September 22, 2020 

Clips from Alleghany


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09/26/2008  5:20PM

Scoop as well as the mine is quite stable right now. Busy but happily getting ready for the upcoming winter. Mike always tells his crew each year, usually beginning in August, the one thing about mining in Alleghany that is reliable is that winter will come. Just like our furry four legged friends, those who prepare will have a happier time than those who don’t.

How does this relate to the Sixteen to One? A major road repair and maintenance program on the mine’s access roads is completed: grading, bump removal, dip filling refreshed water bars and new culverts. It had been years since the roads saw this much activity. After the first or second rain later on, a few hours with an expert driver at the controls of a blade will complete this significant improvement.

Cash remains non-existent for the beleaguered company. Those nasty (Scoop might add criminal) CDAA lawyers chose to turn the appeal court’s outrageous decision to make Mike and the Company pay for their legal fees over to a Sacramento collection agency. Imagine that! Paying a hefty percentage of the illegal ruling to a Sacramento collection agency instead of negotiating a payment plan. Then the collection agency took the action of taking all the money from Mike’s and the Company’s bank accounts: a levy or something. When Scoop heard this, it sounded like an ongoing harassment plan probable engineered by the criminal lawyers and the lawyer at the collection company, Steven D. Cribb, who initiated the writ of execution. How does one run a business with no banks accounts?

One hundred ounces of gold cleans the balance sheet from these predators. One hundred ounces at the Sixteen to One is not even a breath away. The Sixteen to One, the longest working gold mine in North America operated by the oldest US gold corporation, will not be closing down its gold production operation any time soon. Maintenance goes on. So will production.

09/03/2008  11:41AM

Mike has a student trainee helping in the office since David and Rae went to Butte, Montana early July. The maintenance program continues: water held at 1500 level, blackberry bushes and weeds are cut away from powder magazines and other important facilities, self rescuer devices weighed, fire extinguishers re-certified, broken water lines fixed, equipment serviced, second exit maintained and probably more items are taken care of during this period of the company’s history.

The company got an extension for filing its 10-Q with the SEC. The document will be electronically filed tomorrow.

Inquires but so offers for the gold collection. Some out-of-the-country investors are waiting for the US approval of visas so they can come to Alleghany to kick the rocks, talk over plans and make an investment. Ramadan, which started September 2, places travel restrictions that may also delay their trip to the United States.

The tomato crop is great in the community garden and the peppers have become a delicacy when stuffed with cheese and lightly fried. Sierra County DA and his wife must love fried green tomatoes because they walk to the garden for a regular harvest.
 By martin newkom

08/14/2008  7:14AM

The Downieville paper did a
fine job of displaying some
of the specimens. The one at
the bottom of the page (front)
is beautiful!

08/12/2008  10:36PM

Hot today and lowish humidity. Cedars and Oaks not happy right now. Summer closing into fall. How about that gold fall!
Date line, Alleghany:

A clean SUV with federal license plates parked in front of the office this morning and all afternoon. No other autos. Where was Mike’s truck, “Thunder”? He turned out to be with a MSHA mine inspector. The mine elected to change its operational status to “Maintenance”. This status precipitates changes in the federal regulations. For example, if the maintenance program can be done with no miner employees, does that significantly impact regulations and their interpretations?

Late afternoon the fed auto is gone and Thunder is back, so in goes Scoop .The president spies me and says,” The key with interpreting the regulations for an underground hard rock non-gassy mining operation is a subjective honor. It’s a good practice to keep sometimes and sometimes not, as it applies to each mine site and operation. Honor flows from mining’s ancestral hands and minds.” Scoop leaves shortly.

So, the mine has fresh CAL/OSHA and MSHA inspections, which fell onto the Sixteen to One for the first time as a maintenance operation. Rules stay the same but exceptions, qualifications and interpretations don’t. For no employees the current mining is successful in maintaining its maintenance.

That’s it for now. Scoop has his eyes peeled back and on the autos in the parking lot.
 By oakrockranch

07/30/2008  3:32PM

Greetings - Just another post wondering why the 16/1 isn't interested in selling "the collection" in smaller lots? My answer may have been posted on some other thread, but it seems more likely to off-load these specimens for operation capital in multiple sales. In other words, it would be easier to find 10-12 collectors/investors with $300k than trying to move the load in one fell swoop. Even when examined from a working revenue perspective, the mine wouldn't need all $3.5 mill in one chunk would they? Would not a more reasonable flow of $600k every quarter into 2009 work better? By then, new rich pockets could well be discovered and you wouldn't even ned to sell the "best of the best". Anyhow, my bad if this has already been attempted. I wish the best for the future of this unique California gold mine. If you need any marketing/advertising help, just let me know. :-)
 By martin newkom

07/28/2008  8:18PM

Sounds like the eng. head on
the loader is cracked, not the
block itself.

