August 25, 2019 

Clips from Alleghany


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 By Grog

08/28/2003  11:54AM

Thanks for these posts Scoop! I really enjoy reading the details of what is going on up there.

08/28/2003  9:08AM

The miners are sacking high-grade out of the footwall on the 1075 level. Hopefully it continues. This is Larry Cates heading. He is putting in 5 foot slab rounds and 6 foot bench rounds.

Today Melissa Cates is weighing the self-rescuers for their three month inspection.

The pump situation has improved with the repaired pump in-place.

The following citations have been terminated from our last inspection by MSHA:

The portal and Substation on the 1500 have both been painted with fire proof paint. (2 citations)

Cover plate on the 110 water heater has been replaced.
(1 citation)

Records of hoist exams have been updated.
(1 citation)

Hoist operators Ian Haley and Roy Stai have been trained on the BG-174 Draeger Unit.
(1 citation)

With such a small crew the miners wear many hats. Ian is the leader of the Accredited Miners Association (the group leasing the mine). Roy is versatile as an electrician, computer technician and metal detector operator among other things.

The water-usage reports were filed timely.

David was busy in Gold Sales yesterday with six walk-in customers (from Texas) who made several purchases. (Thanks for the p-nut brittle Rod)

08/26/2003  12:29PM

We have been having e-mail troubles due to the "sobigworm" virus. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Here is a summary of our income statement for the six months ended June 30, 2003. These are unaudited financials.

Total Revenues: $96, 099

Operating Expenses:
Salaries and Wages: 23,205
Contract Labor: 8,645
Telephone & Utilities 40,643
Taxes-property&payroll 9,081
Insurance 1,655
Supplies 4,388
Small equip.& repairs 2,775
Drayage 4,970
Corporate Expenses 5,679
Legal and Accounting 1,464
Depreciation 7,941
Other expenses 2,807

Total Operating expenses $113,253

Profit (loss) from Operations: (17,154)

Other Income & (Expense) (14,913)

Loss before taxes (32,067)

Income tax expense $(800.00)

Net Loss $(32, 867)

It rained again this morning. The firefighters in Alleghany were up in the middle of the night responding to a false alarm at a remote Pacific Bell relay station.

Two of the 16 to 1 miners, Bob Hale and Roy Stai are volunteer fire fighters. Bob Hale is the Fire Chief.

We had a little flury of activity on the OAU x-mart today.

08/25/2003  3:58PM

Today we had a visit from two Grandchildren of W.I. Smart one of the original partners who incorporated the 16 to 1 in 1911.

They said they have some photos that they will donate to the museum. We will include them in the photo album on this page as well.

The usage reports for our Water Rights are due this week as are the annual assesment work notices on all the mining claims.

Our General Liability Insurance comes up for renewal in October. Rae is filling out the application.

The financials for March and June are completed (with the exception of the managements discussion and analysis). Rae tried posting them to the forum but the formatting did not stay intact.

Our web-master will be adding a new link to the "Company" page for current financials soon. More on the results of the financials next time.....

08/23/2003  9:41AM

We finally had to bite the bullet and purchase two new computers. One is for the Corporate Office and is used primarily for accounting, the other replaces the five year-old computer at the mine-site office which contains all the Auto Cad data on the mine.
Luckily one of our miners, Roy Stai is multi-talented and built the computers for us, greatly reducing our cost. Thank you Roy!

This August has been very unusual for Alleghany in that it has rained twice. We had an all-day rain storm at the beginning of the month and a two-day rain storm Thursday and Friday of this week. Our power was out for five hours on Friday.

08/21/2003  9:00AM

I can SCOOP this because Five Scoops exist and all are directly affiliated with OAU.
The miners continue to find specks of gold. It is a big block of ground up dip from the Ballroom and to the north. All quartz with gold showing should be prospected.

Powder and cap magazines are almost empty. No ATF number yet. The miners are slabbing face rounds, which do not require the technology of rock breaking, as do drift, sink or raise rounds. Easier on the explosives demand.

The miners are here for pride as they are for profit.

