August 18, 2022 

Clips from Alleghany


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08/02/2007  12:08PM

Yesterday was a record day at the mine. The crew working on the 800-foot level hauled 33 tons of waste rock (muck) from the headings. Ian expects them to reach and maintain about 50 tons per day. Just to remind you, the crew is running a raise from the 800-foot level to the 600-foot level on the quartz lens than contained the gold mined several months ago. This raise has a wing to the left and a wing to the right, so there are actually three faces to drill and break. Unfortunately, everyone expected to intersect the pay shoot by now. It has not happened, but the gold carrying lens remains strong with many of the indicators associated with high-grade gold visible.

The 800-foot level crew consists of four miners. Two work the raise and two are also advancing the level to the north into a major block of virgin vein. Drilling and blasting are quicker than removing the muck, which is slushed from the raise into waiting cars. At the level advance the broken quartz is loaded into cars with a mucking machine.

There are two electric powered trains (trammers) that pull the ore cars outside. While one train is driven to the portal, the other one is loaded. Both trains are pulling three cars. (Normally a trammer could pull up to six cars but there is a slight incline north of the Tightner shaft that limits the load.) Not far from the raise is a rail switch used to trade trains.

Flash!!! The lead miner working the raise just drilled into the 600-foot level. This will help ventilate the wing raises so the guys may be able to ignite the round during the shift. The way to find gold at the Sixteen to One is by breaking rock in favorable locations. The more rounds a shift, the sooner the gold. Good luck, miners.

07/08/2007  12:59PM

No action on the 1000 level. This area gave way to the headings off the 800 level because short term prospects for gold seem better. The level will be in the same condition when the miners are allowed to continue with clearing the remaining 100 plus feet to the 1064 winze.
 By cw3343

07/07/2007  3:14PM

Anything going on down in the 1000 level?

07/06/2007  4:37PM

Glad you asked about breaking rock. The mid week holiday took a toll on production: one miner planned for a long weekend but three just disappeared. HOWEVER, the rock was flying. A new raise started up-dip about thirty feet from the face on the 800-foot level. (For those who went underground at the shareholder meeting on June 23, it was where the long tom was sitting on the tracks.) One lead miner made about sixteen feet not including widening the hanging wall and down-dip side of the level in order to install an ore chute and slusher. The plan is to drill and blast the barren quartz lens as work advances. Then shoot the gold bearing lens separately. Today he got a round up the raise and before quitting time shot out about three feet of the floor of the raise (the gold bearing lens). Happily, the quartz is carrying little pieces of gold, which is what Ian and Mike expected to see. Of greater significance is the evidence that the gold carrying lens is getting wider as work continues up the raise.

This is reminiscent of a pack of hound dogs circling about the forest in order to tree and find a fox. This pack of alpha dogs has been sniffing out the small pieces of gold for a long time. They’re not about to leave this forest of quartz because the scent of gold is strong. Time will tell whether this fox is found up a tree.

The 800-level heading also advanced another twelve feet in the quartz. Ian says if these headings flop, he should get a new profession!
 By Mark R

07/06/2007  2:08PM

Any rock breaking going on this week?
 By martin newkom

06/30/2007  9:37AM

My "friendly" dentist just
filled a tooth of mine with
some kind of silver amalgam,
so I have some silver too, ha,ha.
 By martin newkom

06/27/2007  2:47PM

Congrats to the "Pres" he's
still a young'un at 65. My mom
Dorothy Armstrong was was born
not too far from the Mine ofc
between the "strong box" and
the Redstar Cafe in Jan. 1906.
If she still live she would be
approx. 100-1/2 yrs. old.
 By Maverick

06/25/2007  2:55PM

Rae - your Brownie story is one of the neatest that I have ever read. Keep up the good work and thank all of you for the great meeting.
Congratulations Mike - reaching 65 is a good start in life - the best is yet to come!
Don Jones
P.S. Dorothy and I thought the brownie was delicious!
 By martin newkom

06/25/2007  2:20PM

Such "hidden" talent, both in
displaying the Mine and its gold as well as baking and
distributing brownies at
Annual Meeting Day, Ha,Ha.
 By Rae Bell

06/25/2007  8:50AM

The saga of the brownies.
Three years ago I made a deal with Caree at Casey's Place to have her bake the brownies for the annual shareholder's meeting lunch. The first year one of the miners Faris Dolgoff happened to pick up the phone when Caree called to say they were ready. He hopped on his motorcycle and went to get them. On the way back to the meeting site he crashed!!! A portion of the brownies survived the crash but most had to be thrown out. Last year once again Caree was going to bake the brownies. Her oven kept going out and they didn't bake as perfectly as she would have liked. When Reid came to pick them up she said "Give them to the miners don't take them to the meeting" So Reid took them down to the portal instead of to the meeting site. It didn't take long for word to get to the meeting site that the brownies were at the portal. Somebody was sent to get them and they tasted fine even if they were soft in the middle. MOST of the shareholders got brownies last year. This year Caree decided to bake them in advance. It was hot Friday so she waited until evening to turn on the ovens. She was up until 10 pm baking 200 brownies. They turned out perfect. She put them at the Red Star Cafe for us as instructed.
Now it just so happens that the Fire Dept. does a bake sale on the annual meeting date and they were having one Saturday. The woman who came to the Red Star to bake the pasties saw the brownies and for some reason she assumed they were for the bake sale! You guessed it. This year the brownies got donated to the fire dept. bake sale. By the time we figured out what had happened there were about 50 brownies left. So SOME of the shareholders got brownies with thier lunch.
 By smithsgold

06/24/2007  11:28PM

Watched the Gold Fever show that they filmed there at the mine turned out pretty good.
Rae,Ian,& mike all better watch out Hollywood might be calling.
All in all one of the better Gold Fever shows thats been done.
Hats off to all the Sixteen to One family.

