August 18, 2022 

Clips from Alleghany


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 By Rockroby

04/12/2009  8:59AM

Happy Easter everyone
I hear the Brown Bear is for sale,three million I hope it sells
and the Sixteen to One can get back to mining.Having no luck getting shares on the open market even at a dollar per.Looks like Western Goldfields got bought out by New Gold & Bullion River might be back mining soon maybe they would like to buy the Brown Bear their right next door they also own land right next to the 16 to 1.
May the future be Golden
 By Rick

04/10/2009  5:02PM

Scoop...when you see Mike, mention how I'd like to do a supply run to the Plumbago as soon as the road seems reasonable.

04/09/2009  9:34AM

Road open. Scoop checked in with Buck at the Plumbago Sunday. His beer is holding but getting low. Someone brought him a ten pack of chew, so the tobacco habit is okay. Buck has held order at the mine since 1999. Keep it up, Buck. Mountain House road is blocked by snow at Forest. Drove to the Yuba river bridge at the Nevada County/Sierra County line. Road very rough but passable.
 By blackjack

04/08/2009  7:40PM

Is Kanaka Creek road open, if open how far in ?
 By Rick

04/08/2009  6:32PM

Hello Scoop! No bears sighted in town?

I'm curious about the snow level and snow-pack.
 By Rick

03/31/2009  5:18PM

Donde esta los osos?
 By Rae Bell

03/23/2009  11:02AM

Guess scoop didn't catch the weather prediction for the weekend. They were prediting snow down to 2,500 feet by Sunday. I don't think it got that low, but we got about 8 inches of snow here. It cleared up last night and was 16 degrees on my porch this morning! And as a reminder we ALWAYS get snow in April.

03/21/2009  2:25PM

Hey, almost forgot to mention the two videos to see and vote your preference. It will help the new video production team and someone will win a quartz and gold specimen for their effort. Why not you? Check NEWS for location of videos.

03/21/2009  2:22PM

Alleghany is a quiet little village. Most snow in town has melted. Currently raining, which will wipe out the rest of snow. Henness Pass road for snowmobiles only. Mountain House road closed just past Forest City. Kanaka Creek road passable but a struggle in places. Foote Crossing road open all the way to Nevada County and beyond.

Mine maintenance is staying ahead of mine decay.

03/08/2009  6:00PM

Last week closed with an upbeat. On Thursday, miner Reid reported that the pump failed, no water was being removed from the mine. Of all equipment operations in an underground mine, pumping failures cannot wait. They demand immediate attention. One in-line submersible high head pump is handling the water needs but the pump is a long way down the 49 winze.

With the power off Reid did some continuity tests and found a three-phase 480 volt circuit breaker was not acting right. He brought it out of the mine to the shop. Some cleaning etc and it seemed okay; but was this why the pumps shut down or was the motor shot? Tommy knocker luck was with the mine. The breaker was installed, a hike back up to the 800 level, switch power back on and up comes the water. Removing a pump is heavy work and today it was not in the cards.

The cause could be the PG&E power failure during the recent storm.

02/26/2009  11:24AM

Scoop got permission to post the draft minutes from the last Director's meeting.

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.
Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
Friday, February 18, 2009.

The regular meeting of the board of directors was held on February 18, 2009 at the Corporate Office, 527 Miners Street in Alleghany. The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am by President Michael Miller.

Present were Directors Michael Miller, and Scott Robertson, Dan O’Neill attended by speaker phone. Secretary Rae Bell was present and took the minutes.

The minutes of the April 10, 2008 meeting were approved as read as were the December 1, 2008 phone conference minutes.

The year-end financial statements were reviewed. It was noted that income in 2008 was 80% less than 2007. Operating expenses were 56% less in 2008 than 2007. For the year ended December 31, 2008 the company shows a loss of $360,000. The company has very little cash and has been managing to “keep the lights on” with the little bit of slab and jewelry sales that continue.

