November 24, 2020 

Clips from Alleghany


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01/10/2017  1:14AM

Before the Pineapple Express hit our remote mining camp called Alleghany, everyone from Pike to here lost electric power and phone land lines. Now most of you won’t think that a lost phone line is significant. Doesn’t everybody have a pocket phone? Think again. Some refuges from city boundaries have zero outside communication when a land line goes down, and they do. It took days for AT&T and PG&E to fix the problems. Rumor creeps into our conversations that the phone companies want to eliminate land lines. Hey out there! Help us stay alive. Don’t let it happen.

In the 1930’s the feds put a law down that rural areas must be served lifesaving utilities like the telephone. Scoop doesn’t know the law’s name but it is still on the books. Rural California is at the whims of that urban crowd. So are rural Idaho, Kansas, Ohio and Maine. Acceptance of rurality stretching across the great America is an endangered concept.

Oh, balls, sidetracked again from directly responding to the stalwart, Bluejay.. Bluejay, thanks for the well wished. Pineapple Express gave Alleghany relief from the piles of snow and slush on our roads and driveways: Snow gone; Sacramento Valley flooding; Sierra Nevada Mountain summits happy.
 By bluejay

01/07/2017  5:53PM

Good luck to all the residents of Alleghany when the Pineapple Express hits this weekend.
 By Hans Kummerow

12/25/2016  5:06AM

Hello Scoop!

There is a little favour I would like to ask you.
As long as there is not too much snow on the ground please find someone to check the surface area where the new shaft is planned with the best Minelab Equipment at hand.
And I wish you that you will find an outcropping reef just beneath the surface.

11/29/2016  12:11AM

Hello out there! Hello outside world!

Our Alleghany community is without phone service beyond Alleghany. There has never been any cell phone service here, so that little pocket phone is out. Sometime last Saturday (November 26) all AT&T phone service to anyplace but Alleghany quit. Strange that Alleghany people could call other Alleghany people but no other phone numbers. No incoming calls reached our little mining camp.

If anyone is calling Alleghany, you hear a voice saying that the lines are disconnected, no service. AT&T says service will be restored by Thursday, December 1. We are here. Are you still there?

11/10/2016  12:04AM

In addition to the splendid Northern California “Indian Summer”, interesting stuff makes today a good day to be excited about life. Who can deny (with credibility) that the election of Mr. Trump gives the Sixteen blue collar miners a more prosperous and safer future than the continuation of ‘the establishment’ in government. The expectation that the changes in Washington D.C. expressed by the President elect was cheered by the entire crew. Hooray may be premature but the move is in the right direction. Good luck and best wishes for your success.

Last week Mike brought a diversity of people who study ground water in fractured systems underground. The group comprises geologists, hydrologists, graduate students from UC at Davis and academics. (Scoop was invited on the underground tour.) One guy stood out.. Mr. Vasant M. Wagh is an Assistant Professor , Department of Environmental Science at the Swami Ramanard Teerth Marathwasa Univewrsity in Maharashtra, India. While water was the focus, he had more questions about the gold deposit. Mike made a comment that India’s culture appreciates gold much more than American culture. He smiled and agreed.

A fresh approach towards detection technology was suggested last week. The sponsor will soon meet in Saxony to draw up a plan for further action. The mine’s message is the same now as twenty years ago: exploration with detection to economically improve mining strategy will find an obscene amount of gold.

Pumping the flooded levels of the Sixteen is about to open the 1700 level. Future benefits are assured.
 By Michael Miller

10/28/2016  12:00AM

Remember all our time listed as the time of sending an email to the Forum is off. I will send this at 3pm on the dot.

Our web master is in Hungary and we are having difficulty reaching him. We sent a deposit to a California web site group to take over this job.

10/18/2016  2:45AM

It is a small group, those who operate mining companies, small compared to other basic industries. Forget what you learned from any retail experiences. Discount much of what you learned in manufacturing, research and development as well. Pay keen awareness into economic fundamentals areas, such as: risk to reward, supply and demand, laws of diminishing returns and market values. Natural resource companies require spinning ones brain in unfamiliar territories. Is it worth the effort? That depends on many things, but your intentions always are paramount. Our rules are very different for each mine and miner because our ores vary and our intentions are individually driven and executed.

10/14/2016  6:45PM


and many more

The Sixteen to One mine was located 120 years ago yet the rarity of this history is that the same Company, incorporated in San Francisco, is still operating. Go get that next 83,000 ounce pocket!! There is another one somewhere nearby. Best wishes for turning 105 years old this week.

07/29/2016  7:22PM

SLEEPLESS IN ALLEGHANY. Why are the locals walking around with bloodshot eyes?

Northern California is in a heat spell and even at 4500 feet elevation the nights are unusually hot. One guy told Scoop that he woke up, looked for the temperature and at midnight is was 85 degrees inside. Residents up here rarely have cool air conditioners and hot bedroom aren’t a good place to fall asleep.

06/19/2016  5:57PM

If you’re familiar with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and listen to northern California weather reports, you have heard countless times, “Scattered thunderstorms and showers in the Sierra.” This can mean anything anywhere but yesterday in Alleghany from midnight to 6am it meant buckets of rain. Talk about throwing a wet blanket onto the shareholder meeting!

