August 9, 2022 

CDAA Conduct


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 By Rick

11/13/2002  4:30PM

Seems curious that no one wants to bite this one off except Mike and perhaps J. I will.

Accidents will always happen, no matter the precaution (prescibed or not) by those of us who aren't captivated by the restrictions of social (dare I say commy?) wind-sniffing. And when they do, sharks circle.

CDAA has no better target?

Typically we'd expect $$$$ as the motivator, but that's certainly not object (or is it?) what is?

I'm willing to wait, just a while, to see who's got the balls to say it besides me.
 By bluejay

10/31/2002  3:27PM

The Sierra County Grand Jury has just handed
down an indictment for manslaughter against the
Original Sixteen to One Mine and some of its key
employees. The California District Attorney's
Association has been a key player in pushing the
Grand Jury into this indictment.

The CDAA is a group of attorneys who stand ready
to assist county district attorneys when their
support services have been requested. Sierra
County never initially requested their services. CDAA
just appeared one day at the door. What motivated
the CDAA to push for this criminal investigation and
not Sierra County will always be a question.

The CDAA is a political organization swooping down
like birds of prey with an agenda of their own. This
has all been done outside of their legal status
contract with the State's Labor Department who
employs this private contractor. Over zealous?
You bet it is!

It is strongly suggested by the State Labor
Departments's inaction to censure the CDAA that
they condone this trespass outside the legal boundries
of their contract with this group of attorneys. This is
no more than a breach of legal ethics for both parties
and constitutes an embarrassment for the State.

The CDAA's power play to bring the mine to its knees
is a typical example of a state bureaucracy totally out
of control. Unfortunately, the damage has already
been done. It is a sad state of affairs in this country
when elected officials condone the activities of a
rogue pack of attorneys to rake over the lives of
people and their property.
 By Rick

07/29/2002  10:43PM

For at least two years running, I've written occasional segments on the Forum Page delineating my concern for the private sector enduring undue harrassment toward the Original Sixteen to One Mine by the very government agencies created for the purpose of protecting the mine and miners themselves.

Harrassment has been witnessed at length by those of us who have the strength of character to focus on the precise issue: appointed hacks at the National level and now the State level have been granted political power to wage social, economic and now criminal warfare upon the backbone of Freedom...upon free enterprise itself.

In response to this most recent debacle in which a direct assault on propriety and safety concerns is now engaged, the President of the company, Michael Miller, delineates a basic truth: our freedoms (not only ours as individuals protected by the U.S. and State of California Constitutions, but in this latest case those of the management of the Original Sixteen to One Mine) are now blatantly subject to the unaccountable and the facist (yes, I said that) whims of corrupt "public" interests.

If it were tea, it would be thrown in the Bay.

If it were trees, they would be climbed and lived in.

If it was an endangered species....

If it happens to be a convenient target: take cover, because no entity is secure from political motivation (and now, the farce of the stinky sector of the legal profession.)

If we are to believe there was no "Concern for the Miner" exhibited at the scene of Mark's death, I implore anyone reading this to look in the mirror and suggest that your own parent or child or best friend's death didn't mean anything to you.

Such arrogance stinks. He didn't go down there just because he had no pride.

Otherwise, we'd be politically motivated lawyers...not rugged individualists as we are.

Government lawyers mine miners; miners mine pride.

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