Regarding the status of the mine, there are four men helping out with maintenance on an irregular schedule. The Mine Safety and Health Administration did an inspection in January and it went well. There was only one paperwork citation which has already been abated.

Under “Old Business” Mike reported that he was very disappointed in the effort to sell the gold collection by Fred Holabird. The catalog was not even published until June and he hasn’t heard from Fred in months. Mike will get documentation in writing that the “deal is off” with Fred. No interested parties were found. The decision has been made to break up the collection and try to sell individual pieces. Dave Connor of Orocal took flyers to the Tuscon Arizona gem show this month.

The Pink Sheet listing has been put on hold.

The MSHA citations mentioned at the last board meeting were negotiated to everybody’s satisfaction with one being dropped and one being reduced.

Under new business, the date for the annual meeting was set for June 20, 2009 by unanimous consent.
The date of record for proxies was set at April 1, 2009.

There was a discussion about the possibility of doing either a preferred stock offering or else some type of limited partnership to raise capital. Mike will continue with his research.

There being no further business before the board the meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM

Respectfully submitted:

Rae Bell Arbogast

02/20/2009  4:26PM

Second day of sunshine in Alleghany. A series of cold storms swirled above the community, leaving piles of snow four to six feet high in places. Well, in two spots on the mine roads the snow was over twelve feet high. Have you seen the long snow sheds in the old pictures on the Sixteen to One? There was a reason for those structures and its all about snow. They all disappeared years ago.

When the mine started attracting new money in 1979 through 1984, the operators leasing the mine used the old buildings. The big shop no longer had the snow sheds and no one rebuilt them. You know what happens each winter. The snow slides off the metal roofs and forms a huge pile along the road. That’s the first big snow problem. When the new mill was built, the roof must be over 100 feet long and all the snow piles up on the road to the portal. It’s like plowing through a mountain. Reid says, “enough of this. Let’s build snow sheds before next winter NO MATTER WHAT”. Sounds like a good plan.

The roads are open, the power (which was off all over the area for several days) is restored and the underground inspection turned up no new problems except a shorted out phone line. The water level is where it is supposed to be, and the walls are not tumbling down. Maintenance never ends.

The board of directors held a meeting last Wednesday in Alleghany. The annual shareholder meeting is set for Saturday, June 20, 2009 at the mine. Plan for it now. The lackluster response Mike has received for funding opportunities is the biggest concern. A plan to authorize the creation of preferred stock to increase interest is under consideration. Approval must come from shareholders. Seems like a good idea for gold investors to work out an agreement with the company with added flexibility and customized terms.

Spot passed the $1000 mark. Mike is fine with spot at $800 or better. The demand for gemstone quartz and gold is high as is the price. Maybe the increasing spot price will move some lookie-lou into action in finding a good gold opportunity like the Sixteen.
Scoop, however, thinks the adventuresome risk takers disappeared with trillions of lost capital. Where are those titans of industry when needed? Hey, wake up! America needs you now financing our basic industries.
 By Rae Bell

02/05/2009  3:52PM

Missy the Mine Cat

One morning approximately eleven years ago, I was sitting here at my desk in the Sixteen to One office. Mike’s truck pulled up and he came running in. “I caught a kitten in my raccoon trap”. (Having raccoons in the house gets old fast. They wash their food in the toilet). “Oh” I replied hardly looking up. “What should I do with it?” he asked. I said “You can call animal control and they will take it”. As Mike runs back to his truck he says over his shoulder: “Maybe you should take a look at it”. I knew what that meant. In comes Mike with his “raccoon trap”. He sits the trap on the floor and peering out at us are two bright green eyes. The kitten is a tortoise shell with white feet, a white chest and strikingly long white whiskers. Mike says, “Maybe we should try having an office cat”. At the time Mike’s black cat Blondie was a senior citizen and a kitten would have been too much for her. (She already had raccoons to contend with). Skeptically I agreed; we could give it a try. We let the kitten out of the trap and she was WILD! Not feral wild (she would let us hold her) but freaked out wild. She was jumping around knocking papers off my desk, racing around, and hiding. This wasn’t playful wild, this was scared wild. We knew she might need time to adjust so we just tried to hold her and pet her. Near the end of the day Mike went home to get a litter box and some cat food for the kitten. About twenty minutes later he came back with ANOTHER kitten. This one was a gorgeous calico. The first kitten was delighted to see her sister. (Both kittens were girls.) We just laughed to watch them play and of course both cats ended up calling the office home. The Calico we named Doré and her sister Missy . They had distinctly different personalities. Missy was the most social. Social is an understatement for Missy’s behavior! Later we thought we should have named her Velcro Kitty. Every visitor who walked in the office door was greeted by Missy’s persistent affection. If she could get close enough to your face she would gently pat your mouth with a soft paw.

