October 21, 2018 

Ideal Time for Facts


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 By Michael Miller

05/11/2011  4:56PM

Steve Forbes is quoted today as seeing a return to a dollar backed by gold or what is historically called the Gold Standard. He goes on to state the need for, the reasons why and the result of America’s returning to the Gold Standard. We know most of this; however what few ever write about is what this means for gold, private gold holders and how the gold/dollar conversion will actually work.

Since the great majority of people or companies do not have a gold-based investment, there will be lackluster interest in deep analytical study of such a conversion. Will gold advocates think conversion is positive for them? For the country? For gold? Who are the future buyers and why buy if gold and dollars exchange at par?

What happens if the printing presses continue to create paper dollars? Where will the gold be stored? Who will conduct oversight or audits? What is different now than 1933, when FDR’s administration bumped the dollars required to buy gold? And will the government decide it is in its interest to order Americans to “sell” their gold for dollar? Will it be a criminal offense for those who refuse?

In 1971 the gold market began changing. On December 31, 1974 the restrictions were lifter on ownership and price controls. How is life different today? How are our monetary economics the same?

As gold miners (those who find, mine and sell gold) what will a new Gold Standard do for us? It will stabilize the dollar price of our product and I imagine that other currencies will float against the dollar or gold. Or will they? What if the EU or the Yuan ties their price (value) to an ounce of gold? How easy will it be for people to convert their dollars into gold? Or their gold into Dollars?

I’ve been a gold miner, gold producer, an investor and a voracious student of gold for 36 years. I graduated with an economic major from UCSB, familiarized myself with the IMF and Federal Reserve and cannot readily answer these seventeen questions. Will you try?
 By Rick

03/09/2011  9:17PM

[putting Mike Miller's previous post back on top]

read below:
 By Michael Miller

03/09/2011  12:53PM

COURT AFFIRMS FORESTRY’S POSITIVE ROLE IN ADDRESSING CLIMATE CHANGE is a headline in THE SIERRA booster dated March 4, 2011. The decision verifies carbon benefits of active forest management in a strongly worded opinion by Judge Patrick Riley in El Dorado County Superior Court.

Environmental activists challenged 19 timber harvest plans (THPs) and argued that the plans did not comply with the California Environmental Quality Act because they did not properly or adequately address greenhouse gas emissions from the timber harvesting. Judge Riley disagreed. He said, “In conclusion the court finds all of the issues raised by Plaintiff (CBD) in its opening and reply briefs, whether directly addressed herein or not, are without merit in so far as they contend the THPs involved failed to fully advise the public concerning the GHG issue as well as the entire environmental impact picture and provide a complete and penetrating overview of the environmental and GHG impacts in particular.”

The following quote is the best part of the analysis and why this forest (natural resource industry) decision relates to our gold mining (natural resource production). “This ruling means SPI and other forestland owners can proceed with forest management activities that provide family wage jobs in rural California communities, supply lumber for consumers and conserve forest resources.” Hip, hip, hurray! Hip, hip, hurray for a decision of correct judicial thinking!

The California Forest Association president David Bischel offered, “Efforts by activists to stop timber harvesting and force jobs out of rural California by arguing that forestry harms the environment were soundly rejected by the court. Forestry is the only economic sector in the state that provides a net carbon sequestration benefit, yet taxpayers unwittingly subsidize an endless stream of litigation designed to block it.”

The plaintiff is The Center for Biological Diversity. How and who finances this most likely non-profit corporation? Activists have performed wonderful social, economic and scientific behaviors throughout history. The environmental fear and unscientific banter went too far and became lost in a herd of well meaning people who have been ruthlessly misled. The pendulum swings and it is picking up momentum. Even though, our plight with water regulators from Sacramento needs a broader base of awareness. Help any way you can. Our young men in Sierra County, Yuba County and Nevada County also need “family wage jobs”. Efforts to stop mining in California harms everyone except the handful of activists and lawyers who continue to mislead the public and the governmental employees who carry out the foul repression.
 By Michael Miller

05/22/2010  6:18PM

ARTICLE X of the Constitution of California, Section 2 reads,

“It is hereby declared…the general welfare requires that the water resources of the State be put to the beneficial use to the fullest extent of which they are capable…and that the conservation of such waters is to be exercised with a view to the reasonable and beneficial use thereof in the interest of the people and for the public welfare.”

