August 18, 2022 

Clips from Alleghany


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04/07/2015  4:28PM

Something strange happened today. Residents were confused. It brought back a distant memory. White wet stuff kept falling from the sky. Finally the County big trucks came clunking through Alleghany and everyone remembered: it’s called snow; yes, it has snowed all day.
The Sixteen to One office had its own problems. The propane tank emptied over the week end and wasn’t discovered until yesterday…no heat. A call to the gas company promised a delivery today. No delivery. The truck couldn’t pull the grade with snow on the road, so the company canceled delivery. That’s how it goes in the back country sometimes. Deal with it!

The mine got the new Australian Mine Lab detector, which claims a 40% increase or greater depth potential. It picks up spent blasting caps real well says Britt. Do you think all the gold is gone from the old workings? Scoop doesn’t. Good luck, boys. You all deserve some breaks.

Not much news to report. Shareholder meeting coming up end of June. Price of gold holding well in the face of stronger dollar.
 By cw3343

02/18/2015  5:00PM

re the post below:

All y'all are doing fine with the website. It is as good, or better than most of the other junior miner sites, of the dozen or so that I have looked at. Keep up the great work.

(one item that could be added, and/or improved upon would be a good map of the mine. An interactive map would be pretty cool - Although that is probably one of the more difficult things to lay out and display decently on a website)

02/18/2015  9:46AM


Sixteen to One was an early company to put its website on the Internet. A mining engineer named Johan Raadsma pushed the then novel idea in 1995. A couple of locals worked on it with so so results. In 1998, a very smart Hungarian redesigned it and has tweaked it as technology improved. Well, technology apparently has moved past the ability to tweak it further. It is old, a vintage website with outdated functions.

It must be brought into the 21st century, but its format will resemble what you see right now. It takes some time and money so bear with this old Company as it continues to move forward.
 By fredmcain

02/10/2015  4:40AM


If they're really so worried about a water shortage, I know where they could find some more water! All they would need is a good pump and a big pipe and Kanaka Creek will be raging!

Uh, well, I guess "that" water wouldn't be "politically correct", huh? What if it had minute traces of arsenic in it?

Fred M. Cain

02/09/2015  4:46PM

Western Sierra County lost electrical power last Friday. Our neighbor to the west, Pike, got power back Saturday. Alleghany got it back Sunday morning. The remote line going to the Washington community remains out of power. This storm was wind damage not snow (there isn't any).

The rain fall was less than projected but every drop helps. Expect the water shortage to continue this summer.

Sierra County officials held a community meeting at the Pike firehouse Sunday afternoon. Sunday and rain but about 50 people arrived to here the supervisor, assessor, sheriff and public department chief. Topics were roads, dumpy properties, and marijuana. Sierra County passed an ordinance which goes into affect now. People are not opposing grower use of pot but definitely object to non property owners and residents from growing. Another objection was seeing or smelling someones pot. The bush must be shielded from view.
 By fredmcain

12/11/2014  9:34AM


Yeah, I know it! Here in the Midwest, my fellow Midwesterners have this stereotyped image in their minds of the "Golden State" as being all sunshine, warm beaches and palm trees!

When I have tried to tell them that some of the heaviest snowfalls ever recorded on earth have been in California, I get incredulous looks like maybe I'm not quite "all there". "Huh? Snow in California? What are you, nuts?"

Another really, really fun read that I can recommend is called "SNOWBOUND STREAMLINER" by Robert J. Church. Reading this book is even more fascinating if you're a train buff (like me) but even if you're not, it's still a fun book. It was a close call, though. Almost ended in disaster but it had a happy ending.

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

12/10/2014  11:11AM

California has been warned that the biggest storm in six years circulating in the Pacific Ocean will hit land around 6pm today: up to 12 inches of rain on the coast line and 7 inches at the elevation of Alleghany. Snow line projections vary from 5000 feet to 6000 feet. The highest ridge into Alleghany is 5200 feet elevation. Alleghany averages about 4200 feet. The mine portal is 3500 feet. Winter comes every year but no matter how much work goes towards lessening its hardships, few are every 100% ready.

