March 1, 2021 

Clips from Alleghany


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11/27/2010  3:16PM

Here’s the scoop from Alleghany:

Electric power gone last Saturday and returns Thanksgiving. That is long enough to cause some problems for all residents.

Snow last weekend turns to ice block. Fresh snow on going but the under layer of ice causes problems for snow removal on roads.

Only work last week at the mine was for snow removal on the roads. No one went underground. Some phone lines down.

Over 1,000 unopened e-mails on corporation address. Over 130 on Mike's. If you wrote either, sorry for the delay in answering.

Other than that, life in Alleghany is grand.
 By Rick

11/06/2010  8:24PM

Wlkirk, yes, it's good to know...always grand when we can make the distiction.

Along these lines, it sure makes one wonder what rambles through the minds of those opportunistic political demagogues who persist in targeting this gem of a mine (CDAA, CRWQCB, 3rd Court of Appeals, to name a few...)

Why oh why? Perhaps they have designs other than that which they claim in the name of public defense?????
 By wlkirk

11/05/2010  8:44AM

Your point is taken. I was speaking in generalities. Not targeting any one mine nor any one farm.
 By Rick

11/04/2010  6:34PM

As to the toxic legacy of the gold-rush....quartz and sand vs. toxic leach fields drastically defines the Original Sixteen to One Mine into a model for non-toxic mining. Please, let's all be sure to make this distinction.

After all, this is the legacy that distinguishes OAu from all others. Wlkirk, please recognize this.

To wit: the gold-rush has a rich history that has been tarnished by subsequent extraction proccesses...the difference between those that have caused damage and those that have not is stark.

Sixteen to One is a pure mine, with no (none!!!) environmental toxicity impact.
 By wlkirk

11/04/2010  11:11AM

Scoop observed that “. . . people regard everything man does on earth is bad.” This is all too often correct. May I add that in relative terms, mining is decried, while farming is applauded. Yet both can and have been done poorly. An example of one is the toxic legacy of the gold rush. An example of the other is the dust bowl. We should do the best we know how, but we will never be without impacts and errors.

11/03/2010  4:35PM

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. timely filed its 3rd quarter 10-Q with the SEC today. A formatted copy is available. Ask Rae at

Also, Mike Miller will be on a workshop panel at the Sierra Fund Conference in Nevada City on Tuesday Nov. 9 at 11:00am at the Miners’ Foundry. He will also be a speaker at the closing panel at 4:30pm. Sierra Fund advocates, “The Toxic Legacy of the Gold Rush”.

To most of them, everything man does on earth is bad. Good luck, Mike. You are entering a den of extremists. Forget history. Rewrite it tainted with inaccurate, biased or over simplified opinions.

The event is open to the public but registration is requested. Go to Sierra Fund website for more information: We are pleased that Mike was invited to most likely bring a different perspective to the conference.

10/29/2010  2:57PM

Damage to the wooden portal leading to the underground workings was greater than first indicated. Steel sets are now in place and the entrance to the workings is safely repaired. A week's worth of time repairing the 1000 level was lost. Oh well, that's gold mining. Hang in there, guys!

10/27/2010  10:53AM

Look under "NEWS" on this page for a recent article regarding a report on prosecutorial misconduct that was published by the Northern California Innocence Project at Santa Clara University. The 16:1 is vindicated by the study but sadly, as some of you know, the mine was unsuccessful with its claim for damages against the CDAA.

10/25/2010  11:06AM

Thirty-six hours of steady rain with long periods of heavy pours. That was last weekend. Mine road has several wash outs and deep ruts but nothing that a Cat 966 won’t fix. Main portal suffered minor injury. Lots of car accident reported around Highways 80 and 49. Sun shinning now. Fire danger zero.

MSHA arrived last Wednesday and continued the inspection Thursday. Miners expressed concerned about how the Department of Labor uses the Sixteen to One mine as a training ground for new and inexperienced federal inspectors. These inspections are twice as long and seriously interrupt their work.

