August 18, 2022 

Clips from Alleghany


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08/19/2011  10:19AM

Assemblyman, Dan Logue’s office confirmed that he would sponsor a resolution that recognizes the 100-year anniversary of Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. The cost will be absorbed in his budget, which is appreciated. He will see if the Senate wants to join in recognizing this rare event in the corporate world of America.

Staff wants a 4 to 5 page historical presentation. Your perspective on the task at hand is requested. Post it here so all can read it or send it to . Pages are fine but not necessary. Even a couple of paragraphs will help get a well-rounded resolution.

This outrageous price for one measly ounce of gold has brought interest to the Sixteen to One. Maybe the right guy or guys will appear to cash out of dollars and cash in to gold.
 By martin newkom

07/29/2011  7:43AM

1.I believe I previously told about
the time years ago when my wife's
great grandfather, Jules Auradou
while exploring Kanaka Creek (He
termed it Bar) after overturning
some overburden or a large boulder
found a 20oz nugget and exclaimed
BIGRE!! in French. So to all you
just "got to have hope" By the way the greatgrand father's last
name, Auradou means in english:
"God's Gold"

07/28/2011  3:41PM

Rose in the Sixteen’s map room organized the maps last year and is working on files left in the former mine site office. She showed Scoop a file from the 1960’s covering OME contracts with the mine. OME stands for Office of Mineral Exploration, a federal program encouraging gold mining in the USA. How come the feds were supportive of mining 45 years ago and unsupportive today? Scoop promises to get that file and follow up with some historical perspectives for you.

Not much happening with ideas and plans for the 100-year celebration. Mike blocked out October 6 to the 15th as days for different celebrations. His zealous devotions to the Sixteen to One, its history and its unknown future are showing. Maybe a couple of days honoring its century of existence may be okay. Isn’t one day enough? So far talks include: turkey shoots, drilling contests, metal detection opportunities underground, pasties cook-off, tours showing the different phases of mining, gold pours, lots of musical festivities, chain saw carving event, on-site painting events for all ages, gold panning, geology based tours, live theater (the hanging of Juanita, gold fever, the biggest gold heist, the camaraderie of underground miners are some scripts), mining folklore like the cowboys have, mucking contests for different ages and gender, and……

06/27/2011  10:30AM

The Annual Shareholder Meeting and Gold Exhibit at the Underground Gold Miners Museum were great successes as determined by: everyone commented about their great day and experiences, no one hurt, yummy food, informative discussions. Alleghany was hopping.

Enthusiasm for the 100-year celebration was rampant! Ideas began to float around. Mike told Scoop this morning that it will be a ten-day celebration beginning October 6, 2011 and ending Saturday October 15th. Shareholders or not your help in making it a success is needed.
 By martin newkom

06/26/2011  11:33AM

Congrats. from all of us for the
Origsix 100th anniversary. Maybe
your luck will now turn positive.

06/24/2011  4:30PM

Tomorrow ends another era for this gold mining company. It will be the 99th annual shareholder meeting. In October this year Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc turns one hundred years old. Let’s celebrate!

Of more than 5000 U.S. publicly traded companies 486 are 100 years or older IBM joined this elite group on June 15, 2011. What are these companies’ secrets for lasting that long?

The “Sixteen’s” entrance to the club of U.S. companies to see their 100th birthdays is recognized as a milestone in business history. “It’s the predominant pattern that companies eventually self-destruct,” says management expert Jim Collins, author of books such as Built to Last, who studies corporate longevity. Companies that survive 100 years or longer are “a special and rarified group.”

Many of the best known that have lived for 100 years or longer include the stalwarts of American business ( ExxonMobile, General Electric and Chevron). Others are not household names, such as Praxir, McKesson, but have served their industries’ niches for more than ten decades. IBM says, “We have learned, from our history, to roll with changes in the world, like economic downturns and wars,”

A short list of secrets to join the 100- year club:
•Ability to move into new businesses without abandoning core tenets.
•A strong sense of purpose.
•Careful innovation.
•Financially conservative.

The weather in Alleghany looks great for tomorrow. The tents are up and over 100 people are expected. Let’s celebrate.
 By martin newkom

05/21/2011  4:07PM

I wonder how heavily they lean on
all the mines in Nevada? What about the Idaho Maryland in Grass
Valley?Do they inspect it heavily?