07/28/2008  5:03PM

“All things will come to him who will but wait.”-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. So, this gold mining village waits. We are not waiting for a pocket of gold. We wait for something else. Albert Einstein said it best, “A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labor of other men, living and dead, and that I must extend myself in order to give the measure as I have received.”

It is quiet in Alleghany and will be until someone who can afford the luxury of owning the priceless gold collection steps up with the cash. Mike is concerned that while many financially solvent people would leap at this opportunity, too few know the collection is available. The catalog is a delight to page through ($10 and you can own one).

Maintenance underground and on the surface is keeping the property safe and whole. It is frustrating to see the summer passing by. Work underground is not climate sensitive. It may take four-wheel drive and some snow removal time but all in all the seasons matter little. There were problems with the water lines, which malfunctioned at the shareholders meeting in June. The lines continue to break for unknown reasons. The water to the portal is off right now because of another broken pipe.

Does anyone have a not needed Cat engine for a 910 Loader? The engine number is:3204445V-10692-4N 303. The crew uses the smaller loader regularly for many applications. Water is leaking into the oil. The block has a crack. It may be forced to visit the cat house for a fix because the guys miss it.

The community garden is doing well: tomatoes, squash, peppers and some ufo’s. This is the first year for a community garden. It adds a nice touch to the front of the office. Life feels as if the community and mine have turned into a Lake Wobegone epic.
 By Fireman

07/13/2008  3:35PM

Thank You Rockin Robin for the update on the annual shareholder meeting. I am sure that there are many people anxiously awaiting word as to where the mine is headed.

Hydropower would be great asset for the mine. Hydropower is readily available, renewable, and a clean domestic source of electricity. Perhaps most important, it is a clean source of power--it produces no carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, or any other air emissions. In addition, it produces no solid or liquid wastes. If the 16 to 1 could produce its own hydropower it would reduce the monthly PG&E operating costs of keeping the mine dry. As a side benefit of hydropower, the mine would be contributing to the conservation movement of "Going Green".

Now if the 16 to 1 could just sell the gold collection, they could be breaking rock again! I look positively forward to the future that soon the Miners will be back in the heart of the mine searching for the next big strike!
 By Rockin Robin

07/11/2008  6:07PM

Since Scoop, Mike or another shareholder hasn’t reported about the annual shareholder meeting in Alleghany last June 28, I will tell you non-attendees what I saw and heard.

Attendance looked to be about 160-180. About a quarter were first timers. The sky was smoky and the air was foul, yet everyone was in pretty good spirits. Mike told us the meeting would start late because of a large number of late arrivals still checking in. Most of us were seated and since no one moved he offered to tell us happenings that were not scheduled for discussion at the meeting. Even though I’m a regular at the annual meeting, there’s always new and important info and insights for me to learn about my company.

Mike should ask how many in the audience follow the mine’s web site? It would help him selecting areas of interest, promote questions for additional information and use the time for info not already known. One thing is absolutely clear about everyone who speaks for the mine… open dialog and transparency is offered and practiced.

The voting for directors, review of minutes, mine status and financials, which were presented by Director Scott Robertson took about fifteen minutes. Mike updated us about the specimen collection sale. A beautiful catalog was offered to shareholders for $10 not the $25 price by the company in Reno. I bought one for my collection. Oh, I was standing at the gold sales tent when the man who financially helped the Alleghany museum purchase over $27,000 of specimens was commenting about our 100-piece collection. He said that in twenty or thirty years from now people will recognize the value of preserving this one of a kind assemblage of natural and man made art and thank the wisdom of those who made it happen.

Ron Ott, a shareholder and retire hydrologist took the podium. Work on the hydropower progress since last year and PGE is anxious for the mine to get on line with its pelton wheel. He and Mike measured the water flow throughout the year. He determined that the plant would produce $4,000 to $5,000 of electricity per month. He praised the mine for its positive activity in conservation. The equipment and set up may cost $100,000 with a live time efficiency of 20 to 25 years. The shareholders were pleased with Mr. Ott’s news.