About six years ago Missy began to lose weight. After many visits to the vet, her problem was still a mystery. Further diagnostics would require a trip to the big city and $1,000 just to get started. We decided against that and fed her a special diet not expecting her to live much longer. About two years ago Mike, now catless decided to take Missy home where she would not have to compete with Doré and the latest addition to our office cat family Felix. (Another story.)

Sadly last Friday on January 30th Mike rushed Missy to the vet because she seemed a little worse. The vet put her down. Mike brought her back to Alleghany and gave her a proper burial last Saturday. Kitty heaven for Missy is a lap to sit on and a hand to rub her head FOREVER amen.
 By Rae Bell

01/27/2009  3:24PM

Thanks for letting us know. Sorry to hear it. Would love to see the obit. I'll let Don Russell know.
 By lightfoot

01/27/2009  1:04PM

Dear Mike, I'm raising a glass for Tom Crary, whose obit was in the S.F.hronicle today. I hope the Mountain Messenger remembers him. That is if you and the paper are still engaged. I haven't checked in for a long time but as always wish you and the mine well, BC

01/23/2009  11:19AM

Look under "news" on our home page for a new post.

01/22/2009  12:22PM

Rain in Alleghany. The three feet of snow that we had at the beginning of the month is about gone.

MSHA inspectors made a visit yesterday. Even though the mine is on "maintenance only" status, certain items still must be kept in compliance. The inspection went well, only one "paperwork" citation was issued.

Scoop heard a rumor that the specimen/carving collection will be broken up and pieces priced individually. Watch this web-site for the news.

Down at the mine, it is still pretty quiet. The pumps are going but not much else. WE are all hoping that this is the year we can get a crew mining again!!

Up at the office, a few gold and jewelry sales continue to trickle in. Enough to keep the lights on and the phone bill paid.

The Sierra County Fire Safe council was awarded a grant of $127,000 to create a defensible fire zone around Alleghany. The Forester will be up on Tuesday to meet with Mike. Most of the project is on 16 to 1 land. The Fire Department has been working on this for four years now. Our first application was declined and we had to revise the project. Alleghany will breath a little easier during fire season when the job is completed!
 By Michael Miller

01/01/2009  12:18AM

Welcome to 2009. It is welcomed because a line between true and false economic, monetary, sociologic, political, geographic values is visual to all with a brain and the time to read. To recognize the mores, history, culture, philosophy, blue and white-collar affects of this line may take all the New Year to determine true and false. But not for everyone. I already know a bunch that already knows the line, its truths and falsenesses. How will this line influence the Sixteen to One mine?

I drew a similar line years past after determining the above important human influences and behaviors and how they relate to me and my job as president of the mine. Our miners will blast into another pocket, one larger than any so far. It will not be easy to do but it will be done with or without fresh/new help. I just cannot tell you when it will arrive.

Thanks Scoop for letting me and those previous well wishers into your space.

January 1, 2009, just past midnight.
 By blackjack

12/30/2008  9:59PM

Happy Holidays to all from the Islands.
 By oakrockranch

12/30/2008  11:43AM

Seasons Greetings!

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