October 25, 2021 

Ideal Time for Facts


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 By bluejay

02/04/2010  1:06AM

Recent comments from Martin Armstrong:

"This is the real behind-the-scenes life with regulators, they are relentness and will NEVER yield to the truth."

"It's all about winning and they WILL do whatever it takes to win."
 By bluejay

01/18/2010  9:57AM

An excellent YouTube presentation by the Patriot, Gerald Celente, in keeping us focused on Washington's continuing support of the Wall Street crooks:

 By bluejay

01/17/2010  9:57PM

The following recent comments by Martin Armstrong indirectly makes one question, in our case, if the controlling Water Board is, at the minimum, a circus act?

"True knowledge emerges from experience. This is why one cannot understand a subject(the Mine's position) until he actually does what he has studied. Our most significant mistake is creating higher learning taught by people who have never done what they teach. There is a indescribable quality that one can know every aspect of a subject, yet is blind without experience that opens the eyes and allows one to see dynamic structure hiding behind the facade of order and control."
 By Rick

01/17/2010  7:24PM

They don't care about the truth. Our challenge is to reach everyone who does.

Ask her what made Ysoemite Valley so beautiful as a glacial remnant and she will deny that any ice ever melted, and then say, sure, it did, but what's your point???...and then go vote for whatever iron poker goes up all of our......
 By bluejay

01/16/2010  9:28AM

The Water Board, Totally Out of Control?

An excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article, "If You Don't Like The Numbers, Change Em:"

Rabid environmentalists have descended into a separate reality where only green counts. It's gotten so bad that the head of the California Air Resources Board, Mary Nichols, announced this past fall that costly new carbon regulations would boost the economy shortly after she was told by eight of the state's most respected economists that they were certain these new rules would damage the economy. The next day, her own economic consultant, Harvard's Robert Stavis, denounced her statement as a blatant distortion.
 By martin newkom

11/25/2009  4:44PM

I was told today that the US
has around 8000 tons metric
stored at FT Knox, KY. and
may have more gold than any other nation, including China.
 By martin newkom

11/25/2009  4:41PM

I've been informed today from
CNBC that the gold price went
up because India was thinking
of or may have bought more
gold, maybe another 200 tons
metric from the IMF today.
 By oakrockranch

11/25/2009  12:18PM

A 1 inch in diameter by 12 inches long rod of pure gold would be worth well over $150,000. I doubt there is much counterfeit gold plated tungsten around, but it would be well worth duping considering the added value for a thief. If you're worried, buy coins you are familiar with from dealers you trust.
 By Dave I.

11/24/2009  8:54PM

A rod of tungsten 1 inch in diameter by 12 inches long sells for $400 or $500 depending on being polished. To gold plate tungsten is a rip off of value, unless this is a plot to corner the market on this metal. Which is highly unlikely. I know of one tungsten mine in Nevada that closed down due to the low price of tungsten.
 By Rick

11/24/2009  4:46PM

I've been emailed from skeptic fringe survivalists about this purported fraud and the supposed vacant Fort Knox of true gold holdings.

Why isn't this same skepticism even aware of the most volitile and telling fraud surrounding the global warming hoax exposure, far more revealing in its monetary fraud potential.

Are you scratching you head? Google Nature.com "Storm Clouds Brewing Over Leaked Emails", or "Climategate", or best "CRU" to discover for yourself. Follow the money, whether it's gold or tungsten.
 By Michael Miller

11/24/2009  10:38AM

The report of counterfeit bullion bars made of tungsten then plated with gold lacks authority. Why would people spread this story? Take your choice: pro gold followers to show a weakness in supply or anti gold followers to discredit those who express sometimes wild ideas about monetary exchange rates for $$$ and bullion.

Simplifying the brains and abilities of those who actual deal in mining gold and making bullion into saleable products is a mistake. Never underestimate our knowledge about our product, especially with the large volume purported to be bogus. I have a variety of suspicions about the gold market but believing that over a million 400-ounce bars of tungsten worked their way into the treasure chests of gold holders is a stretch for me.