The owner of Orocal, a fourth generation family owned business that specializes in gold, David Connor, was invited to speak. Orocal is the largest purchaser of the Sixteen to One quartz and gold gemstone. He said that with gold at its all time high, it is not time to quit. He laid out the stream of additional money created by developing this jewelry market. He spends over $100,000 advertising this in Alaska. Because of the shortage of Sixteen to One production over the last year several years, he is having a hard time supplying the existing market let alone introduce his jewelry to other areas. He said, “Because the Sixteen has gained so great a reputation in this industry it sets the standards.” He reminds us that the mine creates jobs, he creates jobs and his sales accounts create jobs. It is an important industry.

Mr. Connor then said and did two things that surprised everyone and I remember his words, “The way I see it, if God created it in the first place, then He knows where it is so it wouldn’t hurt us to keep asking for his help in finding it. Please pray for the Sixteen to One. There are people who need these jobs.” Then he said: here is a $35,000 check for prepayment of gold/quartz slabs because I believe you will find it.

Ray Wittkopp, the mine geologist was invited to speak. He pointed out some geology of the Red Star project and gave a brief history of facts that support its success. There is a trend of larger pockets of gold as the mine was developed in the higher elevations.

Mike told us about his work with people using side scan radar and how another company has solved some of the technical problems they found years ago with gold detection in the mine. My take…new improvements in computers, detection technology and some seed money to test the equipment will enrich us beyond our expectations.

I liked this meeting as well as any. Also the new pasties lunch was great. If you were there and find things I missed, pipe up. I almost forgot one important item. The fish pond is back on the 800 level.

06/27/2008  7:53AM


06/25/2008  4:13PM


Due to the many fires burning in our area the air quality is VERY bad in Alleghany. We advise that people with any kind of sensitivity to bad air NOT attend the annual shareholder's meeting.

IF conditions change (which they are not expected to) we will post an announcement here.

06/04/2008  11:43AM

Mike was seen driving by with a bunch of school kids today and yesterday. Yep. He's the new tour guide at the museum. Feedback has been very positive from tour participants!

Weather is cool & partially cloudy in Alleghany.

Glenn Knapp was out rototillering in the new "community garden" located in the old Alleghany School yard now owned by the 16 to 1. It is hard to wait until June 1st to put those veggies in the ground but that is our official "frost free" date! Time to plant!

A draft copy of the 100 piece 16 to 1 collection catalog was recieved at the corporate office yesterday. Hopefully we will see the real thing soon!

More photos of items in the collection were posted on the web-site today. Look under "news".

1300 pieces of mail addressed to the shareholders of the Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. went out of the Alleghany post office yesterday and Monday.

Preparations for the annual meeting are beginning. Two local women who have been baking delicious pastys at Casey's Place will be providing the lunch this year. Not all pasties are the same. If you've had a bad one, give it a second chance because the good ones are really good! Pioneer Pasties is the name of their business. 530-263-4401.

Nothing to report from the mine except the PG&E bill was higher last month thanks to more pumping.
 By Rae Bell

06/03/2008  3:08PM

I organized the event for six years and burned out. Drunken miners became a huge liability concern as far as the drilling contest goes. (It only takes a few to create a scene)

Maybe somebody will decide to bring it back next year.
 By blackjack

06/03/2008  1:43PM

Is it true that Old Alleghany Days will not happen this year. I found it to be a very enjoying day and thought it was quite a successfull event. I have over forty photos on file from last year. Hope it is not to late for Scoop or Rae or someone to put it together !!
 By Rae Bell

05/23/2008  8:28AM

It was very hot last Sunday (90's) and has cooled off progressively throughout the week. The weather forcast is calling for snow showers above 6,000 feet tonight. Such is spring in the mountains. It is weedeating time in Alleghany!

The 10-Q (1st Quarter Financial Statement) was filed timely with the SEC on May 14th. I did the filing from the Public Library in Butte MT. E-mail a note to corp if you would like a copy or click on the link to the SEC site under "The Company". My page breaks on the SEC site don't work for some reason so if you want a formatted copy send an e-mail.

The museum had its annual membership meeting last Sunday. Six members attended in addition to three Board Members. Re-elected to the Board of Directors were: Ian Haley, Dr. Ed Metz and Rae Bell.