But this is California. Yeah, it gets cold and rains and snows. Still in the mountains and foothills you will see people getting out of the car with sandals instead of boots. Californians will be out
in the rain without a hat, umbrella or even a coat. Winter??? Bah.

Seven inches of rain in a couple of days will bring problems with roads and driving and of course water leaks in the old roofs. High winds up to 60 mph are also in the forecast. Get you candles out and get ready for no electric power.
 By fredmcain

12/02/2014  11:21AM

Ah, finally ! Rain! (Or snow depending on your elevation.)

Maybe your long drought is coming to and end.

This has happened before. Read "Storm" by George R. Stewart, a great Californian. It's a great read set back in a day and age when everything still worked. I know. My Dear Mother, may the Good Lord rest her soul, grew up in the Central Valley.

Fred M. Cain

11/17/2014  4:13PM

Here is an important SCOOP - following is correspondence back and forth on the security of this website.

Office: “Several people have told us that when they do a Google search and our site comes up Google gives a warning that our site may be hacked.
Do you know how to make this go away? It does seem to prevent some people from looking at our site.”

Webmaster: “True, I see the label. I'm going to look after it.”

Office: “Thanks”

Webmaster: “After some actions, Google has removed the label. (They were pretty quick, far quicker than they promised.)” Regards

Now for an update: Yes, news from the Sixteen has been hard to get lately. Much is going on but true to Mike’s pattern of behavior, until activities are assured or he believes it required, advantageous or necessary, the Company’s business is not open for discussion. Just like those gold explorers, Scoop can dig around looking for a nugget or better yet a pocket of gold.

A MSHA brief of the hearing held in Nevada City in August is due early January. A settlement for the lawsuit filed by the water regulators for $2.3 million is under consideration. Exploration at the Sixteen to One mine and rehabilitation of the adit at the Plumbago mine continues. Thirteen feral kittens are captured and held in the mine’s office waiting to get a little older before a trip to the nonprofit shelter for a fixing. Six took the trip already. (This is not the first time feral cats were a problem in Alleghany.) This is a no kill shelter. History likes to proclaim that mining and prostitution are two of the oldest professions. Well this 103 year old mining company is now also a cat house.
 By fredmcain

09/25/2014  7:15PM

And yet the rains WILL come! They *WILL*. They always have and as long as the earth stands they will continue to do so.

I would like to recommend the book "STORM" by George R. Stewart. This book is just plain fun reading. I'm quite sure it's out of print but most libraries have it or you can find a copy like I did on Abe's Books.

Not only is it fun reading, but it gives you a very good insight into the workings and way of life of a California that is now gone. The California that my mother grew up in.

Another goodie is his book "FIRE" which also makes for fun reading.

Fred M. Cain
 By cw3343

09/25/2014  7:53AM

The Boles Fire in Weed mentioned below burned 150+ homes, and two churches. The mill, which employs 170, was saved except for some outbuildings. They should be back up and running at some point, hopefully soon. This all happened in one afternoon/early evening, as the wind was crazy that day. Shout-out to the firefighters, and especially the air tankers & helicopters, for saving as much as they did.

You are correct in stating that better forest management would definitely help reduce the fire danger.

I am glad that all y'all in Allegheny have, so far, not had to deal with any close wildland fires.

(It is a good thing that I am not in charge of punishing the guy that started the King Fire, as I would be tempted to set a new high bar for the various types of punishments that he deserves...)

09/25/2014  2:58AM

For those readers outside California our State has been smoking for three plus weeks. Yes, the forests are burning. North of Alleghany the community of Weed was devastated when wind blew a path of flames through a major residential area. Nothing survived in its path. Over forty homes disappeared into ash. Weed has a logging history. Some residents’ say the town will never survive this blow. The cause of this fire has not been determined.