MSHA brief arrives. The objective is to identify the really most likely root cause of Mark’s accident. The result will benefit future miners as the industry pursues safety for themselves. Mike prepared the transcript for his brief shortly after it became available. OAU will submit on Sept 6.

08/20/2003  3:19PM

Congratulations! Burn the coupon book. Final payment was made on a 1998 bank loan of $95,000. The Company was never late or missed a payment in five years. The loan was secured with equipment and gold.

Wild blackberries are beginning to ripen throughout Alleghany. It is an annual event.

08/19/2003  9:34AM

On July 31st, Bill Walker of Walker and Associates was on the property to inspect a small prototype plant for the removal of arsenic from mine discharge water. Walker and Associates are water quality consultants from Sacramento.

The plant was designed to use various forms of iron to remove arsenic from a small portion of the mine discharge. Results indicate that water discharged from the plant is well within the new standards for arsenic set by the EPA. The next step is to construct larger and larger plants until all the discharge water from the mine can be treated.

08/18/2003  12:51PM

The booster pump (twenty horsepower) was installed and operating this morning. The importance of pumping includes keeping the expensive electrical transformers on the 2050 level dry.

Last week Mike had a phone conference with the lawyer representing MSHA. The topics were two old citations that fell through the cracks. Mike agreed to a modification of one for incomplete paper work ($55). The other was when Jonathan removed a modest hazard while on an inspection with MSHA. He tapped it away and was cited because he was not wearing safety glasses. Since he was not in any danger, the act (Mike agrees with Jonathan that the removal of the nail presented no likelihood of injury) does not meet the requirements for a ticket. Since Jonathan is management, the MSHA inspector made a big deal out of nothing. It is now up to the lawyer to review the regulations and determine the next move. Jonathan did the right thing and safely removed the “potential” hazard immediately upon finding it.
 By Rick

08/15/2003  9:31PM

I don't know about the rest of you, but like Oak I've been yearning to hear about this kind of stuff. (I just hope that if one of us doesn't write something back, SCOOP will continue regardless.)

08/15/2003  12:14PM

The magazine inspection went well.

One of our pumps had to be taken to Sacramento for repairs yesterday. It will be delivered to us this afternoon. Hopefully it will be reinstalled by this evening.

08/13/2003  3:14PM

Feedback and Forum participants have encouraged us to put something on the Forum about little events or stuff dealing with the company or mine. Here is the beginning.

Tomorrow morning an agent from the federal Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms will be at the mine to inspect the company’s powder magazines. The federal government has expanded its interest in the storage of explosives throughout the country. Until recently permits were required from the sheriff of each California County. MSHA agents and Cal-OSHA inspectors regularly inspect magazines. Apparently the new federal law will concentrate all explosive storage places in the United States into one data bank.
 By Ken McNeil

07/05/2003  10:33PM

Just wanted Mike Miller, and everyone who helped with the recent Shareholders Annual Meeting, to know how much we enjoyed our day at the mine. The weather was perfect, and we heard lots of great mining stories. It was a real thrill to view and hold the “Whopper” gold nugget! The president’s message, presented by the one of a kind, Mike Miller, was fascinating. Our president is always upbeat, and just by listening to him talk, one gets the sense the Sixteen to One Gold Mine has unlimited potential. Even though this was not the best year for the mine, I get the feeling this coming fiscal year will be the beginning of a new era.

At the end of the day, my wife and I took the beautiful trip, with Mike Miller as our guide, to the old Plumbago Mine. Mike Miller was right when he said it is a beautiful ride. Since the Sixteen to One owns so many mining properties and claims we wonder what other jewels are owned by the mine.

If anyone reading this does not own stock in the Sixteen to One Mine, you are missing a chance to become a Shareholder in California’s oldest operating hard rock mine. Even better, because the stock is presently selling at bargain prices, you can become a Shareholder in a genuine historic California Gold Mine for a very small investment.

I am by no means an expert when it comes to gold mines. But I do know owning stock in the Sixteen to One Mine helps to fulfill a desire to become connected to the adventure of seeking out the elusive gold hidden in the mountains of California.

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