August 18, 2022 

Clips from Alleghany


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11/22/2013  2:37PM

Scoop has been on an unscheduled drought or asleep or just prepping for winter. Last night the winds hit high numbers knocking down trees and cutting electricity to Alleghany and Downieville. Just came on an hour ago. Time has flown by but Alleghanyans are scurrying about as do the squirrels.

For those who follow modern times in northern California, the harvest is in for another season. No additional signs of mining but for the Sixteen to One crew. Thousands of feet of pipe arrived and sitting at the mine gate. One reason Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. has exist3e4d for over 100 years is its ability to bank supplies for the winter months. Of course the roads were much slower then with horses, no pavement or snow removal. Expect great things from serious underground gold mines of California. Check the museum out if you have not had a look for awhile.
 By fredmcain

09/20/2013  4:16AM


I was sooooo glad to hear that you got rain! Wonderful news. I only wish the rain had hit the Yosemite area sooner. :(

Sorry to hear about Mike's rotor-cuff. That can take a long time to heal. My brother-in-law had a torn rotor-cuff after the horse-drawn vehicle he was riding on was hit from behind by a drunk driver. Took a long time to heal.

Is Mike still able to go down in the mine? I hope so.


09/16/2013  9:52AM

We are having perfect fall weather here in Alleghany, but on Labor Day it rained over 4 inches! It’s a good year for fruit: peaches, pears, apples, grapes, plums and blackberries.

The historical church is having its second annual fundraising concert on Sat. October 12th. Go to for details. Seating is limited and reservations are required. This promises to be a unique event.

Mike is out of commission for awhile having had massive rotor-cuff repair surgery on the 6th. Luckily it is his left arm (and he is right-handed) but nonetheless it will hamper his ability to type and do other things for several weeks.

There is a Grower’s Market in Alleghany every Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm. Bill & Roger of You Bet Farm bring their fresh produce from their farm on the Ridge across the Canyon. Scoop is impressed that their farm is close to the same elevation as Alleghany and they are able to sustain themselves by farming. (And no, they don’t grow the green stuff) They will continue to come up as long as the farm is putting out. They expect to have winter squash (in addition to their other offerings) this coming Sunday.

The area around the gate to the mine has been leveled off and is a work in progress. Representatives of Quartz-View are back this week fine-tuning their equipment. No one thought it would be easy to adapt modern technology to the mine, but step-by-step improvements are being made.
 By martin newkom

09/14/2013  2:24PM

I recently read concerning the
shale oil on the west coast:
permits to drill and mine the huge,shale oil sites of Calif. havembeen held up by bureaucrats at the State (typical). Well, several of those officials were recently fired by Gov. Jerry Brown and now permits move along repidly in procedure. We should take
 By fredmcain

08/05/2013  5:41AM

"Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. does not have a huge bankroll capable of fighting the California Attorney General and the US Solicitor."

What? No legal fund? What if **WE** would become the legal fund? Supposed every shareholder and every other interested party in the Original Sixteen To One Mine would make a small donation, say $50, $100, $200, $500, just whatever a person could afford. If you can only afford ten bucks, then send ten bucks. I mean, why not?

We could send out a mass mailing to everyone on the list. There is an “Endangered Species” in California in need of immediate protection: Underground gold mining with tracks! “Act now to save an important part of California’s history and protect jobs and school children!”

Speaking personally and only for myself, I just sent fifty bucks to the “Save-The-Redwoods League” so why not the Original Sixteen To One? The mine probably means as much if not more to me than the redwood forest anyways.

Just an idea, that’s all.


Fred M. Cain

08/04/2013  10:35AM

It is a glorious morning in Alleghany, California’s last gold mining community in the sierra Nevada gold belt. It is hard to believe that thousands of men and women settled nearby. When driving or walking around these now deserted lands, you spot trees or bushes that remain from the endeavors complimenting a long standing mining homestead: apple and pear trees, elderberry bushes and of course the sweet, seedy black berry. Scoop could be sipping a coffee latte right now but instead tosses a handful of those seedy sweet black berries into his mouth.

Well, there is a lot of mining news but details are difficult to get first hand from the miners. Everyone is quite busy. The underground guys continue to explore and the surface miners are fixing everything from roads, utility lines and especially equipment. A low boy Peterbuilt and trailer rolled in with four new tires plus the old ones for the Cat 966 loader. One old tire split and one was a spare that was undersized. Mike found 4 Michelin tires and chose to replace all four. A front seal began leaking last winter so now is the time to replace the seal. It is a major repair job. Did you know that the tire company charges $250 if the customer leave one of these tires behind? The split one is offered to the Alleghany park for the kids to play on.

A couple of gold operations are blaming the reduced or low (ha, ha) price of gold for ceasing or significantly modify their operations. Baloney! If you hear these stories, look a little deeper for the truth. Remember, “Truth, like gold, lies at the bottom.” It is not surprising that there is little underground activity in the mines. Do you have an idea what a gold mine must pay to get workers compensation insurance in California? Think about it. What does an operator pay for each $100 of labor cost? Scoop will give you a moment ot make a guess.