To the South of Alleghany some idiot purposely started a fire. We watched it grow form the hundreds of acres to over 95,000 acres this morning. Alleghany as most of the Sierra Nevada communities and upper Sacramento Valley have been covered in smoke. Eyes are burning, throats are raw, schools were closed and most outside events were canceled. The talk today is gratitude for morning rain. More than 7,000 fire fighters are attacking the flames. With this rain, the threat of greater loss may be gone.

What will the judicial system do with a man who brought so much suffering to people he did not know? No punishment seems adequate. Fires are burning in southern California as well. California is classified as a Mediterranean climate zone. That means dry summers. Fire potential is to be expected. The build-up of fuel (understory and pint sized worthless trees) is a problem that must be addressed. The idea that mankind shall not manage the federal forests is insane. It has been the mantra for many here in California. It is a kooky idea. Knowledge about how a healthy forest looks is the first step towards gaining the power to make it happen: cut weak trees, spot harvest or thin commercial trees, clear shrubs.

08/06/2014  8:03AM

Does Scoop hear the sound of snoring throughout this web site? Must be the summer doldrums! If you were in Alleghany yesterday, you would not think it was summer. It poured, not rained. It poured. California’s Sierra Nevada mountain Range is noted by whether, yes, Scoop knows, they call themselves weathermen. Really, as far as the Sierra Nevada goes the weather report say something like this: sunny; partly cloudy; scattered chances of rain; possible lightning and thunder clouds. How can they go wrong with these predictions?

The rain was a welcomed sight. Our biggest concern is fire. The concern remains but at least for a week or so, Alleghany area seems safe. There is more talk than action by our leaders with regard to forest restoration. The proper management of our National Forests in the West is the best fire repression tactic.

The Sierra County Public Works office prepared the best description of the problem we face. The Sierra County Board of Supervisors reviewed the situation and passed resolutions as fine and proper as any previously written…..better than most as well. All trees are not equal. Many are weeds disguised as trees. The under growth is sucking water when the lack of water is universally accepted as a concern. (Of course Southern California does not see this concern. Its water usage has increased lately as reported in the Sacramento Bee.

How about that Sixteen to One mine! Hey Mike, let’s have an update .
 By fredmcain

07/08/2014  11:27AM

Looks to me like Alleghany is on track to get some rare summer rain! Rain in July? In California?

I hope that keeps your fire danger down for a little while!

-Fred M. Cain
 By cw3343

07/03/2014  10:35AM

Thank you for going out of your way for the benefit of the shareholders. Always great to spend a day up there at meeting/mine/Rosies (and hard to leave)

06/18/2014  3:23PM

From all comments Saturday’s annual shareholder meeting was a success. The weather cooperated, sunny but not too hot. The Alleghany Volunteer Fire department Auxiliary prepared a delicious taco lunch. Shareholders and guests toured the shops, map room, and underground mine. Many bought gold jewelry, gold specimens and the popular Sixteen to One tee shirts. Everything worked. Nothing broke down. The grounds were attractive. Total people count was 130.

Besides all the mine talk shareholders or guests approached Mike with the question, “Where can I buy shares?” His answer was that the company does not sell stock to the public. The only places are the great unknown gray market, something discussed for years or through our web site. The web site brings existing shareholders and people offering to buy shares together. We all know this but Mike discovered a new source of information: a daily tabulation of OSTO (stock symbol) of dates, prices and volume of transactions. Upon a careful review of the data from January 2, 2014 through May 12, 2014, a planned semblance of “trades” is underway in order to establish a low and false market cap value. There were twenty trades;. 195,328 shares exchanged ownership. Or did it?
 By fredmcain

03/27/2014  7:49AM


Thanks for the update. I found some of your remarks most encouraging. Sounds to me like real progress is taking place at the mine.

As for the water issues I am praying that a light will go on at the State Of California and they will see how stupid and short sighted that is.