Can any other language and the interpretation thereof be any clearer that this?
DO blue-collar jobs that increase the GDP benefit California?
Are the interests of the people influenced by newly mined gold from California?
Will newly mined gold be beneficial to the public welfare?

If you agree, please feel free to strengthen you beliefs.
If you do not agree with the above, please offer you evidence and explain your opinion and the logic thereof.
 By Rick

05/17/2010  4:50PM

Bluejay points out the no-brainer which somehow escapes the entrenched burocrats: they need funding.

Hmmm....either by confiscatory regulatory intrusion, or by creating a flourishing situation that contributes.

Somehow there is a breakdown in brain-power at the State regulation level, since, as I pointed out earlier under another topic:

A public sector job is dependent upon private sector taxes to exist...initially through taxation, or easier for them, criminally, through un-regulated czar-like water-board-like un-elected boards with no electoral accountability.

Seems like the public sector regulators have fingered it out: they would have to pay 100% of their salaries in income tax to justify their existence (be the accountant for this)...or pull out the red-pen and start fining the private sector. Heck, everyoner hates mines, right?

Target the golden goose. No-one will know, especially with the politics of green-crap so prevelant.

Regulation = feed trough
 By Dave I.

05/15/2010  1:54PM

I like it blue Jay. Write the governor, and an article to the Press Democrat We need to influence public opinion now for the excesses of the government regulation. i can,t do it all my self, even though I try. Keep it up Friend. this Forum is great.
 By bluejay

05/15/2010  11:34AM

Is there any wonder why people work for the government? The answer is, they get paid twice as much as if they were employed in the private sector, including benefits.

The pin-heads at our local Water Board extort their salaries from companies and property owners at a great social expense for no other reason than, Californians must be regulated. What a sick premise.

Recently, Peter Schiff stated that the U.S. Departments of Energy and Education should be eliminated. I wonder what Mr. Schiff would think of all the regulators in California who with their big salaries and benefits have bankrupt the State to the extreme that now the poor will be suffering more.

In the Press Democrat here in the Santa Rosa area the paper headlined, in so many words, this morning Arnold's fighting words to reduce the budget: stick it to the little guy with drastic cuts to health and welfare recipients. The paper stated, SONOMA COUNTY: "Officials appalled by 'Unfathomable' proposed cuts to social services."

One answer for a partial rememdy to the State's irresponsible financial collapse is to get rid of, for the most part the private contractors at the water boards, a useless State agency that curtails the ability of companies to gainfully employ the unemployed to increase State revenues.

If these water board employees sincerely care about the environment and not just making their mortgage payments at other people's expense, then they should offer their services to the State of Alaska and get involved with real polluters.

 By Jerome Dillon

03/04/2010  5:38PM

Mr. Michael Miller and Original Sixteen to One are under attack by bureaucrats running the State’s water quality programs. My familiarity with Sierra Nevada watersheds and specifically those highly mineralized zones like the Kanaka Creek canyon tell me so. Unless we, the public, who are the legally described beneficiaries of the Sierra County Superior Court law suit filed by the Central Valley Regional Water Board against one of the greatest small mines in the world, tell the politicos that persecuting this historic and valuable California resource into bankruptcy is not for the benefit of the public (us), the slaughter will continue until the company no longer exists. It has happened before.

As far as the actual water that passes through the Alleghany Mining District and other gold producing areas, the permitting issues now alleged by the water agency and prosecuted by the California Attorney General are summarized below:

Results are predictable
Costs are prohibitive.
Benefits are zero.
Government is non-responsive.

Requirements are outrageous.
Enforcement is punitive.
Administration is unequal.
Decisions are political.
Demands are unscientific.
 By bluejay

02/04/2010  1:06AM

Recent comments from Martin Armstrong:

"This is the real behind-the-scenes life with regulators, they are relentness and will NEVER yield to the truth."

"It's all about winning and they WILL do whatever it takes to win."
 By bluejay

01/18/2010  9:57AM

An excellent YouTube presentation by the Patriot, Gerald Celente, in keeping us focused on Washington's continuing support of the Wall Street crooks:

 By bluejay

01/17/2010  9:57PM

The following recent comments by Martin Armstrong indirectly makes one question, in our case, if the controlling Water Board is, at the minimum, a circus act?