The annual shareholder meeting was held at the mine site on June 15. There was a serious discussion about the Sacramento generated $2 million lawsuit filed in 2009 claiming the company was responsible to pay that amount for not filing 13 monthly reports. The damage was only in paperwork. There was no pollution of adverse effect to the land or downstream from little Kanaka Creek. A class action lawsuit was proposed because the loss affects all Americans, shareholders or non-shareholders.

Another federal agency says the little gold mining operation in Alleghany affects commerce in the United States, which is the authority MSHA claims as its (MSHA) right to inspect the miners’ operation. Wow! The federal lawyer said that because the mine has AT&T it affects interstate commerce. Oh, the phone bill on the date of inspection was $1.44 in long distance calls. What MSHA has done is put inspectors with no underground experience in a complex geological deposit who writes citations which require professional judgment as to safety. It does not work.
Ideas on how to challenge the wisdom and legality of this water ridiculous lawsuit are sought. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. does not have a huge bankroll capable of fighting the California Attorney General and the US Solicitor. The answer to the workers compensation percentage is: Underground discount rate is 35.89%. Total payroll taxes are 48.64%. Discount rate depends of payroll size.

No matter the Sixteen to One because of its unquestionable rich geology and its undeniable motivated crew will prevail.

06/28/2013  8:26AM

A group of kids (with adults) are walking from Alleghany to Downieville tomorrow to help raise money for improvements at the park in Alleghany. Pledges in any amount are welcome and should be sent to: ACWD P.O. Box 860 Alleghany, CA 95910 Put the word "trek-a-thon" in the subject line. There will be an article about it in next week's mountain messenger. As far as I know 10 people are signed up. It is a 9.2 mile walk!
 By fredmcain

06/28/2013  5:03AM


I, too, bought EmGold and Sutter recently along with OSTO. I also bought Hecla and Newmont. I should’ve waited a little longer to buy those last two since they are cheaper now than they were but, what the heck? Who owns a good and reliable crystal ball? Not me. If these two companies stay cheap or fall further, I’ll get some more, that’s all. That helps lead to what some people call “dollar cost averaging”. I am unfamiliar with Probe but I will most definitely look into it along with the companies that our friend “CW” pointed out.

I am truly fascinated by the mining industry. You might even say I have a "passion for it". I think I've always been that way; it's just that it never occurred to me until recently to buy shares in it. I think this is a great business to be in and that’s especially true of the Sixteen To One. One of these days they will probably hit something under the mountain leading to another “big payoff” as you suggested.

You mentioned the “responsible miners with a love of the land” and the “hard working miners” having a “bright rainbow”. You know, maybe I’m wrong about this, but I actually see somewhat of a similarity between some of these miners – especially the ones at mines such as the Sixteen To One or Bonanza Mines – and the small family farmers in the Midwest. These people are attached to the land and are a part of the land. They would be doing just fine if only the government would leave them hell alone.

But the wind can only blow in one direction for so long. One of these fine days, the American people are going to get fed up and yell “enough” and put some politicians in power that will reverse course and rein in some of these insane regulations. At least one can hope. Hope springs eternal.


Fred M. Cain
 By bluejay

06/26/2013  2:43PM

I own quite a few juniors out of Canada and a few here in the US like EmGold and Sutter Gold. I bought the California ones, along with OSTO, because I want to participate in the resurgence of gold mining in California. It still hasn't happened but I would like to participate if comes to fruition. Call me a dreamer but I guess that's what I do, inspired by California's past gold mining glory days.

I own one in Canada by the name of Probe Mines. It's treated me the best of any of my holdings. They have a great story, a great president/geologist and are loaded with cash along with the fact that Agnico Eagle Mines owns over 10% of the company. During this big sell-off in gold it's holding up fairly well. I strongly suspect there is a future with this one. Even owning a little will keep you well placed for a possible pay off as their gold resources continue to expand at their Borden Lake property in Ontario.

Concerning the Original Sixteen to One, there is only time between now and the next big pay-off day. How do I know this, easy.?That's the way it has ALWAYS been.

Now if some of these so-called appointed regulators get laid off with California's shrinking budget, along with federal government layoffs that have to come, things may slowly change back to normal when the hard working miners actually had a bright rainbow to follow minus the uninvited government trouble makers.

My advice to people who believe they are qualified mining regulators, get your own house straightened up before you start messing up the lives of our caring and competent miners in Alleghany. We don't need you nor do we want you. We are responsible miners with a love of the land. Sometimes governments really suck in stupidity. They are sucking money out of everyone because they can't even square off their balance sheets.

It's always been about the money.
 By fredmcain

06/26/2013  1:53PM


Thanks for the information. I'll check into those companies to see if they're still around.