There will be a small ceremony at the Firehouse in Alleghany today as Fireman's Fund Insurance Company presents a Grant check to the Department for the purchase of equipment. There should be a photo in the Mountain Messenger next week. I wrote the grant and we got $7,500 for specific equipment requested plus a Thermal Imager that retails for about $13,000.

The 16 to 1 annual meeting mail-out will probably go out at the end of next week. There have been a couple glitches that are slowing things down.

Not a lot to report from the mine. The water level is down and everything is being maintained as well as it can be. Time to start cleaning up for the annual meeting!
 By gfxgold

05/13/2008  12:06AM

Hey Scoop, you might want to lay low after that crack about dented pick-ups. About half of Sierra County might take notice of that one. But, if you were just commenting on Mikes truck... Nope, can't help you out there, either. Boy, talk about painting yourself into a corner!!!

05/12/2008  3:40PM

Mike is working with an old friend, Fred, to market and sell the 100 piece gold collection. Fred has been at the forefront of selling and buying Americana stuff for many years. He also was involved when the sixteen to One contracted with Butterfield & Butterfield (San Francisco) to hold the first gold collection auction way back in 1995.

Mike wanted the catalog in circulation last month, but at last it is in the hands of the printer. The catalog is on eighty-pound glossy paper, 28 pages of high quality photos, descriptions and text. Soon it will be up to some wise, wealthy and fortunate person to purchase the mine’s gold collection for his own. Scoop wishes he were that lucky person.

The mine (underground) maintenance program has been on hold for ten days. A vital part for a broken piece of equipment was ordered out of Canada and has yet to arrive in Alleghany. There is always surface work to do, especially before the annual meeting the end of June.

During the past three weeks some very fancy cars parked outside the mine’s office. The financial situation is very open and transparent and Mike certainly is actively seeking out the most favorable way to implement the work he proposed months ago. Although fancy cars don’t always mean rich drivers, fancy cars are probably better than dented pick-up trucks.

It is an interesting fact that little attention has been given the Gold Sector while the spot price of bullion has been strongly held at all time highs.

Weather report: clear and warm. A week ago the most impressive lightening show surrounded Alleghany. It was the event of the year. No fires were reported.
 By blackjack

05/01/2008  6:29PM

Us gold hounds here in the tradewinds appreciate the latest weather report. Keep the temps in the 80s and will see you in a few weeks.

04/30/2008  11:04AM

For you out-of-the-area gold-hounds, here what Scoop sees and feels outside. It's a no burn day but there is no wind. Temperatures dropped the past two days from the high 70's. Blue sky with a couple of helicopters crusing the ridges of the Middle Yuba River. If your wood styove was cold last night, you hated to get out of bed this morning.
END of weather report.

The April 28, 2008 issue of COIN WORLD hit is subscribers with a story. “California gold mine struggles in ‘famine’ see page 18. Editor Beth Deisher wrote a terrific story complimented by nine impressive photos of the Sixteen to One gold collection. It might be available at newsstands or coin dealers. It is a very worthy prize to find and keep.

The company of Hollabird, Kagin Americana is marketing the sale of the gold collection. It has a catalog ready for printing, which will be circulated to its list of customers. Fred Hollabird said copies are available for $25. The address is 3555 Airport Drive, Suite 308, Reno NV 89511. Phone number (775) 843-0229.


Last year’s gold production at the Sixteen to One mine was a bust says Michael Miller, the company’s president. Facing famine he pragmatically concluded that in order to keep operating and searching for gold, the company must sell its museum quality specimen collection. “For me it’s personal,” Miller said. “Its almost an indication of defeat. I’m intimately involved with each piece.”

The collection comprises 100 items, many crystalline gold specimens existing in their natural state. Some of the pieces were commissioned. These artistic gems were created by lapidary artists carving the prized high-grade, gold in quartz from the mine. The creations include a bear, an eagle, a trout, a complete jug band and other miniatures depicting miners and life from California’s Gold Rush era.

The mining company valued the collection at $3.5 million shortly before the recent rapid increases in the price of gold. Many of the pieces will be on display today (May 1) in downtown Downieville at Sierra Gold store from 4pm to 6pm. This will be the first major public display and regrettably, perhaps, the last. The store will be open to the public and there is no charge to view the collection.
 By blackjack

04/21/2008  10:49AM

Hey Scoop, It would be nice to get a weekly weather report from Alleghany for us Sierra County property owners in the Islands, Mahalo

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