August 18, 2022 

Ideal Time for Facts


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 By Minerrick

10/29/2019  1:04AM

New member of your forum, huge fan of your mine. A pelton wheel is a great idea for power, although I don't know how much of your stuff it will run. And you may get some sort of credit to do solar as you have a great location for that, too.
 By Miners Son

10/28/2019  1:48PM

Maybe its time to re-consider the Pelton Water Wheel to generate electric power independent of PG&E full or partime as needed.
 By fredmcain

10/16/2019  5:28AM

Who's crashing the website? Hmmmn, let's see. Could it be a "rabbit" or a "hare" perhaps?

-Fred M Cain

09/14/2019  5:28AM


Sometimes it accepts input but mostly is doesn't. Scoop reports the August 31,2019 annual meeting was a good time for all.
 By Michael Miller

08/29/2019  1:50AM

 By Michael Miller

08/09/2019  7:17AM


I’ve heard reports of phone calls and letters seeking your shares for $0.20 a share. The buyers are hostile to Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. Some shareholders, current and past directors and management know they enacted a “loan-to-own” move to bankrupt our Company. As its lender, they would acquire our property. I refer to this smarmy group as the “Triumvirate”. You are making a huge financial mistake if you succumb to this offer. Regaining a public market place, an equitable and evenhanded one, continues high on our list of “to do” goals. That will be a much better time to consider selling your interest in our future.

A group of proposed and existing shareholders are ready to beat the $0.20 share offer. As your President and significant shareholder, I have zero interest in selling my shares. Additionally, I strongly advise you against selling at this time. I am prepared to confront the Triumvirate on August 31, 2019. Briefly:

ACTS & EVIDENCE Intentional Interference by Silicon Valley Triumvirate: Carl BERG, Quartzview Corporation,Roger Haas:
Making false claims of violations to: Mine Safety Health Administration; California OSHA; Nevada County Sheriff office; Sierra County Sheriff office; State Fund Compensation Insurance; Superior Court of the State of California Sierra County; California Central Water agency.

Libel and slandering President Michael Miller and others; solicited our employees favors; lied about environmental degradation by dumping rocks illegally into Kanaka Creek, allowing gold high-grading, drug use, mismanagement; threaten lawsuits harassment; placed surveillance cameras on mine property.

Hired professional geologist to prepare false and misleading accusations about the mine, its operations and our Company ; hired private investigator firm (California Private Investigation License No. 27223) to lead a fired miner into false and misleading observations. Investigators Morgan and Salfen presented themselves as government representatives.

Tortious interference, also known as intentional interference with contractual relations, occurred as Triumvirate intentionally damages business relationships.

Triumvirate’s tortious acts prevented the Company from successfully maintaining business relationships, one example of many: the resignation of Director Scott Robertson. Damages occur when conduct intentionally causes a second party not to enter into a business relationship. Such conduct is termed tortious interference with prospective business relations, expectations, or advantage or with prospective economic advantage. Triumvirate wants a trophy, Sixteen to One mine.

Our License Agreement with Triumvirate is an economic relationship with reasonably, probable, future economic benefits and advantage to shareholders.
Section 5- Relationship of Agreement states: the relationship of the Parties established by this Agreement is that of independent contractors, and nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed to (i) give either party the power to direct and control the day-to-day activities of the other. Triumvirate knew this and was aware that if it did not act with due care its actions would interfere with this relationship and cause us to loose future economic values. Its negligence caused damage to shareholders in that the relationship was actually interfered with and disrupted. Actions were willful and negligent.

Typical legal damages for tortious interference include economic losses, if they are be proven with certainty, and mental distress. Additionally punitive damages may be awarded if malice on the part of the Triumvirate can be established. All can be proven.

Quartzview also is in 100% default of every milestone and commitment in the License Agreement. The Silicon Valley corporate structure failed to identify a single target of gold with its technology.

