August 18, 2022 

Clips from Alleghany


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 By bluejay

01/11/2012  2:12PM
 By bluejay

01/11/2012  10:25AM

Martin Armstrong weighs in concerning our long established rights:
 By Rae Bell

01/11/2012  8:34AM

Please read the article posted under "News" this morning. Please share.

12/31/2011  3:21PM

Goodbye to the year 2011. The upcoming year is glorious to ponder. Scoop was seriously conflicted by the hostile pursuits of awful misconduct by California’s civil servants towards the Sixteen to One. Scoop knew more than he could write. Scoop realized the hardships inflicted by both the water agency staff and various public lawyers on the company, mine and its crew. A dark cloud of destruction without the right to face your accusers hung over the mine. Just weeks ago that cloud vanished with the dismissal of the motion for summary judgment. Although legal issues remain, Scoop (who really studied the facts and laws) tells you right now that if the water board and the mine fail to settle the issue, the water board will lose in court. The insanity of this lawsuit is the lawyers claiming that the whole deal is for the People of the State of California. Can you recall what BS means?

Besides the water lawsuit a second law suit is being prosecuted by the same public agency, California’s Attorney General. Wow, this one is also filed for the People of California. Aren’t they civil servants nice to us! These lawsuits add thousands of dollars to an already insolvent state and by some radical twist of fate the plaintiffs win, there is no money to collect for the people. What are the motivational factors driving this insane bunch of civil servants? Guesses welcomed.

The second lawsuit seeks money because of allegations that the mine violates surface mining reclamation regulations (SMARA to its followers). Just as the water servants cherry picked the water regulations (Pointed out by the judge in his decision), the social department hired to protect California’s natural resources for the benefit of California is doing the same thing. Is another motion for summary judgment heading towards the beleaguered mine? No, but if Scoop is wrong, the mine owners should seek high monetary damages under a choice of numerous legal bad behavior regulations and laws.

The 2012 year will be a great one for everyone associated with the 100- year old company and its 150 year old mines. There remains much to do to make this year fantastic. Many other people are needed to move progress but the irrefutable fact, one that has not and cannot be tampered with, is the gold deposit itself. There are few in the world that equals its excitement.

If you have some time as the old year fades away, scan through the FORUM topics or read the entire NEWS or Newsletter sections or any of the other headings. Think about what it will be like when 30 or 40 miners restart digging for gold.

To again quote Damon Runyan, Guys and Dolls as Mike did on December 22,2011 under How to Approach Thin Veins & Cost : “The race may not always to be the swift, nor the battle to the strong; but that’s the way to bet.”

Dark clouds have hovered over Alleghany from time to time. They may drop trouble but they always disappear. Maybe it’s just this warm sunny day in winter in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but Scoop knows that the tide turned last year and a ship of gold is incoming on a fresh tide.

12/19/2011  2:49PM

Look at the homepage for some recent postings, to those of you who look here (at the FORUM) first.
An MSHA inspector showed up last week. Because nobody was working at the mine that day he was not able to complete his inspection.
Alleghany Volunteer Fire Department had their annual Christmas Party for the kids on Saturday. The weather was incredibly warm for December 17th. People with long-sleeve shirts were peeling them off. A very good turnout. Lots of new young faces in Alleghany, the most recent being born in August of this year.
There was a Title 22 Refresher class (First Aid for Public Safety Personnel) held at Underground Gold Miners Museum on Sunday. Nine local volunteer firefighters attended.
The front porch of the historical church in Alleghany was recently replaced. It looks very nice!
No snow in sight, it is looking as if we will not be having a white Christmas this year.

11/30/2011  5:35PM

The high Sierra is rocken' and rolling tonight! Winds began this morning, continuing through the day and right now, the windows are rattling. No one in Alleghany is complaining. Last year at this time it was all about snow, cold and few were ready for the early winter in the fall.
 By martin newkom

11/22/2011  10:31AM

Yeah, my Reno relatives live in
the s/w area of Reno. Their Home
is ok but the daughters home that
is further south and west was in
danger. The family told me there was some snowfall which helped out.

11/20/2011  11:38AM

Ray was out of town when the speeding wind driven fire raced down the canyon behind his house. A massive battle stopped the fire; however it jumped the southern ridge and continued towards Reno. Ray’s wife called him in a near panic. He directed her to load the car with some precious items, point it out of the garage towards the street in preparation to flee. Before evacuation was ordered hundreds of fire fighters stopped the fiery path towards his house. A fire loss has monetary consequences but priceless and irreplaceable items tears the heart into pieces of despair. Most of Reno dodged that bullet last week, including the Wittkopps.
 By bluejay

11/18/2011  9:26PM

Ray's home is in the north-east general area of the fire area s/w of Reno and he most likely has been evacuated with his wife and dog. Embers were flying around earlier in the area from the main fire. The wind has now died down with slight snow falling for the past two hours.
 By auriferous

11/18/2011  2:33PM

Just heard about the fire in Reno. Does Ray still have his house? Our thoughts are with you.
 By martin newkom

11/01/2011  5:22PM

Yeah, there is a chinese joss
house not too far away from there
in Weaverville maybe we should
go up there and offer prayer for
both the Sixteen and the Brown
Bear's wellbeing. The oriental
gods might look favorably on the
two mines.

