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 By Michael Miller

09/18/2004  12:03AM

“No timetable exists for us to development the 21st century gold detector. But, for all of us who pioneered the modern gold rush in California, the sooner the better. I can count these pioneers on the fingers of both hands and the toes on both feet. The ability to build and detect blind gold lodes exists. I can count on the fingers of my hands gold miners capable of writing the same assertion (to say with assuredly something that can not ever be known). There is a thing called ‘risk’. In taking the risks of this game, one hand will tally the players. There remain a few pioneers who remember and know: the ones with the highest risk will seek the highest reward. The Alleghany Mining District, which has never relinquished its soughvernity, encompasses a vein system laced with lots of gold. It is known to many but believed by few.”

Goldsmith, this is the best way I can most obtusely yet directly, answer your posting. A big question to ponder is: the technology area and allocation of gold. The choice has been to chase gold before chasing a gold detector that will surely find gold. The pocket I have in mind is one to eclipse the largest ounce concentration mined in Alleghany. It was found before the order by President Roosevelt prohibited American citizens from owning gold. This vein was mined into the size of a stope (room) about 20 feetX40 feet. It can be quickly mined also. An 84,000-ounce hit will do the deal and it will be quick.

Back to the timetable question, which by now you may see there will be no answer, the timetable for technology has less value than the time preference to sink the Red Star Shaft. Its existence depends on us finding some gold or selling some equity. Borrowing money is out of the question. (Our government has chosen debt over equity dilution. It is less important to berate this choice and instead to see who holds the notes of the debt.)

OAU rates the choices to ponder in importance as follows: gold, dilution, operation, and assets. Each of these unique areas competes for a timeline. For this reason I prepared to sell the Brown Bear mine for the $6 million to create the new shaft and also build the device. Before the Federal government’s confiscation of Americans constitutional rights to personal property in 1934, two hundred million dollars was the pay off for the minimal mining of the claims. Spending $200,000 to assemble and test the world’s deepest gold detector underground, has taken a back seat to selling an asset. Even selling the Brown Bear for 15,000 ounces is questionable when considering production of 500,000 from no levels below the drainage.

I welcome any comments. We will develop the hard and soft ware to locate gold much deeper than ever before in the Alleghany Mining District.
 By smithsgold

09/11/2004  11:08PM

Is there a time table as to when this might happen. Have you been talking to different Metal Detector copanies like Whites, and Mine Lab? I would think they would be dieing to add you as a member.I can remeber the Whites adds with Mike in them.I wonder how many detectors those adds sold?
 By Michael Miller

09/02/2004  9:18PM

The best technology for locating and mining high-grade gold is still geology. Fortunately, the Sixteen to One vein system is a well-researched and studied deposit. Fortunately, the company recognized the importance of mapping and recording data. Fortunately, the corporation directors believed enough in the deposit to seek wealth from the ground instead of the paper profits in the stock market. The science of geology remains at the pinnacle of locating new pockets.

Since 1992, the company realized the importance of electronic detection devices that would recognize and report gold to the operator of the device. Millions of dollars were produced from the gold overlooked by the traditional methods of locating and mining a “pocket”. What would Bennet, Van Doren, Foote, Searles, Fuller, Cooke, Hulesdonk, Best, Alling, Woodbury, Furgeson , Gannett and other high-grade gold miners think if they knew that miners today can wave a wand along the quartz and gain the notion that gold may exist eight feet beyond the visible surface? Fortunately for us, no one knew until now.

The next generation of metal detectors will increase the penetration to twenty feet. The hardware already exists. The best mine in the world to advance this technology is the Sixteen to One. It is permitted. It is operating. It has a seasoned crew. It has a history of research of twelve years and it has the gold. The research to build the hardware is mostly completed.
 By Goldfinger

09/02/2004  8:56AM

I'm curious as to what type of technology is being used in the 16 to 1 these days to find new pockets of gold.

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