 By Crush

06/24/2007  8:05PM

That gust of wind meant somthingss good going to happen undreground, what we already know, now and how evryone up on top already beleves its good

06/24/2007  1:36PM

Over 150 shareholders and guests attended the annual meeting yesterday. All is well in Alleghany. The only moment of concern was when a monster gust of wind knocked one of the poles down that held the shade netting, Confusion but no injuries.

06/19/2007  8:52AM

The busiest week of the year is here! The week before our annual shareholder’s meeting is always a busy one. You know how at home clean flat surfaces accumulate stuff? Well the site where we have the annual meeting is one of the few flat surfaces on the mine property. Every year we clean it up for the shareholders meeting. By the time the next year rolls around guess what? It is full of junk again!!! I mean valuable things of course. Big and heavy valuable things that take a tractor to move.

The mine has been in more of a “famine” than “feast” period for too long. The office staff is back to juggling bills and “putting out the closest fire first”. Friday brought a nice end to the week as the men brought up a good size bag of cut rock. The saws are going which is always a reassuring sound.

Currently we have three active headings all in the area North of the Tightner Shaft.

Mike Miller was at Klaus Kolb’s Office in Sacramento yesterday working on a filing for the Supreme Court. More on that in another topic soon.

The clampers were in Alleghany last weekend. Michael Miller gave a tour to members of the local Mining Council on Saturday. There were 25 participants. All had a great time and they even got to see a little gold in the face.

06/05/2007  1:45PM

Heavy rains last night. Could be the last storm of the year and the community is glad the rains came down. However it stopped all the weed eaters that were buzzing around town.

A sack of heavy arsenopyrite and gold was delivered into inventory yesterday. No one was particularly happy because it was not jewelry quality. Gold is gold, however. The crew expects more from the area but it will likely be the same type.

Since no one tried to answer the question about troy weight vs. avoirdupois weight for gold, Scoop will give a weak beginning. Avoirdupois is the ordinary system of weights of the United States and Great Britain in which 16 ounces avoirdupois make a pound. Troy weight has less than 16 ounces per pound and is the system of weights designed by people jealous of the 16 to 1 mine.

05/24/2007  5:15PM

Those hundred year old miners predicted they would be mucking the last cave-in before reaching the 1064 winze by today or tomorrow. It’s not going to happen, they say. Wednesday after shift, a Volkswagen sized rock fell from the backs completely blocking the level. It had to be drilled and blasted for advancement to continue. It’s not an excuse. It’s a reason. Reason accepted.
 By Crush

05/20/2007  8:14PM

Good ground may be found, spilpping into the cav-in. Where woorries are and the work gets bad, its like the ruberband. The tuffer it pulls the bigger then snap.

Ian and your crew, you rock.
 By martin newkom

05/16/2007  10:48PM

Is there any "serpentine"
there where they are working?
Like I;m told is in the Brush Creek?

05/16/2007  11:58AM

“The 1000 foot level, you ask. It’s just bad ground. That’s, why it’s taking so long. No, let me restate that. It is nasty ground. It is the nastiest ground I’ve seen on a rehab job in the whole mine.” Ian Haley.

“We’re going as fast as we can go. We have no choice but to support the ribs and back as soon as the muck is removed. We’re putting in rock bolts and mat plus timber stulls up dip where the rock has slid away. It’s been like this the entire length of the cave in.” Ernie Locatelli

“Disappointed isn’t strong enough. Nothing in the maps or old records indicated the presence of this wall rock on the level. Also, I talked to a miner who remembered the level being clear and without much timbering. We didn’t expect this and therefore expected to get to the 1064 winze before now. Time is money and we don’t have much of either. It’s not that the work is overly difficult. It’s just tedious.” Michael Miller

Scoop gets the picture from these three miners. Between the three they have ninety-eight years of underground mining experience.

05/11/2007  4:17PM

To answer the question below: Mike bought a new Nikon D200 camera. It's a beauty. We can expect more pictures in the future.

One more week of mucking the 1000-foot level and breaking rock on and below the 800-foot level. One sack of gold was checked into inventory. It offers the miners continued belief in the spot they are working but not much more. Sometimes there isn’t much to report. The 1000- level crew should be at the last known cave in by next Thursday. It appears to be material that fell onto the level when a seam of gouge gave way. This makes a difficult clearing process (compared to a cave in from an old stope or raise). The dangers are similar. The idea is either to remove all the loose rock or stabilize the rock as the level is cleared. It is impossible to determine the length of this next obstacle or the time to finally open the level. Good luck, boys

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