I have noticed that a couple of the so-called "penny stocks" I've been watching (Emgold and Sutter) have kind of been holding their own in the recent gold debacle. They're volatile, but they're hanging in there. Sutter rose back up to 22 cents this morning after trading lower the last few weeks. Then later in the day it was down again.

Oh the hydraulic mining, it used to be that you could see a long stretch of it along the railroad tracks there plied by Amtrak between Blue Canyon and Colfax somewhere. The vegetation has never fully recovered from the damage. That is the kind of thing that, unfortunately, gives miners a bad name. That's really a shame because mines like the Original Sixteen To One are really very environmentally friendly.

Fred M. Cain
 By cw3343

06/25/2013  4:24PM

sorry - that was off topic for this category. Move it elsewhere if you wish...
 By cw3343

06/25/2013  4:23PM

Please understand I am in no way recommending any of these, or the two earlier - just merely pointing out the fact they are (or were?) based in the USA.

-Golden Star Resources
-Royal Gold
-Dutch Gold (might be gone)
-Gold Reserve (was in Spokane, but mines in Venezuela - could habe been nationalized...)
-McEwen Mining

And of course the one that is always the most upfront in disclosing and disseminating info to shareholders -- is the Original 16 to 1...

No doubt there are quite a few privately held juniors still around in the USA. I think I even read somewhere that they were considering dusting off some of the old gold mines in Alabama - who knew...

Some good history with Homestake Mining, which was bought by Barrick ~10 years ago. They were the longest listed company on the NYSE at the time!

Also interesting history with North Bloomfield near Nevada City with the Malakoff (sp.?) Diggings. They were the kings of hydraulic mining, with water cannons so large and powerful that a man could not strike a crowbar through the 6" water stream! They dumped tailings into the Yuba River, and farmers in the Delta sued - essentially ending hydraulic mining in CA. I think there is a park or historical landmark near Nevada City, or somewhere, where they operated.
 By fredmcain

06/24/2013  9:21AM


Yes indeed! You are right! For some reason I really thought Newmont was Canadian, too. I thought I saw that somewhere.

But their website lists Denver as the location of the H.Q.

So, that's good news. I am not familiar with Coeur. Maybe I'll check that one out, too!

Thanks again!

Fred M. Cain
 By cw3343

06/24/2013  7:55AM

Fred - per your 6/20 post:

I think there are still quite a few US gold companies. For instance, Newmont is in Colorado (or at least they used to be).

Coeur is silver, but they are US-based.
 By fredmcain

06/24/2013  5:43AM

I was looking at the "AccuWeather" radar map and it looks to me as if Northern California is receiving some rare early summer rain!

I sure hope that reduces your fire danger in Allegheny!

Fred M. Cain
 By fredmcain

06/20/2013  8:22AM

I never heard of "Colossus Minerals" before so I did a search. Amazing! Another Canadian company!

Is the Original Sixteen To One Mine the only gold mining company left that's actually chartered in the United States?

Fred M. Cain

06/19/2013  2:30PM

It’s sad, no pathetic what has happened in the small cap mining market. Colossus Minerals spent time and money to issue a press release June 19, 2013) that it was actually going to pay a semi-annual note interest payment. Wow.

06/03/2013  7:15PM

Has the mine mentioned the unknown animal devouring food at the 1000 level station? The big cat footprint going south took place at the same time, so it overshadowed what was thought to be a little mouse’s activities; however these miners seem to appreciate any life form entering the depths of the mine. They decided to catch the little creature and return it to the great outdoors. A trap was set!

Day one: the bait was gone but no animal was caught.

Day two: the delicious treat inside the trap was gone but no animal was caught.

Day three: the cage was pushed up against a mine timber so the latch would not be set free. The food was gone but no critter was trapped. Now the miners’ minds were engaged. This must be a smart little fellow. All precautions were set in place. The miners knew they could out think the four legged thief.

Day four, actually the morning of the fourth day when the miners arrived at the station, the trap door was closed. A beautiful tail was seen pressed against the wires. No, it wasn’t a mouse. It was a ring tailed cat, not the big guy that hangs around the lower shop. This was a youngster and a beauty at that. Joseph pulled out his camera. (Scoop has yet to see the pictures but heard that Joseph almost teared up at the sight of the cute little young one. Was he thinking about taking it home?) They carefully carried the cage up the Tightner Shaft, down the 800 level and opened the cage door behind the shop next to the creek. Freedom!

Scoop wants to get this photo for you to see. Ring tailed cats are known historically as the miners friend. It is a rare event to see one. But the questions remain. How did these animals and why did these critters enter the mine and travel down the shaft to the 1000 level?
 By fredmcain

05/28/2013  1:52PM

Godesses, Martin? Huh?

You've really got me wondering. I really hope I can make a trip out there some time!

Fred M. Cain
 By martin newkom

05/24/2013  9:57AM

Congratulations to Gma Rae on
the latest "Blessed event" and
thank the Lord for Mike having
the two "Gold Godeses" in the
Origsix office.

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