Contact me by phone (530) 287-3223 or email: for any additional information, clarity or support.
Regards, (written on July 31, 2019 and mailed to shareholders August 2, 2019)
 By Michael Miller

04/26/2019  2:44PM

Hi Rick, nice to see you on the Forum again.

Yes, you began this thread September 12, 2006. I encourage all with curiosity about this little mine that keeps on keeping on to click page eleven, scroll to its beginning and read to the present.

A lot of surface quartz calls your name. Best to you, Mike
 By Rick

04/24/2019  3:22PM

Ironic, the Topic Title of this thread....Ideal Time For Facts. Given the ongoing onslaught of political opportunism, I knew when I titled this thread it would endure. Congrats to our visions. Wonderful!
 By Rick

04/24/2019  3:18PM

Howdy! What a gem of a mine...congrats to the persistence of the vision
 By Michael Miller

04/18/2019  3:34PM

Greatest days have multiple facts ! Today is a great day with three facts: the sun is warming Alleghany and Tahoe National Forest;; the miners are sacking gold; positive news to announce to all you faithful readers.

The MSHA District located in Vacaville services the West, Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam. It is a large area and staffing is difficult due to many retiring employees. Experienced youth with a background in underground gold mining is scarce and getting scarcer. This placed our operation and MSHA many times into conflict. We hold different understandings of CFR 30, (the code of regulations) and safety in this specific underground. Following is the third positive fact:

During quarterly inspections in 2018, I opposed fourteen citations in two combined dockets. After months of paper and talk exchanges, MSHA and I agreed to a settlement: fourteen outstanding citations at $3,249 was proposed assessment: four were vacated; settlement reduced to $1180 (63%). Miners continued to disagree with the “potential danger” alleged by the inspectors but settlement makes monetary-sense. Administration Law Judge Margaret Miller signed the “Order Accepting Appearance Decision Approving Settlement” on April 10, 2019. The office received it April 17, 2019. Today is a great day.
 By Michael Miller

04/11/2019  2:36PM

Mr.Clancy Harman
Chief of Emergency Response
Barrick Goldstrike mine

Dear Clancy,
Thanks for writing about mine rescue. Your new joint venture with Newmont excited our gold industry. Yes we appreciate Barrick’s ongoing coverage in the event of a rescue situation. In 1986, I was invited to attend a two day presentation in New York by the ten leading gold mining companies. The audience was composed of investment leaders of large asset holding entities from across the United States. Chairmen or presidents were the sole representative for each company. I remember vividly Barrick’s presentation dealing with questions from a vastly unfamiliar gold mining audience of financial entities.

Ohio’s rep from teaches or government fund continued asking Barrick’s chairman inane questions. His rage was growing, trying to keep his cool, especially in one area. The lady was upset because her fund could not buy stocks other than US listed companies. She kept hammering him to list. Barrick was Canadian listed. It was painful yet fun to watch and finally the Chairman said, “Until you (US security institutions) get its #*+*^ act together we won’t list on America exchanges!”

HIs reasons were classic: how screwed up the American judicial systems operates at times. He said, “Our operation could be producing gold profitably and the stock price tracks financial results; however if some #*+*^ stock paper players decide to unload and the price tumbles, some lawyer will show up to blame us. Our operation will be the same but now some allegation will spew forth. Until New York (SEC or other, I can’t remember which he identified) eliminates this we won’t be here.” I knew exactly his frustrations. Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette branch in San Francisco gave me its invitation to attend with one condition. I could not ask any questions. Those two days, so long ago, were a great inspiration during my early years as president of Original Sixteen to One Mine. The financial world today continues to discount gold as an asset.

Thanks you for helping our little operation keep up with the MSHA rescue requirement. The Sixteen has over 35 miles of underground levels. Our miners have multiple ways to travel in or out of the mine. I understand the regulation. Our operation has shrunk to a disgusting low number of miners. Many old guys live close to Alleghany, if needed for a rescue effort. My point: it is doubtful there will be an emergency requiring your team. But, I invite Barrick to send one or more of its teams to experience a trip in the Sixteen sometime.