As for logging in the National Forest, environmental groups that would end all logging are the same groups who believe there should be no mining, either. Ironically, the kind of mining done at the Original Sixteen To One is very environmentally "friendly". Like you say, if we leave it to the Asians to mine for gold, there will be much more environmental damage done to the globe not to mention the loss of American jobs.

Fred M. Cain

03/26/2014  10:59AM

Time is flying by with cosmic speed this year. Scoop is still in Alleghany, looking around at the local activities. Right now snow is falling…about two inches in half an hour. There was no snow anywhere to be found even at high elevations on Henness Pass. All the fruit trees are in bloom and may be affected by this storm. Alleghany folks know that care must be exercised until May when planting vegetables. Snow even in June occurs. Even though, this winter was the mildest in thirty years.

The County road crew only has two members. They travel out of the area often so our ditches are overgrown, dirt roads need grading and branches overhang most of the travel ways. The lack of money for maintenance is a county wide issue. Sierra County used to get money from forest harvests in the Tahoe National Forest. It went into the road budget. Those were good days and the forest was much healthier then than it is not. How did the advocates for leaving the forest alone convince knowledgeable foresters that thinning and responsible harvests are bad? What the mis-educated environmental rogues claim are valuable trees are called weeds by many throughout forest.

Now for scoop news you are waiting to read: gold mining in California. It is alive. The Sixteen to One crew arrives every day for work. Just what work they are doing is unclear to the casual viewer; however, scoop has boots-on-the-ground.

Forty foot long black snake like pipes were delivered a while ago, many rolls and pieces. The stacks are shrinking so it is safe to say maintenance work on water or air lines is underway. Stacks of nice lumber show up as well. For a month rolls of heavy industrial electric wire sat outside the mine gate. They have disappeared also.

Mike’s 2001 Ford truck is on its last round up (321,000 miles). He spends time at the office and drives the road to the portal frequently. One worthwhile corporate event has occurred. Settlement negotiations with those nasty water regulators are underway. The amount claimed in the lawsuit is ridiculous. Maybe government people are waking up to the necessity to take the hangman’s noose off some of the industries struggling to survive. California, like most of the country, needs jobs. More miners are needed to raise domestic productivity. Hey America, the environment is harmed far greater as American regulators throttle down the exploitation of our natural resources. We need all minerals to survive. Shipping across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans is far dirtier and polluting than production from well managed local sources. Let’s help those industries in California and other states for a positive change. Good luck on settling an uncalled for lawsuit against a gold rush mining camp still mining after 165 years.

01/29/2014  6:15PM


Record setting 50 days without rain in Sacramento is over.

01/27/2014  8:23AM

Scoop would like to wish everybody a Healthy and Prosperous New Year. A quote from Michael Miller: "Live each day like it is your first."

Scary warm weather for January in Alleghany. The plum trees outside the office window are in full bloom. Rae Bell had to water some of her raised beds this weekend.

The annual 8 hour refresher for the miners was held on Wed. Jan 22nd. Click on "home" to see a picture. Miners from a couple of other mines in the area joined the training.
MSHA showed up the next day and issued 4 minor citations during their two-day visit. All citations have been abated.

The 1st quarter 10-Q, as in 2013 1st quarter was filed last week. As voluntary filers we don't have deadlines and we are a bit behind. We should have the other two 2013 10-Q's filed this month or early next month.

The physical inventory was done earlier this month and is part of the process of getting the year-end (10-K) annual report done.

Also a reminder to our Shareholders: our annual meeting is scheduled for Sat. June 14th this year. This is NOT a public event. The Gold Show at the museum that same weekend however; IS a public event.

The museum now has an online gift shop. Click the "MUSEUM" link on the left to get to the site or go to Check out the books and publications next time you need a gift!

If you would like to be added to the museum mailing list send your mailing address to: Addresses are not shared with any other entities.

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