August 19, 2019 

Clips from Alleghany


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05/11/2010  8:13AM

Hey Rae Bell isn't that old! If 60 is the new 40 then she's not even 30 yet.

Four inches of fresh snow on the ground in Alleghany. Still the birds are chirping this morning. They know it's spring.

Maintenance work continues on the 1,000 level underground. Steel is replacing wood.

Rae Bell has the draft 10-K done and is waiting for Mike to give his input. Edda is ready to start on the annual report.
 By martin newkom

05/05/2010  4:24PM

Congrats to Rae "Ma" Bell on her
recovery. I hope the old bones
are still in good shape, all things considered.
 By Rae Bell

04/22/2010  8:57AM

My Dr. appointment went well. The bone is 3/4 filled in as far as thickness goes and the Dr. said that is good. When I asked him if I can drive yet he said I have to call my insurance co. and DMV!

I start physical therapy next week.
 By Rae Bell

04/16/2010  9:50AM

Thanks for asking Rick Bob. I'm doing better everyday. I am using only one crutch now and I can walk a little without it. Next Wednesday I go to get an xray and see the Doctor. I'll let you know what he says.
I'll be glad when the snow is all gone and stays gone though!
 By Rick

04/12/2010  5:10PM

Rae, how are you???? xoxo
 By martin newkom

04/12/2010  11:18AM

I just saw the news about Rae Bell what a mess.Good thing she had training. In my mom's day there were no emt's.Too much partying will get people in trouble. They did have a phone!!
My Gma was a pretty good practical nurse for your town when she lived there. The rest of our family lived in Honcut, Butte Co. and there was a Dr. Horton there who was married to my mother's great aunt.

04/12/2010  9:17AM

Snow in Alleghany. April is usually a snowy month and this year is no exception.

04/01/2010  2:22PM

All is well in Alleghany. Let’s get right to one problem facing all underground gold miners in California. To work a gold mine in the famous Sierra Nevada gold belt requires labor. There are few operations. Workers compensation insurance is a law. Since there are few underground miners, the insurance risk must be risky for insurance companies. Why? Read on.

An employee’s taxes paid on top of wages are: FICA = 6.20%, Medicare = 1.45%, SUI = 6.2%, SDI = 1.10%. The total is 14.95%. Workers Comp rates are: Office = 1.07%, Surface = 21.57%, and Underground = 30.37%.

For each $100 of wages paid the total taxes and workers comp insurance are: Office employees add $16.02, Surface employees add $36.52 and finally the Underground miners add $45.32. Since no insurance companies elect to insure mining operations, the only provider is the State managed company.
 By emf

02/28/2010  8:39AM

Holy Cats!! Life in a mining camp. I wish you an uncomplicated and speedy recovery.
 By Rae Bell

02/26/2010  11:20AM

On Friday the 12th there was a memorial service for Joe Anne the jelly lady a longtime resident of Alleghany. It was so nice to see the old school gym and the church cleaned up and in use! I worked long and hard helping with the preparations and then ironically here is how the night ended:

About 9 PM my husband David was locking the door to the old school gym (Sixteen to One Office) and I was standing nearby in the parking lot. A drunken mourner came up and picked me up by my thighs and started spinning around in the parking lot holding me up so my head was about two feet above his. The minute he picked me up I started yelling at him to" “Stop, stop, put me down, you’re going to fall!” to which he replied: “I’m not going to fall” and right then he fell. This all happened in the amount of time it took David to lock the door and my leg was broken. Since I AM the only EMT in town, calling 911 didn't make a lot of sense. I told David where to get the splinting supplies out of the firehouse and I had good sensation in my toes. So David splinted my leg and a couple guys helped load me in our truck and then it was a very long ride to the hospital in Grass VAlley. There we found out that both the tibia and fibula in my lower right leg were broken. I'm mostly staying home and David and Wyatt are taking good care of me. Almost every single household in Alleghany has called to offer to do anything they can for me. This is what community is about. Thank you to you all.

02/04/2010  10:00AM

Thanks auriferous, looks like Tuesday March 2nd is the date for the program.
 By auriferous

02/03/2010  12:26PM

Found schedule note here:'s-gold/

02/03/2010  9:47AM

Just got word that the date for the History Channel Program has been changed. Don't have confirmation of the date yet. Will pass it along as soon as we have it.
 By blackjack

02/02/2010  12:47PM

Maui Black Jack call me at 808-348-3466
 By smithsgold

02/02/2010  12:26PM

Cool cant wait to see it !!!!

02/02/2010  10:11AM

Origins of the Earth program featuring the Sixteen to One Mine will air on Tuesday February 9th on the history channel. Check your local listing for the time.
 By Maui Black Jack

01/28/2010  2:32PM

Keeping watch of events from Maui. Would like to help shovel snow if I was there. It's hot here on Maui. Wouldn't mind a short stay to cool off. Good luck to all those involved.

01/26/2010  9:38AM

Winter has finally arrived in Alleghany. We got close to four feet of snow over the last week, then yesterday it started raining. Yuck. Luckily it did not rain a lot, today it is just cloudy. The snow depth varies from three to four feet.
Last week a large oak tree fell on the pump house for the town's water system. The pump house will have to be rebuilt and the power line is still disconnected. Thankfully none of the equipment inside the pump house was damaged and we are able to pump water using our propane generator.
The power was out for about four days, parts of town had power restored a couple days earlier than other parts of town.
A large fir tree fell across Miner's Street last Friday. Luckily the only thing it took out was a phone line. Yes we are feeling lucky.

Mike Miller and son Reid are in Sacrament today and tomorrow taking the OSHA safety rep. and gas tester course. Rae Bell is doing year-end payroll and sales taxes for a few different entities including the mine this week.

Ray Wittkopp returns from his trip to New Zealand tomorrow.

The fire department is looking for volunteers to help shovel out the fire hydrants in Alleghany. This is a never-ending job when it snows but "many hands make light work" and the four hands that have been doing it have sore backs!
 By blackjack

01/25/2010  3:38PM

Whats the latest weather conditions in your area.Here in the Islands we are enjoying 82 hi 70 low and some 40 foot waves.

01/18/2010  5:18PM

Thanks to input from a reader about Scoop’s wording in the last paragraph of the prior entry: “Now a new group of elite intellectuals are being paid to suppress those lofty economic realizations.” Your opinion trumps Scoops thought on the Department of Conservation, which goes like this.

(1) It is not a new group. (2) It’s well established in California and parts of other American states. (3) The elite intellectuals are not the ones being paid. Indeed, these out-of touch- with-reality groups are actually paying others for political and egomaniac gain. (4) Their perverted minds and tactics are experienced manipulators of human behavior. (5) Most public employees (those working for pay through a government job) and non public executioners ( grant recipients or soft service industrial workers) project and enforce actions they believe help California are so caught up in slogans disconnected with past and present actualities. (6) Most are good Californians, inexperienced, uneducated or in too many sad cases, over educated. Good luck! You’ll need it!

Scoop thanks the person who contacted Original Sixteen to One via its Feedback offer.

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