The Nevada association of geologists scheduled an underground tour this June. We expect about fifty. Today's’ gold miners who come to Alleghany marvel at the way we mine, something from the past. This is a unique high-grade deposit, having produced over 1.3 million ounces of gold. Please share my invitation with your Barrick miners. I look forward in hosting the Barrick team inside the oldest and longest operating gold mine in North America.

Thanks again and best wishes. It is impossible to field a mine rescue team in California in today’s mining climate. To my knowledge, no other mines in the Sierra gold belt have a crew. California’s, hard rock, underground gold miners are a rare and endangered species.
Michael Meister Miller
PS: I learned a moment ago that there is a Mike or Michael Miller claiming to be a miner with some questionable facts. In the 1980’s a Michael Miller, a lawyer from New York operated a mine south of Alleghany. He flew around in jets, drove a Rolls Royce and fleeced Johnny Carson and other Hollywood personalities. I’m neither of those guys.
 By fredmcain

03/21/2019  11:05AM


I recently had a very disquieting experience that I feel I need to make everyone aware of because it happened to me.

If anyone should receive a phone call from someone purporting to represent the Original Sixteen To One Gold Mine (other than the Mine's office), do yourself a favor and politely and tactfully terminate the call as quickly as possible and hang up.

Do not become involved in a dialog or discourse with them. They do NOT represent either the mine nor shareholder interests. If you receive a voice mail or e-mail from anyone like that, ignore it. They are not on the up-and-up.

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

12/21/2018  1:53PM

Thanks to all of you who read or write in the FORUM. It is about mining. We drift onto related sub topics but the FORUM is an historical chronology of gold mining. I’ve learned that many of our California hard rock experiences are shared by our soft rock miners in the eastern coal mines. Our chronology also reaches Europe, Australia, Canada and even Africa. Something , let’s call it an holiday gift, I wish to give all of you.

The topic “Ideal Time for Facts” caught my eye. Rick started it September 2005, so I went back to check out its beginning (page 11). John Yuma wrote a piece in November that included “”. I wanted to see how beaconsfieldgold was doing and discovered a story. If you have a moment, click on Wikipedia: google beaconsfieldgold. Read the story. Happy holidays to all of you and all the miners and their financial backers throughout the world. Without you civilization would crumble.
 By fredmcain

11/28/2018  4:41AM

Dear "MTom",

How in the WORLD did you manage to get that URL to "highlight" on this forum? I have never been able to do that!

Anybody have any ideas about this?

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

10/26/2018  11:47AM

Classic examples of human behavior exist. They have existed for centuries; one of multiple reasons to develop an historical concept via reading is for their use, knowledge and enjoyment.

"The Four Phases of a Bull Market” has an historic past. Its time line varies, but its components are established: Stealth Phase, Awareness Phase, Mania Phase, Blow off Phase. Sub divisions of the time line are: Take Off, First Sell Off, Media Attention, Enthusiasm, Greed, Delusion, Top, Denial, Perception of Normal, Fear, Capitulation, Despair, Today - the Moment.

Where are the spot prices for silver and gold markets? Where are the markets of the silver, gold, copper and all metals? If you have theories, concepts, questions or any interest, I would enjoy hearing about them.
 By Michael Miller

03/28/2018  2:06PM

IN 1970, JACK R. WAGNER WROTE “GOLD MINES OF CALIFORNIA”. It is a must read for those interested in understanding California gold. Chapter 14 entitled “The Original Sixteen to One Mine”, in thirteen pages, details one of the world’s greatest mines in a top ranking gold field, California. Following is the beginning of the author’s PREFACE.