05/14/2011  3:49PM

The government car rolled into Alleghany last Tuesday and headed right to the mine portal. MSHA is the federal agency responsible for enforcement of safety regulations under Public Law 91-164, also called “AN ACT”. According to the inspector there is only one operation in the Sierra Nevada Gold Belt besides the Sixteen to One to inspect. It is a father/son part time operation. How sad this is for California. With gold around $1500 an ounce one would expect money pouring into this proven gold deposit.

The inspector wrote five or six citations: one for a paper misfiling, one for an outdated fire extinguisher, one for too many bold-nuts and screws on the floor of a seldom used store room, two for improper storage of used oil and one for lumber stored within 100 feet of the portal. The last one seemed unnecessary according to Mike. His reason fell on unconvinced ears. Snow was still on the ground (it snowe3d the Monday before the inspection) and the timber was still wet from the heavy weather of winter. The miners said you couldn’t light the lumber with a blowtorch without spending a lot of time.

Even though some disagreements arose, the hostility of MSHA towards this small and safe mine seemed minor. Scoop knows because he saw everyone talking, sometimes smiling and generally in good spirits. Fortunately, AN ACT allows for an operator to challenge citations and have a hearing. Unfortunately the supposed impartial administration hearing officer usually goes with the employer, the Secretary of Labor.

In years gone by the inspectors were received by the mines as another set of eyes. A suggestion was made to fix or improve some situation, was done before the inspector left the mine and no paper work materialized. Paperwork can be a good thing but citing a broken handle of a shovel when three new shovels are close at hand tests MSHA’s intent. Hey, isn’t it all about money? Citations create fines (money).

05/09/2011  8:28AM

A little bit of white stuff on the ground this morning but not much. It rained last night and a dusting of snow fell sometime in the early a.m. Blue skies and a warmer week ahead of us.

The fruit trees are in full bloom. Hoping we don't get a late frost. (The light frost this morning shouldn't hurt them.)

The 2010 annual report is being formatted by Edda for the annual mail-out to shareholders. The 2010 10-K was filed timely with the SEC in April.

Underground Gold Miners Museum had its annual membership meeting on Saturday at the museum in Alleghany.

PG & E is scheduled to shut off the power in Alleghany to do some repairs from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm today. The last time they had it planned in April it was canceled due to snow.

04/13/2011  9:26AM

PG&E has a scheduled a power outage for Alleghany starting 19 minutes from now. It lasts til 3:30pm. Don’t know the problem but many throughout the region (Sierra, Yuba and Nevada Counties) are upset about the frequent and long outages this winter. Yes, the storms were heavier than recent years but not as harsh as winters 25 to 35 years ago. People are looking for an explanation other than the weather!

Snow is falling right now. The critters are also out today in greater number than we’ve seen this year. Squirrels are tip-toeing on top of snow banks, robins, blue jays and flickers are everywhere looking for something to eat. Yawn, sure would like to see and hear more action: roto tillers breaking ground for gardens, miners driving to and from the golden mines of Alleghany, chain saws brushing the fallen trees, children on roller skates or bicycles or the bouncing of a basketball. One of the greatest negative impacts of depressed rural communities like Alleghany is the loss of community. City folks may be unaware of the decline and decay of our rural lands. The gold in Alleghany is the life-blood for Phoenix. Four minutes til no power.

03/31/2011  3:47PM

A ringed tail cat must have crawled into the high voltage electric panels when the power was out. We like those ring tailed but there is one less in Alleghany. Also the power to the air compressor is off due to its unfortunate choice of shelter. Ring tailed cats are rarely seen and the old time miners considered it good luck when around.

Well good luck is in Alleghany today because this is the first solid day of sunshine in weeks.
 By martin newkom

03/30/2011  11:16AM

PGE CEO's must think that the recent imposition of "Smart Meters" is the panecia (cureall)
for all company ills including
power outages. The CEO's need to
come out and take care of things
the "old fashioned" way. It certainly is not the outfit it
used to be since emerging from
their bankruptcy.

03/28/2011  2:57PM

Electric power to Alleghany quit on March 24 just before noon. With no power, office work stops. Power back on late last night.