If wrong, I’ll laugh out loud.
“A fool and his money are soon parted”-English Proverb.
“A wise man will not reprove a fool. Better die than turn your back on reason”-Chinese Proverb
 By Michael Miller

11/17/2009  9:44AM

Aram Shishmanian is chief executive of the World Gold Council. On November 11,2009 he answered questions about gold’s record run and how investors can exploit high gold prices. One questioner asked, “What about gold reserves for miners? How much gold is there out there, how do we know and is it likely that we could ever run out?

Mr. Shishmanian answered, “Gold remains a very scarce resource. There have been few major gold discoveries in recent years and many of those finds are in more difficult areas, which is likely to mean higher costs of production. Global gold mine production has been in decline for some years and it is thought that over the longer term this trend will continue.”

It is gratifying when world leaders corroborate what we know from personal experiences.
 By Rick

09/10/2009  8:23PM

Let's all remember our chemisty, our history and especially remember our adversaries.

All elements present in our environment pre-date humans.

We mortal animals shouldn't try to spin it any other way. Otherwise, we'll look like idiots. After all, compared to 4.6 billion years......
 By chuck2251

09/10/2009  7:53PM

Fact Sheet on Mercury Pollution from Coal-Fired Power Plants in Kansas

Prepared by Kansas Chapter, Sierra Club - 10-06-06

Summary. Coal fired power plants are currently the largest single source of airborne mercury emissions in the United States. Airborne mercury emissions travel tens to hundreds of miles before depositing, primarily in rainfall, into lakes and streams where it accumulates in fish that may be eaten by people. This adds to uptake via seafood consumption. The EPA recently announced that 1 in 6 women of childbearing age in the US have blood mercury levels that could be harmful to a fetus. Fish mercury levels in Kansas lakes have been increasing.
 By Rick

08/06/2009  7:16PM

Who is John Galt???
 By bluejay

08/06/2009  3:26PM


Past civilizations have one thing in common, their politicians were mostly all just looking out for themselves and not for the interests of the people who elected them.

Most of our "so called" representatives are attorneys. What does that tell you? It tells me that they know better than anyone how to abuse our rights and steal from us.

One just has to be aware of what our politicians have allowed to happpen to us with all these recent bank bailouts. Where did the money come from and who got it? The so-called over-extended weak banks should have been allowed to tank but, oh no, they were the politician's friends.

Until the people put a stop to all of this mismanagement and corruption we'll continue going down this road in becoming another banana republic and ANOTHER failed civilization, eventually.

Politicians are notorious for ruining past civilization's currencies. I just finished viewing on youtube many accounts of locating sunken ships that went down in the 1700's. There were no signs of anything positive that the politicians accomplished from those days aboard, only gold and silver produced by the miners and other relics. What does that tell you? It tells me that the politician's accomplishments can't survive the test of time but gold and silver do.

Ahoy mates! Our current day pirates are the politicians who indirectly manufacture all of the fiat Monopoly money plus trample on our rights.

What would you prefer digging up in your backyard, a chest full of 1700 currency issued by a defunct central bank run by rank politicians or 1700 mined gold and silver?
 By Rick

08/05/2009  4:26PM

I'm dying to know....was my question so simple and the hypocricy of the Water Board so great that nobody wants to say anyhting???
 By Michael Miller

08/05/2009  7:52AM

Yes, please spread this to the people who can shatter ignorance or make changes. The Sixteen to One mining gold is the finest way (as are others) to improve GDP. Gold production creates new wealth and as importantly and socially, it spreads the new wealth initially to the workers, you know, those blue-collar guys who really need jobs. The miners will pass this newfound “money” around the rural communities, eventually reaching the cities. Each passing will get taxed, so a ppm will find its way to the coffers in Sacramento and Washington D.C. until it all disappears into services. BUT as the mine keeps on producing, its gold production becomes “sustainable wealth”, which continues to increase America’s GDP. Pretty simple economic concept for those folks in power to realize and support.
 By Rockroby

08/05/2009  6:39AM

Sorry to read the mine is still getting harassed,Is it ok if I print this out and take it down to some of my elected officials?
Good news is people are getting feed up with whats going on & it seems their is a movement to vote some of these people out of office.
Stand tough their are people pulling for the Sixteen to One
 By martin newkom

08/04/2009  2:36PM

All this regulation as herein
described creates jobs for the
governmentally inclined and
thereafter tightens the gov't
regulatory control "noose".

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