“As a native Californian I was brought up to think of California as the “Golden State”, not only because of its heritage, but because gold mining was still a fairly important industry. Today this is no longer the case and I now realize that much of the California I knew is slipping away. Even the physical evidence is rapidly eroding due to the ravages of time, neglect and the constant rearranging of the landscape. In its own way I hope this book will capture the dramatic life and sad ending of what once was a major California industry produced between 1848 and 1967 nearly $2.5 billion in gold. It was an industry that influenced the placement and development of many California towns and contributed enormously to the prosperity of our state.

From the discovery of gold-bearing quartz on Gold Hill near Grass Valley in 1850 until December 31, 1965 when the Sixteen to One Mine in Alleghany shut down, California was world renowned as one of the most important gold fields. Fortunately in 1850, about the time when most of the easily-mined placer claims were worked out, miners were able to turn to deep or hard-rock mining. This period, which lasted 115 years, was aided by the newly discovered dynamite and the perfection of the air drill, both of which carried gold production to great heights and the mines to great depths.

Actually, it was the Sixteen to One mine that led to my undertaking this project in the first place. It all began when I read a short article hidden away on the financial page of a San Francisco newspaper, reporting the demise of California’s last producing gold mine. While I had known for years that profitable gold mines were few and far between, I had no idea of how many or how few still existed in California. It became apparent to me that this was truly the end of an era in our time and I determined to set some of it down on paper before it became lost entirely. Since the Sixteen to One was the last operating quartz mine it also seemed appropriate that it should be the final chapter in the book, which means that I wrote the last first.”

Does Jack Wagner’s research have any meaning 48 years later? Déja vu regarding the last operating quartz mine in California. The layoff of our Company’s miners in 1965, was directly related to the thirty six year freeze on spot price of gold plus the fact all production must go to the US government. Whew! No déja vu to that economic legislation. At today’s spot price for one ounce of gold, the Sixteen production according to Mr. Wagner is $1,350,000,000. Yes, over one billion dollars came from Sixteen to One gold. How much remains? Read our web site. The June shareholder meeting in Alleghany will number 107.

Jack Wagner began Chapter 13 with:

"A good story, like gold, is where you find it and this one began in he classified section of the San Francisco newspaper in June 1965 with an ad which read: To be sold. 25 beautiful irreplaceable quartz and gold specimens suitable for museum or private display. A simple ad, but behind it ran a pathetic story of the decline in the fortunes of one of California's most famous gold mines, the Original Sixteen to One Mine of Alleghany. It is a story so typical of the plight of the California gold mining industry that it could be used as a textbook example."

What Jack did not know was the miners stayed operating as independent miners keeping the main adit and some levels open as water flowed into the mine. The author concludes his wonderful story. "Barring an increase in the price of gold or some other economic miracle (or catastrophe) future historians must surely agree that the Sixteen to One mine was truly the last producing gold quartz mine in California, the once golden state." The miner's prayer: gold in the next round we drill, blast and muck.
 By Michael Miller

01/27/2018  1:12PM

In addition to the Sixteen’s petition for review by the State Water Board (full petition under Topic: Water and Arsenic: which came first? 01/26/2018), all residents have rights to petition this board for redress of an absurd position by public personnel. I chose to exercise this right and below is my petition to be heard by the State Board. Although I wrote both petitions, the tone represents a different perspective. If you have discovered this abuse of our public servants on our website, please help us broaden the exposure of this ignorance. For you and for future generations of Californians, public accountability of destructive powers based in Sacramento must be challenged and returned to the beneficial powers we want and expect. Help us.

State Water Resources Control Board January 8, 2018
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Members of the Board,

The Porter Cologne Act passed in California legislation as solutions of water quality, conservation, control and utilization. What water issues troubled elected officials, industries and businesses in the 1960’s? Fundamental observations, conditions, predictions and downright speculations contributed to this law. It was justified according to give and take actions by Californians for the benefit of Californians: protected for use and enjoyment by the people of the state. The Legislature declared regulations shall be reasonable, considering all demands made on our water quality and considering the total values involved, beneficial and detrimental economic and social, tangible and intangible. Development projects were growing in scope and size; however the law specifically cites factors of precipitation, topography, population, recreation, agriculture, industry and economics shall apply.