Snow accumulation caused the collapse of roof overhangs and one porch of office building. Snow still a problem with added weight of rain. Sun shining for first time in weeks but temperature still cold. Overall attitudes of towns' folks is somewhat depressed.

Power still out down the road at Pike (about 10 miles west and 1300 feet lower elevation). People have no heat, no water due to their well pumps. Attitude of Pike folks is way depressed.

Someone must ask the electric supplier (PG&E) why our rural areas are having so many black outs? What has changed? How can service in winter improve? Someone must tell the corporate bosses that the trees must be trimmed. It will save money and possibly lives. The mine suffers without power. People suffer as well.
 By martin newkom

03/25/2011  3:06PM

My mother said the town knew that
spring had arrived when the snow
would thaw and one heard the harness bells of the freight teams coming up the canyon from way down, bring in the first,and much needed supplies of foodstuffs and other orders/needs for the town.
My grandfather Armstrong's family in Honcut, Butte Co. had
a horse-drawn freight service
there and possibily did much of
the required hauling. Not sure
which road they used.

03/24/2011  10:46AM

40 inches of snow measured in the Sixteen to One Parking lot at 8 am this morning. Still snowing heavily...the forecast is predicting snow through Sunday. See new photo on home page.

03/22/2011  10:20AM

The word in Alleghany is snow and more snow. It did rain for approximately one week, week before last. On Saint Patrick’s Day, Rae planted three bare-root fruit trees and four blueberry bushes in her yard. There was more dirt than snow showing at that point in time…then Friday the 18th the town woke up to falling snow. Later in the day it snowed all the way down to 2,000 feet wreaking havoc on traffic in Grass Valley and Nevada City. By Saturday morning there was two feet of fresh powder on the ground in Alleghany. The snow lightened up, but continued non-stop through the weekend and yesterday. There is supposed to be a break today (which hasn’t happened as of this writing), then more on the way Wednesday and Thursday. There’s about three feet on the ground now (it settles down the deeper it gets) which compared to the days of Martin’s mother is nothing….even compared to 20 and 30 years ago, it is a lot less than what we used to get. Hope this isn't the year we remember what it used to be like.
 By martin newkom

03/06/2011  10:32AM

I'm sure glad to see that
Rae, the "mother general"
of the town enjoys shoveling
snow. In my family Armstrong's
tenure there, the whole town
would be "snowed in" for the
winter. No snow removal except
by shovel and "armstrong" ha,ha

02/26/2011  5:23PM

Where to begin, oh where to begin from Scoops last report.

The weather is always safe. The California storm smacked the Sierra Nevada, centering on Nevada and Sierra Counties. About 20,000 lost power and PG&E says some won’t have electricity for three more days. It is cold. Alleghany weather watchers report 11 degrees last night. Lots of snow, some of the biggest storms in years.

Mike felt some stomach pain early Wednesday morning. It got progressively worse and he showed some good sense by driving down the hill to Yuba Docs for an exam around 3pm. That doctor thought appendicitis and order him to the hospital ER. He was admitted at 6pm, had more tests and nasty appendices was confirmed. About midnight he went under the knife for an appendectomy. What causes the appendices to infect and blow up? Operation seemed good so he checked out of the hospital about 2pm, drove his truck to get 100 gallons of diesel and returned to the mine around noon on Thursday so the loaders could keep up with the roads.

Youths are snow boarding in Alleghany, kind of tough because there are no lifts to get them back up the hill. In the 1940’s the miners rigged a slusher so the folks could actually have a ski run. Alleghany is a special place. Long live gold mining and gold miners and gold owners. America, wish them luck. They need it and so do you.
 By Rae Bell

02/18/2011  10:19AM

I just shoveled off the museum van (aka F.A.R.T.) and we have 27 inches of snow. Funny how when it comes to snow 27 inches seems like three feet and three feet seems like four feet....
 By mnewkom

02/18/2011  9:46AM

Scoop mentioned a recent baby
birth. Congrats to the family.
My own mother, Dorothy Armstrong
was born in Alleghany in January,
1906. To James L. Ida Louise
Armstrong. James and his brother,
John operated the general store
in town for approx. 15-16 years.
They also operated the Eldorado
for a short while.

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