"True knowledge emerges from experience. This is why one cannot understand a subject(the Mine's position) until he actually does what he has studied. Our most significant mistake is creating higher learning taught by people who have never done what they teach. There is a indescribable quality that one can know every aspect of a subject, yet is blind without experience that opens the eyes and allows one to see dynamic structure hiding behind the facade of order and control."
 By Rick

01/17/2010  7:24PM

They don't care about the truth. Our challenge is to reach everyone who does.

Ask her what made Ysoemite Valley so beautiful as a glacial remnant and she will deny that any ice ever melted, and then say, sure, it did, but what's your point???...and then go vote for whatever iron poker goes up all of our......
 By bluejay

01/16/2010  9:28AM

The Water Board, Totally Out of Control?

An excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article, "If You Don't Like The Numbers, Change Em:"

Rabid environmentalists have descended into a separate reality where only green counts. It's gotten so bad that the head of the California Air Resources Board, Mary Nichols, announced this past fall that costly new carbon regulations would boost the economy shortly after she was told by eight of the state's most respected economists that they were certain these new rules would damage the economy. The next day, her own economic consultant, Harvard's Robert Stavis, denounced her statement as a blatant distortion.
 By martin newkom

11/25/2009  4:44PM

I was told today that the US
has around 8000 tons metric
stored at FT Knox, KY. and
may have more gold than any other nation, including China.
 By martin newkom

11/25/2009  4:41PM

I've been informed today from
CNBC that the gold price went
up because India was thinking
of or may have bought more
gold, maybe another 200 tons
metric from the IMF today.
 By oakrockranch

11/25/2009  12:18PM

A 1 inch in diameter by 12 inches long rod of pure gold would be worth well over $150,000. I doubt there is much counterfeit gold plated tungsten around, but it would be well worth duping considering the added value for a thief. If you're worried, buy coins you are familiar with from dealers you trust.
 By Dave I.

11/24/2009  8:54PM

A rod of tungsten 1 inch in diameter by 12 inches long sells for $400 or $500 depending on being polished. To gold plate tungsten is a rip off of value, unless this is a plot to corner the market on this metal. Which is highly unlikely. I know of one tungsten mine in Nevada that closed down due to the low price of tungsten.
 By Rick

11/24/2009  4:46PM

I've been emailed from skeptic fringe survivalists about this purported fraud and the supposed vacant Fort Knox of true gold holdings.

Why isn't this same skepticism even aware of the most volitile and telling fraud surrounding the global warming hoax exposure, far more revealing in its monetary fraud potential.

Are you scratching you head? Google Nature.com "Storm Clouds Brewing Over Leaked Emails", or "Climategate", or best "CRU" to discover for yourself. Follow the money, whether it's gold or tungsten.
 By Michael Miller

11/24/2009  10:38AM

The report of counterfeit bullion bars made of tungsten then plated with gold lacks authority. Why would people spread this story? Take your choice: pro gold followers to show a weakness in supply or anti gold followers to discredit those who express sometimes wild ideas about monetary exchange rates for $$$ and bullion.

Simplifying the brains and abilities of those who actual deal in mining gold and making bullion into saleable products is a mistake. Never underestimate our knowledge about our product, especially with the large volume purported to be bogus. I have a variety of suspicions about the gold market but believing that over a million 400-ounce bars of tungsten worked their way into the treasure chests of gold holders is a stretch for me.

If wrong, I’ll laugh out loud.
“A fool and his money are soon parted”-English Proverb.
“A wise man will not reprove a fool. Better die than turn your back on reason”-Chinese Proverb
 By Michael Miller

11/17/2009  9:44AM

Aram Shishmanian is chief executive of the World Gold Council. On November 11,2009 he answered questions about gold’s record run and how investors can exploit high gold prices. One questioner asked, “What about gold reserves for miners? How much gold is there out there, how do we know and is it likely that we could ever run out?

Mr. Shishmanian answered, “Gold remains a very scarce resource. There have been few major gold discoveries in recent years and many of those finds are in more difficult areas, which is likely to mean higher costs of production. Global gold mine production has been in decline for some years and it is thought that over the longer term this trend will continue.”

It is gratifying when world leaders corroborate what we know from personal experiences.

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