The law established a State Board and regional boards. They shall conform to and implement the policies of Chapter 1, (policy) at all times of the Act. Water quality objectives mean the limits or levels of water quality constituents or characteristics which are established for the reasonable protection of beneficial uses of water. The first item listed for a water quality control plan is: (1) Beneficial uses to be protected. The intent of the Legislature is unequivocal: waste or contamination must create a hazard to the public health through poising or the spread of disease.

One key in the Legislative and administration process was science. Science began and drove concepts and words that eventually were passed by our Senate and Assembly. Science, after all, is knowledge, understood facts or principles. Knowledge is gained by systematic observations, experiment, and reasoning; knowledge is coordinated, arranged, and systematized. Its goal is the prosecution of truth thus known, both in the abstract and as an historical development.

What John Stuart Mill wrote 160 years ago holds true today: “Since all phenomena which have been sufficiently examined are found to take place with regularity, each having certain fixed conditions, positive and negative, on the occurrence of which it invariably happens, mankind has been able to ascertain the conditions of the occurrence of many phenomena. The progress of science mainly consists in ascertaining these conditions. Science is nothing but the finding of analogy, identity in the most remote parts of the subject.” There is no science involved with the enforcement of the current CVRWQCB in Rancho Cordova, California.

In science, you must not talk before you know. In art, you must not talk before you do. In literature, you must not talk before you think. In government all three apply to our public agencies, public employees, elected and appointed officials. Science persists with the knowledge of things, whether ideal or substantial. Art works the modification of substantial things by our substantial power. Literature brings to the mind the modification of ideal things by our ideal power. All are lacking with the Prosecution Team, the Administration Team, most of the Board members and the Executive Team.

The work of the true masters of Science is a perpetual striving after a better and closer knowledge of their environment from the planet on which their lot is cast and the universe in the vastness of which our planet is lost. CVRWQCB execution of the Porter Cologne act has become an illegal taker of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with no sense of support from Science, Art or Literature. It’s good and worthwhile intent turned into a sham, nothing more than a trick put upon the public. It has become evil that lacks any bearing on its expectations. The people should fear the destroying of long standing public and private benefits of our water. If the environment is sought to be defended or pressured for the safety and benefits of Californians, some advocates and some enforcers twist, ignore and lie. It is a sham and the goodness we know and expect will be lost for future generations. The actions I witnessed at the December 8, 2017, public CVRWQCB hearing will alarm Californians as I was alarmed.

Porter- Cologne Water Quality Control Act is the law. It preempts all other plans, such as the Valley Basin plan. Its importance in Californian’s behaviors patterns the relationships between the Constitution of the United States of American and the Constitution of the State of California. Law has definitions: recognize shame answers, sham defenses, and sham pleas. The entire agenda item on December 8, 2017, was so clearly shameful, in fact, presenting no substantial issue. It is make believe to assert that natural waters traveling through the Alleghany aquifers, above and underground, produce harmful conditions to public health. An historical mantra holds true here in Sacramento: “We must have a case that we do not sham fallacies upon the people for current reason.”

Fear of this material (natural elements for life) and native water precipitating high in the Sierra Nevada mountains is a pretense for highjacking industrial freedom and rights, justify employment for the prosecutors, fatten self-serving appetites, and is illegal, immoral and against both State and Federal Constitutions. “Truth, like gold, lies at the bottom.”

In reference to the degree of specialization on display during this public meeting, the sciences may be arranged as follows:

(A) Mathematics, the study of relations of the parts of hypothetical constructions, involving no observation of facts, but only of the creations of our own minds, having two branches – (1) pure mathematics, where the suppositions are arbitrary and (2) applied mathematics, where the hypothesis as simplifications of real facts – and branching again into (a) mathematical philosophy, as the theory of probabilities, etc. (b) mathematical physics, as analytical mechanics, etc. and (c) mathematical physics, as political economy.