11/01/2011  12:34PM

Company retained a buy-back with the new owner. He is a long time shareholder and friend of Mike's. They agreed to this to eliminate any allegation of Mike giving him a sweet deal. Brown Bear is in the best group of gold mines in California for risk/reward and exploration. You like gold? You want to get into the market? Title is clean; sale has no over riding royalties and price is $5 million cashiers check.
 By martin newkom

11/01/2011  9:41AM

I thought that the Brown Bear was
sold. Is there a buyback option
running? I so an exercise should
be strongly considered.
 By David I

10/29/2011  2:27PM

The idea of a school is very good, and probably would get funding from a university with a Curriculum of mine engineering, and Geology.

10/29/2011  11:29AM

Alleghany weather report: great. Cool nights and warm sunny days are reasons for living in this quaint Californian community. Also the abundant fruit tress, ripe with their bounty and free for the picking adds to the natural environment. The environment, you say is great? How could it be when gold mining has been the major activity for over 150 years? According to a cadre of self-entitled “progressive advocates” a place like Alleghany must be a toxic wasteland of the poor unfortunate souls forced to live in the awful mining legacy. What garbage they claim as history! Enough.

Mine geologist, Ray Wittkopp, and Mike have been active lately with interest by outsiders looking for a gold situation. Rumor is the Brown Bear gold mine in Trinity County is being offered to those interested in getting into a producing gold operation with their money and full ownership. The Brown Bear is a 500,000 ounce past producer. Gold estimates by the most experienced independent geologists cautiously state that 1,750,000 tons of ore remains with an average grade of .5 ounces per ton. Let’s see, that would be 875,000 ounces. At spot this translates to $9 billion dollars. Interested parties should call the company. Mike and Ray are benefiting from the renovation of maps and reports by archivist Rose Cain, who took over the organization of data last year. This information is available to all qualified people interested in acquiring the Brown Bear or perhaps investing in other targets owned by Original Sixteen to One Mine.
 By martin newkom

10/06/2011  12:13PM

Those fellows who were in that
Alaska trip were "placer" mining
They really didn't know what they
were doing so it appeared like a
comedy of errors. Mike should
start up a mining school to teach
some of these guys the right way
to do things. "The Origsix Mine

10/06/2011  10:08AM

The first snowfall hit Alleghany last night and continues right now. Wake up, everybody; winter will most likely come again. The only problem the mine experiences with winter is driving in and out to the portal. The mine is a warm 50 degrees.

A hotshot television producer of reality shows approached Mike about a year ago. If you saw that unreal show about some strange men who went to Alaska to find gold and get rich (they actually called themselves “miners”), it triggered an idea from some Los Angeles documentary and film makers. Mike said no way would he be part of a show that portrayed our miners as ignoramuses, trashed mining and sent the wrong image of mining just for laughs or ratings.

Glen, over time, conveniences Mike to make a short presentation in order to find financial backing. His appeal was more than just gold mining. Glen saw a reality in what someone must go through and endure to carry on the tradition of gold mining in California. (Mike retained the right to approve the final cut.) So that’s the background.

A crew arrived two days before the court date on September 23. They filmed underground, did interviews in Alleghany. Glen asked and received permission to film the summary motion hearing, did interviews afterwards, packed up and headed south with hours of footage. Not only will there be an audio of the hearing, there is visual. This could help strengthen the national rebellion against faulty implementation of regulations by mysterious governmental career people with the responsibility and authority to carry forth legislation. Laws are written for the benefit of the public and its best interest. Ha ha. Where and when did our system fail its primary duty?

Don Russell sat in the audience. He later wrote a piece for his Mountain Messenger newspaper. Feedback has been plentiful: great article, this is outrageous, I had no idea you were getting this treatment, what can I do to help, what bull slop. Scoop or someone will get it copied on the website asap
 By Rick

08/19/2011  7:15PM

Hello world, and Assemblyman Logue...welcome to the realization of the vast wealth underneath the greatest smallest town in California.

Interesting that gold-price has finally awoken the sleepers.

When a 'measly ounce of gold' is at hand and carrying the current price, rest assured that this grand mine, the Original Sixteen to One Mine, has within it's belly far more than that.
 By martin newkom

08/19/2011  10:50AM

Nothing like a little free pub-
licity. Maybe the "doldrums"
are going away and the Mine's
luck has turned to Good!!.
 By martin newkom

08/19/2011  10:43AM

I believe the mine has enough data
in it own archives to satisfy the
staff of Dan Logue. You may want
to bring the "california's gold"
producer, Huell Houser back to do
a sequel to his prev.presentation.
Most people don't know it's there
and still open, more or less.The
theme of this effort should be
that it is and still wants to be
a "working mine" rather than just a "relic" and sightseeing
object for looky-lous. If our
mine could get started up $1800
per oz troy should be the impetus.

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