The plebe this time cited a square point shovel with damaged at the wooden end as a danger to the miners. He wrote, “The shovel was not tagged out of service and is readily available to any of the 5 miners on site”. Who in the mining business has ever tagged out a shovel? A new square point shovel stood right next to the older one. Maybe somewhere a miner is so stupid that the old one would be his choice to use rather than the new one, but that possibility is doubtful. Treatment like this sets back the positive respect that all US miners must have for inspectors and visa versa. Mike said that he won’t mind helping new inspectors but the company should be paid for the service.
 By Rockroby

10/16/2010  6:18PM

That would be North Bay Resources,it's mostly a drift mine following the old tertiary gold channels but does have some high grade quartz veins like the 16 to one.
The 16 to 1 is far more valuable.
 By RyanBaum

10/16/2010  5:40PM

I hear an outside firm has a deal to buy the nearby Ruby Mine and plans to start production by mid-2011.

Any local news?
 By martin newkom

10/16/2010  10:08AM

That's good to have some free
publicity. We may be likely to
have more from wherever we can get it.
 By Rae Bell

10/14/2010  8:52AM

Not sure where they got "Ten" miners from. We wish! There are only three full-time employees and one part-timer working at the mine trying to reopen the 1,000 level.
 By Rae Bell

10/14/2010  8:49AM

You can copy and paste this link into your browser's address bar to see the footage. OR if you are on facebook there is a link on our FB page.
 By Dave I.

10/13/2010  11:01PM

Channel 3 did a good photo shoot in the 16 to 1 mine, good to see folks working the mine.

10/13/2010  11:59AM

Word is: Channel 3 out of Sacramento is sending a reporter to Alleghany today. Wish it was because of a big discovery. Maybe next time.....

10/06/2010  8:48AM

Rain has finally ended the fall fire danger in Alleghany. There is an audible sigh of relief as the firefighters put their wildland gear back on the shelf. The last fire of the season was just about a week ago and too close to home at the Forest City turn-off on Ridge Road three miles from Alleghany. Luckily it was not windy and it was spotted early. The fire was contained within 30 minutes and burned only a quarter acre. Kudos to the fire crews! CDF,USF, Pike and Alleghany all responded. Air tankers were called in and made a couple drops as well.

Today attorneys from the Dept. of conservation are coming to do an inspection of the surface around the mine with Mike Miller and Klaus Kolb.

Sad news is that Felix the mine office cat has been missing since June. We doubt that he'll return. Dore is now the lone office cat and tomorrow she goes to the vet for her annual shots. Evidently animal control has picked up over 10 stray cats in Alleghany recently and they all had Feline Aids, which is very common in Ferrel cats. Felix was current on his shots, so we don't think that's what took him out.

Rehab on the 1,000 level underground continues to take longer than expected. Money is tighter than tight.

On the bright side the PM london fix today for gold is $1,346.50 and the NY Market broke $1,350 today.

08/31/2010  8:08AM

Half the crew is working on extending electrical power from the Tightner 1000 foot station north to the 1064 winze (about half a mile). The budget is tight so the guys gathered wire from the Rainbow mine and other places where it was no longer in use. Power is needed for electric saws. This level requires tender maintenance, which includes timber support. No matter how careful the crew measures posts and lagging and braces, the actual application usually changes the measurements. Driving half a mile underground just to make a cut is bad mining; therefore power is needed closer to the working face.

This morning two men are moving a large transformer from the Ballroom to the 1064 winze. Backs and muscles will be sore tonight.
 By martin newkom

08/29/2010  1:58PM

My grpa, Leiter Armstrong and his
brother, John, both being the owners of Armstrong Bros. store
in Alleghany at one point decided
to go mining and leased the Eldorado from H.L. Johnson. Well
they did better at the store than
at the mine. It was sad but they
knew the risks. Luckily we now
haqve metal detectors and $1,200
per troy ounce GOLD.
 By mnewkom

08/28/2010  2:56PM

Well, To continue, old Jule(s)
Auradou went from san Francisco
to Healdsburg and got involved
with another part of the family
who had vinyards and a winery
and then, the "gold" began to
flow.Later on old Jule(s) being
extremely spent his twilight years
in the hostile at the San Francisco French Hospital where
he was interviewed about his
life. He died there in 1932
just short of his 100th birth-
day. His great grandaughter,
my wife will be giving a talk
at the residence of the French
Consulate on M. Auradou.
The word, auradou, we are told
means "God's Gold".

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