(B) Philosophy, the examination of and logical analysis of a general body of fact is a science in which reason and history precedes successful dealing with special elements of the universe – branching into (1) logic and (2) metaphysics.
(C) Nomology, the science of the most general laws or uniformities, having two main branches – (1) psychology and (2) general physics.

(D) Chemistry, the determination of physical constants and the study of the different kinds of matter in which these constants differ.

(E) Biology, the study of a peculiar class of substances, the protoplasms, and of the kinds of organisms into which they grow.

(F) Sciences of organization of organisms, embracing (1) physiology, the science of the working of the psychical structures of organs and (2) sociology, the science of psychical unions, especially modes of human society, including ethics, linguistics, politics, etc.
No science was on display by the Prosecution Team, the Advisory Team or other public employees. My wonderment is that the seven board members voted six to one in support of the staff with so little knowledge of what they were voting for. Science is nothing but the finding of analogy, identity in the most remote parts of the subject: water. “The work of the true man of Science is a perpetual striving after a better and closer knowledge of the planet on which his lot is cast, and of the universe in the vastness of which that planet is lost.” –J.N. Lockyer. What science triggers the serious efforts across the spectrum of living in our Golden State? What is the duty of water?

Terms contain some qualification to denote that it must not be excessive are to be based in science. The buzz ‘word’ has become ppb. The word "reasonable" being considerably used in law is not used now in science: reasonable in care and diligence, reasonable in economic evaluations (cost/benefits), reasonable unavoidable. This board lacks an understanding of reason because the staff either fails to know or withholds important information (exculpatory evidence or statements which tend to clear Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. from alleged fault or guilt). The duty of water is found not to be a constant factor for all places but varies with the character of natural surroundings, climatic conditions, diversification of environments and various other conditions.

Kanaka Creek does not present a water quality problem for fish, plant life or aquatic insects. No one suffers a beneficial loss downstream from the ancient 21 portal. During the meeting the question, “What is the full definition of serious?” was brushed aside by staff. The proper action for the Board to take at this meeting was to table the topic and send it back to staff for review and clarification on the issues raised by Operator. The insistence that it could not take this action is weak.

I am aggrieved by the action at the December 8, 2017 CVWQCB meeting.

I file this petition for review with the State Water Board.

I hereby attach to this petition by reference the three attachment filed by Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. as support for my request for the petition. I have suffered great financial losses due to the ongoing behavior if CVRWQCB in the Kanaka Creek watershed. I have suffered great mental strain and harassment.

Required Information:
Michael Meister Miller
PO Box 941
Alleghany, CA 95910
(530) 287-3224

A copy of this request is given to the US Postal office in Alleghany today, addressed to the CVRWQCB in Rancho Cordova. Presenting new and accurate information and delivering true and scientific information regarding the issues under review by CVRWQCB in order to preserve, protect and enhance the regional environment both naturally and socially are not a choice but a right and a public responsibility.

Michael M. Miller
 By bluejay

01/19/2018  11:35AM

Google "New California."

Good bye to the Water Board!
 By fredmcain

11/22/2017  11:46AM


I would gladly drink a glass of cold water that had leached out of your mine long before I'd gladly drink a glass of tap water in Sacramento !

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

11/10/2017  2:59PM


The arsenic limit established by governmental speculation for harmful health is set ten times below the number used as medical dosages in the treatment of cancer. California enforces the natural runoff from subterranean sources flowing into Kanaka Creek (contains arsenic) be reduced to drinking water standards, which are arbitrarily set lower than the amount physicians prescribe intravenously to patients to cure leukemia and other diseases or conditions.

Sadly, this is true. Is this deliberate behavior?

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