to take into consideration because if they don't, they just might find out the hard way what wrath can come to them.
 By bluejay

05/28/2021  7:24AM

Our share price in below where it should be as a result of lack of exposure to the public plus its basic inactivity resulting from this condition.

BUT, this is far better than being manipulated to being grossly undervalued by the dangerous hedge funds who prey on destroying small companies.

Today is a great day for justice as some hedge funds are being hung out in the sun’s glaring heat to shrivel up and die.

AMC Entertainment in which they tried to kill with suspected illegal price manipulation approaching zero sprung to life from early January squeezing their position obligations to deliver shares sold earlier with a move to $20 a month later.

This morning after about a three month period of of price consolidation the shares are trading at $34.05, up $7.53 on the day.

A text book short squeeze.

Will the SEC Investigate and put people in jail for fraud if, indeed, when they conspired to ruin this company forcing it almost to zero and into bankruptcy with phantom selling of shares they never owned?

Good riddance to these concerned Wall Street manipulating hedge fund crooks.

How will you help them now, Janet Yellen?

Call another big pow-wow with the commodity exchanges?
 By cw3343

05/11/2021  1:17PM

wow theres actually a bid/ask on OSTO today, first time I have seen that in ~20 years. Usually have to call a trader and have them make phone calls.

I highly doubt the accuracy, but it shows 5000 bid at .14 and 12000 ask at .234
 By gwmelvin

02/27/2021  5:25PM

Perhaps just get a dba (doing business as) filed through state to:

Original Sixteen to One Gold mine.

All incorporation stays just as is but you can do business under the new name with papers, press releases, etc.
 By cw3343

02/26/2021  11:52AM

Best get the SEC filings up to date, as much as possible, otherwise the shares will never get out of the OTCBB/Pink Sheet hell...
 By bluejay

02/06/2021  9:16PM

In a recent interview of Willem Middlekoop he suggests the upward expected move in the gold and silver explorers has only just begun.

There will be thousands of people searching the internet for gold and silver stocks due to rising prices, possibly soon.

What if in their searches a name turned up like, The Sixteen to One Gold and Silver Mine. or the Allegheny Gold and Silver Mine?

Most probably, some buy orders would hit the market.
 By bluejay

02/01/2021  7:28AM

Good example why Gold should be in the corporate title.

The Millennials are hitting the bricks buying silver stocks in the past few trading days.


They have been going to internet financial chat sessions where there has been talk of an impending short squeeze in the silver market.

Possibly not being able to buy silver futures contracts, they are searching the internet for companies associated with the metal by having silver in the corporate name.

Their search engines only pick up companies with silver in their names.

Silver stocks today are racking up some nice gains. There're ones out there that have easily doubled in price today but for the ones associated with silver not in their title, they have been left behind in the dust.
 By bluejay

12/25/2020  2:13PM

Thank you.

It all makes sense.
 By gwmelvin

12/25/2020  7:48AM

Because the 16 to 1 team never gives up!
 By Michael Miller

12/24/2020  1:43PM

I am considering a practical way to add "gold" to our publications without going through a formal name change (very time consuming process).

We will incorporate "gold" for future public/media documents, including websites.

Shortly after our miners again break rock, our success will receive a wide media interest as it has done for a twenty year history. Gold production will soar

Our facebook interest was over 7,000 in December. Thanks to the man helping. AS I've said, with satellite internet facebook is sloooow. I don't have the knowledge or time to get involved.

All of you readers, help spread the word. After all, Sixteen to One Gold is the oldest gold mining company in North America and the last operation in California. Why do you think this is true? Guesses welcomed.
 By bluejay

12/20/2020  2:17PM

No question, we have nor accessed the pool of potential gold interested people out there by restricting the use of the word GOLD in the corporate title.

Until that happens, it will remain an undervalued asset that few are aware of.

Some folks might like to keep the current corporate intact but until the world knows of us don't expect much public recognition and thus participation with the share price.

Sad but true.
 By gwmelvin

12/19/2020  6:12PM

Price is ask between .19 and .20.
 By gwmelvin

12/19/2020  6:10PM

Looks like another 1000 share trade on 12/18.

12/19/2020  12:06PM

Thanks gwmelvin for your stock input below. No internet yesterday for SCOOP; missed the both trades; difficult ones to chart. Your “strange” observation, indeed, ignited past oddities of OSTO on the Gray Market.

Thrilling news that a stock player wrote an order to buy/sell 5 shares. Do you remember the price of these two trades? SCOOP wants to meet that person. .
 By gwmelvin

12/17/2020  11:21AM

1000 share trade today. Then a 5 share trade. Strange indeed.

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