The crew adjusted the locations of the gold display and gold sales, the food location and transportation resulting in another delightful shareholder meeting. Traveling through the ZERO LEVEL was taking a walk through history said shareholders. In the back of the shop building two large Ingersoll Rand air compressors are mounting and look ready to run. Their date of installation is believed to be 1917. Let’s get some help and start them up for next year. If you ever have heard the thump, thump, thump of one of these, the sound will continue in your memory forever. Likely you haven’t, SO, Mike get some help, grease all the parts and give them some power. Maybe Ingersoll will send us some help.

The surprise was a visit from an old Cornish miner from the glory days of gold mining in Bodie. His true and factual account captivated the audience. For that moment he was William Hicks. The fundamentals of underground mining haven’t changed much.

Mike Miller and Dan O’Neill were re-elected and a new director Robert Besso, takes the place of the vacancy open with the retirement of Scott Robertson. Scot served as a director for nineteen years. While his presence will be missed, his sage advice remains as it does with all past directors, said Mike.

The mine property never looked better. Congratulations to this small and mighty group.
 By cw3343

06/19/2016  2:58AM

I am wishing that I could have made it to the meeting today. I hope that the meeting went well, and I hope no shareholders fell down the Tightner shaft!

It is always nice to visit the Mine, and Alleghany. It is definitely one of the better areas of our great state of CA.

Shout-out to this company for all of the work they do to create an interesting and fun annual shareholder meeting!

06/16/2016  2:38AM

What’s with the California weather? Last week it was in the 80’-90’s. This morning it iwas 44 degrees and perhaps snow in the high elevations. Next week the weatherman predicts low 100’s. Alleghany is looking pretty good. Weed eaters are purring about the community. The Spring brought much vegetation. The mine site looks better than it has in years.

Shareholder meeting is this Saturday and the museum has a two day show.. There will be a very high quality gold specimen display. Yes, it is father’s day but anyone within driving distance from Alleghany should take the chance and come.

Underground Gold Miners of California phone number is (530) 287-3330.

03/17/2016  3:47PM

Something or somebody put this website off line...out of business for two weeks. The website began in the 1990's and its format is ancient in technology time.

Sixteen to One hired a firm to update the site. The old information will remain but the infrastructure will be 21st century. Hang in there if it goes off again.
 By Hans Kummerow

01/11/2016  10:16PM

Scoop, for any Captain in any Navy with information on the surface temperatures of the Peru Current in October of any year it is possible to foresee, what sort of wheather is to be expected three thousand miles to the North and in three monthes from October.
And for every President of every hard rock gold mine above the Malone Fault with information on the strikes and dips of hydrothermal quartz veins that where intercepted during the last 100 years of mining that orebody, it is possible to foresee what amounts of gold precipitation are to be expected in the Compromise Raise.
So, my wish for the crew is easy to do. Good luck for Mike and his threedimensional image of the Origsix-Orebody.

01/11/2016  3:10PM

Hans, you should pick the number for the huge lottery in America and wish to be correct. California is getting pounded with rain and snow and the mine continues working on three pockets of gold. Make another wish for these hard rock underground gold miners.
 By Hans Kummerow

01/10/2016  10:19AM

Last October I have sent you two wishes (See below): A lot of moisture for all of California and a few high-grade pockets for the crew in the compromise raise.
As far as the moisture is concerned my wishes seem to work.
A Happy New Year for Origsix!

01/01/2016  1:28PM

Re-connect with us. The 2016 year will be an eventful ride.
 By Michael Miller

12/29/2015  3:36PM

For clarity read the entry below…………….

I did receive an email this morning: “Your Company traded 1150 shares at 0.20 this morning, then 300 at 0.00”. My further review discovered the bid/ask is 0.01 at 0.20. Of all people, Scoop, you must have seen the crew arriving this morning and my Ford Raptor parked outside the office. The bank didn’t repossess it. Nothing negative has change with our operation. Here is a little stock history; take a look on the web site under the topic STOCK at left of screen.

The last legitimate trade that occurred was august 31, 2015 at $.56. On June 16, 2015, 18,209 shares were purchased for $.44 each. On October 23, 2014, 10,000 shares were purchased at $.42. Furthermore between January and June of 2013, 9,800 shares changed hands at $.89.

The Stock exchange listing on the FORUM has many entries discussing the pink sheet or gray market as some call it. I call it a joke.

12/29/2015  1:23PM

Oh no, the Sixteen to One mine must have fallen into the earth! Well, only if you believe in the relevance of the stock market according to Pink Sheets. I know some people actually put credit in this market to evaluate this Company value. According to today’s trade history on the internet ( the Company is worth nothing. It is worthless because some intelligent people traded shares at $0.0000. The reported volume is 1,050, down from a prior trade at $0.20. According to this report the 52 week high is $0.29. What a sad day it must be in Alleghany. The crew must be devastated. Mike must have lost his mind with this realization that the 104 year old corporation, yes the same one organized to take over the 119 year old mine and its 147 year old neighbors has no value.

Mike, if you see this news, please respond. Did the trees all die? Has your water dried up?
Did others steal all the equipment, supplies and inventory when your back was turned? Is there no more gold left to mine?

11/07/2015  8:11AM

The company's third quarter preliminary Income Statement or Profit/Loss looks profitable. Nice turn around, miners and staff!

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